TERA BAN JAUNGA~TWINJ=SHOT3 happy birthday Ramya ?

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Twinkle keep looking at Kunj only even he too.Both having tears in their eyes.Kunj holding glass of drink.

Twinkle composed herself she went in side and just looking at Kunj and Anjali together.Yuvi come near bar.Kunj eyes went on him yuvi giving him smile Kunj about to go near him but his feet’s stuck and didn’t let him go near yuvi. He having tears and guilt everything in is eyes even Kunj too have.

Yuvi is extremely happy after see Kunj alive in this years he missing him like anything.

Both wanted to hug each other’s complain each other’s.While Kunj closed his eyes and walked out from there.Yuvi just looking at Kunj.

Kunj wiping his tears and going in lobby yuvi run behind.

Kunjjj wait please he screaming.

While Kunj didn’t stop at all each and everything flashing in front of his eyes whatever happened years back.Kunjj forgot sake stopped he said.

Yuvi hold Kunj arms try to stop him but Kunj jerk him and try to go away from there just than there Kunj guards come and see yuvi. They went towards him and hold his hands.

Kunjjj please ruk ja yaar he added in very painful voice.

Kunj turned and look at him and tears rolling down from his eyes.

Leave him Kunj said to his guards they immediately leave yuvi.He wave his hands and they went from there.

Yes Mr Taneja Kunj said. Yuvi come near him and see him head to toe.

I can’t believe it kunj you are fine I’m so happy to see you back I thought you die in that accident he hold Kunj arms.I got my buddy back I can’t experience express you my feelings I got my life back

yesterday when I saw you in office I was shocked first time but I’m so happy for you  kunj to see you so successful in your life and you did best the way you give him answer he deserve this only yuvi said.

Kunj just looking at him.

Let it be I don’t care and yes I’m alive its quite shocking for your family but my family prayers is with me today i m here the Kunj Sarna he added. Yuvi nodded in yes. Chal mere saath he hold his hand Kunj stops he said.

Kya hua kunj he asked I know you must angry with me but mene kuch nahi kiya if you wanted to punish me you can Kunj but don’t hate me how I stay without you this years every day I’m crying for you that I lost my buddy just because of my silly sister yuvi said.

Kunj keeping looking at Kunj he wanted to go away from here don’t wanted to listen anything but he can see guilt in his eyes.

Rt was coming there only.

See you soon yuvi he said and went from there.

I know you are angry with me it’s justify he added. Rt come there.

What’s going on here haan we come here for party because of project so stop running behind your thief friend get it yuvi he said in stern voice. Yuvi looking at him only helplessly.

Sometimes I feel so bad about you that you have so cheap and low mentality papa and sometimes feel bad that you are my father and talking about my friend we all know who is thief or not speak in front of him if you have guts now he Had more power than you and money everything he isn’t less mr rt Taneja if you remember if not than I’ll let you remember get it he stated and yuvi went from there’s Rt just closed his fist.

This yuvi ahah why they all always supporting this Kunj he murmured.

Everyone was enjoying party like anything Rahul and Anjali laughing at abeer jokes.

Kunj join them twinkle just looking at him.

Leave my hand karan twinkle she said him he forcefully holding her hand.

Why remember you are my fiancé twinkle after see Kunj don’t fly he is nothing of yours karan state.

Acha you will tell me woh mera Kya hai and you remember he is my husband and I’m still his wife if you know than she stamped on his feet’s and went from there she went near bar and Oder drink for herself.

Heyy yuvi come yaar why you all so low abeer said and pulled him.

Kunj meet with Avni she is yuvi beautiful wife abeer added Kunj give her smile even she too having painful eyes lock.And you toh know na them Rahul said

Yeah very nicely Rahul Kunj said.

Let’s drink abeer said and they all moved towards bar and sits and Oder their drinks.

Arey Kunj don’t drink too much Anjali said and snatched the glass of drink from his hands.

Heyy yuvi how’s you Anjali asked him.

I’m fine Anjali di he said

Feel so good to see you after ages Anjali said Even me too.Anjali Knows yuvi but she don’t know about Kunj matter with them actually even Kunj didn’t tell anyone expect than his dadi.

Diii Avni said.

Yeah she is my beautiful wife Anjali Rahul Malhotra Rahul said wrapping his arms around her.Twinkle shocked after listen this.

Have some shame Rahul my brother is here only she said.

Ahah I don’t care he is my saale sab?he added.

Twinkle looking at Kunj she feel so good after hear this Anjali not his wife but his sister.

Why you looking so unhappy twinkle haan

You should happy in your life I did whatever you wanted because of you I’m suffering he said in his mind..

Thanks babaji my Kunj is still mine he didn’t marry to anyone but why and if he is here than where she is I wanted to know about her where they are in this years she asked herself.

Kunj sit beside twinkle one more please he asked waiter for one more drink.Waiter give him.Kunj just moving the glass.

You started drinking twinkle said he heard

And look at twinkle.

Nothing is like what it was before he said.

People changed within no times so yeh toh habit hai anytime at least didn’t break anyone heart toh he said in hateful voice.

Twinkle escaping from twinkle eyes she keep her hand on Kunj hands he look at her fully and jerked her hand.

Be in your limits twinkle Taneja go your fiancé must be waiting for you he added.

Twinkle turned her face and can’t take it anymore she drink whole glass in one go and run from there crying fully.Kunj went behind her and see twinkle from far she sits in her car and drove off in anger.

What happened to her haan why she behaving like this unpredictable girl he murmured.

Twinkle reached Taneja mansion she run inside and goes in her room and jumped on bed her back facing to ceiling.

She cuddles bedsheet in her fist ahah nahhiii I can’t bear babaji everyone just blaming for each and everything what I have done nothing I toh Just wanted everyone happiness didn’t cared about my own happiness with my own hands killed my happiness still Kunj in front of my eyes I wanted to cuddles him and cry fully wanted to tell him about my pain I was helpless kunjj after that news I breaks down I don’t have strength now please I’m begging in front of you all stop judging me try to know about me first she said in breathing voice..

Rt looking at Kunj and giving him cold look while Kunj giving him full Tashan.

Hope guys all like party this party we kept for our new project wish this project will be successful as I’m because I’m the Kunj Sarna.Two more companies joined with us hope even their company name too raise likes us Kunj said.All clapping fully.Leela and yuvi smiling fully to see Kunj like this.

After sometimes later party end all guest started going back Kunj and Rahul bid bye to them.

Hope you enjoy mr Taneja Kunj said to rt.

Yes very much Mr Sarna he added back.

Yuvi hold leela Hand went outside Avni walking alone.Everyone back to their places.

At Malhotra mansion.

Anjali and Rahul went in their respective room even Vikram too Kunj going and thinking about twinkle and yuvi.He find something fishy between their behaviour even Avni as well nothing is like before.

Kunj entered in his room he remove his blazer and folding his shirt sleeves Kunj sits on bed and hold his hand

Why I’m thinking about twinkle everything is has end now Kunj she cheat you didn’t support when you needed her most like others she too gives you pain he said.

But his heart not welling.Kunj lay down on bed and while fighting between his mind and heart he dozed off.While crying twinkle too.

Avni and yuvi laying down on bed.

Yuvi Kunj really become a successful man she said.

Yes but why you care Avni he said.

Yuvi why you behaving so cold with me haan what I have done in this all things whatever happened not my hand behind this all she added. Yuvi give her painful death glares.

Your one statement changed everything if you not than Avni I think things are not like this maybe be something else but you wanted to become great daughter in law for that things I can’t forgive you till my last breathe he said.

What yuvi really both get up you love me yuvi where is your love went for me now she added.

My love is still same for you avni but my love for Kunj more strong and thick.We were so happy first twinkle and second you and papa just hurt him because of you all my and his friends breaks down thanks to god he is alive today so some hate for you in my heart decreased for his death I never ever you if maybe we apart from each other Than also he never give me pain and what my so cold family did you all humiliate him like anything and all wrong allegations putting on Kunj.

God is with good people always and he was with Kunj today he have everything but I can see my buddy is not happy he having pain in his eyes he sufferers lott because of you all heartless. I don’t wanted to hear anything more Avni he added and lay down Avni just looking at yuvi tears escaping from her eyes

One mistakes many lives suffering and same happened with them only.

There is one person who is main culprit and all caught by his baseless thinking who just under money intoxication that’s it because of this he can’t even see his kids pains..

Whole night passed away and next

Morning comes with new hopes and but for them like same day just pain and guilt..

If they have time machine they can go and recorrect all thoughts things which is now messed up like anything.


Four cheezein kabhi laut kar nahin aateen:Zuban se nikli hui baat

Kamaan se nikla hua teer

Guzra hua waqt

Likha hua muqaddar..

Now everything went from their hands.

But if you try once again it’s better than nothing we should at least try and try to give one chance if we feel.

Sunlight coming on Kunj face he rubbing his eyes and open and give smile. He took his phone and look at his daughter photo first my first view my kiara my life he said.

Let’s call her what she doing my Mumkin he immediately call dadi and she pick up his call.

Hello Kunj puttar Kesha hai she asked her.

I’m fine dadi he replied and you tell me he

Asked her.

Even I’m fine Kunj and what about your project she added.

Deal is sign dadi now I have to stay here for along so please handle my baby he said

Your baby is even my great grand daughter if you remember pagal she said Kunj giggles.

Yeah?I know but I’m saying because she will teased you both like anything he added.

Haan we will see her she state.

Or where she is he asked.

She is here only wait a second both Rudra and kiara just roaming here and there in Greece last night only they arrives she said. And giving voice to kiara. She immediately come.

Yes dadi she said.

Come here your papa call she said kiara get happy she immediately went towards dadi and sits in her lap and she give her phone.

Hello papuu how’s you she asked Kunj feels so good to hear her voice.

I’m absolutely fine bacha and you tell me are you enjoying or not he added.

Yup papa we are in hotel this is so amazing they having dolphins in pool she said in her cutest voice. And haan I’ll do lots of shopping papa she demanding.

Haan you can bacha don’t need to asked me take whatever my baby wanted you just stay happy and haan take your medicine if dadi gives you please he said.

Okay papa I’ll take but when you coming back she added.

Soon baby he said.

Acha now you go and enjoy bacha he said

Bye papa she added and give phone to dadi and went from there.

Okay Kunj I’ll talk to you later dadi said.

Yeah sure dadi he added and ended the call.

Kunj closed his kiara is best thing happened in my life thanks to babaji and tw he about to said further but stop..

All memory lane flashing in front of his eyes all lovely  and happy moments he had.

Kunj get up and went in washroom and get freshen up and get ready quickly and went downstairs.

While Anjali or Rahul along with Vikram waiting for him he went towards them and take a seat.

Heyy morning Kunj Rahul said

Good morning you too he added.

Anjali served him and sit beside him.

You get late why ? She asked him.

Woh I was talking with dadi and kiara he state.

Why don’t you bring them here Vikram he said

Nahi uncle now nothing is left in India and you know kiara health not well so he added Vikram nodded in yes..

At Taneja mansion hardly they all sit together and have.leela waiting for that day when her family become one again. Now she too leave hopes. Rt and leela sitting and waiting for kids while Mahi come and take her breakfast in plate and went in her room.While yuvi usually have in office only.

Avni just waiting for yuvi he come down and left for office without saying anything.

Now I Should too go and send twinkle please rt said leela nodded in yes. Rt get up and went. While Avni become sad leela cupped her face.

Kya hua puttar she asked in this all things leela gritting fully.

Maa what should I do now day by day yuvi hate increasing for me sometimes I feel like he just stuck in this relationship she said having tears in her eyes.

Nahi puttar don’t say like this give him time she said

Kitna Maa it’s been 3 years I m just waiting everyday today I’ll get back my old happy fun loving yuvi but not at all with passing time he going away from me and you know what he said last night to me MAA she told leela everything she too shocked I can’t bear leela Maa Avni said.

Bass what I’ll do now I’m so helpless mother whatever happened that night everything is has changed Avni puttar and we all know what Kunj matter for yuvi after that news in this years he was just under depression he can’t bear this pain Kunj is no more now he is alive and all happy my old yuvi will be back just faith on babaji beta please help me don’t rushed now like before whatever happened by you it just a mistake she said Avni cuddles her leela caressing her back.

Chal lets see twinkle puttar leela said and Avni nodded in yes.

Avni and leela went in twinkle room with breakfast.

They found twinkle sitting on bed and like lifeless body they went towards her and sits opposite of her.

Twinkle puttar leela spoke tears just rolling down from her eyes.

Twinkle Chal get freshen up fast your papa waiting for you in office she added.

Leela cupped her face.

Yeah twinkle have your breakfast today Maa make your favourite paratha Avni said.Twinkle look at them.

MAA please leave me alone she said

Why puttar now it’s high time twinkle get up I know we can’t change the things at least we can try to rectify the mistakes which we have done in past twinkle leela said.

What what mistakes I’ll rectified Maa I ended all things now can’t Maa.I hurt Kunj lott you know na what I have done with him.

I can’t forgive myself whatever I have done with my Kunj and that innocent soul she said in breaking voice.

Leela hold her hands I know and can understand your pain I told you years back run away from this house today you are with Kunj happy beta but you didn’t listen to me haan she said

Kya karti me sometimes we have do something which we Don’t wanted it will gives your pain but when you know at least after this you can give happiness at least save him from all humiliation i did same to same Maa she said.

Pata hai mujhe tune kyu Kya hai woh sab she said.

You should happy na see your Kunj is alive you can try again he will be back he loves you lott I can see in his eyes twinkle she said

Nahi nahi now I’m just seeing pain in his eyes for myself i itself killed that love for myself he toh love me like anything he did so much for me what I have done just throw him like a paper I wish Maa before that night I die that time only when I m bring a new life in this world she said.

Twinkle if Kunj is here and where is she Than Avni asked.

I don’t know anything Avni even I’m finding this only If he is alive and where she is we thought in that accident they both die but I don’t have guts to asked Kunj once where she is.She is alive or not she closed her eyes she said. I lost my all rights Maa

I’m very bad in all relations.

Leela cuddles twinkle she can’t see her pain.She caressing her back.

Bas twinkle see your Maa is with you

I’ll talk to Kunj and bring him in your life back she said

Nahi Maa Leave now I don’t wanted to give him more pain I just wanted to see him happy and papa never changed and I don’t wanted to give papa more chances to humiliate my HUSBAND anymore she said and get up and went in washroom.

Twinkle still calling Kunj her husband but he and karan Avni said

Kunj is her husband and she is his wife officially with all respect Avni and about karan there relationship and marriage can’t break down because of someone leela said and went downstairs.

I wish everything solved she said and went downstairs.

While Kunj and Rahul and Vikram reached Taneja office rt pa show them their respective cabins and thankfully twinkle and yuvi or Kunj cabin near just.Kunj is in middles and there wall of glass so trio can see each other’s just need to pulled off the curtains.

Kunj went in his cabin he making faces I feel so bad here but can’t do anything he call someone and call his PA Aman. He entered in cabin.

Aman listen to me he added and tell him each and everything whatever he wanted I need as soon as possible are you get it he said

Yes sir I’ll do fast you don’t worry you tell me you need anything else Aman asked him?

No I want anything else Aman you go and before send me all details of this merger okay he added

Aman nodded in yes and went out of the cabin.

Yuvi see Kunj and smile he take His seat and get busy in work while Aman send file ton Kunj in this all details of  project.

Kunj take and reading nicely and understanding all things if it’s profitable for his company or not.

Twinkle come out of the washroom and went towards dressing table she get ready and simply she wear a Indian dress she remember how Kunj get possessive whenever she wear wester dresses and other mans see her with a lust eyes and Kunj always get angry he tell her he love her in all wears but he can’t tolerates if anyone look at his twinkle with any bad intentions and she too love his this side and respectfully she do whatever he likes.

Twinkle get ready and she take her bag and went downstairs.

Di where are you going mahi asked her?

Office mahi she replied.

Okay she added twinkle give her faint smile.And went from there she went outside and sit in her car and left for office.

While leela asking about twinkle.?

Where twinkle she didn’t come till now leela murmured.

MAA di toh left for office just now mahi added.

What again she leave without having anything heyy babaji give strength to my twinkle she needs you please she added and fold her hands. Mahi give her side hug Maa don’t worry I know after jiju twinkle is sad but you see again everything become

Like before and we all know how much jiju love twinkle didi Mahi said.

Haan mahi puttar leela states..

twinkle reached office she park her car and went inside she was in hustle.

She entered in office she look at rt who standing in side twinkle ignore him and went in her cabin directly better than do any kind of arguments with him.

She sits on chair and hold her hand what should I do feeling so bad even can’t describe man.she Oder coffee for herself.

Soon her coffee come and twinkle pa bring all files for her she started checking all things.

After sometimes later they kept a meeting.

Informed to each and everyone whoever is part of this project.Kunj satisfied with this project if this project will be successful than its good for Their companies.As per project he made some points.

At conference [email protected]

Everyone arrived in conference room and take their respective seats Kunj come and sit head of the seat just waiting for twinkle.Even she too come Kunj eyes went on her he look at her just she too him.

Let’s start the meeting Vikrama said twinkle and Kunj come in sense and she take seat and sit next to Kunj only.

Yeah so we all are here I wanted to tell you something I study on this project it’s really good project and I must say Mr Taneja and abeer great mind he said rt looking at him and give him his arrogant look.

So if we work hard on this project than definitely it would be great for us he added.

What you think Kunj If you are confident about this project this much than already it’s successful only hit a home run you he added.

Kunj giggles right uncle I never work like one thing don’t run behind only profit and success it’s not needed everything gives you profit and success sometimes we learn more alike Cry over spilt milk he state which indirectly taunting to rt yuvi press his laugh.

He get up and stand in front of projector.

Kunj start the meeting and telling them each and everything they all listening him perfectly and try to understand what he telling them.

It’s good Kunj yuvi said and one more things if you do all things in level than best what’s say he said

Yeah right yuvi Kunj added.Rt was surprise whom he thought useless today his mind working faster than anything..

he don’t have any sympathy for Kunj he just wanted to use him for his profit that’s all.

Kunj telling them each and everything they all asking him serval question he give them answers back clearing their all doubts as well.

Done he said. All nodded in yes and they all clapping for Kunj.

Yeah one more thing now I’m handling this project fully because I wanted everything best and don’t want for my benefit I’ll give loss to others it okay he asked.

Sure Kunj yuvi said.

Great Kunj beta Vikrama said.

Thanks uncle it’s our team work I wanted everyone give Their best only okay he added and end the meeting.They all went from there.

Kunj going in his cabin but before he tell his pa send coffee for him this seen by twinkle Aman went in cafeteria twinkle went behind him.

He oder coffee and telling the way Kunj wanted actually his coffee.Twinkle stand there.

I’ll make coffee for your boss because I made best coffee she said

Sure mam Aman added.

Twinkle itself coffee for Kunj because Kunj used to love her coffee don’t know in others coffee he find something is lacking her one coffee relief his all stress and tiredness she give coffee mug to Aman.

Thanks mam he said and take the coffee and went from there.

Twinkle smiling like anything she take coffee for herself as well and went in her cabin.

Aman entered in cabin and see Kunj holding his head.

Sir your coffee he keep on desk sir are you okay he said

Hmm I’m fine you go and do your work Kunj added he went from there.

Ahah my headache man hope after this coffee he murmured he take the coffee mug in his hand.

Twinkle pulled off curtains slightly and see Kunj he was sitting and holding mug of coffee.

Kunj take sip of coffee he stop and remember something.

Why I feeling like this coffee exactly same like the way twinkle make for even the way I wanted?? He asked himself only. Again he take the coffee no I’m thinking too much. Kunj looking here and there twinkle immediately hide behind curtains.

Leave if Kunj said and enjoying his coffee and feels so good because with each sips his headache going.

Twinkle see Kunj I’m so happy Kunj after long time I made coffee for you I know how much you love coffee made by me only thanks to babaji I get chance again she think in her heart.

Kunj eyes went on wall and he see glimpse of twinkle. Twinkle went and just smiling.

So I was write this coffee you only made I can recognise your taste twinkle in very fast sip only I get to know this made by you only because I know and you too know what type of coffee I wanted after years I m drinking coffee which I wanted and craving for it.He smile but why you doing this. After what you done with me this all things cant melting me down never he said.And still having the coffee.

While twinkle was fully happy like she get something really amazing.With a bright smile she doing her work.

Kunj standing near window and holding cup of coffee and fighting with his thoughts.Just than yuvi entered in cabin.

Heyy kunjj he said.Kunj turned and see yuvi.He gestured him. File yuvi added he keep the file on desk and went near Kunj.

What happened he Asked him?

Nothing much Kunj reply.

You seem like In stress yuvi added.

Kunj rolled his eyes.

Hmm nope Yuvi why I’ll in stress I’m all happy because now I don’t have any tension and nor having treacherous peoples in my life anymore he said. Yuvi look at him and shocked fully.

Really Kunj you finding me treacherous haan great Kunj I know whatever happened years back wasn’t good at all I’m not in fault at all I was finding you like a mads I know whatever happened it’s absolutely wrong and ungrateful people my family is I’m shameful as well for their deeds but I try my best I don’t have any prove Kunj trust me I can’t change with you. ?he states I’m breaking voice Kunj look at him he keep his hand on yuvi shoulder.

Hah yuvi please leave this I think you should forget it everything because now things can’t be like before he said and yuvi look at Kunj.

I know Kunj but why you and me I know you are right and self respected man I’m ready to forget everything but Kunj I can’t our friendship I have this only maybe things can’t like before but at least you and me what our mistakes in this all he Said.

Kunj and yuvi looking at each other’s face.

Okay I’m ready yuvi but I can’t say anything Kunj said.

Let’s try Kunj leave on babaji yuvi added and forward his hand.Kunj look at yuvi hand he too forward his hand both shaking hands with each other’s while yuvi pulled him in a hug.

Handshake toh formality ke liye karte hai dost nahi samja yuvi said.Kunj smile both share tight bro buddy hug.both of them feeling so good after long time.Remember their all fun and masti everything their friendship is very precious for them.Break the hug.

I love it your idea Kunj yuvi said.

Hmm thanks yuvi he added.

You do your work okay bye see you soon he said and he went from there.

I know yuvi you are right at your place but what to do I can’t forget whatever happened with me and specially with my

Angel he said in his heart.

After sometimes later all employees started going to home even others too only twinkle and Kunj was left in office both busy in their work abeer told twinkle after finished file work she should give Kunj he will check once.

Oops everyone went I’m only here babaji I should give this file to Kunj twinkle said and she finished all work and get up and towards Kunj cabin she knocking the door.

Come in Kunj said.

Twinkle went inside and see Kunj was busy in his work fully.She went towards him.

Files twinkle said.. as soon as Kunj listen her voice immediately raise her eyes and look at towards twinkle.

What he asked..

files abeer told me to give you this she said.

Hoo he added he get up and went towards her and take file in his hands.

Hmm I hope you doing your work properly not like in college he said.

Twinkle look at Kunj.Don’t worry Kunj that time toh I was stubborn but now I’m not at all she said.

Wow great I’m happy miss great twinkle Taneja not stubborn anymore he states.

Kunj Leave the file and look at twinkle with anger eyes because his eyes went on her hand and see her ring.Kunj started going towards twinkle she get tense and while she going in backwards due to wall she stop Kunj stand in front of her. He keep his both hands on wall.

Maybe you changed twinkle little bit but you are still same twinkle who is big cheaters a perfidious lover Kunj said whole looking into her eyes.His word hit on twinkle heart perfectly tears comes in her eyes. Double faced girl you are he murmured.

Kunjj leave me please let me go she said.

I already leave you long back or else you leave me twinkle my tara he said.

Kunjj don’t say this things please she added

Why not haan what you left for me twinkle haan you are faithless wife he scream loudly.Twinkle turned her face tears started coming from her eyes like anything.

I’m Not faithless kunjj she murmured..

She hold his forearm.

You are twinkle Taneja samji kunj said in roar way. Leave from here he added and turned.

Twinkle looking at him she closed her eyes and went near her she keep her hand on his back.

Kunjj I’ll go but just give me one answer please she said.

Whatttt he said. Kunj turned looking at twinkle.

Kunjj you are alive and here where she is she said in low voice because she knows she don’t have any right to asked him.

Means Kunj said purposely.Twinkle look at his face.

Hum….hari beti she said. As soon as this word comes out from twinkle mouth Kunj blood boiling so fast..

What did you said he hold her shoulder tightly tell hunhari beti really twinkle he said.

She is just my daughter twinkle get it don’t say this again no one worse than me Kunj added.

Don’t say this she is my daughter as well ‘OUR’ she said.

She is my daughter only not yours just mine Kunj Sarna daughter she is you are nothing to her he said.

Okay fine she is your daughter only she said.Hold his shirt tightly but tell me one thing where she is haan Kunj please tell me you alive and where is our baby I don’t want anything she added.Kunj closed his eyes remember all those painful memories.

She is no more he said and punch his hand on wall. After listen this twinkle was shocked fully.

No Kunj don’t say this how can this happened you are alive after that accident how can she isn’t haan tell me the answer damn it she scream.

I’m impressed twinkle you are a amazing actress I must say you should try in movies you will rock there. Today you

Showing this fake concern and crying as if you cared about her. Why you crying she is alive or not it’s not matter for you twinkle he said

It is matter for me kunjj lott don’t say this I’m a mother she said in breaking voice.

This words doesn’t suits from your mouth Maa what you done with my daughter and me I can’t forget that twinkle Taneja and I’ll make sure you will too die the way I’m he said and went from there.

No this can’t happened my baby no more babaji I’m wrong but you know why I did that I was helpless but I don’t know you will give me this much big punishment for that thing haan she said and crying. Kunj standing near door and heard twinkle words.

Why it’s affecting you twinkle now that day you said that you don’t care about kiara because she is just a mistake of yours and you throw her like a tissue paper today you crying like you will die for her I don’t know anything he think in his heart and went from there.

Twinkle composed herself and left for Taneja mansion.She reached found everyone sitting in living room she didn’t stay here quickly went in her room only.

Twinkle entered in her room and went towards wardrobe take out a box and sits down and open the box and take out all things inside the box and admiring them.

Tears escaping from her eyes I don’t know anything Kunj if you playing with my emotions than okay but if this is true than I’ll die from my own hands I throw her you are right I can’t called a mother I’m not Deserve this title at all.

So guys few people are right kiara is Kunj and twinkle daughter only?.Their story I’ll tell you surely now let’s see this Ice and fire together ?.. what they will do?

Twinkle just admiring those memories in pictures which she had with herself.

Kunj too reached Malhotra mansion he went in his room and get freshen up and come down and sit with Vikram and Anjali or Rahul they all having tea and snacks enjoying fully.While Kunj mind stuck at twinkle her cry sound echoing in his eyes why this he asking to his heart because mine just saying leave it.

Aur Kunj how’s you day Anjali asked him.

Amazing di he did.

Kunj you should get marry now see na abeer sister Ria wedding in next month Vikram said.

Nah uncle I’m okay with kiara Kunj said.

Arey Till when Kunj you will stay alone haan even kiara need a mother you should marry with someone it’s good for you and kiara as well Vikram said and Kunj looking here and there. He get up and make any excuses and went in side.

I think Kunj still love his first wife kiara mother Rahul said.Anjali too nodded in yes because they are unaware about Kunj life.Kunj walking in garden.

I did good with twinkle after what she had done with me and my family she didn’t think once where I’ll go how that small soul will live without her she throw just few hour born baby of ours but she lost all rights she is just my baby.

Yes twinkle i m alive it’s shocking for you all after that too I’m absolutely fine why.

Because I didn’t went and in that plain crash was the part of that accident because I missed my flight and thanks to god I’m save and even my baby as well.

And I don’t know you all thought that I died in that plain crush haan you words kill me that day only twinkle I’m just alive for my baby and living for kiara only because she don’t have anyone apart from me.

If you will be in her life and you teach your values than today my daughter too become like you twinkle Taneja thanks to god she isn’t like you he said and went from there..

After sometimes later twinkle went downstairs and sit with leela she applying oil In her eyes.

Kya hua puttar leela asked her.

Kuch nahi Maa bas tired today she said

Acha koi na Aur tu bata kuch bola Kunj Ne and you get to know about her she said.

Nahi she murmured.

I know he said that words just to make me feel guilty for my words I know if he is okay and she is too because he love her I know about this since the day she comes in my womb he was so excited but we don’t know after her birth we apart from each other’s and life bring us here and I m not getting any information about Kunj he does something with this all she thinking in her mind.

Later they have their dinner and sleep with lot of guilts..

2 weeks has been passed away Tanejas and Kunj along with Malhotra working together. Kunj didn’t try to interact with anyone from Tanejas exception than work only.While rt too finding about Kunj but he just get to know few things about him since 3 years he staying in Italy start his work as well nothing about his family.

Other hand twinkle and Kunj sharing painful eyes locks Kunj maintain his hatred with twinkle.Kunj and yuvi talking normally yuvi try his best he get his old buddy back but Kunj controlling himself fully.

Kiara was enjoying fully her holiday with dadi and Rudra even tej Kunj father to join them they all family members enjoying very bit of it.

#While Kunj don’t liking to working in Tanejas office so he make his own office. And tell everyone that he will do all work from his own office others too come there and work there only till this project ended.

Everyone ready while rt wasn’t happy but he can’t do anything he have to follow Kunj all rules and his all demands as well.

Kunj office was really amazing all things perfectly at their places only.His cabin fully decorated with kiara pictures Kunj not allowing anyone entered in his cabin exception Rahul and his own team members and moreover kiara and his all pictures hanging on wall which covered by curtains no nobody can see kiara..

Kunj didn’t leave any chance to taunt to twinkle and rt In his language he giving them answers perfectly.

Kunj now moved his own house from Malhotra mansion because of something.

While kiara and tej decided to go India from Greece only because kiara missing Kunj dadi try to no go but kiara and tej didn’t listen her and from Greece they take next flight and wind off for India.

Kunj don’t know about this at all things they wanted to give him surprised so.

Whole family reached India and kiara was so excited she will meet with Kunj her papa.While dadi was all nervous without informing Kunj they all come here specially with kiara he will not like this.

Daduu lets go fast we will meet with my papa kiara said.

Yeah we will meet with your papa as well first let’s go to home bacha tej added.She nodded in yes. Dadi knows already where Kunj staying currently she call sara she come airport.

You all here dadi I mean with kiara baby she said

Yes even you too surprised na like others Fevicol kiara said?. She calling sara Fevicol. She don’t like her because she staying with Kunj in office always with him and kiara don’t like any girl roam around her papa?..

Hehe kiara baby very naughty sara murmured and pulled her cheeks..

We should go home now dadi added.

Dadi you all go I wanted to meet with papa first kiara state..

Bacha first lets go home we will meet with Kunj at home na dadi said.

No I’ll go now only she said and turned her face.All look at kiara only.

Maa why you stopping my kiara you go and give your papa boom surprise okay baby tej added.

Thanks dadu she kissed on his cheeks because she was in his arms only.

Than I’ll go with her Rudra added.

Sure dadi murmured while she is all tensed she don’t know about Taneja’s working with Kunj only now.Tej and dadi sit in car and drove off for sarna house while Rudra and sara along with kiara they left for sarna office.

At conference [email protected]

Everyone sitting and Kunj giving presentation each and everyone wall engrossed in work only.

We will go like this than only we will get profit in this project now what you all thinking Kunj said everyone looking at him only.

You are right rt said. Kunj arching his one eye brow Rahul and yuvi press their laugh.

Sara reached sarna office along with kiara and Rudra.They come out of the car.

Rudra get call so he went in side and get busy in phone.

Let’s go kiara baby sara said and she nodded in yes and run inside with a boom.

While Sara running behind her. Kunj few employees see her get surprised to see kiara here:

Baby Wait you will falls down mam sara said but kiara just running.

Where is my papa she scream loudly papa.Aman come there and see kiara and shocked. He went towards sara.

Kiaraaa mam he said.

Yes kiara mam is here where is your boss she asked him like a boss?. She is the boss baby?..Aman look at sara with confusing eyes.

How she is here Aman asked Sara.

Everyone come Aman and kiara baby wanted to meet with sir first so she come here with Rudra sir she replied.

Hoo but sir is busy in meeting Aman added.

Acha kiara baby lets go in cabin we will sit there and wait for sir he is busy Aman said,

No call papa tell him Kiara is here she added.Kiara stand on table rest of them just seeing her.

You both not listening my Oder na wait she said and started screaming all closed their ears: it’s shocking for others those are new here while who knows kiara they understand.

Acha sara you go and tell sir kiara mam waiting for him now okay Aman said.

You both wasting my tim..(time). She added.

Let me see my papa she said and keeping her hands on her waist ?giving them angry look..

I’ll find itself my papa you both go from here she said.And try to jumped from table.Aman help her and she come down looking here and there.

Where is Mr Sarna haa she murmured. Kiara run upstairs she giving voice to Kunj.

Run sara Aman said and they both run behind kiara.

Baby please don’t shout you know na we will call sir you come stay in his cabin sara said.

You both know who I am ?she said.

We know kiara the boss ?sara murmured.

Right baby kiara added?.Guard come there and see kiara she immediately take their stick. Papappppp she scream Aman and sara closed their ears.Kiara eyes went on conference room.

I find my papa she said and gesturing towards conference room.Sara and Aman making puppy faces.She take baby step towards conference room.

While inside the conference room everyone engrossed in meeting Kunj explaining them each and everything everyone surprised to see his work technique and he keep each and everything in his mind.

Great ?Kunj abeer said.

I’m surprised how you managed everything from where you learn this all things he added.Kunj look at rt and others

He keep his finger on his forehead.

Every cloud has a silver lining my life mantra abeer that’s it kunj said.He again explaining them all points.While twinkle just thinking about Kunj words what he said about their baby she is no more since the day he tell her she went in trauma somewhere she is happy that her baby and Kunj is happy but when he said those words it’s like shell-shocked for her..

Kiara come near conference room she hold door lock and press it’s quite difficult for her to open the door but she is not less and anyhow she opens the door and push the door.Lights were off only.With a boom kiara entered in conference room.Kiara see switch board and went near because it just after door.

Whattt the hell is this Kunj said his eyes went on door which opened now Aman and sara entered inside.Kiara scream

Ahahhhaa all shocked.She on the lights.

Lights on everyone looking here and there. Aman and sara making puppy faces Kunj didn’t see Kiara.

What is this Kunj asked them.Both gesturing in side.Kunj get confused even others too didn’t see Kiara.She slowly come in front of all.As soon as Kunj eyes went on Kiara he was all shocked completely.She giving Kunj angry look.

And showing him stick.Others get confused to see Kiara Rahul and Vikram look at her and understand ?..

Papapppppp she again screamed his name Kunj come in sense.Kiara this escape from his mouth.Yuvi and twinkle confused after see her.Kiara went towards him.

Whatttt is this haan she asked him.Kunj still can’t digest this fact she is in front of him and specially she is here.Kunjjjj again she scream his name.

Who she is twinkle said in her heart.

Kiara Tum Kunj look at her haan he said.

Haan I’m here she added Kunj leave his work.

Let’s go from here na Mr Sarna please see I’m here kiara said.She hold Kunj hand. Kunj look at everyone.

Kunj bend down in low voice baby you go I’ll come okay he said.

Nooo come with me naaa she said.

See I have stick as well she added she show him.Rest of them slightly giggling.

Sorry I have to stop this meeting here Next

Will be tomorrow please now I can’t he said.

Why you can’t leave meeting in middle rt said.Kunj realised twinkle and others here only.

You go Kunj she wouldn’t let you work Vikram said in giggling way.

Chalo na papa she said.As soon as this papa word come out from her mouth which leave twinkle and yuvi or rt shocked more twinkle after Kunj words.Twinkle was shocked she look at Kiara who is so cute and having two little pony.She looking at Kiara only.

Papaaa ?twinkle grouch.. Kunj look at twinkle and can see shockingness on her face.He immediately lift Kiara.

Excuse me please he said and went out of the cabin tears escaped from twinkle eyes.

Kunj first priority is his daughter Vikram said everyone going out of the conference room.

Kiara baby tum yeha kunj said and lift her properly.

How’s my surprise papa she cuddles him see i m here she said.

Twinkle come there and see kiara with Kunj.They moving towards Kunj cabin.

Kunj went in his cabin with kiara.

Kunj and kiara entered in cabin Kunj went towards table and made kiara stand on table. He look at her.

What is this kiara how you come here Haan? Kunj asked her.

I sit in aeroplane and come with everyone she said and started clapping.Kunj rubbing his temples with finger.Just than Rudra entered in cabin as well.

Heyy bhaiya he said and went towards him.Kunj fully confused to see this all. Kunj backhugged him.

I missed you Bhaiya he added.

He take seat in side and sit this piddhi bring us here Rudra said and Kunj look at her.

Where is dadi he asked before Rudra can say.

Dadi and Dadu at home and we come here papa she said.

Dada come with you all Kunj asked?

Yeah bhai he join us in Greece and kiara enjoy lot with her Dadu Rudra said..

Papa are you not happy with me see your baby come just meet with you mr Kunj Sarna kiara added.Kunj see her face he get relief after long days later see his princess..

Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her forehead.Mera baby he murmured.Kunj sit on chair.

How’s you my baby he asked?

I’m absolutely good she reply in cute voice.

She sit in Kunj lap and resting her head on his chest..

Twinkle just standing in shocked tears just rolling down from her eyes yuvi and Rt looking at twinkle only both can understand her situation but RT just ignore..

She went in her cabin and sits in side and crying so badly.Kiara face coming in front of her eyes she can’t believe it her daughter her baby was in front of her eyes.She didn’t see her fully that fulfilled her craves..

Aman and Sara entered in room.We are sorry sir kiara baby didn’t listen us we try to stop her but you know her both said.

Okay leave it go and bring something for her and make sure everything healthy okay Kunj said.

Sure sir what baby wanted Aman asked.

Hmm keep her finger on her lip don’t call me baby in the boss baby?she said in attitude voice try like kunj?.

Acha piddhi boss in diaper ??Rudra said.

ahah papa see Rudra chachu she screamed.You both go and bring her favourite Kunj said and both nodded in yes and went from there.

Bhai your daughter is too much I must say even her mother will be same like her Rudra said in flow Kunj look at her he realised what he just said.Rudra making puppy faces.

Acha kiara how’s your holiday haan kunj asked her.

Best pap she added..

Acha bhaiya I’m going bye Rudra said and went from there.Kunj make her sit on desk opposite of him.Sara come with strawberry milkshake with garlic cheese bread she keep everything on table.

Let’s have Kunj said and she blinked her eyes and Kunj hold shake glass and kiara started drinking with straw.and making puppy faces Kunj feel so peace after see her face.But even he is worried now what

Will happen here twinkle see kiara.

Because nobody talk about mother in front kiara whenever she asked Kunj her all friends having mums and paps.so Kunj already tell her that even he don’t have mumma even kiara too they both just have papa only so she convinced anyhow.

They all make sure she never feel mother love absence they all giving her love even she didn’t felt like she don’t have mumma because Kunj give utmost love ?.. just only when she see her other’s kids with their mother than only for a second she feels that she don’t have mumma and why?

Many times Kunj dadi told him he should leave his past whatever happened just forget it and he should start his new life with happy note but Kunj deny and that twinkle was last and first girl in his life and now he don’t want anyone play with his heart because he lost his heart that day only when twinkle break his hearts with her words..

Twinkle crying badly and wiping her tears how can this happened Kunj told me she is no more but she is alive how can he speak those words about my baby haan she said loudly..just then yuvi entered in her cabin and see twinkle condition somewhere he too felt bad but when he remembered what she has done with Kunj than that all pain for her went away.

Twinkle??? Yuvi said she look at him and immediately get up.

Bhai see my baby she said in crying voice.

Kunj told me my baby was no more but he is liar she added. Yuvi just looking at her.

Acha twinkle he said right what wrong in this if he said that baby was no more than why you feeling this much bad haan in stern voice he asked her.

What do you mean by this bhai she is my baby she said.

Wow twinkle even you are like papa changing colours like chameleon.I’m feel bad you are really my that old bubbly twinkle haan what happened to you why you becoming like papa.

I’ll made you remember your words you itself said that night.


Bhaiii don’t say this things please even Kunj too said same she added.

I feel bad twinkle for your fate you are a mother but you didn’t do anything for your few hour born baby just support papa and finished everything because of you I lost my bestie and you are responsible for each and everything and now you crying for baby haan.She is not your baby for you toh she dead for you that time only when this words come out from your mouth for your baby.Kunj just said you and Show your face. I’m happy she had father like Kunj but mother unlike you he said and went out of the cabin.

Each and everyone thinking I’m wrong only okay I’m wrong fine but I love them like anything I can’t express my feeling and what I felt that day when i speak those harsh words about my baby and Kunj you all just seeing whatever in front of your eyes she said..

I’m happy Babaji my baby is good I wanna see her she come out of her cabin and composed herself.

Kiara finished milkshake fully and milk beard comes above her lips Kunj wiped her face.

Now happy Kunj said.

Very much she added and give him bright smile.

I don’t care if twinkle see her or not she is just mine she don’t have any rights on kiara Kunj think in his heart..

Kunj get call he went in side and kiara come down slightly and looking here and there she went out of the cabin.There was a cute puppy the puppy was of twinkle her

Pa bring that puppy at office normally.

It’s small puppy name is Rambo.He sitting in side kiara see and give smiled and went near puppy and showing him stick which she had puppy see her and started running and kiara showing him stick and she too run behind puppy they come down everyone see puppy running and kiara was behind of him.All giggling.

Ahah wait puppy Kiara said.Twinkle come down and her eyes went on kiara and yuvi too come.They started giggling..

Kunj done with his call he turned and didn’t found kiara in cabin.

Where she went man now he said and his eyes went on door which was opened now he went outside and looking for kiara.

Ahah where this girl went now she is so small he murmured and walking. Puppy hide behind chairs kiara try to scared puppy with stick he started barking on her.

You silly puppy she murmured come to me na please she added.

What is this man yuvi said after see kiara she is exact copy of twinkle childhood and having some features of his father Kunj.

Kunj come down and see each and everyone just standing.

What’s going on here he said and see kiara.She running behind puppy again.

Kiaraaa Kunj scream and went towards her.

What is this bacha leave this he said.

Papa see this sick puppy he showing me attitude not coming to me she said.All giggles.Twinkle just admiring.While puppy started barking at her back and kiara get scared and she throw stick on him and went towards Kunj and cuddles his knees

Papap she squealing fully.

Whose puppy is this ?? Kunj said looking at here and there just than twinkle pa come.

Hoo sorry sir it’s Rambo come here it’s twinkle mam puppy I bring him here sorry twinkle pa said.Kunj look at twinkle who just lost in kiara.

Next time don’t bring pets here okay he said pa nodded in yes.

Pa name is heer okay sure she said. And went near puppy and take him he just looking at kiara only.

Papa I wanted this puppy she said.

You don’t like dogs na Kunj said.

Haan but he is so cute she added Rahul come there.Then why you running

Behind him and scared him with your stick baby doll he state.

Because he didn’t stops that’s why uncle she said in cute voice.Rahul lift kiara in his arms.

Okay we will bring same puppy for kiara as well happy Rahul said she nodded in yes.

Go and do your work everyone Kunj said and everyone back to work.Yuvi come slightly near them.Kiara just blabbering and Rahul happily listening her.

Chalo kiara lets go from here Kunj said and take her from Rahul.

I’m waiting for you Rahul if you coming he added.

Sure you go I’ll come in sometime he said Kunj nods in yes and he take kiara and went from there just near twinkle only.

She is amazing yuvi said.

Yeah she is the best Rahul she is Kunj daughter kiara Rahul added.Yuvi give him smile.

Kunj sit in car along with kiara and driver start the car and they left..

I don’t know why dadi bring kiara here man he said himself only.

At sarna [email protected]

Dadi and tej get freshen up and sitting in hall.She just thinking about Kunj he don’t like they all come here specially with kiara.

What happened Maa you looking tense tej said.

Nahi tej I’m fine she said and give him fake smile.

We should call Anjali here where this Rudra went he went with kiara na now she get busy with Kunj only he said.

Kunj car stop in front of sarna house.

Sirrr driver said.Kunj see finally they reached home.He come out of the car.

Papa kiara said and jumped in his arms Kunj lift him and they went inside.

As soon as They entered kiara started giving voice to dadi and tej.tej and dadi see Kunj they get  happy.He went towards them.

Finally you meet with your papa happy now tej said.

Super happy dadu she said and her eyes shining like anything she is incomplete without.she come down.See dadi I bring my papa she added dadi look at Kunj.

Kunj leave everything aside he bend down and take tej and dadi blessings. He sit beside dadi.

When you all come so suddenly didn’t in formed me as well he said.

We didn’t got time beta me and kiara wanted to give your surprise and without she get sad so we all come here without in forming tej said. Kunj look at dadi she nodding her eyes in yes.

Where is rudra dadi asked.

He went somewhere don’t know dadi Kunj replies..

Dadi come lets see our new house than we will bring puppy as well kiara said and tej hold her and both went from there.

Dadiii what is this Kunj said. Why you bring kiara here haan I told you I’ll come in some days only what’s the need of this..he said.

I’m sorry Kunj puttar I can understand but we are going back to Italy only but kiara your beti not wanted she wanted you and tej too agree with her and they didn’t listen me and we all come here I’m really sorry we shouldn’t come here like this specially with kiara she added.Kunj hold her hand.

It’s okay dadi don’t be sorry for this. She come there in conference room and everyone was there he said.

So she asked.

I hide one thing from you dadi Kunj said.

What?? She asked perplexity.

Dadi this project Taneja brings right now I’m working with Rt Taneja he said she get shocked.

Whattt Kunj why you sign Than don’t you know what happened years back she said.

I know dadi I don’t know about this Rahul cousin abeer working with Tanejas and even I deny to work with them but Vikram uncle wanted because it’s beneficial for our companies and you know I can’t deny him after what he had done for us. Even dadi twinkle was there only in front of my eyes when I saw her all words ringing in my ears and remember how much my daughter suffered because of them he said and narrated her each and everything fully she get shocked.

Twinkleee she saw kiara today than she asked him.

Yes dadi she is there only he said and you know I see pain in her eyes why she showing this fake concern and when said her that she is no more and she was shocked as if she cared for my daughter Kunj added.

Kunjj she is her daughter she said.

Please you don’t say this She isn’t kiara mother if she is her mother than she wouldn’t do that things Kunj states.

You never know Kunj in what circumstance she had done that things she said. Kunj hold his head.

Never ever I see her find pain in her eyes but I’m confused dadi she itself responsible for this all Kunj added.

Don’t worry now leave Kunj she said and keep her hands on his back.He rest his head on her shoulder while tej and kiara taking tour of this beautiful house..

Kunj went back to his room and sit alone and just thinking about his messy life..

Zindagi usiko aazmati hai jo har mod par chalna jaante hai.Kuch Pakar toh har koi khush rehta hai par zindagi ussi ki hai jo sabkuch Khokar bhi muskurana jaanta hai twinkle said she was sitting in gurudwara she thanking to babaji at least she get chance to see her daughter once..

Kunj closed his eyes and other hand twinkle too who just sitting in god peace..

[email protected]

One day:

Twinkle and Kunj was in their room.Kunj was top of her.She giggling.

Why you always disturb me haan kunj asked her and pinch her nose.

Ahah Kunj why you always tease me you just work work give your time to your this beautiful wifey as well she added.

Achww ?why you always so despo ?. I’m just busy in my studies just leave me finished this mba than my all time is yours Kunj said:

Acha even I’m too with you but look at him I do all your work and waiting for you but you just busy in studies only even Avni too complain same Kunj she added.

Before you I just wanted to give my family better like after you now I wanted to give you everything and wanted you just stay happy twinkle that’s why once I get job than I’ll do whatever you wanted hope you understand me he said..

I know Baba she lock her arms around his neck. But Kunj you understand one things I don’t want materialistic happiness I just wanted your love I told you I just need your

Support wanted to stay my whole life in your arms only you don’t think I’m not happy I’m hell happy with you.Without you I’ll die Kunj she said having tears in her eyes.Kunj smile to see love for himself in her eyes.

Even he too shocked how can someone love this much unconditional and eternal love twinkle and Kunj.

Why you loving this much Kunj asked her.

Because you are best kunj twinkle said and give her smile.Kunj pulled her cheeks.

Both smile and joint their foreheads.

Kunj cupped her face both looking into their eyes with desired..

even I love you twinkle unconditionally I can’t live without you twinkle Kunj Sarna he said and grab her lips both started kissing each other passionately.

Twinkle and Kunj both missing their those beautiful moments.

I miss you ?both said. And tears rolling down from there eyes..

To be continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Hope you understand and like thanks for your comments.

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now let’s see what more in tale?..

bye love you all

Allahafize ?..

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