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Dadi was hell excited whole night she can’t sleep properly.Same with leela as well

Even she was excited hoping when they four of them return back bring happiness with them and love in their heart all hate and differences leave there only..

Anupriya wake up and went in washroom she get freshen up and come downstairs and goes in mandir and found tej standing and folding his hands.. he open his eyes and look at anupriya.

Good morning Maa he said.

Good morning puttar she added.

Kya Hua again thinking about Avantika she said.

Haan Maa she is the one about whom I’m thinking whole day and today toh as you know na I lost her today he said.

I know tej why you remember this day haan you promise us na you will never remember Avantika with pain though I know it’s hard for you but we will celebrate her death anniversary today but you don’t be disheartened okay anupriya said.

Haan Maa I know because of me my kids suffered lott all thanks to you who handle Kunj and Rudra or Anjali he added.

Acha don’t ever try to thanks me for my grand kids it’s my right what I have after see you like death body haan this three I have Manohar and Usha toh went with Omkara and my Kunj who support me like anything tej you are blessed with best kids she said.

Haa after all your upbringing behind them he stated..

She will always alive in our prayers tej don’t worry where she is she will be happy to see us today she said.

Haaa tej said with tears.

They pray Than Usha and Manohar come they too remember today is Avantika death

anniversary.They give painful smile to tej and gestured him be strong.

Mummy ji why you sending twinkle and Kunj today haan you know what today is Usha said.

I know Usha leave about this you go and see other things we have to go mandir she said.

Haan I know where is Gauri and twinkle this two is bahu of this house still not wake up early Usha added.

Why you becoming tv serial saas?be like me she said and both chuckled.Usha get busy in work.

Gauri wake up she about to get up omkara hold her hand.

Where are you doing wifey he said while opening his eyes.

Acha don’t you know where I’ll go good morning Om leave me go I’m already late she said.

You always busy in work huhu never have time for I’m too thinking to take your for long holiday what’s say he said.

Hmm very bad om she said.

Huhu you telling other get romantic kiara is better than you omkara added.

Kiara is the best I wish even we have baby like her than our life too filled with all happiness Gauri said.

Haan Gauri she is our baby only where she will go if we can’t have baby Omkara said.

Hmm even I never think about this that we can’t have baby kiara is here so I never feel that she said. Omkara kisses on her forehead.

Don’t be sad he said she nodded in yes and both join their foreheads..

Afterwards Gauri get freshen up and she knows about today she take out kurta for Omkara.

Om please come down fast you know bade papa don’t like to wait for anyone she said.

I know I’ll be in 10 minutes he said she smiled and went downstairs..

Gauri come downstairs and see hustle and bustle

Oops I hope I’m not time she said and Usha waiting for her only.

So soon you come Gauri Usha said.

Sorry mummy ji she said and bite her lip.

It’s okay go and see breakfast and even other food as well she said.

Sure Gauri added and went in kitchen.

Anupriya send Gauri to wake up twinkle and Kunj.She went upstairs goes near Their room.

Gauri started knocking the door.While they happily sleeping with their baby Kaira.Due to knocks sound twinkle sleep get disturb.

She rubbing her eyes she get up.

Ahah Kaun hai she said in sleeping tone.

She open her eyes yeah I’m coming she said.

Twinkle tie her hairs and see Kunj and kiara sleeping while Kaira nuzzling her face in Kunj chest.

Twinkle went towards door and she opened the door.

Kaun she said and found Gauri standing on door entrance.

Gauri Tum twinkle said while tucking her hairs.

Good morning twinkle bhabhiii she said.

Good morning twinkle added.

Acha I come here to wake up you please wake up Kunj everyone waiting for you all she wear light colour clothes she said.

Why so suddenly what happened anything special twinkle asked Gauri.

Woh today is Avantika badi Maa death anniversary is she said.

Hoo sorry I really don’t know about this she said.

It’s okay come fast she said.

Yeah I’m coming twinkle said and Gauri went downstairs while twinkle closed the door she feel sad and went towards Kunj..

kunjj wake up na she called him. Twinkle patting on his back he didn’t moving she sit beside Kunj. Kunjj again she called him. While Kunj open his eyes.

Haan Kya Hua twinkle he said.

Kunjj Woh Gauri come everyone waiting for us today is death anniversary she said Kunj immediately get up and rubbed his eyes and he remembered date.

O fish I totally forgot about today he said and hold his head.

It’s okay you go and get freshen first she said.

Hmm I’ll get freshen in side washroom you see your daughter papa is very punctual for today we have to go mandir and performed pooja for Maa he said.

Hmm go fast na twinkle said.

Haan he get up twinkle handover him his towel he take went in another washroom.

Twinkle take out Their clothes.

Kiara baby lets go she said while Kaira was still in deep sleep.Twinkle cuddles her and take her in washroom.

Shhh baby get up twinkle said and kiara open her eyes and see twinkle.twinkle caressing her hairs made her calm down.

Twinkle give kiara bath quickly she made her sit in side and she too take bath and she lift Kiara and went in room.

Twinkle changed her clothes kiara drowsing.

Kunj entered in room after take bath he warping towel.Kunj went ahead and take his clothes he quickly wear white shirt with blue jeans.twinkle try to tie her back Dori.But she struggling. Kunj see her he went near dressing table and stand behind twinkle Kunj hold back Dori twinkle see him and immediately leave the Dori.Kunj tied up her back Dori.

Hogya Kunj Said.Twinkle turned and give him smiled.

Just than they hearing snoring sound both turned and see kiara sitting and dozing off.

Aww my baby twinkle said.

Go and dressed up her cold will catch her Kunj said.

Haan she added and went towards kiara and take her in her lap and caressing her cheeks she open her eyes.

Good morning baby twinkle said.

Hmm good morling she added.Twinkle made her ready she looking cute.she is still sleepy head.

I’m going bring her okay twinkle said. Kunj hummed twinkle went down and see everywhere hustle and bustle all working fully. She went and apologised Usha and anupriya they just said it’s okay. Twinkle went in kitchen.

Take lott time Gauri said.

What to do first Kunj than kiara it’s so tough to handle Kunj she said.Gauri nodded in yes.

Tell me what work is left I’ll do it twinkle said.

Everything is done already mummy ji finished even breakfast as well she said.

Twinkle blinked her eyes.I’ll prepared kiara breakfast.

Arey twinkle why you adding this things in kiara milk Gauri asked.

Because it’s good for her health she is so weak na that’s why Gauri twinkle said.

You thinking lott about Kiara Gauri said.

Haan kyu nhi after Kaira I toh forgot everything just wanted to take care of her only after all meri beti hai woh she said and busy in work..

Kunj come downstairs with kiara meanwhile each and everyone come down they all looking sad because of tej he is hell sad that they can see.Kunj entered in kitchen and see twinkle and Gauri.

Good you bring her twinkle said and went near Kunj.

Kiara baby now drink your milk fast she said and cupped her face made her drink milk kiara drink happily she finished the milk.

Good girl my she added and wiped her face.

Gauri noticing this.They went out of the kitchen.They all see Avantika photo frame hanging on wall.Kunj went near tej.

Papa you promise us na you will not sad we all know how much you love Maa even too her. Tej nodded in yes.

Let’s go pandit ji must be waiting for us anupriya said all nodded in yes and they moved outside and sits in car and leave for mandir..

At mandir..

Sarna’s reached mandir they come out of the car and driver brings all things about. While ladies covered their foreheads.

They all went upstairs pandit ji already set everything he just waiting for them.They all sit down and pandit start the pooja.Anjali and Rahul too join them.Kiara was sitting in twinkle lap folding her hand. Pandit doing all pooja things while all folding their hands and praying for her soul.after 1 hour finally pooja ended.

Pooja samapath hui pandit ji said and all open their eyes everyone get up.Due to smoke kiara eyes burning.because of this her face and eyes get red and started having tears in her eyes.They downstairs and giving things to poor peoples twinkle

covered kiara face with her duptta.

Mumma my eyes she said.

Haa don’t cry she patting on her back..

Finally they done with each and everything.

Now papa get happy Kunj said.

Haan he said and Rudra and Kunj or Anjali cuddles tej and he too his kids..

Now let’s go Rahul said and they all sit in car and drove off for Sarna Mansion..

At Taneja mansion..

They all having breakfast while leela was hell happy even yuvi too.

I’m so happy bhai and bhabhi going for vacation bhai and bhabhi I’ll send you my shopping list do bring everything mahi added.

I’ll mahi avni said. Rt looks at leela.

So suddenly you both going rt asked.

Haan woh I planned leela said.

So come fast yuvi already don’t know happening in company rt said.

Hmm papa after come back I’ll see each and everything personally before twinkle handling I have to check all things you don’t worry our merger project going great yuvi stated..

Everyone reached Sarna Mansion and they come out of the car and went inside Gauri and Usha called servant and tell them arrange the breakfast on dinning table..

Acha don’t cry Kiara twinkle said.

What happened to her tej asked.

Because of smoke her eyes burning she said.

Acha you sit here mumma bring ice pack for you she said and handover her to Kunj.

Kiara didn’t closed her eyes. Twinkle went in kitchen take cold water and cotton she come and sit beside Kunj.

Open your eyes baby she said.

Mumma?she weeping..

shhh twinkle dig cotton in cold water than place on Kiara eyes.

Cool cool she said. Kunj and twinkle smiling.

She keep cotton on her eyes for some seconds than remove it Kiara open her eyes. Fully red.

How you feeling now Kunj asked.

Good she replied about to rub her eyes twinkle stop her and kissed on her eyes.

Mera babyyy she cuddles her.Rest of them sit for breakfast.

Baby you sit here and play with Rambo mumma will come quickly she said.

Okay kiara said.Kunj pulled her cheek she frown twinkle playfully hit on his arms.

He laughs out and they both went towards dinning table and join other’s.Anjali resting her head on tej chest.

Hoo di have breakfast na don’t be sentimental Kunj said.

Huhu papa you sending them what about me haan she said and pouting.

Acha than join us Kunj said winked at Rahul..

Let them go we will Dehradun tej said

Aww thanks papa she said all giggles..

my papa is the best see Rahul my papa always fulfilled my all wishes huhu she said. Rahul making puppy faces..

Rambo wait kiara called him.

They all finished the breakfast.All sit in living room while twinkle and Gauri doing kitchen chores.

Avni checking all things yuvi entered in room.

Heyy avni please get ready in half an hour we have to leave for airport yuvi said.

Hmm she Hummed.

Bhai what time of your flight Omkara asked.

2 clock Kunj replied.

Acha it’s already 12 you should get ready and leave for airport you know traffic Rahul said.

Twinkle puttar anupriya called her twinkle and Gauri come.

Yes dadi twinkle said.

Puttar go and get ready you all have to leave for airport as well na anupriya said.

Hmm she Hummed..

I’m going Kunj bring kiara I’ll get her ready she said and went in her room.

Twinkle keep kiara toys in a bagpack and her small necessary things in her tote bag..

Just than Kunj entered in room with gloomy face.

Acha you come Kunj go and get ready she said and Kunj didn’t said anything quietly stand twinkle leave her work and went near him. She cupped his face.

What happened Kunj she asked caressing his face.

Has nothing he said and try to hide his unshed tears twinkle stand on her toe and wiped his tears.

Don’t cry I know let’s cancel this she said.

Nah I’m fully fine it’s just that after see papa remember Maa he added.

Acha I can understand Kunj she said.

You know when I looked myself always feel bad that I don’t have mother beside me and my siblings but fine babaji snatch her from us but after our matter when I see kiara why babaji didn’t write mother love in my fate even in my baby also he said twinkle feel so bad.

But see she have her mother in her life At least I can’t have na he Added.This make twinkle more feel guilty.

Come with me she said take him near couch both sit..

last night we promise na leave everything aside whatever happened and see papa try to handle himself dadi told me now you don’t make him more she said.

Haan just sentimental he said.

Sadu she murmured.And peck at his lips.

She about to move Kunj held her chin he looking at her she too.Just than kiara entered in room.

Mumma and papu she shouted.

Ahah Kunj closed his eyes.Twinkle giggles. Kaira went towards them.

Mumma you called me she said.

Yup baby you come on perfect time she said while looking at Kunj face..

leave this all go and get ready fast okay Kunj said in irritating voice..

They changed their clothes and get ready.

Other hand yuvi and Avni as well and bring their luggage down. Mahi and leela was standing they went towards them.

Go and enjoy beta leela said.They both smiled Avni hugged mahi while yuvi too leela.

I hope everything clear between you all and my both son and daughters come happily leela said.

Haan Maa yuvi said.they bid bye each other’s and left for airport..

Servant take twinkle and Kunj all luggage downstairs.Twinkle wear normal Kurti looking beautiful.They trio come downstairs

All smiled to see them.

Finally going enjoy there fully anupriya said.

Haan saale saab Leave about work enjoy your honeymoon baby?Rahul added all giggles while twinkle shy..

huh kiara too going Gauri said.Kiara nodded in yes. Anjali sit on her knees.

Go baby doll and bring chocolates for bua?she said.

Hmm pinky promise Kaira said.

And haan dadu will miss you tej said.

Me too she said and each and everyone kissed on Kaira cheeks she too and meet with everyone.

Dadi take care of yourself okay Kunj said.

Haan you leave about us just take care about your wife and baby anupriya said?

Rahul went near Kunj ears.

Waha nice honeymoon place do enjoy and bring some news for us he said ?

Huhu what about you kunj said..

Line pe hai bro i m trying my best Rahul said in low voice fully shamelessly ?..

Aha don’t start Rahul Anjali said.

Di our solo jija ji is very shameless Omkara said.All laughs out again.

Now you guys go Omkara added.

Hmm Kunj hummed.

Bye Kiara baby Gauri said and get sad.

Aha Gauri don’t be sad your Kaira will come soon Kunj said and twinkle look at her..

They both take elders blessings and finally all see off them till car..

Twinkle and Kunj sit and Kiara come and sit between them.driver start the car and drive off.

All teasing Gauri she just making puppy faces. All went inside anupriya fold her hand.

Heyy babaji please Sort our all misunderstanding between them and they again live happily she said.

Why Gauri become so sad she don’t wanted Kaira go with us twinkle murmured in her mind..

Avni and yuvi reached airport and they come out of the car and take their luggage keep in trolley.

Chale yuvi said.

Haan for whom your were waiting avni said?

No one but for you he said and pulled her near himself.

Very lame she said and yuvi hold her hand they process ahead and went inside and do all security checking. They done with all checking and sit in waiting area yuvi ping Kunj.

Twinkle and Kunj didn’t come till now yuvi said.

How I know avni said..

Meanwhile Kunj and twinkle reached.Kunj come out of the car and driver help Kunj keep all bags in trolley while twinkle composed herself and take Kaira.

Let’s go fast Kunj said and they went inside.

They get busy in security checking.At last over.

Kiara baby what happened twinkle asked. Mumma I can’t walk now she said and stand there only.

You handle your bags why you bring so many things haan we can buy there as well Kunj said.

Acha I know how you are if I tell you for anything you will blamed me huhu she said. Kunj lift her in his arms. They move towards waiting area.They coming avni and yuvi see them yuvi waving his hand Kunj see he gestured him.They went ahead twinkle hesitated in front of yuvi same Avni with Kunj.

Heyy bro you take lott time yuvi said.

Sorry yaar i m not like you na free family man he said and both giggles.

Heyy Kaira baby I’m excited my first trip with me niece officially yuvi said twinkle and Kunj smiled.

Even I’m too excited like anything after ages we friends going somewhere more Dayan with us Kunj said and Avni look at him she feel so bad.They sit beside each other’s.

Yuvi and Kunj busy with each other’s while Kaira went to twinkle and sit in her lap.

Aww such a cutie pie Avni said and kissed on her cheeks.

Even you are too avni she said.

Haww Kaira don’t say Avni she is before twinkle can said.

She is your maami?Kunj said. Twinkle and Avni looks at each other’s both get happy.

Maami?? Kiara said.

Haan that Rambo is yuvi brother only ?Kunj said and laughs out.

Huhu she is twinkle brother not mine samja yuvi said.

Whatever ultimately yours too?Kunj added avni and twinkle giggling fully.

You call me maamu yuvi said.

Maamu And maami kiara said.

Yes yuvi added…

Just than their flight announcement happening they get up.Yuvi hold Avni hand they both went ahead twinkle lost in her thoughts Kunj hold her hand and take Kiara and her from there.

They entered in aircraft and according their seats they settled down (its business class flight.)

Kiara baby now you sit properly twinkle said and twinkle off her shoes.

Even Avni and twinkle too didn’t talk to each other’s but why I know yuvi because of me but she and Avni???so many things is hidden Kunj murmured.

Yuvi give Kunj smile both gestured each other’s.

Kiara looking outside of the window while Kunj ping Omkara.Finally they take off.

Avni started reading novel.

Ahah we going for vacation Avni and here you get busy in this books yuvi said and try to snatch book from Avni hand.

Don’t yuvi and you telling me what about you.You are too busy I have this books only in my life she said again busy.

Ugh ?why this wife’s is so difficult man yuvi murmured enough audible for Kunj.

Haha ?yuvi I can understand but see I’m happy ?make her busy he said and yuvi looks at him giving him puppy look.Kiara ears started aching.

Aha mumma my ears she said.

Hoo wait my baby twinkle said and take out cotton from her bag and put in Kiara ears.

Baby now fine she said.

Haan she added.Kiara playing games in her ipad.Twinkle turned her face and see yuvi and Avni.

Don’t stare others Kunj said.

What twinkle said.Kunj looking at her.

What nahi I mean your hot and handsome husband sitting beside you and you looking your brother and bhabhi not fair na he said and take her hand in his and kissed on her knuckles..

Acha I didn’t see any hot man here she said and pressed her giggle..

Really should I show you he added and winked at twinkle.

Shame on yourself Kunj she murmured.

That I leave again after last night conversation our with dadi he stated..

Acha twinkle ek baath puchu Kunj said.

Hmm she Hummed.

Why you and Avni didn’t talking with each other’s Haan Kunj asked her.Twinkle look at avni and yuvi she remembered her and Avni difference how and why twinkle break her bond with her because of Kunj she is eyewitness and give statement against Kunj.

Kunj reading twinkle face.

Nothing Kunj and you promised me you will not asked me anything related to our past please and if I’m talking with her because of bhai that’s it nothing else everyone have their personal issues that’s it she said and turned her face to Kaira.

Hah I knew it she hiding something big to me but what and why? When I see her face and remember those words both telling different stories..

don’t know because of dadi again I give her one more chance and more over my baby is happy with her and she giving her all love that’s pure and true love i can see in her eyes leave about this all we going hope when we will come back I’ll get all answers of my questions he said in his heart.

Airhostess come and she giving everyone their meal.

Come baby have something twinkle said.

Mumma what she said.

See so many things twinkle added and Kaira see food and making faces twinkle peck on her pout and started feeding her with her hands and she having Kunj enjoying.Avni and yuvi teasing each other’s more yuvi after this kiara wanted to go washroom.

I’ll take her Kunj said.

No I’ll go with my mumma kiara added.

Huhu mumma’s girl Kunj murmured. While twinkle hold her hand and take her in washroom.

Change the seat yuvi Kunj said.

No bro I’m happy with my wifey you enjoy ?he said.

Very much huhu ?Kunj added.Twinkle and kiara come back and sit.

Aha this irritates me kiara said.

Acha wait I’ll change twinkle said and changed her clothes into comfy one.

Now sleep Kaira twinkle added she come in her lap and rest her head in her embrace. Twinkle too laid fully and patting on Kaira forehead.Kunj rest his head on twinkle shoulder both look into each other’s embrace others too dozing off.their face just inch apart.With his one hand Kunj caressing kiara hairs he gently Kunj pecking at her lips. She closed her eyes.. she bow down her face and Kunj rest his head perfectly on her shoulder and twinkle closed her eyes and try to sleep she sleep quickly even Kaira as well already after sometimes later Kunj

Open his eyes and see twinkle and Kiara both mother and daughter sleep he smiled and covered them with blanket..

He cuddles twinkle and they sleeping peacefully Avni wake up and she going to washroom her eyes fall on twinj.She see them happy and see her life.

She went in washroom and tears escaping from her eyes.

waha babaji without any mistakes my and yuvi marriage suffering how nicely she accept him and even Kunj too after what twinkle has done with them they living in their life happily what about us she said and cursed herself and that night lott..

after she went and again sleep..

At Amritsar mahi get bored now she is alone yuvi and Avni went leela think than she send mahi to Chandigarh her aunt place she get happy.While rt sit disheartenedly because his company facing losses.While in Sarna Mansion everyone happy for twinkle and Kunj or kiara while Gauri missing kiara with love affection..

After 6 hours later

Cabin crew announcing finally they are landed in Philippines airport.due to this all passengers wake up.Yuvi open his eyes and look at avni.

So excited we will enjoy this time lott Avni He Said and hold her hand tightly she just pass faint smile.kunj too wake up all lights on.

He looks at twinkle and Kiara who sleeping peacefully.he smiled and kissed on their foreheads..

Twinkle wake up Kunj said and patting on her arms twinkle quickly wake up..

Haa Kunj she said.

Get up we are in Philippines he said she nodded in yes.twinkle cuddles Kiara feeling coolth.Kunj get up yuvi and Avni too Kunj take bags in his hand.Twinkle get up carefully Kiara in deep slumber..

they are all going out cabin crew greeting them.They come out of the aircraft.

I’ll bring luggage Kunj said yuvi and Kunj went towards baggagereclaim area.

They waiting for their luggage.

Kunj take her I’ll come I have to go washroom twinkle said.

Yuvi take na Kunj said.Yuvi forward his hands towards twinkle she looks down and give kiara to him.While twinkle went for washroom.Their luggage comes Kunj picking them.Kiara slightly wake up.Raise her face and see yuvi.

Mummaa???she weep slightly.Yuvi and Avni looked at kiara and shocked in very less time she attached with twinkle.After all she is her mother.Kunj take all luggage and keep in trolley.

Arey why you crying Haan Kunj said.While messaging anupriya they reached safely..

Mumma again she cry.

Arey wait your mumma coming Kiara Kunj said and Kiara looking here and there.

twinkle come back and see kiara crying.

Arey Kya Hua bacha you wake up she said and take her in her arms kiara cuddles twinkle fully she patting on her back..

Chalo now Kunj said they all going outside.

They come out of the airport and already car waiting for them.

Kunj meet with a man and introduce with him.Driver keep their things in car and they sits in car leave for resort.Kiara blabbering in sleep.

It’s midnight in [email protected]

They didn’t said anything just keep quiet..

soon they reached resort and come out of the car.They process ahead people standing for their welcomed.They greet with them and put flower garland in their necks it’s their tradition.

Welcome sir and mam they said and they smiled.They went towards reception and take their respective rooms Keys.Kunj give yuvi room key to him.They went towards their room.Their room is next to each other’s

They reached towards rooms.

Goodnight yuvi Kunj said.

Haan bro see you in morning yuvi added.

Kunj open the room door and they went inside even yuvni too..

Twinj room.

I’m hell tired Kunj said.

Acha sleep na twinkle stated..

you kiara come with me she said and take her in washroom and while Kunj quickly changed his clothes.

Their room was so big and beautiful extremely Their is a glass window and open balcony and sea view coming.

Yuvni too same like twinj Avni and yuvi changed their clothes and yuvi Oder something for them they were hungry soon servant come and give Oder to them.

Kunj too think about food he Oder milk for Kiara and something for them..

twinkle come out of the room place kiara on bed.

I’ll too Change my clothes she said and take her clothes and she changed while Kunj take Oder.Meanwhile twinkle too come. Kunj sit beside kiara.

Twinkle went towards bed and see food.

Good your Oder she is hungry twinkle said.

I know my two bhukkad?He Said.

Huhu twinkle said cupped kiara face.

My baby wake up drink milky Than sleep she said kiara open her eyes.Twinkle take glass and made her drink with her hands Kunj having sandwich..kiara finished the drink milk beard formed on her lips she wiped her wiped and Kiara rest on her lap..

Give me too sadu she said and take sandwich started having.They finished quickly and laid down.

Kunj and twinkle both patting on Kiara chest and she sleeping again peacefully.

Kunj tickles on twinkle hand.

Ahah let me sleep I’m tired I wanna enjoy fully here she said and closed her eyes..

Kunj giggles and he too sleep..

Philippines is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India..

At morning.. India..

Everyone sitting having breakfast everyone feeling so low.

Heyy Gauri bhabhi what happened rudra said while giggling..

Huhu don’t teased me she said All giggles.

Dadi Kunj message me they reached safely Omkara added..

good they enjoy their fully anupriya stated.

MAA I’m thinking let’s go Dehradun what say tej said.

Hmm idea was good tej and tomorrow let’s go anupriya added.all nodded in yes and they finished with breakfast while Omkara leave for hospital while Rudra went office Rahul called him.

Anupriya and leela talk with each other’s on phone and they both went gurudwara..

At gurudwara..

Leela waiting for anupriya she sees her and smiled.Anupriya went towards leela and both pray together and than sits having parshad..

I’m so happy they went hope everything sort out when they come back leela said.

Haan don’t worry leela ji everything will be sort out between them anupriya said.They chit chatting with each other’s.

Philippines ??..

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully while Kiara wake up fast and she looking here and there in room and see twinkle and Kunj she smiled and kissed on twinkle and Kunj cheeks.She come out of the bed and went in balcony and see water and get hell happy and try to sit on swing chair but at least sit and enjoying..

twinkle cuddles Kunj tightly and Kunj nuzzling his face in her neck..


Kunj rubbing his nose against her neck.

Ahah twinkle groaned in sleep.Kunj open his eyes and see twinkle she cuddling him fully and he smiled and kissed on her cheek..

twinkle open her eyes and raise her face and see Kunj herself.

Good morning he whispered and pecking her lips.Kunj caressing her cheek slightly and both looking into each other’s..

Just than realised about kiara.

Kiara twinkle said she wasn’t between them.

Twinkle apart from him.Where my baby went she said almost in fear.

How I know she sleeping here only Kunj said and see Oder was too lock they get up and seeing in room. Kunj went towards balcony and his eyes went on swing chair and found kiara there relaxing fully he giggles.

Fully went on this siyappa queen he murmured.

Oyy stress queen come here your namuna is here he said and twinkle went towards him.

And she see and get relief..

o ghosh my baby she murmured and went towards her and peck at her lips she open her eyes.

Aha mumma she scream Kunj come and take her in his arms.

My little screaming beauty Kunj said and kissed on her cheeks twinkle give him look.

Don’t bite she said.

Huhu he said

What my baby doing here haan I scared twinkle said.

I’m here only mumma kiara added.

They stand near railing and watching beautiful morning view sun adoring whole sky view was extremely beautiful.

They feeling so great and smiling like anything.

Let’s get freshen up twinkle than we have to take safari of this beautiful place Kunj said.

Haan mumma lets go today we will take bath together kiara said.

Ahah no way you and Kunj waste whole day in bathroom only twinkle said and hold kiara.

You give her bath Kunj added.

Twinkle Hummed. And she takes her in bathroom while Kunj called yuvi..

Hello yuvi we will meet for breakfast at down Kunj Said.

Okay I’m ready avni was in bathroom he added they ended the call.

Twinkle give bath to kiara she bring her out.

You go Kunj twinkle said..

Kunj went in washroom while twinkle dressed up kiara and she looking extremely cute in her funky clothes and more her small and small cute little ponytails..

my bacha now you sit here mumma take bath she said.

Okay mumma kiara added and she started playing with her doll.

Twinkle take out Kunj and her clothes and meanwhile Kunj come out of the washroom she handover his clothes to him while twinkle went in washroom Kunj get ready and he looks at kiara who looking so cute.

My duck getting cuter day by day ahem he said kissed on her cheeks she giggles.

Quickly twinkle too come and she wear comfy clothes not Indian at all. She tie up her hairs in messy way which making her more beautiful Kunj see her and he controlled himself..

Ahah this siyappa queen reason of my death one day he murmured.

Let’s go Kunj twinkle said and she hold kiara hand..

Haan yuvni must be waiting for us Kunj added and he take Kiara bagpack.They locked the room and went downstairs.

Near beach breakfast set was there they went and Avni and Yuvi already waiting for them.They went towards them.

Heyy cutie pie looking cute yuvi said and kiara waving her hand..

good morning Avni said

Good morning twinkle added.

Stop act like formals Kunj said and take his seat.They trio too settled down.

Their breakfast come pancake fruits cup cakes other things as well.

Kunj take his coffee while twinkle feeding kiara with her hands and Avni and yuvi adoring them.

Stop staring my duck Kunj said with giggles.

Acha if she is your duck even my niece as well yuvi said.

Hmm?Kunj hummed..

Now finished milk kiara fast twinkle said.

Aha I m full I’ll have later she said and drink little bit milk..

okay she said and having her breakfast.

What’s the reason of your cuteness kiara yuvi said. Kunj raise his eyebrow.

His father ?he said proudly.

But she had all features of twinkle mostly see this chubby things and dimples as well avni said. Yuvi and Kunj look at avni.

Haan bad fate both added and twinkle rolling her eyes they trio giggles.

They finished breakfast they went ahead and seeing whole resort which upon sea fully whole side of resort it’s water only and making extremely beautiful and worth it to come here once..

They wearing their shades and enjoying fully.

There is many things to do they went and enjoy jet ski ridding Kiara giggling.

Papu wowo she screaming.While Avni and yuvi as well.

What happened siyappa queen Haan Kunj said.

Nothing sadu she said and cuddling him more and more.

Duck I’m thinking let’s throw your mumma in sea and let’s go we will chill out Kunj said and laughing.

Huhu sadu twinkle added.

Papu very bad I love my mumma she said.

My bacha she murmured.

Kunj let’s race yuvi said.

Sure he shouted.both besties went in their old zone and racing fully after they come and sit in side.

It’s amazing yuvi Kunj said.

Haan but with this girls it’s so difficult yuvi added.

Acha yuvi Than you can enjoy alone avni said and make faces?

Aha you are still same Dayan Kunj murmured.

And you too devil she said. Yuvi and twinkle arching their eyebrows.

I does better than you two rogues?he said.

Hoo papu lets go and play more kiara said.

Acha doll chalo now we will play Kunj said and hold kiara hand they went from there.

You come too yuvi said and run.

Avni and twinkle looking at each other’s.

Let’s them enjoy we too as well avni said.

Haan right twinkle said and both went chilling out both cycling.

While Kunj and kiara sitting and she playing with her doll while yuvi bring drinks for them and both enjoying with kiara.

Their eyes went on their wives and see them.

Hoo see this two devil ducks ?Kunj murmured.

I wish this cycle tyre puncture ?yuvi said.

Hehe so mean Kunj added..

Kunj and yuvi get up and went towards their wives..

Can we too Kunj said.

Sure twinkle Said Kunj sit behind twinkle yuvi too behind avni..they cycling didn’t went from there just roaming there only keeping eyes on kiara who playing..

Kunj kissed on Twinke cheeks from behind.

Ahah Kunj have some shame she murmured.

Huhu he added.While yuvi teasing Avni with his romantic actions?they didn’t see anything. Kunj turned his eyes and see them he giggles see their cycle position on edge.

Kunj didn’t said anything.

See your brother twinkle he said and she turned her eyes and seeing them just than they both falls down in water with cycle..?

Kunj and Twinke laughing like anything.

They leave the cycle. And see them.

Ahah yuvi avni shouting at him.

Twinkle and Kunj both forwarding hand to them.

Heyy yuvi so bad?romance or kar boom he said.

Huhu very bad Kunj yuvi said they come out of the sea. Kiara come and see them.

Ho hi what happened maamu and maami she said.

Woh na kiara your maamu and maami busy in their romance land so babaji just show them their real place ??Kunj said.

Saala huh?fret..

now don’t come behind Avni said and went from there. Twinkle and Kunj Giving yuvi puppy look.

I’ll see you both later yuvi said and he too went.

Haha ?very bad twinkle said.

They holding kiara hand and walking there.

While yuvi behind Avni he pacifying her.

At India.

Even we all going Dehradun for someday anupriya added.

Acha it’s good even I send mahi to Chandigarh leela said.

I just wanted everything sort out between each and everything even yeh bhi think about everyone except for his business she said.

Koi na he will too soon she said let’s call kids she said and immediately called Kunj.

They were laying down on hammock which over water.

Kunj I feel like we stay here only twinkle said.

Haan papu mumma is absolutely right kiara added who laying above twinj.

Acha bachu you enjoy here how much you wanted once you get ill because of water I wouldn’t leave you than you will do drama at medicine Kunj said.

Huhu she making faces.

Why Kunj you scolding my baby Twinkle said and kissed on her cheeks.

You don’t spoiled her okay it’s not good for her health she said.

Kunj here is no cold ?over possessive man she murmured.

Kunj phone ringing Kunj take out his phone from his pocket and see caller Id.

Hoo dadi he said and immediately pick up her video call..

Heyy dadi Kunj said.

Aww she said.Twinkle get shy.

Heyy kiara how’s you leela asked.

I’m fine dadi see papu she scolding me she said and making faces.

Acha I’ll too scold him anupriya said.

Where is yuvi and Avni leela asked.

Wait I’ll show he said and turned the camera and show Avni and yuvi who laying together on hammock ?..

See leela Maa your son and bahu no shame after come here Kunj said and twinkle shocked. He turned the camera back.

Acha even you too don’t have see leela ji ?anupriya said.

Acha dadi you only send us here now what we will do here ?whole day enjoy under water ?you should think before na he said and they laughs out

Koi na you all just enjoy okay she said.

You should come dadi with us kiara said.

Acha with whom my late dadu?Kunj murmured.

It’s good for you kids not for us anupriya said.

Haan yeah when we went Greece there dadi get ill she is like hayee meri kamar?kiara said in her cute voice which making the laughs out completely.

See your daughter Kunj anupriya said.

My daughter is best ?he said and cuddles her.

Do talk with Anjali and Gauri she missing kiara lott she said.

Yeah he added and ended the call.

You father and daughter same to same Twinke murmured.

Yes kiara looking other side Kunj hold Twinkle hand and kissed on her fingers.

She gestured him..

Avni I feel best to come here yuvi said.

Even me too avni said.

I’m sorry Avni Yuvi said.

Even me too avni added and cuddles him.

Kunj throw ball on avni and yuvi.

Ahah Kunj don’t please yuvi scream.

You all Taneja’s have screaming problem ?ready to scream Haan I think born in forest ?he said. Twinkle playfully hit on his chest.

They spend quality time with their loves.

Kiara sleep they come out of the hammock and way towards lunch area.Kunj lift Kiara in his arms.

He must be jealous with us yuvi said and holding Avni firmly from her waist. While Kunj and twinkle holding each other’s waist.

Why I’ll jealous with you kunj said.

Because see na you don’t have privacy ?and that’s why spoiling my moments baby sitting he said.

Very lame ?than changed your way kamina he said.

Don’t start Kunj she will wake up twinkle said.

Honeymoon with baby Avni said and both husband and wife laughs out.

We will you both at your time yuvi Kunj added and they settled and Oder food.

Twinkle Lay kiara in her lap.soon their famous lunch of here come. They started having.

Leela Maa telling yuvi don’t have shame see him how he closer to his wife under open sky ?Kunj said.

What nonsense haan yuvi said. Kunj show yuvi his and Avni photo which he clicked.

What?when you clicked this yuvi asked.

Twinkle and Kunj giggles and Twinke tell each and everything to them.

So mean avni added.

Wtf?yuvi said.

Same here Kunj said and smiling fully.

They finished lunch..

now where we go let’s go for outing yuvi said.

Haan chalo I’ll bring car he said.

What I’ll bring haa as you know all the way of here twinkle said.

I’m not dumbo like you wifey I have GPS baby he said and show her his phone..

Huhu twinkle murmured and making faces.

You go I’ll not come see kiara sleeping how we will go with her out twinkle said.

You don’t worry I’m used too I’ll handle my duck you are new he said.

Point yuvi said.

They all get up and went out of the resort and car was waiting for them Kunj went and bring car and he sit on driving seat and car was fully sunroof opened.

Come lazies he called them.

Twinkle sit beside Kunj while Avni and yuvi at backseat.he start the car and they drove off.

They reached and come out of the car Kunj take Kiara.They take ride of Philippines stress market and Avni and twinkle buying things.Meanwhile Kiara wake up.

Aww my bacha wake up see your mumma he said.

What my doll wanted twinkle asked.She making faces.Okay sleepyhead twinkle added and she itself buy things for kiara.

Twinkle you take her I’ll bring something for Kiara Kunj added.

Haan she said and take Kiara yuvi and Avni come and teased Kiara she screaming.


aha bhai don’t teased my baby she said.

Kunj come with Fries.

Hey duck have this Kunj said and feeding her with his hands and she having was hell hungry. After Kiara hunger fulfilled she come in mood.

Papu I’ll take this she said.

My baby come out of her sleeping world Kunj stated.

Acha tell me what you wanted twinkle said and kiara pointing her hands and twinkle buying each and everything didn’t take name to stop yuvi and Avni or Kunj hold their heads.

What is this Kunj she is little shopping queen?yuvi said.

Hmm?Kunj hummed.

Bas bas twinkle in one go you will buy whole Philippines Kunj said.

Huhu Kanjus she murmured and Kunj pay the bill.Twinkle hold kiara hand.

They keep all bag in the car and sits back and leave.Than they go Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park and there they enjoying fully.

They clicking their pictures yuvi place his lips on Avni cheek and tell Kunj click photo like this. Kunj first didn’t than he clicked their pictures.Twinkle and Kunj too clicking their

cozy photos with their doll.Whole day passed way.They get tired like anything kiara started teasing Twinkle and Kunj fully.

They come back resort..

let’s have dinner than we will go room afterwards I’ll not come down for dinner twinkle Kunj said.

What is this look at her she teasing me what you wanted haan Kaira twinkle asked.

You leave her come kiara to papu kunj said and made her sit in his lap.. they sit Oder sea food and dumplings. They quickly finished their dinner after this they went back to their rooms.

They were tired twinkle take Kiara and give her shower and she too take Than she come and made her were night dress she too wear than Kunj went he come later.They sit on bed Kunj give kiara his medicines.Just than Kunj phone ring he see caller id.

Lo kiara your chichii call for you he said and pick up the call and put on speaker.

Hi Gauri Kunj said.

Hi Kunj bhai how’s you all Haan didn’t call us after reached there so bad she said.

Hehe acha you should come here with us Kunj said.

Acha Leave this where is kiara baby she said.

Here only twinkle said.

Heyy kiara how’s you Gauri said.

Haan chichii kiara said.

Aww my baby how’s you I’m missing you badly Gauri said.

Acha but I’m enjoying here fully kiara said.

So bad come back Than I’ll see you duck omkara added from back.

Hoo omi?she murmured.

And how’s you twinkle bhai Gauri asked.

I’m fine and how’s you all there she said.

We too tomorrow we all going back to Dehradun Gauri said.

Amazing good you all enjoy there we will here Kunj said.They talk for sometimes than ended the call. Kiara went towards window and side the curtains and seeing moon playing with sea..

At yuvni room.

Avni and yuvi changed their clothes and they come laid down in each other’s embrace.

Yuvi did you see twinkle with kiara she fond with her so much haan how nicely she handle her giving her all motherly love Even Kiara wanted twinkle Avni added.

Hmm yuvi Hummed.

I’m still in shock how Kunj forgot everything and living twinkle with normally seemed like nothing happened between them Avni said.

Haan it’s called true love yuvi stated.

He nuzzles his face in her neck and hovered her fully she giggles and they engaged with each other’s after long time..

Twinkle and Kunj laying and watching Kaira.

Doll come and sleep twinkle said.

Leave her twinkle he said and Kunj pulled her towards himself.

See we come for our honeymoon let’s celebrate Kunj said.

Achaww?Kunj think about kiara no honeymoon Kunj Sarna you having daughter still same to same like before she said.

Whatever Kunj said and nuzzles his face in her neck and started giving her wet kissed she slightly groaning try to control on herself lott. She hold Kunj face and he giving her butterfly kisses she pleasing him.

Kunjj kiara Twinkle Said and Kunj turned and see her.

Aha right he added and leave her.Twinkle went towards kiara.

Baby come now it’s sleeping time she said and cuddles her fully.She went towards bed and lay downstairs and cuddles each other’s twinkle patting on her back but she is in no mood to sleep and Kunj making cry faces. Twinke giggles.

Kiara baby sleep Kunj said and try to covered her eyes with his palmed.

Huhu papu I sleep lott she said twinkle giggles And keep blabbering this and that.

You doll come to me she spoiled you fully Kunj said and pulled near himself and patting on her back making her sleep forcefully twinkle giggling..

ahah papu huhu I’ll sleep later she said.

No later see papu too sleeping now he said and covered them fully with blanket.

Twinkle turned her face to other side and closed her eyes.After sometimes later completely silence in room..Kunj check kiara she sleep..

Good she slept he murmured.

Twinkle patting on her back.

Humm Kya Hua she said.

Come na he said and get up hold her hand and take her to side couch.

What is this Kunj haan she said and yawing.

We not come here for sleeping samji he said.

Acha than for what she said.

I’ll tell you na he said and winked at her.

Kunjj see kiara she will wake up it’s not good she said and try to get up Kunj pulled her back.

Nothing will happen she sleeping peacefully he said and turned off the lights only moonlight she smiled and both lay down on couch twinkle resting her head on his chest while cool breeze coming from outside.

Kya hai ab she said.

You are still same to same unromantic he said.

Acha and even you are too shameless she added.

Gauri really love kiara lott twinkle said.

Haan she love her Lot after all she is solo baby in our family apple of everyone eyes Kunj said.

Haan you all pampered her lott na twinkle said and having tears in her eyes.Kunj see that.

Haan we pamper her lott she is damn lucky for me see her Kunj said.

Don’t say lucky and all she murmured. Look at myself I’m too someone lucky charm in his this madness she spoiled everyone life she think her mind.

Where you lost Haan I’m here you thinking about world Kunj said and pecking at her lips.

Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her face fully she smiling.He slide cloth from her shoulder and kissed on her shoulders she moaning slightly.

Kiara will wake up siyappa queen he said and grab her lips.Both started kissing each other’s Deep the kiss more and more. They break the kiss Kunj come upon twinkle and she smiling he winked at her and kissing on her cleavage and neck. Just than Kiara wake up in sleep twinkle push Kunj and get shocked.

Ahah twinkle what the f**k he said who laying down on floor. Twinkle on the lights and see Kunj.

Mind your language lusty she murmured twinkle went towards bed and patting on Kiara back and laid down beside her Kunj come he too laid down.

I’m lusty I’ll see you later he murmured and covered himself with blanket and twinkle giggles and they slept..

Twinj & kaira enjoyed fully their vacations even avneil too….


Kunj woke up due to sun rays but kaira and twinkle not in mood to wake up as they were cuddling more and more to them and hiding their face in his embrace..Kunj smiled seeing duo.Both share same features, same antics too..Aww my two beauties sleeping so peacefully .but i can’t Express my love to you twinkle because of you only Whatever you did na .mai chahun na toh bhi un baton ko ni bhula skta he think in his heart..

Later twinkle too woke up and saw her positions her she got shy immediately get up from his embrace.Kunj too smile.

it’s okay siyappa queen lusty woman he murmured.

Huhu she added went in washroom

Later kaira too woke up

Mumma,papu kiara called them.

Twinkle came from washroom and kunj from balcony..

what happen baby ?twinkle asked.

haan baby kya hua ?even Kunj too asked.

nothing just ainvy i called u both .??she added.

tu bhi na is syappa queen ke sath rah rah ke uske jese hi syappe wali harkate karne lag gyi hai Kunj added.

huh kya bola tumne itne dino se koi syappa nahi kiya maine smjhe na she said.

ohh please bina siyappa ke tumhara din ni complete hota hai or now kaira is too becoming like you only junior syappa queen Kunj stated.

kuch ?bhi haan .wese meri beti hai toh meri jesi hi hogi na she said

ji ni meri kiara apne papu jesi hai samji na Kunj said..

mere jesi hai twinkle added both started arguing.

mere jesi hai Kunj too said.

so it means kiara siyappa queen ni hai she asked.

ni bilkul ni and bite his tongue ?you siyappa queen humesha baton me fashaleti hai Kunj added?

chup pappu and mamma …what is this you are fighting like tom and Jerry cartoon kiara shouting at them.

she started Kunj said.

haw sadu sarna i didn’t you started twinkle said.Just than yuvi entered in room.

let’s do one thing you both continue your fight with each other i m going with mamu for enjoying outside what’s say she said.

exactly princess come today you roam with your mamu and mami They will continue their fight like tom Jerry yuvi added..

huh yuvi you are too taking this piddi side Haan Kunj said.

ofcourse na afterall she is more sensible then you both yuvi stated.

Kuch bhi bhai she is sensible because of us only haina kunj she said.

exactly humhare beti hai brain with beauty and smartness…deadly combination hai Kunj added. ?

acha see kaira before they were fighting not fighting with me becoming one team yuvi said.

mamu superb lets play outside what’s  say ?kiara asked.

superb idea yuvi added while twinj looked at each other.After so long they were behaving normal with each other.

Aha bhai you go and see your wife I’ll see this naughty girl twinkle said.

Haan dee your Dayan what she doing spell something ??Kunj added

What about your wifey he said.

Huhu Chal bey Kunj said and yuvi went out of the washroom.They giggles they get ready beautifully.

While in Amritsar sarnas leave for Dehradun happily with Anjali and Rahul.

Twinkle and Kunj or yuvi Avni with kiara they having lunch because breakfast time went long back?.Kiara looking so cute.Hat shades totally like twinkle.

After this they went and outing fully try many more things.

Again they all behaving normally that vice come between them slowly slowly ending whatever going the way leela and anupriya planned.

They didn’t leave a chance to romance with their wife kiara giggles Kunj and yuvi making puppy faces.Kiara opening up with Avni and yuvi too.

Never let the sadness or your part and the fear or your further ruin the happiness of your present in your life ever.

2 and 3 days has been passed away everyone enjoying every bit of it in their life they were in Philippines while others in Dehradun cherishing all memories back..

Rt was frustrating with his Company losses..

They enjoying fully in water after The Philippines is also famous for the underwater wonders of its marine life. Trekking and other things boating in this years how much they had suffered this trip soothing their all pains and healing their wounds but Kunj still confused what actually happened now when she see twinkle with kiara she is fully engrossed in her she handling her everyone leave everything keep thinking about her all small and small things.

Kunj yuvi were sitting near sea with kiara  and enjoying they both were just commenting on girls which were passing from here and there while kiara was playing in sand  so they thought she is not listening anything whatever they are saying..

see that girl kunj kamal lag rhi hai na yuvi pass the comment. ?

seriously man so hot but dekh na uske boyfriend ko dekh aisa lag Raha hai angoor ke hath langoor lag gya hai Kunj added.?

true man yuvi said.Wese see that girl she is also damn uff he added.

kya ??baat hai yuvi aaj toh kitni beautiful girls hai yha acha enjoyment ho jayega kunj said

sahi kha boss good na avni and twinkle went to bring juices for us yuvi stated?

Otherwise toh we can’t see and comment like this on girls na he added.

saale aane de dayan ko btata hu Kunj said ?

as if tu bch jayega He Said. ?

Twinkle came and said bhai avni is calling you.

ok kunj i m coming yuvi said.

hmm he hummed.

Twinkle took kiara and make her sat on her lap and gave her juice to drink.She gave to kunj also …

mumma she called.

yes baby she said.

mumma …girls hot or damn hoti hai kiara said???Twinkle eyes popped out …what are you asking? While kunj spilled his juice ?

woh papu and mamu na saying that uff so hot and that girl is damn she added.

what are you saying bacha Kunj said he stuck in his own mess..?Come to papu…

no baby tell me papu or kya bol rhe te Twinkle asked her happily.!

woh mamu was saying ki yaar kitni beautiful girls hai na so much enjoyment. And papu too said haan good na dayan and twinkle is not here we can see them kiara said Kunj

Shocked.Twinkle gritted her teeth.

So tum ye sikha rhe ho meri bachi ko you shameless sarna you wait twinkle said.

She made kaira sit on chair and kunj started running from there and twinkle was behind him..

Kya haan sadu ladkiya taad rhe the tum isliye aaye ho yha …hot damn wait she said while twinj fall down twinkle was above him and her hair was covering his face .kunj tucked her hair behind her ear ……

leave me huh.go to ur girls .who are hot na she said ??

uff  my angry queen  i m carzy for ur hotness baby he added buttering her.

fir woh sub kya tha haan she asked.

woh just time pass….don’t take seriously na…he said. He moved towards her lips ….

She pushed him and said sochna bhi mat go to your girls only for kiss also she said.

Kunj uplift his eye brow While twinkle went to kiara where kiara was again telling avni about what yuvi said …??

Kiara you are cute Bacha na come to mamui ‘ll give u icecream and chocolates he said.

okay mamu she said.

no need to bribe my baby bhai twinkle said.

I will tell avni what you both were saying…

Twinkle told her everything..Avni too got angry on yuvi Kunj and yuvi giving each other’s puppy looks.

Tit for tat kiara murmured ?

lets go from here they don’t need us twinkle said.

Twinkle come kiara baby with me otherwise don’t know or kya kya sikhayenge meri baby ko she added and yuvi and Kunj giving look to kiara while she giving them back?

huhh avni..

kya yaar kunj kya beti hai teri yuvi said

true man now she becomes totally mummas girl….huh.kunj added.

Chal have to pacify them ni toh honeymoon to gayo pani mein He Said

chl Kunj said both run behind their wives.

Kunj running Behind kiara while she too screaming mumma?all laughing.They went in sea and enjoy under water their teasing romance kiara too teasing yuvi and Kunj fully. Kunj Kissed on twinkle cheeks.

After at night there is a date for couples.

Twinkle get ready beautifully Kunj gifted her

She get ready and even get her doll Kunj was waiting for them at date set up where everything arranged for tonight same with yuvi and Avni.

Mumma where we going kiara asked.

We going for date with papu she said.

Acha Kiara added.

Yes bacha twinkle said.She tied up her two buns she looking extremely beautiful. Twinkle hold her hand they went.

Avni went to yuvi he get mesmerised to see her fully he lost in her beauty.

Looking boom yuvi said.

Acha but you fuss boom?Avni said.

Stop passing comment like Kunj yuvi added.

Yup she said and yuvi hold her hand and they both their seats..


Kunj waiting for his two lady love his eyes went on Twinkle and kiara who coming to him he smiled they went to him he was speechless after see them he went closer to them.


Aww my two black beauties looking hot?Kunj said.

See mumma again papu hot kiara said Kunj lift her in his arms( twinkle and kiara wearing same colour outfits)

Baby I’m calling your mumma and you hot not other Kunj said and pecking at her cheeks he went near twinkle ears and rubbing his nose against her skin.

Gorgeous you will be reason of my death he murmured she blushed so hard..

Kunj hold Twinkle hand they process towards table and ambiance was hell amazing.

Papu you did this all for me kiara said Kunj look into twinkle eyes.

Yup he said she again blushed.

Papu looking too hot mumma kiara said twinkle nodded in yes Kunj hold twinkle hand.

I’ll click your photo mumma and papu kiara said and take Kunj phone immediately.

See my baby is open minded ?Kunj murmured twinkle giggles Kunj pulled twinkle near himself and they pose cozily kiara click their photos just than something stuck she get busy in phone Kunj quickly peck at twinkle lips..

I’ll click my duck photo as well Kunj said and he click their family photo.Weather was so amazing making the ambiance and moments more romantic.They having their dinner.They trio was hell happy.

I just wanted this babaji I wish twinkle tell me everything than I can forgive her fully what made her did that all he murmured.

May I have dance with you twinkle said.

Sure Kunj added and give his hand to her both get up and dancing. Kiara watching them and smiling after see her parents she making their video Kunj kissing on twinkle beck without noticing Kiara twinkle frown.

Have some shame sadu your daughter is here only she said.

Huhu I’ll dance with my doll Kunj said make kiara stand top of table he twirl her twinkle smiled to see them.

Than they having dinner and feeding each other’s after dinner they watching their remove their shoes and cold sand soothing their pains and stressed.

Date was amazing Kunj said.

Extremely i will never forgot this ?dadi was the best twinkle added and cuddles Kunj. They sit down and kiara was sitting in Kunj lap.Twinkle peck at Kunj lips he bit her cheek slightly she blushed.

Same Avni and yuvi date was amazing they enjoyed every bit of it after ages they come to twinkle and Kunj.They all sit together and chit chatting with each other’s.

chugalakhor yuvi said and pulled kiara cheeks.

Ahah mumma see maamu Kiara screamed:

Why you all behind my doll haan come to mumma you leave them twinkle said and take her in her embrace she nuzzles her face in her mother embrace and giving them look.

Twinkle too much spoiling your daughter Kunj yuvi said.

acha she is my daughter as well even bhai she added and caressing her hairs.

Haan she is my mumma shoo them kiara added. Avni giggles.

She is totally Mummas girls ?Avni said.

My baby Kunj said and kissed on her temple.

Kunj I have a voucher of a drama let’s go and watched yuvi said.Kunj get idea.

Acha do take my baby ?he said.

Twinkle get a call she give kiara to Kunj and went from there.

Means we will handle you duck and you will do honeymoon?yuvi said.

Acha yuvi now you forgetting our friendship rules Kunj said.

Acha okay but she is ready to go with us yuvi said.

Give her chocolates she is ever ready but don’t tell about us than she will cry ?aaj kal she wanted her twinkle mumma in every step Kunj added they smiled.

Twinkle handle her so nicely Kunj said.

Haan yaar I’m confused I’m sorry as well yuvi and Avni because of us your relationship to suffered Kunj said

Please Kunj I’m happy we get this moment I really enjoy each and everything ended here now we are happy everything sort out between us when we see you and twinkle feels like nothing happened between you both Avni added.

Hmm we promised we wanted to give one more chance to our marriage and more my Kiara needed her mother lott and she giving her that mother love but I wanted to know what and why she did this all with me when I look into her eyes I find just pureness and love for me he said.

Do you know avni about twinkle Kunj asked.

Nah Kunj I don’t I’m itself ashamed I really don’t wanted this all happened but it’s not in our hands twinkle making us too confused her words and her action for you totally different she and Maa knows but we all don’t know she stated.

Hmm my dadi feels this only leave after here I’ll try to get what actually is he added.

Kiara you wanna see drama Kunj asked.

Haan papu she said.

Acha than go with maamu and maami they will give you chocolates as well Kunj said.

Kiara look at them.

Mumma she said.

Ahah baby mumma not going anywhere you go with them and come soon me and mumma too coming there Kunj said.

Acha than okay kiara added and they smiled.Yuvi life kiara in his arms.

Do take care of my baby don’t teased her Kunj said.

Acha ji she is our baby too yuvi added and kissed on her cheek they take Kiara and went for drama.

Waha now no one will escape you twinkle from me we are all alone he said and giggles.

While twinkle was in at water side she was talking with leela telling her about their enjoyment.

Maa I’m so happy avni and bhai relationship again mending like before twinkle said.

Haan beta enjoy there missing you all

I’m happy where kiara she enjoying or not leela asked.

Fully Maa taking bhai and Kunj class fully she added and both laughs out just than twinkle felt some touch Kunj come and cuddle her from back and locked his hands around her waist twinkle see his hands and understands who he is..

MAA I’ll talk to you she said Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck and kissing on her bare shoulder she wearing off shoulder gown:.

Twinkle groaned.

Okay Maa bye she said and ended the call.

Ahah Kunj what is this she turned and faced him.

Don’t you know Kunj said. And kissing her again.

Stop where is kiara you leave her bhai teased her than she will me she said.

Hmm you become over possessive about kiara she is naughty ahead and spying at us?he murmured. Twinkle hold his face.

Good when you talk rubbish she will tell her mumma she said and proudly ?.

Acha ji Kunj said and bite her cheek. Kunj lift her in his arms fully and twirl her she giggles.

Haha Kunj stop she lock her hands around his neck: tell me na where is kiara she asked. Kunj didn’t said anything he process towards their room.They entered in room Kunj lock the door and lights were off, Kunj

On the lights and as soon as lights on twinkle was shocked to see the room whole room decorated fully looking so beautiful.

Aww Kunj what is this twinkle asked.

This is for us though we spend time together that was priceless but I wanna enjoy every bit of it with you but time was not with us now I get so here ?this is for you do wanna spend tonight with me he said and she see him with love eyes.

Of course Kunj I love it she said and still in his embrace. But what about kiara you know na we have a small baby now she added.

I know that’s why I set her with yuvi and dayan?He Said.

What do you mean she asked Kunj tell her everything she was shocked Haww Kunj so mean if she cry than she sAid.

Don’t worry he will handle after all yuvi handling dayaan?he enjoy lott now it’s our time dost kab kaam aayege?he murmured she blushed and pat on his cheeks.

You didn’t changed even a bit she said.

Yeah but you maybe slightly my old twinkle didn’t hide anything from me but this hiding he said and she looks at him and understands and her face drop down.

Acha Leave this tonight we get time if kiara than ?not at all he said and made her stand on her feet’s. Both looking at each other’s face.

It’s really beautiful Kunj she said he backhugged her.

But less than you he said and bite her earlobe she moaned loudly.Kunj moving his hands on her hands she shivering fully. He bite her shoulder and giving her love bites and sucking them and soothing her pain.He made her shoulder go reddish.She turned and wild animal she murmured and started opening his shirt buttons.

Kunj pinned her near side wall and grab her lips and both started kissing each other’s like anything lost in each other’s feeling extremely happy.all mess which happened in their life vanishing itself only. Kunj bite her lower lip twinkle wasn’t less again their sweet tortures started which they missed lott in this years.this was the best way to teased each other’s..

Kunj break the kissed and he looking at twinkle with desire eyes and she turned and hugged the wall and kunj side her hairs and placing wet kisses on her back she closing her eyes and going down in pleasure fully.

Kunj started opening her feed zip he make her turned she closing her eyes and her lips shivering Kunj off his shirt and he was shirtless Twinkle on her eyes and see him she blushing so badly. Kunj slipped down her  dress from her body she closed her fist and was just in inners in front of him.

I was wrong ?you still have amazing curves he said and bite her lower lip.She blushed like anything and even breathing heavily fully. Kya twinkle you still shying in front of me?he said.she hugged him.Both hugging each other’s passionately. Kunj lift her in his arms and went towards bed he place twinkle on bed and come above her.

He linked their fingers and entangled their legs Kunj place his lips on her and they kissing each other’s and she moaning. He leave her lips and kissing on her collarbone and bite them Twinke grab Kunj hairs and he going down while kissing her on body twinkle can’t bear anymore she clutched bed sheet

Ahah Kunj please she screamed but Kunj love to teased her lott that she too knows and he teasing her fully and she cursing lott.

She grab his hairs and pulled him up..

Very mean she murmured.

Acha ?but you deserve this he murmured back and pulled blanket over them and both involved in each other’s and making love and whole room filled with moans and groans.

Other hand kiara was enjoying drama with Avni and yuvi Later she doze off and even drama too end they come back resort think don’t disturb twinkle and Kunj take Kiara with them.

After torturing each other’s whole night twinkle and Kunj sleep..

Sunlight coming on their face and which

Disturb their sleep both of the eyes and look at each other’s Kunj smile while twinkle blushed while remembering last night.

Aww again blushed don’t blame if everything happened again he said.

Shameless huhu you become more wild she added.

Haa because I was dying for you na he said and peck at her lips. I love you lott twinkle he said.

Even I love you too Kunj she cuddles him.

Don’t leave me he said.

Never she said both share a kiss.

Kiara wake up and started crying.

Where is my mumma and papu she asked.

Baby mumma and papu waiting for us at down avni said.

Acha but I wanted to go to my mumma she said and sobbing.

Hoo don’t cry she we will take bath than we will go yuvi said.

But mumma I wanna go to her she said. Yuvi and Kunj look at each other’s.

Yuvi she will not stay go and give her to them avni said.

Hmm he hummed and went to their room and knocking the door.

I’m damn sure Kunj busy fully ?in make out he murmured.

Hoo papu and mumma open the door I’m kiara she said.

Baby your parents is mean huhu he said.

Kunj and twinkle heard door knock. Shitt it’s must be kiara she crying now what we will do twinkle said.

Shut up you go I’ll see her Kunj said.

She cuddles blanket and went in washroom while Kunj composed himself and correct room as well slightly he went towards door and opened the door found kiara and yuvi.

What happened he asked.

Take your parcel yuvi said and Kunj lift Kiara.

Papu you leave me alone Huhu she added.

If they will not leave you alone how they will enjoy baby?yuvi murmured while Kunj give him death glares.

Shut up he said and closed the door.

Baby why you crying we are here only Kunj said.

Mumma she said.

Mumma washroom me hai kiara he said.

Kunj take her in balcony and talking with her. While after bath twinkle come in room and she take Their all things and keep in side. She went in Balcony and see Kunj and kiara .

Mumma kiara said and twinkle take her in her arms Kiara cuddles twinkle fully.

What happened baby are you okay she asked.

Hmm don’t leave she said and cuddles her more and more.

Acha I’ll not don’t be sacred mumma is here only she added and caressing her back and gesturing Kunj.

Kunj went in washroom and thinking about them.

Heyy babaji I bear all pain but now I understand kiara can’t stay without twinkle if she can’t stay without her one night of again twinkle leave us than how my baby will bear that pain no already she is very sensitive and I have to tell twinkle about her health that she having holes in her heart he said. And remember how much she suffered which make him sad.

They get freshen up and packed their things after all they enjoy lott in Philippines for what reason they come there it’s fulfilled all differences was between them it’s over somewhere with Time fully. After checkout and leave for airport and happily landed Amritsar back.

Other family members comeback already before twinkle and Kunj or kiara at Sarna Mansion.

Everyone sitting and chit chatting with each other’s about here and there.Just than they arrived as soon as Gauri see kiara she get hell happy.!

Hoo finally they come back she said and all see them and smiled twinkle and Kunj went towards them.

My babies come back anupriya said.

And everyone can see their face and understand how much they have enjoy there

Dadiii Kunj said and take her blessing.

Kiara sit in side couch.

What happened to doll Omkara asked.

Doll wanted to stay there more Kunj added

Hoo so mean how dadu will leave without his baby haan tej said and cuddles her he tickling her she laughs out.

Dadi cupped twinkle and Kunj face.

How was your holiday she asked.

Amazing it was best till now Kunj said.

Haan thanks to you we enjoyed there fully twinkle added.

That we can see on your face Gauri said and they blushed..

dadi where is my Rambo you give her food or it kiara asked.

See her she cared about that pilla lott?Kunj said and twinkle smash on his arms.

My baby come back chichii missed you lott this days gauri said.

Bhabhi toh take Kiara with you Italy Rudra said and twinkle was hell shocked.

You both go and get freshen up anupriya said and they nodded in yes and went upstairs goes in their room.

Other side yuvi and Avni too leela get happy to see her kids like before she thanking to babaji they get freshen up and tell leela each and everything mahi to teased them.

At twinj room.

Twinkle went in washroom get freshen up she come out and than Kunj went he too get freshen up.

Where is this girl kiara Twinke called her.

Kunj come out of the washroom and see her face.

What happened you he asked.

Nothing she replied and went downstairs she goes in kitchen and making coffee for them. Kunj too come twinkle keep calling Kiara while she was not listening.

Kunj went in kitchen and sit in side and watching. Finally Kiara come.

Haan mumma she said.

I’m calling you na can’t you listen and come kiara she said and in stern voice Kunj raise her voice there Gauri come. Kiara bow her head Kunj shocked ?.

Waha Arey Meri duniya Kya zamana hai bhai if I said little bit than madam eat my ears and take whole house on her head now what happened see just keep quiet?I’m in shocked Gauri she too shocked Kunj added.

Don’t fly too much sadu she said and lift her made her sit on kitchen slab.

Drink this fast no drama get it she said

She nodded in yes and twinkle made her drink Milk her hands.Kunj looking at them while Gauri was surprise to see kiara. She never listen anyone even Kunj too.

Kunj arching his eyebrow and showing twinkle he went near and take coffee mug.

Kya baath mrs Kunj Sarna pura power mother India wala ?she come in correct hands Aur mumma mumma kar kiara ki bachii?jeshi karni weshi barni tit for tat?he said and kiara look at him.

Twinkle don’t scold her she is very sensitive Gauri said.

I know Gauri this but not all the time she said and finished the milk. Now come with me in room twinkle added and take Kiara with herself.

How can she shouted at her Gauri said.

Let her after all she is her mother and she handling her nicely kiara reports come she recovering very nicely even drs surprised we try our best but in this fews months she progress so well this all happened of twinkle only Gauri she giving her each and everything on time and you know how Kiara is he said.

Right I’m happy Gauri added..

Kunj take his mug and went in living room and sit with his family and chit chatting with them Rudra and Kunj pulled Omkara legs while they come to Kunj and didn’t leave him.Twinkle changed kiara clothes.

Kya Hua bacha angry with mumma she asked.

Nah ?kiara said and cuddles twinkle fully..

After sometimes later twinkle unpacked all things and she side all gifts which they brought for everyone she take them downstairs and give each and everyone they get happy.They had their dinner Omkara and Gauri take Kiara with them she playing with them in their room.

While Twinkle and Kunj sitting with anupriya in poolside and they talking randomly.

I’m happy you all enjoy there what about Avni and yuvi she asked.

They too like before we blast there twinkle said and now my guilty become less dadi Kunj added they smiled.

Show me your pictures she said and Kunj take his phone and showing her their pictures.

Your daughter big drama queen Kunj anupriya said.

Hmm dadi she is ?mother India he said.

And kunj showing dadi their pictures just than a picture come in that Kunj kissing on twinkle cheek Kunj immediately change.

Ahah ?pic photo she said.

Kya dadi aap bhi na Kunj added.

Acha I’m going omi i m  sleepy kiara said.

Baby sleep with us Gauri added.

Nah my mumma she said and went out of the room. She finding twinkle she see her and went to poolside and went towards her.

Come madam twinkle said and she sit In her lap and twinkle understands she will sleep.

Twinkle cuddles her and caressing her hairs.

See dadi Someone totally become Mumma’s girl Kunj said.

Jealous ?twinkle murmured..

Shh now don’t make noise my baby wanna sleep she said and covered kiara with her duppta she nuzzled her face in her embrace.

Kunj and dadi smiling fully.

Ek Maa Ka pyaar duniya me sab se Anmol hota hai anupriya said..

If she give her love in start than everything is happy dadi Kunj said.

Who told you Kunj haan FORGET THE PAST THAT MADE YOU CRY AND FOCUS IN THE PRESENT THAT COMPLETES YOUR SMILE she said and Kunj and twinkle smiled.

Dadi you should write books Kunj added.

Haan will do when I get old and handling your kids and telling them she said Kunj and twinkle shocked.

You are still old dadi Kunj said??

Acha but I don’t think so?she added they laughs out..

Dadi is absolutely right she evergreen Kunj twinkle said. Just than there tej come and take seat beside Kunj.

My doll sleep today good she is tired tej Said.

Haan babaji there she enjoy lott twinkle added.

Mumma I feel so good if we wouldn’t come India who we will get Twinkle he said and trip stop.

Means anupriya said.

I mean see na we don’t know anything about Kunj ex wife tara and neither she come in this years even for her daughter and now see twinkle she isn’t her mother still she giving her all love im happy. Kunj you should marry with twinkle only not with tara he said.

They trio just looking at each other’s face.

Kunj just nodded in yes.

Tej leave about tara we don’t know about her Nor wanted anupriya said.

Haan Maa we don’t know but your Kunj share each and everything you and I was not in that condition in this years and I wake up and found my son having a small baby and his wife wasn’t with him tej said.

Today papa is behind me Kunj beta get up from here before tara blast on your head?he murmured.

Acha papa and dadi goodnight I have meeting one week not here I have lotta work he said and get up.

Okay goodnight tej Said. Twinkle too get up and they both husband and wife went from there.

Tejjj how many times I told you stop thinking about unnecessary things anupriya said.

I don’t know Maa but I always feel you both hiding something from us tej Said and anupriya shocked.

Nothing is like this tej I just wanted Kunj forget his past and live with twinkle she said.

Even I wanted that only tej said.

Twinkle and Kunj entered in room Kunj closed the door and twinkle place Kiara on bed Kunj come laid down twinkle too.

Today papa ?uff kunj said.

Kunjj why you hide this all from them I mean even Gauri too saying that where is tara she said.

What I’ll do you leave any way for me haan that day whatever I feel I just made her story and now I don’t know destiny again bring us together I’ll try and tell everyone truth that you are only tara and my first wife or kiara mother he said twinkle went towards him.

Kunjj I can’t live without kiara it again we apart Than I’ll die she said and cuddles Kunj.

Twinkle please tell me everything you have swear of me he said and twinkle look at him and tears escaping from her eyes.

Twinkle your silence kills me lottt haan between us when this all things come I told you I’m ready to leave everything just tell me one your did everything in force na I wouldn’t do anything he said twinkle look at Kunj face.i understand your silence twinkle but your words make me confused damn it he said in frustration.Twinkle hugged him.

Kunjj don’t hate me please I get happiness after all you saying you understand my silence than understand don’t asked anything to me she said and Kunj hugged her back and caressing her back.

Acha bas roh Mat Leave it now don’t leave me he said.

Promise she added and cuddle him More and more.Twinkle laid down beside Kunj she resting her head on his chest. Both in each other’s embrace and sleep took over them.

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Twinkle and Kunj wake up both smiled and kissed on each other forehead.

Good morning both wishing each other’s.

Kunj get up.

Twinkle I have meeting please ready my things he said and went in washroom.While twinkle covered kiara with blanket fully who still sleeping.

Twinkle get up and went in side and take out Kunj things and she ready his all things and she went in another washroom and get freshen up she get ready and meanwhile Kunj too come she give him his things and he getting ready.

Acha come down I’ll give your breakfast she said.

Nah I’ll have in office Acha bye he said and peck at her lips and went to kiara kissed on her cheeks and went downstairs.

Ahah babaji what I’ll do Kunj I can’t tell you anything if I tell you than I know you will feel

Bad and regret which I don’t wanted and I promised myself I can’t disclosed this truth that my own father made me helpless to leave my husband and my new born baby she said and having tears in her eyes..

Twinkle went downstairs Kunj already leave for office.Twinkle made tea and served everyone Gauri and Omkara come they all sit for breakfast and asked about Kunj twinkle tell them he went office long back.

Omkara and Rudra Leave together while like usual twinkle get busy in her work with Gauri and kiara still sleeping she didn’t disturbed her as well.

At office.

Due to holidays Kunj having lots pending work he quickly wrapping them.Abeer and Rahul teased yuvi and Kunj deadly both just blushing and telling them what they have done.While they all went for meeting and get busy.

Twinkle finished her work she take milk and went in room with Gauri.

Ahah baby wake up it’s afternoon twinkle called.

She sleeping till late why Gauri asked.

Arey because of medicines she said.

Twinkle went near and caressing her hairs

Baby wake up see mumma bring chocolate milky for her baby she said and Gauri admire them Kiara wake up and give twinkle smiled and she cuddles her.

Mumma she said. She get up sit in her lap.

Heyy sleeping beauty Gauri said..

chichii she murmured and show her her tongue..

Now let’s take bath twinkle said and she nodded in yes.Twinkle take her in washroom

And give her bath quickly.

She bring her and made her sit in side twinkle take her out her clothes and made her dressed up.she made her drink milk kiara finished the milk..

Than Gauri and twinkle went in downstairs and they sit with dadi while Kiara playing with Rambo. Gauri and dadi went to mandir while twinkle think something.

I should take lunch for sadu he went without having anything she murmured and went in kitchen she prepared his favourite things and packed and she come in living room.

Doll let’s go office wanna meet with papu she said.

Haan she added twinkle hold her hand and went sit in car and they drove off.

They reached office twinkle and Kiara went in Kunj cabin Kunj was in meeting room.

Twinkle set lunch for him on table perfectly.

Meeting get over everyone come out of the conference room.Kunj entered in his room and found kiara and Twinkle.

You both here he said.

Can’t we come she added and hugged him.

We missing you that’s why twinkle said.

See I bring lunch for you kunj she said and Kunj sees.

Acha good I’m hell hungry your angry oldie father eat my head lott he murmured.

Hush let’s have lunch together she said and both went towards table and sit.

Hmm my favourite dishes awesome he said.

What my finches bird doing it kunj said while Kiara engrossed in game..

You have na food leave her twinkle said.

Aha my hands I’m tired he said and smirked she understands and started feeding him with her hands Kunj having Happily while having he bite her finger purposely ?..

Kunj I’m thinking send her to school twinkle added.

Acha you think she will go let’s see next year kunj said.

No I’ll Send her play school which is near our house twinkle said.

Okay meri do whatever you wanted to do but be careful she is very precious for me i didn’t Away her from my sight it just because of Kunj I didn’t pay attention and not worried fully he said.

I know this sadu she said and just than Rahul And abeer entered in cabin and see

Kunj and twinkle.

Ahah yeh kabab me haddi ?aagye Kunj murmured.

Wow what a scene feels like SRK movie playing ?Rahul murmured.

Hoo twinkle I’m happy you

Showering love on your husband ?not fair what about us even we are hungry abeer said.

Acha abeer have na twinkle said.

You both should call your wife here for lunch don’t disturb me he said.

Waha Twinkle what spell you done on our Kunj he just chanting your spell?Rahul said.

Less than you kunj added. Abeer and Rahul take seat beside Kunj and twinkle give them lunch too.Kiara see them and making faces.

What happened to our boss abeer said.

Nothing Kunj said.He went and drink water.

Come Kiara Kunj said and take her in side.

They both having lunch Kunj went out of the cabin and he see rt and went towards him.

Heyy mr Taneja why you looking so tensed Kunj asked.

Nothing none of your business he said.

Papu who he is kiara asked.

Hmm bacha he is so called father of your twinkle mumma and my sasur ji and at your nanu m I right Mr Taneja Kunj said and rt blinked his eyes.

Thanks for lunch twinkle they said.

Don’t be twinkle added. She packed all things back and went outside and finding Kunj. Twinkle sees him and she went towards Kunj and rt was there only.

Mumma see nanu kiara called twinkle shocked and looks at rt she having tears in her eyes neither she accept her and Kunj love after Their baby as well.

Chalo Kunj I’m going home back you do your work she said and take Kiara. Went from there.

Why this father and daughter sharing this hatred for each other he murmured but leave again and get in his work.

Days were passing quickly Kunj living his life happily with his twinkle and daughter and with his family fully. Each day become like a celebration for them kiara become more naughty head twinkle handle her as well rudra and twinkle sharing nice bond with each other’s. Kunj didn’t leave single chance to teased her with his romance and Their love like going so smoothly even Avni and yuvi too same things changing again in their life.

Rohan come back from London with his wife.

They come to Kunj place Twinkle was shocked to see Gul and rohan together rest people as well of their gang.Because of their college all went and busy in their life though they knows they had something but Rohan leave Amritsar.

Totally shocking for them they marry with each other even having a son name is Arsh. But get hell happy rohan and Gul shocked to see twinkle but sealed their mouth don’t speak anything tell them everything they understand.Kiara and Arsh playing together and fight as well.

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Kunj dadi invited everyone at their place. Even rt too come Kunj shocked to see him but happy even twinkle and Kunj whole gang too come.

Heyy Gul you become so chubby naman said.

Acha naman what about you all rascals she added.

Arsh come with kiara both holding each other’s hand.

Mumma Arsh wanted chocolates kiara said.

You wanted or Arsh twinkle said.

Me too Arsh said who excited overload with cuteness.

Okay baby I’ll give she said and give them chocolates all smiled.

Kunj finished his work he called his team at his place they discussing about projects.He come and give file to Rahul.

Submit this file and tell arhaan that report and see Italy work as well Kunj said.

Okay I told arhaan we will see Rahul said.

Rahul we come here for family gathering not for your so called work Anjali said.

Huhu Rahul Hummed and he and Kunj busy In their business talks.

Huhu I’ll complain about you to papa Anjali said and get up and finding tej.

Where is pap Rudra she screamed.

Haha now I get it on whom my daughter going ?on Kunj said.

Very funny she murmured tej entered. Anjali went and hugged him.

What happened my daughter he asked.

See papa Rahul making fun of me and you know he don’t have time for me he just busy in his work and this all happening because of your son who toh enjoying and see me I get bored she said and making faces Kunj and Rahul shocked.

I’m agree with my Anjali Vikram said.

Daddd Rahul said.

Yeah vikram uncle not fair and your bahu isn’t very innocent Kunj murmured.

Tej cupped Anjali face Rahul not fair I give my daughter hand in yours you promised me you will keep her happy now see she complaining about you haan tej Said and Rahul went towards tej.

Hoo papa you listening her think about me she tortured me lott I do all things for her but she is your daughter na that’s why ruling on me Rahul said.

Acha she will rule on you after all she is your wife and it’s your duty to keep my daughter happy she is very precious for me tej Said.

I know papa acha sorry Rahul said and hold his earlobe and sorry her.

I’m kidding Anjali murmured both hugged tej. All smiling to see them. While twinkle having tears in her eyes to see tej and Anjali even she and rt was like this only but he didn’t her happiness with his own hands he smoulder his daughter happiness fully.Leela too feeling same. Rudra and Kunj went near tej.

Papa you always scold Rahul he is solo jija of ours thanks to god he bearing your daughter?my bad fate he working with me and bumped with your daughter Kunj said.

Jiju you see my friend she is so hot Leave di and think about her Rudra said.

So mean papa see yours Anjali said.

Let them Speak whatever they wanted I m here wouldn’t let snatched my daughter happiness till my breathe tej said.

See papa love me lott Than you all Anjali said and show them her tongue Kiara come with Lot screamed and her face was hell red in anger she throw cushion at Kunj all shocked now what happened to her.

Kya Hua Kunj asked.

See this all kids Arsh and rosy teased my Rambo she said. Kunj hold his head.

Acha okay I’ll see them come he said and went with her.

Youngsters sit together while elders together.Kunj scold rosy and Arsh don’t teased Rambo they nodded in yes again they kids playing together.

Your gang is so big Omkara said.

Haan all idiots Kunj said.They all making faces.

Acha as if you are very talented Avni said.

Shut up Dayan ?Kunj murmured..

Chal kids come let’s have dinner Usha said and called each and everyone.They all move together dinning table.

They all take seats and servant serving them.

Don’t be formal have nicely anupriya said and all smiled.Kunj watching rt

Don’t be Acting like a chicken with its head cut-off Kunj murmured yuvi and rt heard and look at each other’s face.

Arey Mr Taneja have properly Kunj said and tell servant to served him more.They all finished the dinner happily and all love the food.

Again they sat and chit chatting with each other’s.Kiara teasing tej and while he loving his grand daughter.

Time passing Mr Taneja and you wouldn’t getting anything it’s lesson for you still you have time improve yourself don’t do go ahead afterwards you don’t have anything you lost each and everything that time i m saying you right see me and my twinkle may we fight and difference come between us but our love was so true today we are together Kunj said.

I know leave my way get it and you do what you wanted and let me do what I wanted he said and tell leela he going and they all can go later..

Heyy Kunj lets play a games rohan called him Kunj went and sit beside him.

What we will play Kunj said.

Hmm WOULD YOU RATHER.Rahul said.All nodded in yes.Usha and leela or anupriya get so happy to see their kids happy together.They take bottle spin the bottle. Bottle stop at rohan.

Who will asked him question avni said

Chinki raise her hands.

Would you rather Watch a girl on girl or guy on guy video to turn yourself on? Chinki asked him all closed their eyes.

What is this this type of question rudra said.

If you comfortable table sit there otherwise those are shy than they simply leave we will play ?it just a start yuvi said and they giggles.

Chalo rohan asked avni said. Rohan looking at Gul.

Hmm if Kunj and yuvi in that video that makes me turn on ?he said..

very lame answer do you think we both hooking up Haan Kunj said and throw cushion on his face and all laughs out.

Very smart haan being in Gul company naman said he nodded in yes.Again they spin the bottle stop at abeer..

Haa now I’ll asked him a question yuvi said.

I’m ever ready yuvi ji abeer said.Kunj and yuvi whispering in their ears..

Something deadly is coming twinkle chinki said and winked at her.

Would you rather Have it with the lights on or off? ?yuvi asked.Avni and twinkle closed their ears. While Omkara and Gauri shocked.

Chalo don’t be shocked there is no kiddos here?Kunj said.

Really Kunj Omkara said.

Abeer answer avni said

Meher you can also ?Rahul said.

Well I love it in both condition but off ?he said and Meher drenched in shyness. They spin the bottle. Stop at Avni kunj hooting.

Ahah I’ll not answer of your question devil.

You have dayan Kunj said.

First question please Anjali added. Yuvi and Kunj looking at each other’s face.

Cuddle up in front of a fireplace or light your fire in bed he asked.

Shameless mans light my fire in bed she said and winked at them. ?they all enjoying fully.bottle stop at naman.

Now who will Asked him Kunj said.

Gul me only she said and Kunj and yuvi hifi.

You trio is same to same didn’t leave single chance to make fun us Chinki said they nodded in yes.

Would you rather Pay for having s*x or get paid for it Gul asked..?

Interesting questions Gauri added

Next is your turn Kunj said.

Haww Kunj Bhai?she said.

Naman why you thinking lott it’s easy for you man yuvi said.

Hmm I’ll pay for having he said.

Whatever in both situation you will enjoy ?Rahul said.Anjali smash his arms.

You all carry on I’m going Anjali said.

Me too gauri added.

Bye Kunj said they make faces even Omkara too leave.

What about you Rahul abeer asked.

Why I’ll go haan rudra you run from here chalo he said.

But why me jiju he said.

Chalo Rudra fast you have work check files and give me tomorrow he said and he making faces and went from there.

Good they went can’t digest our questions rohan added. They again playing and totally become shameless didn’t leave a single chance to teased each other their old days come back.Bottle stop at twinkle.

Me me naman said.

Okay twinkle said.

Your husband pulled my Leg lott wait Kunj naman said Anjali and Gauri or Omkara come back.

Would you rather Have s*x in the morning or at night? They knows he asked something like this.Twinkle rolling her eyes.

Answer babes chinki said.

Yeah Twinkle fast don’t waste time avni said and they all giggling.

Acha I’ll answer it when we get Time than only we have Chalo next question Kunj said.

Not fair I asked her naman said.

So what I give her answer na bro Kunj added.Continuously playing kids come to their parents.They stop the game.

I never knew my innocent brother is so naughty Anjali said..

Kya di it’s just for fun I’m very innocent ?Kunj said they all laughs out..

Mumma chalo na I wanna play in garden kiara said.

Kaha don’t dare to step out come to me you didn’t have food as well twinkle added and hold her hand. She lift her and take her.

Others too went while their gang only.

Wow she is fully in mother ?role naman said.

She is her mother naman Kunj said.

Now we all should take a leave they said and bid bye to each other’s and left..

They all enjoy today lott all went in their respective rooms while Gul and rohan staying here only with them.

At twinj [email protected]

Twinkle feeding kiara her food but she crying Kunj entered in room.

Arey you making her cry he said and went towards them.

See her na Kunj she not having her food wanna go out twinkle said.

Doll what you will do at this time we will go in morning Kunj said.

I’m hell sleepy Kunj added and lay down.

Do some shame Kunj twinkle said..

whatever he murmured.

Kiara I’ll not leave you have na she said.

Kunjj see your daughter twinkle called him.

Do whatever you wanted to do let me sleep Kunj said and covered his face.

Anyhow twinkle feed kiara her food and she cried but twinkle is twinkle she give her medicine as well after lott crying session she slept.

A week later rohan and Gul went back to London with their son.whole week they all friends hanging out.Twinkle do kiara admission in playschool.

At morning.

Twinkle making her ready for her playschool.

Mumma you come and take me soon she said.

Haan baby you play there I’ll come and bring whatever you wanted she said and she fully ready. Twinkle see Kunj.

Now what you wanted Kunj she asked.

Nothing just you he said and giggles.

Impossible man she said fixed his collar Kunj kissed on her forehead. Acha I’m going twinkle and you drop her he said.

No Kunj it’s her first at least today I wanted we drop her together please Kunj she added.

Acha okay haan you wanna tell me something he said.

Kunjj Woh Omkara and Gauri going back Italy than why they Kiara will go with them she said and kunj see fear on her face..

You know na Gauri love her lott that’s why he said.

But I can’t send her she said and cuddles Kiara.

Let’s go now he said and twinkle take Kiara cute bag and they went downstairs.They had their breakfast all wished kiara.

Twinkle and Kunj went outside with kiara and they sit in car and drove off. Play school near to Sarna Mansion slightly they quickly reached and went inside so many kids are there.

My baby enjoy your okay Kunj said and they talk with teachers and each and everyone is so kind heart.

Now you stay here Kiara twinkle said she having tears in her eyes.

Shh don’t cry mumma we will come in sometimes Twinke said she nodded in yes and teacher come and her she looking at her parents only.

Twinkle and Kunj come outside I told you na she will cry she can’t stay Twinke Kunj said.

Kunj I’ll stay here with her only from tomorrow don’t worry okay she said.

Okay what happened to you Haan he asked.

Nothing just not feeling well she said.

Tell Gauri she will do your check Kunj said.

Hmm he said and peck at her lips and went from there.. while twinkle get geet call she get busy in call.

Tej sitting in his room and thinking about Kunj life.

Kunj is same college even twinkle too and she is his ex girlfriend than how tara come ?? I find him happiest with twinkle seem like he wanted to be with her only. Just than something click in tej mind..

whatt???TARA another meaning is TWINKLE. Twinkle tara????..

Scene freezes..


How’s was the shot?

Thanks for your comments in my previous episode..

and thanks for understanding me and my problems having typhoid and even eye flu as well now???. Fully ill I’m now..

almost story is complete few things is left to revealed.

And thinking Avni is wrong here is no one is wrong it’s just situations makes them.and she said what she see and moreover make things like that which come against Kunj..

leave errors I write for you all anyhow..

Do tell me do you like or not there honeymoon and other masti..?

Bye love you all


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