TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
One side of coin
Shot 7…..
The Episode starts with Kunj coming out of his thoughts he got up from the floor and moved towards kitchen and made a coffee for himself meanwhile calling twinkle repeatedly ..

Ab toh mera call utha le meri maa Kunj said keeping mobile on his ear and pouring coffee from the other hand …

The ring goes n goes finally twinkle picked up his call ..
Yes Kunj ? Twinkle asked from other side ..

Why aren’t you picking my call twinkle Kunj asked a little bit frustrated ..
I was working Kunj twinkle reasoned him ..

When you will be back it’s 3:00 am now Kunj said …
We have more work left i don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon twinkle stated from other side ..

Should I come there ? Kunj asked concerned ..
Hmm nope we will manage you sleep now it’s late you have to go office tomorrow bye twinkle said and ended the call ..

Why did she changed so much babaji ? There was a time when she used to talk to me on phone for hours n hours … Kunj said coming out of kitchen he sat on the couch …and again went into memory lane …

His pov :::
After Suhasini dadi left me and twinkle were really happy …twinkle started teasing me mimicking me how I was infront of her dadi ..

Now shut up twinkle I said a little frustrated and embarassed ..

Haha you are so cute Kunj she said and pecked my cheek and I kept a hand on her waist while she still had a smile on seeing my frustrated expression which I was faking I was really happy from inside that her dadi liked me….

I am so happy that dadi liked you and there will be no hurdles in our wedding twinkle said and I widened my eyes ..

Wedding whose wedding ? I asked teasingly but was happy that she too feels the same as of me ..

Obviously ours I have planned many many many things I’ll do this and that and and …she started to say but I cut off her .
Twinkle break Laga ? I don’t want to hear what all you plan and specially for our …I started to tease her ..while she turned red ..

You guys na ? she said pushing me slightly ..
Yes men will be men I winked at her and she made a haww wala expression and I laughed again seeing her …

I love you baby I said
I love you too she replied and pecked my lips she pushed me and ran while I was startled …
We used to meet daily talks alott about the things … nights became morning for us we used to talk whole whole nights …
Twinkle sleep now …I said while I was preparing for my practical test next day ..we were on phone call ..

I am not feeling sleepy at all Kunj she said yawning from the other side ..

She is such a liar in morning only I told her that I am much stressed and she is just distracting me so I couldn’t think about it again n again actually I had an interaction with Papa today and again a same argument happened between us I never shared with twinkle about my equation with my family …

Kunj are you there ? She asked me ..still Yawning she is such a sleeping panda ..
Yes baby I am here now let me study don’t stress I am fine I said assuring her ..

No I am not stress at all you talk to me don’t cut the call she said …her voice going lower and lower and soon I realised she fell asleep still on call ..

I heard her snoring and laughed ..and I kept the phone on though I too didn’t ended the call ..and kept the phone aside and started preparing …

After sometime it was morning and i heard her scream and took the phone again ..
When did I slept ? She said and I laughed ..

Shit the call is still on she said again and called my name ..
Kunj you there ? She asked ..

Always I replied ..
Why you didn’t cut the call ? She asked me ..

Because you were not asleep right you were toh pretending hai na baby I said and she nervously laughed ..
You are mad ..

Yes completely deeply for you I replied
Now let me go i said ..
Permission granted she said ..bye give your best she said and I smiled ..
I’ll I said and ended the call ..
And the days passed and passed my graduation was coming on its end .. though twinkle was still a year late ..

Ohhhh now I have just few months left then I’ll be gone what you will do here twinkle ??? I said teasing her this was my last semester ..

Really Kunj I never thought this how I’ll live without you she said looking scared ..
Hah I don’t know make another boy friend I teased her ..

No I have a better option ..I’ll leave college before you what’s say she winked .. though she told that thing in a joking way but who knew that it will be true she left before me only ….crap I hate this fact I missed her damn …

The topic changed to other one and we completely forgot about that …

Though things were going really very well between us we used to enjoy each and every day to the fullest we were madly in love with each other and It wasn’t a secret anymore our rest of the fellow mates started speaking about us soon we were the hot topic over there but we least cared about it …

One day I went to meet twinkle after her class and she was late ..that day she came towards me with an upset face ..
What happen baby ? I asked cupping her face ..

Hmm nothing Kunj wo the selection for the youngest designer which was going to happen after a week is preponed and it is scheduled tomorrow twinkle said ..

And that it’s good what’s the problem ? I asked her ..
Wo I completely forgot about it and I have still much work and it is not possible in a day twinkle told me ..

No twinkle I know you can do this I said ..
Okay fine calm down first have something then go back to hostel and then start your work don’t stress everything will be fine I told her she nodded her head and I fed her food with my hands she was still worried …and I know because of my health she didn’t get much time concentrating there ..

I’ll leave now twinkle said I nodded at her and hugged her ..
Don’t take stress it doesn’t suit you everything will be fine I know you will rock it I said and pecked her forehead while she smiled and hugged me …

I love you she murmured and I smiled ..
Soon she left from there but she forgot to take her phone I decided to give her and I follow her I stopped looking at the scenario

There stood rhea and Aryan blocking twinkle way ..
Oh twinkle ? You are in hurry ? What’s the matter rhea asked in a taunting manner ..

See rhea I am much stressed so please not today twinkle told them it’s the first time she reverted back or she doesn’t reply them at all and ignores them fully

Oh stressed why ? Aryan asked her ..
None of your concern leave my way she said ..

She may be stressed because of youngest designer selection ..hai an twinkle Rhea added ..

But why she is Kunj sarna girlfriend Kunj will easily recommend about her Aryan said ..

Shut up Aryan I said from behind while moved towards them ..twinkle looked at me ..she was hurt because of their comments ..

Your phone twinkle I said ..and handed her the phone while she left without saying anything ..

What’s these guys I told you all many times to not to taunt her but you all never listens to me at all spare her atleast I said almost loosing my patience ..

Kunj ??? You are shouting on me for that girl Aryan said ..while Samar and Naman too joined us
What happen they asked and Rhea told them everything …

Kunj ? What happen to you ? Samar said ..
You never said anything against to us Naman too added ..

If that girl is coming between our friendship of so many years they said ..
It’s waste to make them understand so I preferred to keep quiet ..

See guys all girls are not same you have to understand just because twinkle classmate ditched Naman that doesn’t mean twinkle will do the same with me .. you all are important in my life so as she too I said and left I didn’t have much patience to hear their emotional nonsense …they were right somewhere they saw me when Papa left me in boarding they saw how it took me time to stay alone and they didn’t wanted my same attachment with twinkle …

It was night and twinkle was working though I was checking her from time to time and finally the night passed ..

Finally it was the day the college was set up the top designers were there my college faculty Papa’s friends who is also famous designer was also there …

All the contestants too came so twinkle was there too … though the day passed quickly she was very much busy and her desings were amazing too …

Finally it was time for the results and Everyone were panicked thinking who will lead this …

Though it does have a shorter distance in the winner and runner up .. remember winning and losing is a part of life and I really appreciate all the contestants for taking part for taking your time for making this event a successful one ..
So this youngest designer of this year goes to ……….they were creating much suspense and I was seriously hell waiting ..

So she is Avika they said I was shocked I looked at twinkle ..who closed her eyes as if she had already knew this fact ..

And the runner up is twinkle they said both went on stage and receive their respective honour ..

You really have a great talent twinkle and I want to see you with much more hardwork papa friend spoke and she nodded ..

Surely sir I won’t disappoint you next time she smiled …and they shake their hands …

Soon everyone started disappearing and twinkle came to me … showing the medal …I smiled at her ..
You did well I said ..

I know she replied ..I will do more hardwork next time she replied and I smiled ..
I am sure you will I smiled at her ..

Though she said that but I felt that in her eyes how disappointed she looked ..and at the top of that my besties comments were really haunting her …

I decided to build up a distance between us as it was much needed now ..twinkle needs to focus on her career first …I started keeping myself away from her so that she can concentrate on her studies and designing which had been reduced in few months I wanted her to improve those things back but If I had said that thing to her clearly she would have denied me ..so I started avoiding her our dates reduced our meetings reduced and it was my last semester too and I was busy in my project too …and I had another reason of keeping her away from their taunts as if tell them they used to taunt her more ..

The distance was growing much she was busy I was busy with my project that we didn’t met for many days …

She was constantly messaging me and I decided to meet her up and called her to meet at our place ..where we used to hand out often …

Sometimes you fails to explain the clearity of the situation that was the same condition with me I failed to explain to twinkle I love her alott and I wanted to see her fulfilling her dreams ..

Me and twinkle were standing opposite to each other while twinkle was confused and I was disturbed thinking how I should make her understand

I think twinkle we are getting too close we should give time to this relation to ourselves we have career ahead we have to think about that too I said finally …

What happened to you Kunj ? You met me after so many days when you called me today morning I was so excited to meet you and you are saying you need time ?to think about what ? Twinkle asked curiously with a unknown fear in her heart …and it pricked my heart too I am hurting her but its for her good only I thought ..

Twinkle listen to me carefully i said helding her by shoulder while she looked into my eyes ..
What ? Twinkle said ..

See I am not telling anything wrong twinkle we are at a point where we can’t make a single mistake I am just telling you to focus on yourself first I am the secondary thing I said

I am not getting anything Kunj you love me right twinkle said ..while I was silent ..yes I love her but at this point I have to be strict towards her ..

Answer me Kunj please twinkle said ..while i was not saying anything i can’t say yes and I can’t even deny it ..and twinkle …hugged me crying “I CANT AFFORD TO LOOSE YOU KUNJ” she spoke the words while I decided to tell her my reason but before I could say Naman called me because Aryan has a accident and I have to go from there ..

Twinkle I’ll meet you soon I have to go I said and left her …I went towards Aryan he was badly injured …and we all demons were back in taking care of him ..

Though after that day twinkle reduce messaging me too but I used to stalk her every day without her notice and her grades were increasing she was completely focusing on her studies and no one was more happier than me ..I was happy and I couldn’t wait to love her back again after our exams ….

It had been two week since I didn’t saw twinkle though i used to be there in her route from hostel to college but I never found her and I didn’t knew what happened …there was no message from her or no status of her anywhere ..I thought if she is fine or not I was really worried about her and I was going to her class when again I was interrupted by my other classmates ..

I decided to visit her hostel and I went there then I saw her roomie Ishita ..
Hey Ishita have you saw twinkle ? I asked ….

Twinkle ? Twinkle ? She said ..
Yeah twinkle I replied nervous with her expression and what she said broke my world ..

You didn’t know Kunj she left the college 2 weeks back ..she said I was shocked
What ? I said ..

Yeah ? She left for the college ..she said again I couldn’t believe my ears ..
But why ? I asked ..

Don’t know she said and left I too left I didn’t believe her words and went to check from the students info and it was true …twinkle left from there …I was really sad ..

I talked to her 2-3 friends and they said that twinkle left with her wish she also celebrated her bidding with all of her classmates I was shattered she didn’t even informed me …was I am at fault here because I was really avoiding her may be she felt that bad ..

I was really angry upon myself but again anger took over me but she should have talked to me once … though I was angry but still I decided to call her ..

And yes I called her but to my hell suprised her phone was not reachable and even her social media accounts were disable she disappeared completely from our space …

I was very much sad I missed her daily though there was guilt as well as anger for her too …

I decided whenever I’ll meet her I’ll tell her how much angry I am with her this act but their was an fear too what if I never meets her ..

I was really sad and that was clearly visible on my face soon exms were infront of me and I had no interest in writing it anymore but I had to give it …and our we all passed and our convocation day came though everyone had much fun they all were remembering their memories too I was really missing twinkle that day …

Then I went back to Amritsar where I told Papa that I wanted to start everything from beginning though I will help him in business anytime he needs but I couldn’t stay there I was making myself a cocoon again ..I used to fight with them everytime but I stopped doing that too when I realised it’s waste to show anger or our emotions as it just waste …

I went to Mumbai and indulge myself in work …when I met arhaan he became my best buddy though Samar aryan Naman also started working on different different places ..I and arhaan was much dedicated to work …even my demons become Friend with arhaan but we never discussed twinkle topic infront of him nor arhaan knows about my college relationship ..

And it will be a huge lie to say that I didn’t wished to see her again because I used to crave to see her each n every day I missed her daily …soon arhaan got married and then Samar and Rhea and Naman he still doesn’t believe in love n all so his fiance was selected by his parents and Aryan proposed his childhood crush chinki …

I clearly told at home that I’ll be not getting married anytime soon but I never knew my life will changed in just 4 days and
the girl whom I wished to see everyday
for whom I had still anger in my eyes
still guilt in my heart
still my ears craving to here I still love you Kunj with all her excitement before..

..I never knew I’ll be married to my ex-girlfriend with whom though I didn’t had any official break up but it was an unfortunate one and the separation was really painful for me…

The day I saw her while sitting in mandap I was really very happy it was like a really dream come true moment for me ..but when she said she never knew that she is going to marry me broke me…

And the most painful thing was she was ready to marry a stranger I can’t clear this things from my mind and I really wish I don’t do any stupidity in my anger and ego …I wish too see my twinkle like before …..
His pov ends

While thinking about the time he spent with twinkle Kunj slept on the couch itself the whole night have already passed and it was late noon when twinkle was back home …she opened the door from the other key and went inside she saw Kunj sleeping on couch uncomfortably ….
Screen freezes
So one side of story you all have known ?????
What will be from twinkle side ???that will be shown soon too ..
Thanks to all who commented on last and liked too …
Bye allahafiz ???

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