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Tanejas meet with Kunj they were shocked after seeing him and even Kunj condition was same to same..

Finally he has sign the deal just because of Vikram whom he really respects and give him place of his father.Before going he gives a statement which was shocking for everyone for some’s like anything.

Kunj going down others too going twinkle just watching him.The way he is walking his all attitude completely making her shock.

Kunj guards come and give him protection.Rahul is walking along with him.

Kunjj wait a second?? Where are you going let’s go home Anjali was waiting for you he added.

I know I’ll go you go and see your mr Taneja cool down him ?he said.Kunj car come.He stop and turned and give smirk look to Taneja’s.They were shocked after see Kunj level and his position.Kunj sits in his car driver start the car and they went off.Vikram and Amit come outside.

Well mr Taneja let’s celebrate after all project sign officially by Kunj Sarna Vikram said this.

Rt look at him who was in deep shock. He turned and look at Vikram he went in his cabin there yuvi and twinkle already presented he immediately call abeer.He quickly entered in rt cabin.

Yess uncle he said?? Rt look at him.

What is this abeer who is that man he said  ferocious voice..

Means I didn’t get it uncle he said..

What is this I mean this man haan do you see his way to talk to me haan who he is he is just a small man who showing me attitude I think he don’t know who I’m he added.

Uncle he is Kunj Sarna owner of KS enterprise And co partner of finistone company with Rahul and Vikram uncle. And he is reputed and highly successful business right now in business world more over he is the co  head sponsor of this merger project I told yuvi already about all details and I’m sorry but he isn’t less maybe we are in front of him right now his net worth extremely In billions he stated.

While after listen this all things they all hell shocked is it really true and more he taking about Kunj only. Rt look at abeer in shocking way his all words about Kunj extremely unbelievable for him.Excuse me he said and went from there.

Rt looking at yuvi who having genuine smile which he got after ages..

What is this how can this happened I mean Kunj a business man nooo he is just a poor man he said and throw his mug of coffee in side..

I think mr Taneja it’s quite hard for you yuvi said.

Most shocking part he is alive man he said and twinkle look at him.

Yeah how can he is alive I mean rt added.

Tears escaping from yuvi and twinkle eyes like anything they both left expeditiously..

While Kunj was in his car he rest his head on backseat board he never knows he will meet Tanejas like this in his whole life.. neither he had any idea he going to meet them today like that..

Tears skedaddle from his eyes he wearing his back shades still. While Rahul was sitting beside him.

Heyy bro what happened why are you so low he asked him Kunj look at him he composed himself and wiped his ears and removed the shades.

Nope I’m all okay yaar tu bata you call me for this stupid project why you know I don’t like this type of work he said.

Hmm ?I don’t think so anything is wrong in project it’s interesting and profitable for us and our companies as well he added

Uhh ?Rahul I know and but if project will Go down the drain. Than?? I just get ready because of Vikram uncle otherwise I’ll not at all and what is this whole family involved in one project only I think they have this solo project ?he stated.

Rahul laughs at his statement.I think bro you taking personally which you never take it why this may I know the reason and your behaviour with rt Taneja why?? He asked Kunj who looking at him only.

Why don’t you like and I because he is very goody two shoes na that’s why he said and Rahul laughs out so badly.Yeah I do and expect my behaviour towards him

break every rule in the book today he said.

Acha I don’t think so my dear saale saab ji he punch on his stomach playfully. I think you aren’t happy with this project..

finally he reached Malhotra mansion and car stop and guards come and open the door for them they both come out of the car and Wear their shades in sunlight.

Why?? If you aren’t happy than back off still Ball is in your court he added.

Kunj smiled fully and even a grin on his face .

Hmm nope now I wanted to work with them let’s see what type of businessman mr rt Taneja is it will be fun full work with him he said.Rahul just looking at Kunj face he slightly confused to see Kunj behaviour he never seen in this years because he is very simple way.

Anjali don’t know about Kunj come India as soon as they arrive she was standing at staircase and was on phone.Rahul don’t have mother who passed years back before their marriage.her eyes went on them she was all shocked after see Kunj. She immediately leave the phone and running towards him.

Lo sister craziness head over heels Rahul murmured ?..

Kunj see Anjali he smiling anything she come and stop and admiring him because after almost a month later she seeing him.

Both brother and sister giving each other’s happiness smile..

Kunjjj she said.She come near him hold him from his arms and admiring him fully.

My bhaiii Kesha hai she asked him.Kunj cupped her face.

I’m all okay di he said.She hugged him Kunj too her. Rahul making their video.

I missed you these days away from you she said.

Even I missed you di lott dadi fully Kunj added. They break the hug and both look at Rahul what he doing it..

What is this Rahul Anjali asked him?

I’m making your and his video than I’ll show rudra and kiara and we all know how she is she don’t like anyone so closed to his papa??he said

Acha jii??but I’m not in anyone get it I’m his elder sister I have all right on him first she said.

Yeah my sister give her side hug Kunj murmured.

Come let’s see he will be same to same Anjali said and they all moved towards couch area they trio settled down. Anjali took Kunj hand in her hands

Aur Bol you come so early haan he told me you maybe come at night Anjali said.

Yeah di but you know my lazy jija I send him message I’m coming early and you know I leave my jaan there so I wanted to finished this work soon so I can go he said.

Aww yeh Ba’ath hai great how’s your jaan? She asked him.

As you know how she will be ?day by day she becoming more naughty and my Maa ?he added

Haan right dadi Maa good she give your permission ?she said

Yeah after lot of requesting finally he state

And now she is now what dr said about her health? Anjali asked him.

Hmm as usual same di but I wish soon she will be all fine he said

Yes Kunj Don’t Worry she said

Arey Anjali today only you will talk all haan asked him something Rahul said.

Sorry Kunj tell me what you wanted she asked him?

Hmm don’t be formal di first I need to get freshen up it’s too hot here he said

Haan Anjali indeed because today he sign the project with Mehar maternal family

Mr Taneja ??hotness overloaded he said and Kunj look at him.

What is this Anjali said.

Nothing di you come with me show me a room for me please he said.

Yeah sure she added and both get up Anjali take Kunj upstairs she show him a room.

Kunj you stay here okay If you need anything just give a voice she said

Haan di I’ll he said and went inside. While Rahul bring Kunj luggage and send in his room by servant. Kunj remove his blazer and throw on bed.

Ahah he scream and went in washroom he on the shower and stand under Than cold water he closed his eyes.

Everyone faces flashing in front of his eyes yuvi rt and most specially of twinkle.

Whyyy babaji when everything apart from each other’s ek baar phir zindagi Ussi mod phar aage khadi Hogi hai jaha se sab Badal Gaya ta meri zindagi Mein aur mere apno ko bhut sehna pada tha he said. And look at himself in mirror.

Whatever is it may god bring me here again situation will be same and people

Will be but I’m not anymore.I’m same Kunj Sarna who is simple boy with lots of ambitious but for world expect than few peoples.

Now I’m the Kunj Sarna who have

everything not less in anything he is powerful and well-to-do I’m ?now it’s time to show what I’m my time has come now mr ram Taneja uff Rt who is just under intoxication of his money. He said come out of the washroom he quickly changed into his night wear.

While Anjali made Kunj favourite snacks which he loved most Indian jalebi and vada.She made quickly and place everything on plate and put on tray and went in living room meanwhile Kunj too come downstairs.

Come saale saab Rahul said in teasing Manner he making faces and went towards him. And take seat opposite of him.

Good you come see what I Made for you she said and show him Kunj see and smile.She give him and he take the small plate. She give to Rahul as well and sits beside him.Kunj have and feel so good.

Thanks dii it’s really amazing no one can beat you in cooking he said.

Yeah yeah my dearest brother and how’s dadi and Rudra she asked him.

Hmm both of them is all good and my dear Rudra with two lady went for holiday he said

Acha where Rahul asked?

Maybe Greece he replied.

Hoo cool ?Rahul added..

Just than Vikram arrived and sits what’s going on kids he said and see hmm sister pampering brother and wife to husband he said

Ale dad ?only brother not me Rahul


Poor Vikram murmured ?.

Daddy ji you have na Anjali offer him.

He take and having happily.

Thanks Kunj for signing the deal he said

Don’t be thanks uncle I can’t never thanks to you what you have done for me he added

I told you numbers of time mene kuch nahi kiya it’s all you have done it’s your hardwork my son and I’m proud of you in very less time you archive lott he stated.

Still uncle I still remember my condition like a angel you arrived in my life for me you are like a godfather he said.

Haan right was a time now see my brother I always proud of him he will do something blast and he has done she added.

But without you all support maybe I can’t and more my kiara whatever I m today just because of her and I’ll do for her only because for myself I ended at one moment of my life but she is the second reason who gives me numbers of reason to live back and see dreams he stated.

Chalo Leave this all things I have a news for you both I throw a party for our new project beginning what’s say kids Vikram said. Kunj and Rahul looking at Vikram more Kunj.

Good dad and uncle they said.Vikram get up and went in his room.

Just than Kunj phone ring he see caller id understand ?. Immediately picked up the call.

Pappppaa kiara scream loudly.

Haan kiara why you screaming bacha Kunj asked her.

Because you went so far from me you wouldn’t listen properly that’s why?she said call was on speaker they trio laughs out at her cuteness..

Acha but bacha nothing is like this I can heard you properly don’t hurt your throat.

Acha how’s you tell me did you leave for your holiday or not Kunj asked her.

Kiara cuddles her pillow Kunj and her photo printed over all pillow..

Hmm not we will leave in some hours papu why you went and leave me haan im missing you come back soon she having tears in her eyes she said in said voice.

Kiara why what happened haan in worried ?voice..

I’m fine papa just missing as you know how much I love you and how’s you she asked wiped her tears.

I’m fine don’t cry okay I’ll come soon you just enjoy do whatever you wanted to do but don’t cry and don’t be sad you know papa can’t see his princess in pain he added

Ahah I know she said.Anjali and Rahul admire Kunj and her bond.they both see them near to death..

acha where is buaaa she asked in her cutest voice.

Here is your bua Anjali spoke..

Hoo you listening my and papa talks she said

Yeah baby boss ??Anjali said.

Acha yaar come here na what’s say Rahul asked her while Kunj showing him eyes.

Nah no India huhu I’m not coming okay bye I’m going Greece take care of my papa love you papu she said.

Love you too bacha Kunj added and ended the call.

Aha Kunj what a girl yours haan and what is papu?he said.

It’s me only yaar she calling me from so many names papa pop babu sometimes I feels like baby of hers?he stated.Anjali and Rahul nodded in yes.

You both carry on I’ll come in sometimes Anjali said and she went from there while Kunj and Rahul sits together and discussing about project all details and graph work..

Other [email protected]

At Taneja mansion.

After see Kunj they all were in shocked twinkle was take it anymore she just come back to home and went in her room closed the door and stand Against the door tears escaping from her eyes fully.

Ahah Babaji how can this happened I mean kunjjj he is alive? ???.

No I’m seeing any dream he can’t alive he toh die years back how can he come back she get up and went towards dressing table and look at herself in mirror.

No twinkle maybe he is someone else whom you meet in office he isn’t your kunjjj.Haan I’m right he can’t be my Kunj he leave me years back they both leave me alone.Tears just rushing down from her eyes. Continuously looking at herself only she cupped her face and moving hand on her neck.She remember how rt breaks her mangalsutra all beats which apart from her mangalsutra falls down on floor there sound still echoing in her ears.Than she look at her hairline which empty and colourless means vermilion she hold her hand. Closed her eyes again remember how rt remove vermilion from her hairline.

Nahhhhiii this can’t happened my Kunj come back how Babaji don’t play with my feelings please I can’t bear this years back whatever happened I endured everything I lost myself after him. He was in front of my eyes I was shocked at that moment when I saw him it’s like a dream for me Kunj was in front of my eyes but I was so helpless I can’t run and go to tell him how much I missed him this all years if he is alive than where he is.. why he didn’t come to me reality click on her mind she stopped and closed her eyes each and everything flashing in front of her eyes she falls down on her knees..

Nahhhii how he will come what I left for him come to me ?good he didn’t come. What relationships we have between each other’s nothing everything and all ties breaks down that night only how can I be so merciless for him.

She cuddles her knees and sobbing so badly I can’t take it anymore.Twinkle crying so badly.She was in room only.

Yuvi was same.

Kunj is alive how thanks babaji you send my buddy back he said. Rt come home and in anger he told leela everything after listen this leela shocked and even Avni too.

Don’t know from where he get this much money he scream.

Why you giving tension to yourself haan it’s good he is alive and if he is alive than what about.. she said

Don’t take their name if this project isn’t important for me I never ever work and he showing me attitude I’m the ram Taneja she said leela looking at him.

Kunjj is alive she murmured and went in room and see yuvi.

Yuvi Kunj is alive haan she said yuvi look at him.

Yes he is alive even he is successful everyone is less in front of him even great arrogant ram Taneja as well today he show him what he is my bestie is alive I get my life back thank babaji he said.

I know you can’t get happy na he said

Yuvi why you saying this I’m happy kunj is alive but where he is we don’t know about him hAn she said

It’s none of your business Avni he said and went out of the room.Everyone get to know about Kunj and it’s shocking for them.

Vikram throw party tomorrow he get busy in all preparation.

Twinkle still can’t digest this fact Kunj is alive.

Agar Kunj is alive where she is? She said.

Whole night passed away Kunj didn’t think about them because he was busy with Anjali and Rahul.

At [email protected]

Nobody went to office today they all going to meet in party only directly.

Leela went in twinkle room and see her she laying down on floor she sit beside her.

Twinkle wake up beta why you laying here she said and take her head on her lap and caressing her hairs.

Twinkle get up and look at leela she cuddles him and cry loudly. Maa Kunjj is alive ?my Kunjj she said

Haan your Kunj is alive leela said.

Other hand rt finding in formation about Kunj but he didn’t getting anything because Kunj knows he will do this only first so he block everything and so he can’t find anything about Kunj life.

Avni and leela console twinkle she get normal.

At [email protected]

Bro let’s go and get ready for party Rahul said to Kunj.

Hmm I’ll he added. Kunj went in his room and get ready and thinking about Tanejas only.Now it’s pay back time rt Taneja he said and wear his blazer and went downstairs. Rahul and Anjali come even Vikram too they all left for party venue.

The party was extremely amazing and lavish Kunj meeting with all business mans.He just waiting when will Tanejas arrive.After sometimes later later they finally come Vikram welcomes them.

Kunj holding Anjali Hand.

Leela and Avni see Kunj and shocked like others leela was hell happy to see Kunj and even successful in his life.

Kunj see twinkle he bring smirk smile on his face.

Who she is Avni said after see Anjali with Kunj.Twinkle look at Anjali see her hairline and mangalsutra.Anjali meet with everyone Kunj didn’t leave her hand. Party going on in full swing Mehar didn’t come because her daughter wasn’t well.

Tears just waving in twinkle eyes after see Anjali with Kunj more she is confused because who he is.

Yeh kaun hai jo Kunj ke saath hai haan. She asked herself maybe he is his wife he marry her than what about her ???. Why me babaji karan come and see twinkle he hold her hand.Rt can’t see Kunj and his power burning him like anything while yuvi didn’t come till now.Twinkle keep looking at Kunj. Kunj see karan.

{ Karan knows about Kunj and he purposely he said in office seemed like they know each other’s in his language kunj give answer back}..

Let’s dance di Kunj asked her

Sure my brother.

Rahul dancing with Avni while twinkle with karan unwantedly she dancing with him. While dancing Kunj and twinkle looking at each other’s only lots of questions in their eyes for each other’s.  While dancing they twirl their partner and change Kunj got twinkle he hold her fully she shocked and look at him. His hands resting on her back and her hands on his chest he clutch his shirt.Leela and rt looking at them meanwhile yuvi come there and see twinkle and Kunj.

Heyy how’s you didn’t change but he said twinkle look at him.

With Painful smile but you lott Kunj she said

Yeah I’m changed everyone twinkle or else should I say tara he said and twinkle look at him Kunj twirl her fully and leave her.

[email protected]?????????

A college Amritsar [email protected]

A two girls roaming and both of them extremely beautiful they just Roaming here and there.

Just than there a boy entered who was fully studious and holding his books.

Twinkle and Chinki sits in side. And see Kunj he sitting and busy in his book.

See chinki this guy he is so cool twinkle added

Yeah I must say twinkle woo him na let’s do challenge if you woo him than I’ll do whatever you wanted she said.Meanwhile there Avni come.

What’s going on girls she asked them.

Nothing twinkle wanted to woo that guy see him he is so s*xy man..?chinki said and she look at him.

Yeah hot I must say she said.

Acha Kamini what about yuvi bhai he went for a trip don’t act smart I’ll tell him twinkle said

Hehe you calling me kamini don’t forget I’m to be your bhabhi ?she added.They trio laughs out.

Twinkle challenge remember na chinki said she nodded in yes.

Actually they were in same class and twinkle was excellent in studies so she is always with yuvi in studies even their classes as well still she is 2 years younger than yuvi.

Avni went in her classes while twinkle standing in corner and adoring Kunj.

He is good it would be fun full with I and he wow she murmured and wear her shades.

Kunj coming from opposite direction twinkle went and smiling she is litter away from him as soon as Kunj passing from her she try to act like she falls down he hold Kunj forearm.Ouchhh she screamed.

Kunj hold her as well he look at her.

He help her to stand properly are you okay miss he asked her.

Yeah I’m fine thank you hold me on time she said.

Don’t be he added.Both looking at each other’s. Kunj excuse her and went from there. Twinkle hold side pillar

Ahah it not easy to woo him man I have to workout but why I’m doing this I’ll do this challenge see what I’ll do mr studious ?she murmured and went from there.

After sometimes later there class is all students while professor come and alll students wish him good morning. Twinkle eyes went on Kunj.

Arey chinki see that guy he is our class man she said

Yeah yaar good for you challenge remember in 30 days if you not fall for yourself than I’ll make you marry with karan ?she said

That day never come babes Chal she added.Twinkle sitting in second line. Kunj sitting all alone and he busy in his work. Rest of them just playing and professor doing his work..

Ahah see this man how nicely

He busy in studies seemed like he will be next topper or Taneja’s institute ?she said.

Hope students you understand whatever I tell you all haan he asked them. But they all looking like a dumb but than nodded in yes.

Useless professor murmured..

Sir I know but I’m having a doubt can you please tell me how you solve this sum Kunj asked while class look at him.

Yeah I’ll tell you he went near him and professor tell him how he solve the sum and he got it.

Thanks sir Kunj said.

Good at least someone is here who having doubts otherwise my whole class toh extremely intelligent Not playing with a full decks?.Kunj slightly laughs out.He added and went from there.

What a boy he is haan because of him today this circuit barks on us all students saying..

But he didn’t give any heed and take his bag and walkout from there.

Hayye he is so cool ?man chinki murmured twinkle give her look.They all went out of the class room.

They all went in canteen there karan and some other guy members of their gang come naman and Chinki in living relationships while Avni with yuvi or twinkle who is not interested but karan was having a big crush on her but she don’t care and take it in friendly way..

They all take seats and sits and Oder their favourite things.Kunj entered there and sit in side and Oder coffee and one sandwich for himself he open his laptop seeing his some work because he working online it’s enough for him to earned.He managed everything his studies along with his part time.

Because he seeing his all basic necessary things because his brother and elder sister was staying with his dadi sister and while Kunj dadi staying with his son who was in coma.Kunj visit there once in a month when he is free he don’t wanted Rudra and Anjali suffer they had lot but Anjali handling Rudra and his studies while she working from home only she is good in hand embroidery.anyhow they living their lives maybe they don’t have much money and income but they was happy whatever they have in very small age life taught them each and everything.

Kunj engrossed in his work but don’t know what happened to twinkle her all

concentration Kunj grab.she try to ignore him best.than she leave it.They all hooting loudly Kunj see them.

What is this it’s canteen not any music studio they all hooting don’t know when this man come I’m all alone here he said and finished his work and went from there.

After day end all went back to their home and Kunj and others their hostel.

Kunj get his dadi call Haan dadi I’m all okay you tell me how’s papa now he asked.

Tej is fine wish he will be fine soon dr saying he will be dadi replied.

Yes I wished too he said they talk for while.

Twinkle was in her room she thinking about karan than Kunj thought come in her mind she was shocked.

Why I’m thinking about that man haan eww she said and cuddles blanket and sleep.After study Kunj too sleep..

While Yuvi come back from New York he went for trip.he reached Taneja mansion and went in his room and sleep because he was hell tired..

Next [email protected]

Like all students all wakes up on time and in hostel they can’t sleep they have to be on time anyhow..

Kunj wake up he quickly freshen up and he take his all things and went in mess and sit and have boring food ?which food less and water waving more?. He have and went in garden.

At Taneja mansion.

Everyone wake up girls come down after get ready beautifully twinkle is famous in her college for her fashion sense always on peak.They all wish each other’s good morning and sits for breakfast.

Where is yuvi he come back na at night leela said just than yuvi come there.

I’m here Maa he said and went towards her and take leela and rt blessings

Heyy how’s my lollipops he said ?while mahi and twinkle just making faces. He sits beside twinkle.

Acha bhai we are your lollipops what about avni?twinkle added in low voice.

Kam Bol samji he said and they all having breakfast respectively.

After breakfast rt left for his office and whole trio siblings left for college.

They reached college twinkle join her gang while yuvi finding Kunj.

Heyyy Yuvraj you come back didn’t come to me avni said..

sorry ?baby he added

Ahem ahem baby bhai good twinkle state in teasing way.

How’s you Avni asked him.

I’m fine you all tell me what you all have done in my absence haan? He asked them

Nothing you are new na welcome in our college naman said proudly ?.

Yeah seems nice here everything but less than my previous college there life omg Dehradun is amazing place I’m missing hills he said.

Acha bhai Than why don’t you do your mba there only twinkle said.

Because I’m missing you all duffers he said??..

Acha bye guys I have to meet with my bestie he join college last week only bye he added and run from there..they all making faces at Avni look.whom she liking ??.

Kunj was standing in side yuvi see him his back facing to him.He went and pat on his back he turned and yuvi went in side.

Kunj looking here and there.

What is this man he said.

I’m here bro yuvi said and come in front of Kunj.as soon as Kunj see yuvi brightest smile comes on his face.

Yuviii he said.Immediately hug him.

I missed you lott these days man Kunj added.

Even I’m miss you bro as well yuvi states.

They break the hug.

Chal let’s sit yuvi said hold his hand.

Both went in side and sit together.

Aur how’s your trip Kunj asked him.

Fine yaar you know na without you I can’t enjoy anything I just enjoy my life with you only Kunj he said.

Same yaar without you I get bored here it’s so difficult from our college they least interested in studies he added

I know koi na we will do top between them. He said both laughs out.

So yuvi and Kunj is childhood besties.

Rt send yuvi to Dehradun for his schooling and there he meet with Kunj and Kunj too new there they become friend staying together only and both of them stood beside each other’s.Both of them famous in their school for their friendship goal even in college too.Yuvi always help Kunj if he needs him he never show him he is from rich family very humble.With passing time their bonding increasing lott nobody can break their friendship true bestie they are.Even yuvi is favourite of Kunj dadi he used to visit village and meet with her.

In yuvi Kunj get a brother.After their graduation from Dehradun yuvi come Amritsar he and Kunj finding best college for their mba so yuvi recommend Kunj why not he and Kunj join his father college so they got admission here.He went for small trip rt send him due to some work.

They went in class all students come and teacher teaching them while they listening for a namesake.Kunj and yuvi sitting together.All yawing ??.teacher went out of the class they all attending back to back lectures.

Now teacher wasn’t in class so all student time passing.

Aur suna Kamine what’s going on yuvi said

Na nothing man you know me ab I’m not like you na 2 months me girlfriend bhi banali he added?.

Aha you know she is my childhood friend that’s why yaar I think you should to make man than we will hang out together ?he states.kunj look at yuvi.

Hmm acha but I don’t think so and you know I’m highly interested in this things he said

Arey so hot and handsome boy you are girls automatically falls for you ?he added.

They all leave the class and went to canteen.

Heyy Avni come here I’ll make you meet with my best friend yuvi said and Avni went towards him.

Hii she meet with Kunj she said

Hii avni I’m Kunj Sarna forward his hand he added both shaking hands.

And Avni he is my everything yuvi give Kunj side hug. And Avni as well yuvi added.

Haa this Baraat come babies she is my sister twinkle Taneja yuvi said. Kunj look at her. Both pass smile to each other’s

And here chinki and naman gf and bf they are yuvi said.Kunj meet with them.

Hayee twinkle Yeh toh yuvi bestie nikala chinki murmured in twinkle ears.?

Hah Kamini she added.

They all set together and oder sandwich and pasta cold drink having together

Means you and Kunj together since childhood naman asked.

Yeah we are bro buddies he is my first and last friend yuvi replied.,

All the while twinkle just admiring Kunj she can’t take off her eyes from him.

Ahah he is bhai buddy how I’ll complete my challenge omg I have to do something else?she think in her mind.They all chit chatting and laughing together.

I think Avni Kunj will be your Sautan see them yuvi holding his hand you both are straight na ?chinki added. Kunj and yuvi look at each other’s.

Oyy I’m interested in girls only yuvi said he peck at Avni cheek.

Even I’m too only Kunj added all laughs out loudly.

Chal yuvi we have to see other work Kunj said he nodded in yes and both get up and went from there.

Even I’m going early today Avni added and went while Chinki yuvi look to twinkle.

Haan kamini I know what to do twinkle said.

Every time twinkle purposely come in Kunj way and collide with him and both started fighting everyday she started calling him sadu while he give her name of siyappa queens yuvi enjoying lott.

Sometimes yuvi sit with Avni and twinkle have to sit beside Kunj both giving each other’s look.

Kya hai sadu haan cant you look straight haan why you starring me twinkle said

Aha very lame twinkle Taneja ji I think you busy in me ?he added.

Shhhh twinkle and Kunj you both always talking in between class haan both of them get up and went out of the my class professor said and they both shocked and get up giving puppy look all laughing they don’t have other option so Kunj and twinkle went out of the class.

In my whole life I never send out of the class because of you today I he said

O hello kaunse jamane se ho tum I never done this and that old man so what enjoy this she said and both giving each other’s deaths glares. Kunj went in side and sit. While twinkle too after class their gang come.

Kya yuvi teri behan bhi na always on fight mode huhu Kunj said

I know yaar I’m bearing her since childhood ??yuvi said

Haww bhai so bad ??you and your this friend eww she murmured and went from there.

After college Kunj went to hostel and goes in his room he changed.And Oder something so having in room only. Remembering twinkle and his fight haha what a girl she is I must say siyappa queen he said.

While at Taneja mansion twinkle went

In yuvi room to give him coffee but he was in washroom she went ahead and keep the coffee mug in side table and just than yuvi phone is ringing she went near table and see Kunj call is coming.

Ahah so mr sadu calling bhai wait today I’ll teach you a good lesson I have to complete my challenge she immediately add Kunj phone number in her phone and went from there.

After get freshen up yuvi come back in room and see coffee mug and understand leela send for him. He wear his night wears and take coffee mug and even take his phone and went in balcony and pick up Kunj call.

Haan Bol bhai he said

Where were you are I’m calling you man I think busy with your gf he said.

No Arey I’m in washroom Aur suna what’s your plan let’s go for dinner today he said

Hmm interesting but only you and me not mandali??he said

Yeah sure even I’m thinking same annoying people he added.

Than fine treat from my side Kunj state

But Kunj why you he said

I’m your buddy treat will be yours and pay I’ll ?yaar hai tu mera itna hai tere bhai ke pass Kunj added

Todi aai Mein marjawa yaar??yuvi said both giggles.

Acha than be ready on time Kunj said.

Yeah he added and both ended the call.

Kunj went in washroom for bath he take bath and come out in towel. He humming the song.

Twinkle entered in her room wow I get his number now I’ll tease him like anything he doing drama lott I’m chatterbox now I’ll teach you a lesson ?. She take another sim number of whom number  nobody have.

She dial his number and waiting for him to pickup her call. Continuously Kunj phone ringing.

Who calling me at this time Yeh yuvi or else rudra again he murmured and went towards study table and see his phone caller ID coming unknown.Unknown number who calling me with this numbers I mean let’s see again bima policy wale honge velle??. He picked up the call.

Twinkle get happy.

Hello Kaun Kunj spoke.

Twinkle changed her voice tone heyy she said

What heyy who are you miss he asked her.

I’m she thinking ?than I’m Tara she said.

So what miss Tara why you calling me haan it’s wrong number Kunj added.

I know mr Kunj Sarna but not for me it’s wrong number how’s you she said and giggling?.

Kunj rolling his eyes none of your business cut the call and don’t call me next time get it he stated.

Please talk to me na ji in seducing voice I know you are hot and handsome whole college girls dying on you she said

Whattt none you speaking girl and how you know my name are you from my college than don’t call me get it he said in anger voice but not sounding at all?.

Your voice is so sweet like a pie now I should stop sweets if you talk to me daily than I’ll not gain weight as well nice na?she said in tantalisingly ?..

Are you gone mad Tara ji go to hell he said in irritating voice.

Acha I’m ready if you joining me because hell will be cool down after you??aap jo itne cool ?ho?she added. She totally talking rubbish Kunj getting laugh but controlling..

Why you eating my ears please go and try on someone else he said

I’m poor girl I don’t have anyone acha now I’m going will talk to you later baby she said and ends the call.

Whattt heyy miss don’t call me next time he said Kunj see she already cut the call.

What is this who she is now Tara in college I’ll see her later he added.

And get ready quickly for dinner with yuvi.

Twinkle laughing like anything she falls down on bed and holding the phone.

Ahah it’s funny many I must say he get confused sadu mr intelligent ?now I’ll see how you will fine who I’m ?because I m smart in voice I can change my voice thanks to god you didn’t recognise my voice as well because I’m super touchwood. ?she said.

Kunj get ready and looking dashing in his denim pant with blue shirt as usual he take his phone and went out of the hostel he have bike which he win in some quiz competition.He sits and drove off.

After get ready yuvi too come down he whistling ?.

Where are you going bhai haan mahi asked him.

I’m going out with my friend mahi and Maa I’ll have dinner outside only okay he said

Okay bye take care of yourself and how’s your friend Kunj she asked him.

All good Maa you missing him lott ?yuvi added.

Yeah he is very good na leela said. Yuvi nodded in yes.

Acha yuvi I make halwa so take for him I’ll pack and you give him she added and went in kitchen immediately pack in box and come and give to yuvi.

Thanks Maa for this yuvi said and kissed on her cheek and bid bye to her and left.

Rt look at leela. What’s the need of this all things I don’t understand why you all giving so much attention to poor’s rt said leela look at him while both daughters too.

I didn’t one thing why you having problem with those people who aren’t wealthy likes you we shouldn’t forgot about us past she said.

Acha leela but if you know I’m wealthy since birth and this poor’s stick with us for money only you people didn’t understand this simple thing he said and went from there.

Heyy babaji give him some humanity leela added.

MAA leave na why you giving your time we all know how papa is twinkle said.

Acha you both come let’s have dinner leela said they both sisters nodded in eyes she went and tell servant arrange the dinner on table.

So bagadbilla and his lakadbagha ?going for dinner date?interesting let him have dinner nicely than I’ll eat his head his tummy should be fully she said. Leela call them they went and sit for dinner meanwhile rt too come they all family members having food together.

Kunj reached punbaji dhaba he was waiting for yuvi.Yuvi come in auto and pay the bill and come to Kunj.

Heyy sorry I’m late yaar you know this traffic he said

Why you come in auto haan Kunj asked him.

Are you know na Kunj I don’t like this parking problem so auto is best pay and roam anywhere he said both laughs out.

Chale lets have food Kunj said they both went towards table and sits calling a waiter.

Acha Kya khayega tu kunj asked.

Whatever I’m foodie you know bro he added yeah Kunj murmured. Kunj give Oder all their favourite punjabi dishes waiter went.

Aur suna how’s dadi and Rudra Anjali di everyone and specially uncle yuvi asked him.

Hmm everyone is fine and papa is same still and Rudra you know how he is stubborn di handling him once my mba finished I’ll bring them here Kunj said

Good acha Sun Maa send this halwa for you yuvi added and give him a box which leela give him for Kunj.

Kunj take what is this halwa Kunj open the box and see his favourite halwa he get happy and smell yummy yaar smell I love you leela aunty he added and started having making happy faces which gives happiness to yuvi.

Even you become favourite of Maa as well yuvi said

Me ladka hi aisa hu??he said. Kunj phone ringing and see again unknown call miss tara?he cut and put the call on silent.Soon their food come and they both started having and chit chatting and making fun of twinkle gang and laughing loudly.

Yuvi is rich father son but he never find happiness in big and expensive things or in luxury hotels food he is very down to earth always thinking about everyone he think today we have money maybe or tomorrow if we don’t have than what we will do we should know value of everything and can survive in any situation.he find happiness in small things rather than expensive ones.

Twinkle try to calling Kunj while having food her hand under the table.

Ahah this sadu not picking up my call I think he put on silent mode I’ll see him later she murmured in her heart.

Happily Kunj and yuvi finished the food.

Food was amazing yuvi said

Haan yaar I get bored with mess tasteless food eww ?he said.

I know ??yuvi added..

Kunj pay the bill and went in side they both walking and talking about what they will do after their MBA.

Acha shadi kab kar raha hai he asked yuvi. Right now no plan bhai yuvi replied ?

Kya hua why you making faces haan I think call aarah hai bro yuvi said

I know yaar don’t wanted to pick up the call he said irritatedly.

Why ?I think any girl calling you yuvi asked him.

Yeah for my bad luck don’t know yaar who she is she called me after your call and keep talking rubbish Kunj told him each and everything while yuvi laughing like anything ??.

What happened why you asking you finding it’s funny haa he asked

Yeah I think somewhere ?yuvi said.

Huhu yuvi he added

Kunj girl sounding interesting after her talks if she is from our college than let’s find her na what’s her name is yuvi asked.

Tara something Kunj said

Hoo leave maybe its prank call yuvi said

Hmm ?Kunj hummed.

Than they went and drink soda after both enjoying bike riding..

After dinner and twinkle and mahi went in their respective room. Twinkle call chinki and tell her whole conversation she laughing like yuvi only.

Twinkle amazing I must say you find great way but how you woo him I didn’t get it she said him.

This you leave me it just a start babes she said.

Acha I know but he didn’t recognise your voice what tara she asked

Arey hopefully not I changed my voice slightly so I was confused what name I’ll tell him if I tell him my real name twinkle he will find me i m twinkle Taneja And lakadbagha sister I’m. So I told him my

Name is tara and you know na twinkle Hindi meaning is tara only she said

Smart girl chinki said.They both keep talking with each other’s just than naman come and nuzzles his face in chinki neck she moaning ahah naman leave I’m on call na she said. Twinkle laughs out.

I can’t understand you both living in physical relationships why don’t you marry it’s not good yaar before marriage she said

Acha bachi I’ll see you when your time is come you can’t control ??chinki said and cut the call and busy with naman.

Pagal ladki twinkle murmured.

Bhai didn’t come till now he must with Kunj only I think twinkle said.

After so much fun Kunj and yuvi get tired.

Chal Kunj I’m going yuvi said.

Sun I’ll dropped you bro Kunj said

Sure yuvi added and they left for Taneja mansion. Soon they reached twinkle was standing in her balcony her eyes went on bike and see yuvi and Kunj.

Chal bye goodnight yuvi said both hug yuvi went inside Kunj wear his helmet.

Hoo sadu bike nice ??she said Kunj left.

Twinkle lay down and waiting when he will reached to hostel he reached and went in his room he staying all alone he changed his night wears and lay down.See so many miscalls from unknown number.Ahah why she calling me haa.Twinkle call him Kunj rolling his eyes he cutting her calls back to back but she isn’t less she calling him continuously lastly he pick up her call.

Kya haiii Kunj scream at her.

Heyy don’t scream at me get it she said

Acha than why you calling me what you wanted he asked her.

So I call you to wish happy birthday Kunj she said. Kunj stops and think Than remember today is his bday it’s 12:00 ?. Yuvi didn’t wish him because he wanted to give him surprised tomorrow.

What my birthday how you know he asked.Twinkle giggles I know everything about you Kunj Sarna you maybe not

About me she said.

Thanks for wishing me but I really don’t know he said

I know you don’t know me and so what only who know each other’s they become friends let’s become friends na what’s say she asked. Kunj rolling his eyes and making his faces where I’m stuck man he think in his heart.

Nope I’m okay I don’t like to make girl friends okay and again thanks please let me sleep in very much tired miss he said Tara calling me tara she said

Okay tara again thanks now let me sleep I’m begging you he added in crying voice

Okay goodnight dream about him once again wishing you happiest birthday ?bye she said.

Bye Kunj added and ended the calls.

Twinkle send him message his phone beep he see and found message Kunj open and read the message he laughs out funny totally he murmured and sleeps.

Twinkle smiling like anything she enjoying fully to teased him she too sleep afterwards.

Again morning::

At college..

Yuvi decorate whole canteen beautifully and tells everyone today is Kunj birthday.

Kunj get freshen up and get ready nicely.

He get call from his dadi he talk with her than Anjali and Rudra they all wish him.

He get happy and take his college bag and come out of the hostel and going towards college twinkle get ready as if today is her birthday ?..

Kunj coming who looking killer and so fresh.Twinkle and Chinki see him.

See him twinkle chinki said her.

Hmm she Hummed.

By the way twinkle it’s Kunj birthday why you get ready so much haan she said?.

Shut up you know I’m always wanted to look best she said.Kunj went in canteen to have coffee as soon as he entered and see balloons and whole canteen decorated. What is this all come with boom happy birthday bro yuvi come and said Kunj look at him. How my surprise is see I done this all for you yuvi said and Kunj look everywhere and get happy.

Thanks yuvi yaar for this he said

Dosti me no sorry and no thank you get it he said he nodded in yes. One by one everyone wish Kunj. Twinkle looking at him:

Happy birthday sadu she said

Thanks siyappa Kunj said. ?.

Let’s cut the cake Avni added all nodded in yes yuvi bring a big cake his and Kunj photo printed on cake. All come together he blow the candles all clapping and singing bday song twinkle making

His video in her phone Kunj hold yuvi hand and cut the cake along with him.He feed him first.Happy birthday Kunj yuvi said and feed him too apply on his face as well. Karan come{ imagine karan ansh rocky ?}

Who celebrate bday in canteen he murmured twinkle heard

Acha you must be celebrating in taj mahal??she said karan making faces.

Kunj feeding everyone they too him as well.

Alo bhabhi ji he said to Avni she giggles acha devar ji?she added. Both laughs out.Than Kunj come to twinkle both looking at each other cake you must be on diet after see her attire?short skirt with crop top but she looking extremely beautiful. Twinkle take cake piece and feed him happy birthday again Kunj too feed him and twinkle apply on his nose he making faces ?..both pushing each other’s rest of them laughing at them and karan making faces.

Acha Kunj your gift he come to him yuvi said

What gift I don’t want anything this all things is enough for me yuvi yaar Kunj added

Hehe very funny he open the gift give me your hand Kunj forward his hand yuvi take out a watch and made him wear. Perfect for you he said

It’s so expensive why please I can’t take it yuvi he said

Please kunj this I brought from my own money you only say whatever is yours it’s mine and my yours to tere hai woh mere hai he said he nodded in yes.He hug him all admire their bond.They give treat everyone in canteen all enjoying after they went for classes.They attending all lectures twinkle laughing and pulling her other friends legs Kunj see her laughs out.

Both didn’t like each other’s ?but their eyes is helpless always stuck on each other.

Kunj was with yuvi after lectures while twinkle thinking what she should give Kunj.She think Lot after she get idea and smiled. After college they all friends went out and do party which yuvi throw for Kunj he deny but yuvi is yuvi all enjoying fully twinkle having shorts Kunj come and take seat beside her.

Heyy drink less madam he said

Why you have any problem sadu see your yuvi ??lakadbagha she said Kunj laughs out.

Seriously you calling your brother lakadbagha why??what a sister you are man he said

Yeah he deserve this only see him dancing like lakadbagha only with avni?she added Kunj laughing fully.

Why not you dancing haan go siyappa queen he said

Huhu she added.After party hard they all left for their places. Kunj was really

Happy Today he enjoy fully.

He entered in his room and switched on the lights he found a box on his bed.

What is this he went towards bed and take box in his hand.

Kunj see a note something written there he take in his hand and started reading

Note~When you were born the sun shon for the very first time ?I think so happy birthday last and first ?I’m. Kunj read and thinking who send this

Who send me this I’m not getting Than he read first and last than turn the note see a name it’s TARA?.

Ahah this tara what she send and why man he said and open the box and found a laptop and in another box a pair of jeans with a white shirt. What is this laptop this clothes: just than he get tara call.

He immediately pick up what is this tara haan why you send me this all things he asked her

Haha finally you got it how’s it my gift nice na mr Kunj she said

Will you shut up ?how you got to know about me and how you keep this in my room he added

Hmm well you leave this tell me na how’s it she said

Please stop this all things and I can’t take it take back this all he said

Offo Kunj today is your bday and i just send you bday gift cant I so what in this expect this gift from your new friend tara side she smiled and said.Kunj just looking at gifts.

Okay thanks for this he said

Let’s friends she asked him. Kunj think and melted after see her sweet gestures.

Yeah friends he said twinkle get happy.

But it’s not necessary Tara I’m okay I can’t take anything from anyone I’m very khuddar boy he said

Hmm I know this she said.

Laptop nice and why this clothes he asked .

Hmm well I wanted to see you in this so wear this tomorrow today you looking beautiful and don’t stay with that twinkle huhu she said?.

Acha how you know if you see me than why don’t you come to me at least meet with me now toh we become friends he said

Hmm nope right let right time come she said.

Why you don’t like twinkle she so famous he said?.

Hmm I don’t like rich peoples they just showing their class I like humble and down to earth people likes you she said.

You know about me too much more than myself spying at me haan?he added

Somewhere she said and both laughs out.

Thanks for this all things again we don’t know still you think about me Kunj said

It’s okay happy birthday Chal birthday is gone now it’s 12:00 she said and Kunj see the time.

Yeah right ?.He said

Okay bye Kunj I’m going to sleep she said

Okay bye goodnight he said

Goodnight dream about me she said and cut the call Kunj laughs out.

Who she is man I have to meet with her soon she think about me Kunj see gifts.

Better than that jungli billi twinkle huhu he said and keep all things in side and get Freshen up and lay down he thinking about Tara and smile comes on his face.

Next day Kunj wear which twinkle gifted to him.He looking super hot and he see laptop all funny funny things in the laptop. He use that laptop and make today presentation and went in mess he have his breakfast.

Twinkle getting ready and thinking about Kunj. She get ready she and left for college.

Yuvi went to Kunj talking about today presentation while Kunj eyes finding tara?. Twinkle standing in side having burger.

Hmm you can’t find me Kunj Sarna ?I’m here only she said chinki come there.

What you have done? She asked her.

See him she said and Chinki look at Kunj.

Kunjj than she think Hoo this clothes she said because she went for shopping with her only for Kunj.

Yes see him he looking so best yaar I must say today hotness over loaded ?she said

Achww I think you falling? She said

No never it just a challenge to woo him?she added.She nodded in yes.

Yuvi come with me na Avni said and take him.While Kunj roaming here and there in whole campus for tara where she is ?.

Where are you tara I wanted to thanked you personally see I wear this clothes as well he added He take out his phone and call her he saved her number as tara..

Twinkle was with her friends Kunj standing near tress.Twinkle see her phone Kunj call is coming even she save Kunj name as Bumpkin??..

Kunjj Ka call she said and look everyone is with her only she went in side and see Kunj was standing near tree and calling her only. She smile and immediately pick up his call she standing behind coconut tree.

Hello twinkle said

Arey why you not picking my call tara Kunj said.

Sorry I was busy in classes that’s why she said

Hoo sorry if i disturb you kunj said

Nahi nahi I’m free twinkle added.

Bolo she asked him.

Woh I’m finding you where are you let’s meet and have coffee together he said

If you see me never wanted to have coffee with me she murmured ?.

What you said Kunj asked her.

Nothing Kunj I can’t leave this meeting and all we talk to each other’s on phone na it’s superb and I’m very shy I can’t come in front of you she said

Acha shy and you sounding very lame ??. After your talks I get idea you aren’t less than that siyappa queen he said

Hm. Looking handsome in this white shirt and denims I must say today Amritsar temperature very high she said and Kunj giggles.

You are very funny tara and how you know I’m looking hot and it’s my favourite colour where are you if you seeing please come na he said Kunj turned and finding him before twinkle hides behind tree.

You can’t find me Kunj Sarna so don’t try leave me she said

Why you playing hide and seek with me tara he asked

Let’s play a game she said.

Yeah huhu he murmured and both laughs out.

Mein woh hu jo tumhari nazaro me saamne toh hai phir nazaro se anjaan hai she said

Acha shayari very talented you are Kunj said

Yeah  Nazro se shuru hota hai Pyaar,

do Dilo me ek sath panapta hai Pyaar,

Jo Mumkin nahi hai karna is duniya me,

Aise namumkin kaam bhi kar dikhata hai Pyaar she said

Waha tara you are like a star ?like your name only ??he said.

I know mr sarna Aur what you thinking about Mrs Sarna ??she asked him.

Hmm I’m not interested in this all things Kunj said both sits under tree and resting their head Against tree.And keep taking with each other’s after they went back to class while during the class twinkle giggling Kunj is so innocent she talking with her still he can’t find it out??..

Days were passing real twinkle and Kunj fighting everyone in college everyone tired with them.While tara and Kunj every night talking with each other’s with her Kunj really happy after yuvi he get friend in her.

Even twinkle too enjoying many times she calls him in front of chinki and talk to him both enjoy.Twinkle cracking jokes Kunj laughing at her madness.Even their studies going great their exams started they get busy in exams yuvi told Kunj to help twinkle first Kunj making faces than in free time he teach her in library and twinkle message Kunj as tara why he teaching that arrogant twinkle Taneja ?Kunj tell her he can’t deny yuvi.

For twinkle this challenge totally turned she just doing for a fun to fulfilled her challenge but she getting attracted towards Kunj his honesty more. Kunj complaining about twinkle to tara ??. About her only and she enjoyed lott and telling her so much.Even Avni and Yuvi engagement to done everyone happy for them. Kunj father getting normal.Kunj was really happy because everything becoming good in his life.Even he attached with Tara.Yuvi teasing him lott because he busy lot in phone with her sometimes chatting with her or went in garden and talking with her on calls..

even one day he send roses for her he asked her where he send she said keep in garden she will take.And Kunj keep in garden twinkle knows he doing this to see her but she is smart she wear a abaya and went and take flower from far Kunj see and while twinkle shows him and winked her her face covered fully Kunj smile ???.this challenge for twinkle going on another level.

Kunj was sitting in canteen and doing his work twinkle sent his favourite coffee she oder for him and waiter give him.

Sorry but I didn’t oder this he said to waiter.

Yeah sir but someone oder for you he said and keep the coffee mug on his table Kunj see and just than he got tara message

Have coffee your headache will gone kunj. Kunj read grin smile comes on his face. This girl going made and making me as well.Now she get to know where she is always I’m finding her everywhere in campus only always failed she itself don’t wanted to come in front of me?.Koi na I’ll find her one day my special unseen friend he said. And drink coffee twinkle click his photo from far. After coffee Kunj was not fine. In garden everyone playing colour and throwing water on each other’s there Kunj come and he collide with twinkle and both falls down on each other’s twinkle was upon Kunj. Everyone looking at them yuvi and Avni giggling to see them because everyone calling them by belligerents??..

Ahah you siyappa queen sumo get up from me ahah my back Kunj said

Huhu i m not sumo now see what I’ll do she pinch his nose Kunj scream yuvi shocked and laughs out. Kunj pushing her both of them get up and give Tashan look to each other’s..

you silly girl he said

And you sick puppy ?she added back.

Twinkle take water and throw at Kunj he shocked Kunj wasn’t less and he too throw on her and drenched her face with colour all laughing and join them Kunj hold twinkle hand both looking at each other’s Sajna ve play in bg?.karan come and cuddles twinkle. She screaming at him.

Heyy twinkle I love you man karan said and sits on his knees all looking at them Kunj look at yuvi both giggles.Kunj and yuvi went towards speakers there songs playing karan told his friends when he propose twinkle so played romance number.Yuvi winks at him Kunj play a song

Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai

Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai

Saari umar hamein sang rehna hai

????.All started laughing like anything. Karan shocked twinkle laughing fully she see Kunj who laughing she get happy and Kunj admire twinkle laugh twinkle cuddles karan.

My dear karan Raksha Bandhan Mein Abhi time hai??she said

Twinkle what is this abey oyye Kamino what type of song you all playing Haan karan screaming at them.

Bye karan twinkle said and passing from Kunj she stamped her sandal on Kunj foot. He scream ouchh. She give him Tashan and went from there.

Teri behan yuviii I’ll kill her one day he said

Sure I wish that day come soon bro. Yuvi added

Don’t she like karan Kunj asked?

Naha I don’t know yaar but my dad like him lott and I think someone else is in her life that’s why madam busy in her phone only at nights too like you??Kunj my sister and best friend get their partner he said

Very lame she is my friend just yaar.. he said

Acha so your friend send you laptop and clothes on your bday he said

Yeah Kunj said. After college end and again back to places.

Twinkle get freshen up and cursing kunjj this sadu ??she murmured yuvi come in her room.

What happened sister Haan arey twinkle with whom you talking at middle of nights haan he asked her.she get shocked if yuvi get to know about her.

Nahi nahi koi nahi chinki only you know us na she said.

I thought like Kunj you too get someone he said

Acha what sadu get any gf twinkle asked him.

I don’t know properly he get her call so now both talking on phone only he added twinkle nodded in yes.

Do you know any tara in our college twinkle he asked her

Nooo bhai I don’t know in serious way she said.

Why you getting hyper I don’t know that’s why maybe you know I’m girls group

Who is tara he said

Don’t know bhai our campus is so big she said

True he said and went out of her room:

Fishhh thanks to god they didn’t find about tara if they get to know how they will because there is no any tara in our college ??she said and went from.

And sits with everyone. Rt see a bracelet in twinkle hands

What is twinkle what you wearing he asked

Papa bracelet My one of friend give me she replied.

I told you don’t wear any random things because its not suits on our personality and low our class as well bacha remove it and give me he said and looking at rt.

How can I remove this because Kunj gifted twinkle normally he leave in library and she take from there and love it as well and once Kunj see her this in her hand and asked her than she try to cover up that it’s normal bracelet everywhere you can get so Kunj to leave it. And it’s so special for her and she wearing everyday with heavy heart twinkle take out the bracelet and and give to rt.

See this bracelet cheap you can find anywhere in street market he said

But papa it’s a gift no matter she said

Twinkleeeee rt scream he blow down.  Rt throw bracelet in side and tears escaping from twinkle eyes even yuvi and mahi too shocked because she never cry it’s just a piece of jewellery than why it’s affecting her this much.After this rt left for his meeting which is in New York..

While yuvi invited Kunj for dinner at his place every first time for dinner . They all get busy in work while twinkle pick up the bracelet and look at bracelet. how you papa it’s fist gift with Kunj gifted to me it’s very precious I didn’t see his price and brand he said she kissed on Bracelet this seen by yuvi. Went in her room and keep in her wardrobe safely.

Twinkle was happy Kunj is coming.Why his things and he is matter for me only 10 days left in 30 days than my challenge why he didn’t fall for me still I’m just wasting time she said.

Kunj come Taneja mansion he meet with leela and take her blessings

Namaste aunty he said

stay happy beta tere bare me yuvi se itna suna hai always feeling you are my second son she Said and leela kissed on his forehead.

MAA you know Kunj bhai is topper of our college mahi said

Best na leela added

Thanks aunty for giving me motherly love always send food for me with yuvi thanks lott he said

Don’t need of this all things come site she said and they all sits together.

Aur Kunj how’s everyone in your family she asked him.

Good aunty he said. Twinkle coming down Kunj see her

Aagi drama queen he murmured she come and sit in side.

MAA di and Kunj bhai is enemies today only they fight lott with water and colours

She told her everything whatever happened today.

Arey babaji why beta twinkle?? Maa he is first who always fight with me she said

No aunty your daughter is ladaku queen he said and all giggles. Twinkle bring welcome drink for Kunj and give him he give her look.. they sit and chit chatting with each other’s inside her heart twinkle smiling why that she don’t know?

Than they all have dinner together leela made so much for Kunj and he get family  feelings with them.Enjoy dinner lot cherry on cake dessert most.

Kunj and yuvi sit together playa fifa on yuvi Xbox.Twinkle sitting in side and message Kunj his phone beep and see tara message he lose the game because his all concentration in his phone.

Ahah Kunj you lose why man he said and see he is looking in his phone and understands and play a movie..

Where are you kunj twinkle message.

I come to yuvi place today tara he replied her.

Stay away from that twinkle she said

Why you always act like my gf?he said

Huhu I’m your friend na and I don’t like anyone around my special friend samje bumpkin ?she ping

Acha good even I can’t we both are enemy yaar ??he replies her. Twinkle seeing Kunj than Kunj move his eyes on twinkle she immediately leave her phone. He send message to tara he will talk to her later after reached hostel.

Acha yuvi bye now it’s getting late he said

Yeah sure bro they share a hug and Kunj left.

After sometimes later both of them on their bed and talking with each other’s

Aur suna tara ji Kunj said.

What you tell me what you liking in food she asked him.

Acha you going to cook for me ??he said

Maybe she said ?.

Hmm I like rajma and rice it’s my favourite he said.

Hoo she said.

Acha Sun I’m going to my native place.

Basically Kunj is from Amritsar but after his mother they went to village which is near to Dehradun. Some months before Now his family shifted to Dehradun only due to his father health.

Acha why she asked him?

Because I didn’t visit Dehradun from many months and even dadi calling me so I’m going he added

Okay but call me once Kunj she said.

Arey can’t you stay without my call one day ??teasingly he said.

Yes any doubt I don’t have anyone whose brain I’ll eat ?she added

Very funny tara yaar you know what sometimes I find similarities in you and yuvi sister twinkle he said twinkle shocked.

In Trembling voice she asked why Kunj.

Normally he said.

You know tara expect Than you I never talk to anyone this much we almost talk to each other’s whole day hardly we didn’t talk when classes is going on he said

Same my condition she added.

Yuvi teasing me lott he said I fall for you he said

Acha ???she asked.

Don’t know kunj said because both of them having feelings for each other’s that don’t know maybe try to ignored. She asking him about his life.

Hmm I m not very rich very simple and middle class boy and I wanted girl as well who give value to relation and feelings rather than money Kunj said.

Same my thinking Kunj that’s why I don’t like this all things people showing off so much she said Nice you too thinking like me. Aur what that sanaya doing with you. She asked in jealousy way.

Hmm nothing she having some doubts she is nice girl he said.

Twinkle murmured my foot?.They talking whole night and while talking both falls in sleep..

Sunlight coming on twinkle face she wake up with a smile and see earphones still in her ears only even call so she laughs out and heard Kunj snores due to cold he having. She whispered good morning and cut the call she went towards wardrobe and take her clothes and went in washroom quickly take bath and come out after and went towards dressing table see herself different glow on her face. She get ready and remember about Kunj favourite dish rajma and rice. I’ll make it today and take for him what he thinking he praising lott na that sanaya mother rolls she said and tie her hairs and went downstairs goes in kitchen and tell chef take all things which needed for rajma and rice he did whatever she told him. Leela entered in kitchen and see twinkle she is in kitchen shock.

What’s going on here haan she said

Maa come and help me I wanted to make rajma and rice and you make awesome she said

What you wanted to make why she asked

Woo Maa chinki give me challenge that’s why she said

What kind of girls you both are acha Sun I’ll make you tell her you make it itself only she said

No Maa no cheating I wanted to prepared with my hands you just help me please she said. Leela surprise to see twinkle before she never show any interest in cooking.

Okay come she said and telling her all things and twinkle nicely following her instruction..

in mind today you will eat your fingers Kunj Sarna taste my hand food ?.

After so much time finally she make and smell coming really yummy leela itself taste and surprise first time only she make so good.

Amazing puttar she said

Thanks Maa she said and pack in box. And take and sits with everyone and have breakfast quickly left for college and she is every much excited to reach college so she can give this to Kunj.They reach college they having lectures so all went in classes twinkle waiting when will all lectures will be finished because after college Kunj will leave for Dehradun.

After so much time finally lectures finished now it’s their break time all run in canteen.

Twinkle send Kunj voice message,

Mr Sarna please go in library something is there for you.

Kunj see her notification he get up and went in side and listen her voice message and smile he quickly went in library room. And see something keeping on table where he sitting everyday. He went and found a lunch box. He immediately call twinkle Hiding behind bookshelves.

Pickup his call.

Yes she spoke.

Tara Yeh Kya hai he asked.

Can’t you see Kunj open first she said and Kunj open the box and see rajma and rice.

Seriously rajma and rice he was shocked cum surprised.

Yes for you I made first time I went in kitchen mr Sarna?so taste and tell me how’s it if anything is not upto your taste leave it I’m raw she added Kunj smiling getting love on her.

Aww how sweet of you twinkle no one has done this for till now he said

Because Till now you don’t have tw she about to saying twinkle i mean tara.

Yeah right absolutely my tara twinkle he said.Twinkle smile.Kunj take and went from there and sits in side and open the box and take first spoon of rajma with rice he have and closed his eyes feeling every bit of it. Twinkle watching him

{Main tenu samjhawan ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera

Main karoon intezar tera

Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri}

It’s amazing tara yaar they were on phone only how you make your first attempt was amazing ?thanks I wanted to have you fulfilled my wish he said

Aww don’t be said mr sarna she said.

It’s really good or else just for my happiness you saying haan she asked him.

Nahi it’s the best I ever had he said

Than good she state.. both having many things in their mind.

Acha what you wanted he asked her.

Hmm I don’t want anything just come back soon she said Kunj feel good she demanded this only.

Okay it’s my promise he said. Both smiling like anything yuvi come there twinkle shocked.

Again busy in phone man ahah ??this much me and Avni not talking with each other’s yuvi takes phone put on speaker bhabhi ji please aap ki tashreef kab hogi?he wanted to see you once he said. Twinkle shocked and cut the call.

Arey she end the call man yuvi said.

Or else she will do you calling her bhabhi ji are you gone mad haan he said he sits opposite of her.

What you eating haan he asked her

Rajma and rice he said

Who send ahem ahem ab tiffin bhi aane lage hai ??he said Kunj blushing don’t know.

Nothing is like this she send for me have na it’s amazing he added Kunj offer him.

He take and started having and he like it having fully ahah leave for me as well he said and both started fighting.

Yuvi drop me to station please he said

Yeah I’ll don’t be please after tara you forgot me huhu he making puppy faces Kunj cuddles him.

Nothing is like this yaar she is very nice that’s it I can say she is more than a friend for me like soulmate friend he said yuvi ticking him.And she is my type of girl not rich he said.

I’m happy for you he said don’t know bhabhi ji ki muh dikhai kab hogi?he said both laughs out.

After sometimes yuvi drop Kunj station and went Kunj sit and message twinkle that he sit in train she message him have a safe journey and come back soon she said. During while train journey Kunj keep thinking about twinkle and she didn’t call her but he missing totally amazed because he isn’t like before. He call her but she is busy after sometimes later twinkle see Kunj miscalls and immediately call back him.

Missing me Kunj she said

Hmm properly I don’t have here who can eat my Brain?he added

Very lame.. she said

Aur you have your food or not she asked

Yeah I and you didn’t you sleep he asked.

Nahi I was doing something that’s why she said.

Okay he said again both engaged in call.

After they Ended the call and Kunj reached Dehradun and he went to his house there everyone was waiting for him.

As soon as Kunj family see him and they get so happy.Kunj spend time with them.

Aur bhai you looking different what’s the matter Haan girlfriend because Kunj was using his phone that’s why rudra asked.

Kunj look at him and throw cushion at him.

Kam Bol samja he said.

Dadi you come Amritsar now I’m missing you all we will take a house there Kunj said .

I know Kunj your finished your MBA when you got a good job than I’ll come with

Anjali and Rudra there till Than tej will be she said.

Hmm he murmured Anjali bring Kunj favourite food and feed him with his hands he dotted with all love and chill out with them and take the for dinner as well he earning good from his online part time job. They all enjoying and happy as well. Kunj visit to hospital to meet with his father during these days he hardly talking with twinkle both of them missing each other’s like anything. It’s been 7 days Kunj arrive here tomorrow he going back. Kunj went to market local Dehradun and he see many things there and without knowing anyone he buy earnings and scarf for his tara ?.After all packing Kunj lay down.

And call her.

How’s you twinkle asked him.

I’m fine and you he said

Me too you coming back she said

Yeah tomorrow I fulfilled your wish he said.

Hmm she murmured Aur suna what you did there she asked him.

I’m wooing girls ???he said and twinkle making faces

You dog she said.

Obviously twinkle what I’ll do here I come here to spend sometime with my family he said

I know rascal ??she added.

Why not you woo me ?she said

Acha tujhe Mein he said

Hmm?she Hummed.

Idea is nice first let me see your face than ?I’ll think if you are like otter ??than what I’ll do I’m hot and handsome he said

Haha what a joke ??don’t fly too much she said. I m missing you kunj with all love she said.

Even I’m he said back. Kunj went in balcony and talking with twinkle she too. Anjali see Kunj on phone and leela too twinkle.

Now let’s sleep I’ll get late for my flight tara he said.

Yeah sure goodnight she said

Bye he added.Kunj going by air..

He yawing what happened to me day by day I’m attaching with Tara but whatever is it she is the best just waiting for that

day when she come in front of me he talk to himself and sleep for some hours.

Same twinkle condition since she become tara hardly she slept and her beauty sleep ki toh o my mata??.She too sleep.

At morning.

Kunj wake up and get freshen up he went downstairs and everyone waiting for him for breakfast. Kunj sit and Anjali served him and they all have breakfast together.

Bhai why you going haan rudra said.

Acha who will go college On my place haan he said

Huhu bhai he murmured.

Good Kunj you go and do your best and don’t worry about here I’ll see everything dadi said. He nodded in yes and finished the breakfast and meet with them and take dadi blessing and pulled Rudra hairs.

And hug Anjali.

Bye di and take care of yourself and dadi specially she really troubled herself since starting he said.

Acha when your wife will come na Kunj than I’ll do rest peacefully dadi said and they all giggles.Kunj bring his luggage and come down they all leave him till door and taxi was waiting for Kunj he sits in taxi and drove off for airport.

Kunj reached airport and do all security checking and went in airplane and he click pics with a girl and send it to tara(twinkle).

Than he off his phone.

Twinkle wake up and smile she remember today Kunj coming back.

Chinki is right I’m really attaching with Kunj I don’t have any hard feeling for him somewhere I started maybe liking ahah leave it twinkle she get up and went in washroom get freshen up and wear a dress get ready and take his all things.

Went downstairs rt sitting and see twinkle.

Come twinkle what happened to you nowadays you didn’t giving me time he said

Sorry papa she added

Haa papa she giving her time to someone else yuvi said low voice but rt didn’t heard.Twinkle giving him death glares.

Come everyone I made paratha your favourite ones leela said and they all sit and having twinkle think about Kunj.

While having food she using her phone and see what Kunj send her she open the message and see he send her a photo in picture he was with a girl who siting beside him. As soon as twinkle see she become red chilli ??.

Ahah he enjoying let him come but why it’s affecting he can with anyone girl I’m confused babaji she said in her heart have her breakfast. After breakfast yuvi went to avni house he going with her today. Mahi was waiting for twinkle.

Twinkle pack paratha in foil paper for Kunj and keep in her bag without anyone notice her she run and she and mahi sit in car and leave for college.

After sometimes later Kunj too reached he come out of airport and left for hostel. He reach quickly within 20 minutes and he went inside the hostel goes in his room and keep everything in side and take his bag and come in campus.He went in his class teacher didn’t come till now as soon as he entered in class twinkle see him and her heart beat starts. He went and take his seat beside yuvi.

Hoo come back soon yuvi said.

Yeah already I miss my important lectures he added.

Hayye babaji he come I feel so good ?she said. And lecturer come and start the class and all engrossed in study for a chance today.Twinkle just scribbling Kunj

Name all over.Chinki see and giggles.

Twinkle take her phone and calling Kunj his phone started ringing.

What is this whose phone is ringing kindly off please lecturer said. Kunj see his phone this tara is mad I’ll see her later he said and off his phone.After see his expression twinkle giggles Kunj see her and he show her tongue ?.

After sometime later class end they all went out. Kunj immediately take his phone and call tara.

Chinki I’ll come okay Kunj call is coming she said And went in side. Immediately pick up his call.

Kya hai tara you know I’m in class and you calling me he said

Acha ?I thought you must be in the airport ?that’s why I don’t know I saw your pics very cool with that girl she said.

Kunj sense in what way she saying it.

I got it tara why you do this because I send you photo and you make my bhaji he added.

Hmm I don’t know if you saying than me ?next time think twice she said

What problem you have you either coming in front of me or not telling me about you where are you almost check in campus about you still can’t find out anything and moreover didn’t let me stay with any girl he said.

Yeah ?now you are booking with me

Mr sarna acha suna do you wanted to have paratha Haan she asked.

Hmm well yup where I’ll come he asked.

No need of this go in class back and at your desk you will find she said. Kunj went in class back and see something keeping on his desk he see and take yeah I got it he said. Good now have she added.

Yeah I’ll not do aarti of this he said ?

Don’t be rude get it she said and cut the call. Kunj unwrapped the paratha roll and started having he walking and went in garden everyone was sitting and few playing football Kunj went towards yuvi.

What you having again bhabhi ji send

For you food haa she is so nice from now only she taking care about you ??when you putting varmala in her neck he said

Shut up yuvi she eat my Brain now you too he said

How’s your trip he asked

Amazing he replied and sit watching them they playing football.Twinkle come there. Kunj give paratha to yuvi he too have and stopped Arey it’s same like my Maa made today for us he said

Acha mother love ?.Kunj added.They finished together and playing football twinkle admiring him.She went for her dance rehearsal because there is a annual fest in their college. Whole day passed quickly they all busy twinkle and Kunj didn’t talk to each other’s Kunj have many work.

Twinkle finished her dance rehearsal and went back to home and she is tired have something and lay down watching movie.

Kunj too done with his food and work he too lay down and call her she pick up his call.

You always pick up my call In one go waiting for my call only you don’t have other thing in your life Kunj said

Haan nahi hai ab bolo she said.

You sounding low tara he asked

Yeah I’m tired today Kunj lott.

Hmm me too yuvi didn’t take any part he said

Good you and he isn’t less than kangaroos ?she said.

Hehe here you and there twinkle she calling her brother lakadbagha kaun karta hai yeh Kunj said ?.

Even twinkle too know his brother coming in animals she added both giggles.

Aur bol twinkle since one month we talking with each other’s I haven’t seen you till now ever he said.

You were desperate to see me haan see moon there is no difference between me and moon she said ?

Acha ??moon and you Than I’ll be chakor that bird who adorning you self obsessed girl he said.

Haan I’m good I’m sleepy can I sleep today we will talk to you later sorry ?she said.

Don’t be sorry even I’m same okay take care miss moon?he said

Bye she said ending the call with a smile while thinking about each other’s sleep took over them.

They all get busy in annual fest preparation twinkle take part in dance and karan itself take part with twinkle but he wasn’t dancing properly and can’t matching with twinkle as well so teacher cancel him and Avni added Kunj name and teacher immediately call him.

Yes mam he said.

Kunj you going to take part in dance and will perform with twinkle she is your partner she said even twinkle shocked and Avni giggles.

Yeah mam it’s awesome enemies performance ??she added.

But I don’t know he said

You go and dance with her we will see later she said and Kunj don’t have other option he went and dance teacher tell him step and he dancing with twinkle on song. Both looking at each other’s it’s romantic performance. Yuvi come and Avni told him he too laughing where Kunj stuck..

He dancing nicely with and he is locked.

Now I have to dance with this siyappa queen omg babaji ?he murmured.

They busy in this all things after Kunj sit and he remembered he brought something for tara from Dehradun he didn’t give her till now. He went in hostel and bring and message her.

Sometimes is for you in garden go and take he message her. After 5 minutes later twinkle see.

What he have for me chalo let’s see she said and went and take the parcel and see and she get amazed to see it’s so beautiful.Aww ?thanks kunjj she kissed on her scarf and keep in her bag and message him

Not bad your choice is awesome thanks you so much she send him. Kunj see and reply her back.

I saw this and pick for you glad you like tara he send her.

Yeah how can i it’s really very beautiful Kunj she ping. Kunj tell her about dance with twinkle.

Hoo show your jalwa?she said

Acha what about you madam he asked

About me nothing she said.

Kunj walking in garden and talking with twinkle she too walking in garden.

{Ye lamha, jo thehra hai

Mera hai, ye tera hai

Ye lamha, main jee loon zara

Tujh mein khoya rahun main

Mujh mein khoyi rahe tu

Khud ko dhund lenge phir kabhi}.

After this again home and same thing dinner and bed.twinkle wear earring which Kunj bring for her and scarf as well.

Aww its beautiful she pick her ears pic her face doesn’t come and send it to Kunj.

After sometimes later later kunj see and smile

So mean she is Yeh toh queen ho rahi hai even can’t click her full pic?he murmured but happy she wears..

A week [email protected]

Today is their annual fest is everyone is all excited.All students family too come they all sit and yuvi and Avni hosting function was going amazing ?everyone come and perform and drama singing. Now last twinkle Nd Kunj performance is left.

Now I’m inviting two hottest people of our college twinkle Taneja and Kunj Sarna.

Rt and leela smile.Lights went off

Twinkle give her hand to Kunj and they started dancing on saans song.

Both sharing eye locks many times and dancing gracefully their face is just inch part.Karan was burning in jealousy. Everyone love their performance they finished beautifully and all started clapping for them even they get happy.

After this they won a prize as well best dance performance.All teasing them but both just making faces.After function end.

Twinkle have some work she didn’t went with her family she went to market and while Kunj too he wanted some things.

Twinkle coming back nobody was on roads all lonely and she get scared and there few drunker’s come and see her she wearing short dress and looking hot they see her lust raise in their eyes after see her they started moving towards twinkle.

She see and get scared.

Waha Kya maal hai a man said

Please let me go she said

Kaha baby chale jana spend some time with us he said and hold her hand twinkle immediately slap him he get shocked and in anger hold her hand tightly. She started screaming please help me and leave

Nobody going to come here and help you baby doll man added.

Hot chick another man said twinkle crying they all started touching her in bad way.

Kunj was passing from there he saw mans teasing someone he went near and see twinkle shocked he immediately run and man try to kiss her he grab his collar from back and throw him in side.Twinkle see kunj and get happy.

You man said and started hitting Kunj while Kunj hit them back twinkle crying fully. After they run from there twinkle see Kunj and he look at her.

Are you okay he asked she just run and jumped in his arms and hugged him tightly.

Thanks Kunj for saving me if you not come on right time don’t know what they will do with me she said

Shh don’t cry he cupped her face and wiped her tears.

Twinkle try to cover yourself I’m not saying but you know everyone isn’t good around you he said she nodded in yes come I’ll drop you he added she again cuddles him.

In her I love you kunjj she said. Kunj take her with himself and drop her and she run inside and goes in her room only and crying lott and thinking just if Kunj not come than some really unexpected happened with her.She went in washroom and stand under the shower and come out and wear salwar and kameez and sits chinki call her:

Bol Chinki she said

Nothing what a dance man you and he fire ?she said

Hmm thanks she added.

I think twinkle you should leave now this all tara your challenge done because I saw how Kunj attached with you and it’s late day 30 days over today she said and twinkle think yeah finally 30 days challenge.

I don’t know anything chinki I love Kunj lott she said and Chinki shocked.

What are you saying Haan twinkle love she asked her

Yeah chinki I’m loving Kunj like madly I don’t know when I fall for him I’m doing this just for fun but I don’t know when I take this all seriously if one day I m not talk to him I become restless chinki it’s sound weird but it’s true I’m loving him I can’t stay with Kunj twinkle love Kunj she scream.

Twinkleee we will talk to tomorrow you need rest she said twinkle cut her call. She look at herself in mirror and remembering all moments and their all conversations she smiling fully and tears escaping from her eyes.

Yes I love him twinkle love Kunj she cuddles that scarf which Kunj gifted to her.

Kunj was waiting for tara call he message twinkle pick up his call.

Kunj I wanted to tell you something she said

Haan bolo he asked

I love you she said and Kunj become numb.

Kya hua kunjj she asked him.

Tara what he said.

Yes Kunj I really love you don’t know when this happened I can’t stay without you for a second ??she said.

Acha don’t cry why so suddenly this isn’t joke na he said

Nahi I love you damn it she scream Kunj get happy rt entered in twinkle room before twinkle listen Kunj she cut the call.

She composed herself.

Arey tara pagal ladki she love me how? Kunj thinking about her.

Haan papa she said

Twinkle I’m proud of you today but why you dance with that poor Kunj he said

Papa don’t say this please she said.

Okay goodnight he said and went twinkle lock her room and crying badly and try to call Kunj but due to bad weather network not working. She remembering each and everything and smiling fully.

It’s so unexpected for her she never thought she will be ended like this.

Sometimes someone comes into your life so unexpectedly takes your heart by surprise me changes your life forever same happened with twinkle she just doing for fun and this fun turned into unconditional love ?..she is really happy with that and rt word ranging when he addressing Kunj by poor name.

How can papa I love him I can’t bear anything against him she said

Kunj happy after knowing tara feelings.

2 and 3 days passed Kunj was happy and finding tara but twinkle don’t have strength she thought if she went in front of Kunj and tell him she is tara than what will happened if he rejected her this she can’t bear she is at that stage for him she can do anything upon the obsession of love.

Twinkle talk to him but she didn’t asked him his answer back after she confessed her feeling for him to him. She is happy he talking with her normally.

Twinkle sitting in library and Kunj in other side both of them was on call only.

Kunj please answer me I love you she said

Tara I know you love me but it maybe infatuation he asked.

No I love you like anything do you wanted prove I can give my life for you she said

No no please but I wanted to see you he added.She closed her tears escaping from her eyes.

Tomorrow is valentine day twinkle than be ready where I have to come tell me he asked.

Hmm I’ll send you address in sometime Kunj don’t leave me ever please she said

He just Hummed.

Tomorrow come quickly Kunj was excited finally he going see tara with whom he talking since long time and he too love her.

And twinkle condition is so bad she isn’t happy because she knows after see her Kunj will be shocked it’s wrong.

Twinkle don’t do this he love tara not twinkle chinki said

Acha I’m only tara so what in names chinki and I love him ?I can’t leave without Kunj she said

I can understand but it’s just a challenge for us baby why you taking in other way haan she said

I know but this challenge turned into love he might be not fall for me chinki but I falls down for him completely I doing this to woo him but itself I give my heart to Kunj she said.

So you going and he will propose you really twinkle haan after see you as tara did you think about him it’s bad we should tell him truth it’s better twinkle chinki said

I’ll do this only I’ll tell him each and everything I hope he expected me she said.

I wish twinkle she added.

Twinkle wiped her tears and get ready beautifully she wear earring which Kunj gifted her and take same scarf or bracelet as well.Kunj bring a ring for tara with his savings he is happy and twinkle send him address he read and left for the place where she calls him.While all other couples too celebrating Valentine’s Day with their loves.

Acha Kunj you going and propose her and tell me I’ll come there with Avni yuvi said

Hmm he said both ended the calls.Twinkle left.

Kunj reached and see the all arrangements and surprise to see tara is so good ?she does this all for us he said . Lights went off

Tara where are you come in front of me see I come Kunj said twinkle wiped her tears

Haan finally you come and your wait will be over today I’m coming in front of you kunj she said. Kunj smile.

I can’t wait to see Kunj said loudly

Even I too can’t wait to listen your words she added. She coming slowly slowly towards Kunj his back was facing to him.

Twinkle went near him and backhugged him Kunj feel someone touch her hands resting on his chest from back.He keep his hand on hers.

Taraa he said.

Bolo Kunj what you feel for me she asked didn’t turned yet.

Hmm let me see you he said

Pyaar dil se hota hai face se nahi she said

Hmm right even lights on Kunj turned slowly twinkle closing her eyes.

Kunj eyes went on tara and found twinkle.

Twinkleeee this escape from his mouth ?. Twinkle closed her eyes and tears escaping from her like anything.

Twinkleee what are you doing here Haan where is tara he asked her tara he screamed.

I’m here Kunj twinkle said

What he said.

Yes I’m tara she added.

Kunj see she wearing same earring which he give to tara and same scarf and bracelet:

How can you be tara you aren’t you are twinkle not tara he said??

I’m twinkle and your tara as well Kunj. She cupped his face look at into my eyes I’m your tara only twinkle another meaning is tara kunjj she said he was completely shocked.

Twinkle hug him Kunj I love you like anything mar jaugi me tumhare bina she said and crying while Kunj wasn’t in that stage he can say anything this all making her confused he break the hug and look at twinkle.

Tummm tara??? He asked

Yes I’m your tara only she give him her phone and show him everything. I’m your tara with whom you talking everyday single and give this things to me Kunj she added.

Will you love me back Kunj she asked.

What nonsense is this Kunj said and tears escaping from his eyes as well.

Flashback end✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨.

Many times there are unexpected start or end of something..Maybe we had never thought But such unexpected events are the best They teach us many life lessons , provide opportunities, makes us stronger, wiser in short. We get the opportunity to know and explore  ourselves..

You always fall for the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time and sometimes for the most unexpected reasons.

Twinkle standing in side and looking at Kunj he too with red blood eyes and drinking fully while looking at her Anjali went towards him and stopped him and give him side hug.

Things we lose in life always have its own way of coming back  To us at the end but it always happens in the most unexpected ways..✨✨✨✨..

To be continued.


Ahah i wasn’t well suffering from food poison ???. So I write.

How was the shot?

Hope you all like.

So flash in front of you all yeah you all right tara is my twinkle only ??.

Now let see what life hold for them after years.

It’s a simple story and I don’t wanted to drag unnecessary so I give everything it’s not make you confused.

Now answer does twinkle is right ? What she has done in past her way of loving Kunj and become tara Do answer me please.

Still important part of story is left I’ll tell you soon till Than enjoy episode thanks for your all comments

Leave errors.

Bye love you all

Allahafize ??

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