TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love) ~ TWINJ SHOT 3

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TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
Shot 3
A New Start ↕↕?
The Next shot starts with Kunj looking at twinkle face who had closed her eyes and had a few sweat beads on her forehead ..

Open your eyes Kunj said while twinkle slowly opens her eyes and looked at him while Kunj sees her and got up and sat on the edge of the bed turning his face to other side while twinkle was looking at him confused ..

Go and change your attire and then sleep we have whole life to do this and waise bhi I am hell tired  he said and left from there towards the balcony .. while twinkle thanked babaji in her mind and went from their took her clothes and went to washroom ..

After sometime she came out to find Kunj already changed and was sitting in their room balcony on sleeping chair looking at the stars …she didn’t know how to start conversation …when Kunj sees her ..

Go and sleep it’s late Kunj said still not looking at her while twinkle stands ..and yeah close the balcony door too he ended while twinkle looked on and decided to leave him she went and laid on bed ..

Kunj hadn’t done anything that means he understands me or really he was tired why this is so difficult how I’ll live with him now I know he never loved me now we both are stuck in this baseless wedding twinkle thought as she was tired due to back to back events since 4 days and fell asleep ..

While Kunj was awake he didn’t knew what to do ..twinkle didn’t try to stop me she didn’t told me once that she don’t want this when did she changed so much well whatever is it I have to live in this wedding now … but I can’t sleep even after being so tired …Kunj thought
Soon the night went off while Kunj was awake only and twinkle was sleeping he went inside his room and got freshen up and left for jogging while twinkle woke up after sometime she didn’t find Kunj there and went to see in balcony she didn’t found him there too she gets freshen up quickly into a plain red saree looking gorgeous with her chuda and nuptial she adorned her hairline with the Sindoor and she got a call from Leela and picked it ..
Hello twinkle said ..

Haan twinkle you are awake thank god Leela said…
You called me anything urgent? Twinkle asked ..
No I just call to tell you to prepare your first rasoi well Leela said while twinkle hummed and ended the call

She went downstairs and saw bebe ..
Good morning bebe twinkle said while bebe smiled ..
My nuh is looking too beautiful bebe said and blessed her while twinkle was playing with her fingers not knowing what to do ..
What happen puttar bebe asked ..

Wo Kunj …twinkle started to say when bebe cuts her off ..
Are he went for jogging don’t worry chalo let’s prepare your first rasoi bebe said while twinkle smiled soon she had a good bond with bebe just like the bond she shared with her dadi Suhasini ..bebe instructed twinkle while twinkle was preparing meanwhile both were having fun bebe was watching her while amaira joined them ..

Good morning bebe and  bhabhi and she hugged bebe while bebe smiled ..Usha too joined them and smiled seeing twinkle doing her first rasoi well while the sarna ladies having a good time with twinkle soon the breakfast prepared ..

Kunj came back and didn’t found anyone in hall he heard laughing sounds from kitchen while Yuvi and Karthik came downstairs after waking up and hugged Kunj ..
Are bhai you are awake so early Yuvi said while Kunj smiled and smacked on his head slightly while bebe Usha came out and sees them ..

So mere trio puttars are here bebe said while they greeted her soon amaira and twinkle joined them ..Kunj gaze fall on twinkle he was mesmerized to see her and smiled while twinkle looked at him and he turned his gaze ..
I’ll change and come Kunj said ..
Haan come soon their is something special for you bebe said while Kunj left ..

After sometime everyone joined at breakfast table Manohar Yuvi Karthik bebe amaira was sitting while twinkle and Usha was serving and Kunj joined them he took his seat all the while his gaze was fixed upon twinkle she served him he sees his all favourite food prepared …aloo paratha butter chicken palak paneer and many things ..

Start Kunj and do tell us how it is bebe said while he started and everyone else too …
Are Usha twinkle puttar you both sit too Manohar said while they took the seats beside their husbands …

Uf it’s so delicious I am going to forget my diet for now Karthik said while all smiled twinkle was happy hearing their compliments ..Kunj was having his food silently ..
Kunj puttar say something how’s the food  bebe asked ..

It’s good he said
While bebe and Manohar gave the Nek to twinkle she took their blessings ..
Now when whole family is here let’s plan to go somewhere amaira said excitedly
Haan it will be fun bebe said ..

I have to share something Kunj said while all looks at him ..
What happen Kunj Manohar asked ..
I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow as I came here for some days I have a hectic schedule for next few days and I can’t delay it Kunj told them while all looked on ..

Kunj puttar say for some more days you just got married yesterday bebe said ..
I am sorry bebe I can’t and you know that too I have done this wedding just because of your happiness or I had no interest in marrying her Kunj said while everyone was sad ..
Atleast take twinkle to her house for pag phera Usha said ..

Ok I’ll take Kunj said and he excused himself and left from there while twinkle was standing idol Kunj words ringing in her mind .. I have done this wedding just because of your happiness or I had no interest in marrying her..

Twinkle beta go and get ready Suhasini called me sometime before
Haan bebe twinkle said and left from there while Kunj was outside the house
He shouldn’t have said that infront of everyone Manohar said and left from their
While Yuvi and Karthik went for some work and amaira left for her room Usha and bebe looks on ..

Give him sometime and I am sure twinkle will change him bebe said ..
I hope so bebe Usha said and they sat
Kunj was sitting outside when he felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Manohar
Aap Kunj said ..

Haan Manohar said and smiled ..
I wish you could have stayed for more he said ..
I had work Kunj replied

I know but Kunj I don’t know you will listen to me or not don’t stay away from us Manohar said ..
I like staying alone and now I can’t stay here Kunj said

But come back soon Manohar said ..
Okay Kunj replied and Manohar left from there I hope one day you will understand me Kunj ..he thought and left from there
Kunj went inside his room to find twinkle sitting on bed ..

Shall we leave ? Kunj asked while twinkle nodded him and they went downstairs and took bebe permission and left for Taneja mansion

All the while Kunj was on call while driving while twinkle too distracted her mind and informed her staff that she will join in 3-4 days ..

Soon they reached Taneja mansion and twinkle and Kunj came out and went inside while lert and Suhasini was eagerly waiting for them as soon as Suhasini saw twinkle she smiled and opened her arms while twinkle hugged her and Kunj met her parents and mehbeer they all went inside and sat while rt and Kunj were having some business talks Leela and Suhasini was asking about her day she told them that everyone liked her food ..

Leela went to help Meher with some dishes while Suhasini wants to talk to Twinkle alone and they went ..
Twinkle closed the door behind while Suhasini was looking at other side

You very well kneww about Kunj and me still you decided to get me married to him dadi twinkle said ..
So what wrong I did you love him and I wants to see you happy Suhasini said ..

But he doesn’t love me dadi and you know this twinkle said ..
Give him sometime he will fall in love with you beta Suhasini said

You are not understanding he said that he just married me because of bebe or he had no interest in marrying me twinkle told and tears rolled down her cheeks which she was controlling since the time he told that while Suhasini hugged her ..

I am sure he didn’t mean it she said while twinkle didn’t wanted to argue was crying in her embrace ..
Shhh calm down twinkle trust me babaji will make everything fine he has only united you both he will never let any thing wrong happen she said while twinkle hummed ..

While on the other side Kunj shared a good bond with Ishaan and Abeer he find Ishaan too cute his talks distracted Kunj completely ..
Meher called twinkle and Suhasini for lunch while rt called kunj and they all sat twinj was sitting opposite to each other while Suhasini has been feeding twinkle who was upset …
Aleee Bua is still baby Ishaan said patting on his forehead while all looks at him ..
Oye Ishaan k bache don’t say anything about me okay twinkle said ..

No Ishaan ke bache I am Papa’s baby he said and hugged Abeer while twinkle rolled her eyes
Whatever it is she is my dadi and I’ll remain baby for her twinkle said ..

She is my dadi too Ishaan said
No your dadi is there twinkle said pointing towards Leela and hugged Suhasini showing tongue to Ishaan while Kunj was enjoying the duo fighting and everyone else too ..soon they had their lunch and sat again talking ..
Are Kunj you are going back so soon Abeer said ..

Haan yaar I have work Kunj said
Okay when you both will come back wee will have a lot of fun Abeer said while all smiled ..
After sometime they left back to sarna mansion while Kunj was spending time with bebe and twinkle was sitting with Usha amaira and Yuvi Karthik talking about Kunj likes and dislikes and sarna siblings made twinkle fully comfortable with them ..

Whole night passed they packed their luggage and was ready to leave while tanejas and sarnas both came to leave with at airport ..and met twinj ..
Take care of yourself okay if any problem call me twinkle Suhasini said while twinkle nodded be a good wife she whispered in her ears while twinkle smiled ..

Soon they bid bye and left from there and after checking they sat in flight
Kunj was asleep on twinkle shoulder twinkle didn’t told anything as she knew he hadn’t sleep from 2 days

After sometime they reached MUMBAI while twinkle wakes him up and they came out of airport while arhaan already sent car for them who dropped twinj at their house ..
Kunj apartment was on 7 floor it was 3bhk flat twinkle saw it while Kunj went inside to take shower ..

So plain it doesn’t look like house from any side twinkle murmured and changed into comfortable clothes ..she went in kitchen and sees the grocery ..

How does he survive here twinkle said she prepared coffee for both of them while Kunj came out and twinkle passed him a cup and he took a sip ….
Why are you looking at my home like this Kunj asked sipping his coffee ..while twinkle looks at him

Hmm Nothing she said and sat on the couch there ..there are no Groceries left we need to shop twinkle said ..
What’s the big deal we will order it Kunj said calmly ..
No I want to go and buy twinkle stayed adamant
Fine then I am coming with you as you don’t know anything about here Kunj said ..

Hmm okay twinkle said and she got ready while both of them left ..they had a good time in shopping while twinkle was buying other things too ..there were in different directions soon twinkle came back to Kunj while he saw her with so many bags ..
What’s this you have buyed so many things  ? He said ..

Huhuh so what I wanted this twinkle said while he makes a expression and kept the bags in his car and twinkle sat beside him while on the way Kunj was busy talking with arhaan and twinkle was exploring outside view though she had came with Abeer but she didn’t have much time to explore there soon they reached their apartment again and twinkle came out of car and they went inside both were tired ..it was night time and they got call from their homes ..and talked …

Twinkle too got a call from Suhasini she picked it happily ..
So how was my baby life going on ? She asked while twinkle pouts ..

Waste she said while Suhasini laughed
Haha why ? How’s my son in law ? She asked back
He is such a sadu dadi still busy in his laptop twinkle said …you know his apartment it’s so simple ? I don’t know how a desinger will stay here now twinkle ended ..

Haha to you design it na baby it’s your home too now Suhasini said ..
Yeah that’s what I thought too she told what all sh brought and the whole day what she did while Suhasini was happy seeing twinkle mingling up in her marital life ..

Kunj had mailed the presentation which arhaan told him while he sees twinkle still talking to Suhasini he was noticing her since long but couldn’t heard her talks he decided to order their dinner as both of them were tired and it’s just a day after their wedding ..
After sometime the door bell rang while Kunj was in washroom and twinkle took the delivery ..

Kunj ordered dinner when ? She thought when she heard Kunj ..
Oh it came so soon I was starving badly Kunj said and went to kitchen he was back with the plates while they both settled on the dining table and had their food twinkle was slowly eating having her attention towards scrolling her Sameer and Kiara friends group ..she told about her wedding while they couldn’t came as they were busy ..now they were making fun of her ..

Haha seriously twinkle you used to say I won’t get married ever now what’s this sudden suprised Sameer pings
Yeah seriously babes we missed your wedding Kiara too added
Haan it’s all dadi plan now I am badly stucked twinkle added too

How’s your husband ? Kiara pinged
Wait I’ll send picture twinkle send her and Kunj wedding pic ..
He is hot Sameer teased her
Yes he is damn Kiara too added

Huhuh twinkle pinged ..
Twinkle finish your food soon I need to talk to you Kunj said brining her back while twinkle looks at him ..
Okay guys bye twinkle said ..

Bye they added after teasing her
Twinkle quickly ended her food and wash off the utensils she kept the leftovers in refrigerator and went to the room where Kunj was standing in balcony .

Yeah you wanted to talk na twinkle said while Kunj nodded and they sat on the couch kept there ..
We can’t deny this fact that we are married now twinkle so I need to know what do you expect from this marriage Kunj asked while twinkle looked at him she didn’t had any answer there was a time once she was desperately waiting to be with Kunj now the things are changed ..

Their love was hidden by the hatred their open hearts were strangers for each other ..twinkle looked at him ..
What do you expect from this marriage she asked in return to know about him while now Kunj was in dilemma what to answer her ..
After sometime Kunj breaks the silence
Whatever a husband should have I expect from you respect care honest your time and everything Kunj said while stayed quite …
Alright but I do need a time to adjust with a known stranger she said while Kunj looked at her with a smirk ..

That known stranger is your husband baby okay take your time but not much Kunj said while twinkle nodded..
Ok she said…

And what about food who is going to prepare Kunj asked ..
Me ofcourse twinkle said ..

No you prepare dinner I’ll prepare breakfast as I’ll be late on nights Kunj suggested ..and lunch to I’ll have in office .. he ended ..waise ? You wanted to work too ? Kunj asked ..
Yes twinkle replied I am soon starting my designing house here she ended
But Kunj started to say

Don’t tell me you want me to stay at home twinkle said ..
When did I said that huh you can do whatever you want I won’t interfere in your professional life and same goes on with you Kunj said ..
Done it’s quite late I think we should sleep twinkle said and Kunj nodded they went inside the room …

I need some time to be comfortable Kunj so I want a separate room twinkle said slowly while Kunj looked at her ..
Even I wanted to say the same okay you can choose the room Kunj told

I want this room twinkle said looking at it ..it was a spacious room compared to the rest two in his apartment with a Terres balcony from where the view of the city was amazing
No this is my room Kunj said…

You can’t leave your room for me Haan I left my house my city for you and you twinkle faked a cry ..
Don’t try using your this tactics on me okay I am saying this because I am used to this room it had my gyming equipments in the balcony so Kunj said ..

So what ? I want this room I don’t know anything twinkle said ..
Okay then share this room with me Kunj said casually making twinkle mouth form a O
Huh you can’t even give me a room twinkle said again ..

Okay fine take it but I’ll come early morning here daily Kunj said ..
Why ? Twinkle ask
For exercise Kunj added choice is yours either stay with me or let me in daily he said while twinkle makes faces ..

Okay fine but don’t try to have any chance on the beautiful girl staying here twinkle said ..
Who is beautiful here Kunj added chuckling while twinkle frowns ..
Let me remind you that beautiful girl is my wife now I AM HER LEGAL HUSBAND Jaan Kunj said and left smirking ..

While twinkle closed the door he will never improve she said and laid on bed soon sleep took over her while Kunj too ..
Next morning twinkle woke up and as per their plan Kunj was in kitchen in his office shirt and paint his blazer was on couch and he was making omlette twinkle smiled seeing him she was admiring him while Kunj was talking on phone ..

He sees twinkle and coughed while twinkle looked at him ..
What ? Kunj asked …
Uhmm Nothing you are here so soon it’s just 7:40 twinkle said..

Yes I have a meeting today so Kunj said while twinkle helped him and they had their breakfast Kunj took his blazer
Take care of yourself if you need anything DONT CALL ME Kunj said ..

Huh go now or else you will be late twinkle said while he smiled and left for office ..
Twinkle decided to clean the house the whole day she spent changing everything in his house curtains sofa covers bed covers as per her taste she decorated the house too and set her wardrobe she looked at the apartment ..
Now it is looking like a home twinkle said seeing the house and smiled she heard bell ringing and took delivery it was a house plate having Kunj and twinkle name she hanged it outside and went back …

Other side ::
Kunj was done with his meeting while arhaan was teasing Kunj ..
I told you Kunj to take leave for a week atleast you are newly married you should spent time with your wife arhaan said ..

Are I don’t want to take leave we have so many works pending and I don’t want anything to get postpone Kunj said ..
But still Kunj think about twinkle she is new in this city you should make her comfortable arhaan suggested ..

I know but she too doesn’t have time now Kunj said ..
Ohh you both are such a boring couple learn something from me and Amaya arhaan said ..
Huhuh no need Kunj said waise how’s Amaya you left directly after my wedding Kunj said ..
Nothing you know na she can’t stay away from me arhaan said while Kunj laughed ..
Yeah??love birds Kunj said.

Waise Amaya wants to meet twinkle so we have arranged dinner for the newly weds this Sunday do come and don’t even make a excuse now arhaan said ..
Okay Kunj added sighing ..

They were going back home when arhaan brought roses for Amaya and even asked Kunj to buy for twinkle he reluctantly took it and was feeling awkward ..soon they left back homes ..

Kunj reached his room and sees the name plate he caress it and smiled he rang the bell soon twinkle opened the door and found Kunj with rose bouquet ..
Wo …Kunj started to say

Twinkle smelled it it’s so beautiful she said while Kunj smiled ..
I’ll change and come he added and left while twinkle was preparing dinner ..

She got a call from Abeer and kept it on speaker as she was busy cooking ..
So mrs sarna hows the work going on Abeer asked ..

I haven’t started yet I’ll start it from monday twinkle said
Okay if you need any help call me Abeer said ..
Haan bhai twinkle said ..

Waise you can take help from your husband also Abeer said while twinkle looked on her gaze fall on Kunj both looks at each other

Screen freezes


Sorry for the late episode hope you like it happy belated birthday yashika di thought I wanted to post it in your bday but I was out of town and network there was poor sorry …

Do comments guys share your views bye allahafiz ????

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