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Twinkle and Kunj standing and adoring stars while Kaira counting 😛which is impossible still naughty kiddo.Kiara was in twinkle arms.

Hoo again I forgot counting where I’m she said.

Meri Maa Leave this you can’t count how many stars actually in sky Kunj added.

Why papu but you can you saying your smart she said.

Hmm right twinkle stated..

very naughty I can count easily he said.

How?? Kiara asked.

I have my star here he said and pecking her cheeks’..

I’m your star ahah she said giggles twinkle smiled and she remembered something.

Flashback shows..

Twinkle and Kunj standing and adoring stars while twinkle counting same like Kaira.

What are you doing siyappa queen Kunj said.

Nothing don’t disturb me I’m counting stars she said and Kunj laughs out.

Acha you counting stars really you can’t handle your normal economic sums chali yeh tarao ko count kare😝he murmured.

Huhu very lame you are very intelligent you count and tell she said and frown.. kunj cuddles her. Hmm I don’t need to count any stars I have my one star beside me he said and bite her cheek.see I’m intelligent na he said.

Very cheesy in your star accept your defeat sadu she added.

Arey I’m serious you are only my star and moon sun sky everything 😍he said and she smiled.

Haww don’t make anyone only me and me she said.

Of course my jhalli he said and they hugging each other’s.. flashback end..

Both twinkle and Kunj remember those days twinkle having tears in her eyes she hide..

see twinki mumma I’m papu star wow she clapping loudly..

Haan she added..

Now let’s go and sleep Kiara nowadays you sleeping late not good baby Kunj said and they went inside.Kunj take Kiara they lay down on bed while twinkle closed the door and kiara sit on Kunj tummy.she tickles him twinkle went and lay down beside Kunj.

Ahah papu you are so sofi sofi kiara said and pulled his cheeks Kunj enjoying.twinkle smiling.

Even Kiara too soft soft Kunj said.she fully smashing Kunj face with her hands Kunj ticking her their giggles echoing fully in whole room..

Bas Bas Kiara Kunj said.

Aha twinki mumma come papu is soft and cutie like a teddy she said.

Hmm I know she added.Kunj Looked at her..

Kiara bite Kunj nose while Kunj too her cheek.

Tit for tat he murmured. She making faces and become fully red and looking at twinkle. Bring water in her eyes and twinkle surprise she cupped her face..

papu😭😭she started crying Kunj shocked.


kunjj who did this Haan see my Doll become angry bird come to mumma she said and take her above her chest.

She is so drama queen see her she bite my nose Kunj said.

Haww so what she is baby and you aren’t wild sarna she murmured.

And you and she is too he added.

Mumma you too give papu tit for tat kiara said.

Acha bachu Kunj Said and ticking on her tummy she laughing fully after see her twinkle and Kunj get happy.. kiara cuddles twinkle and nuzzles her face in her embrace.

She caressing her hairs Kunj see her she dozing off Kunj pecked on her cheek.

My angry duck.. he murmured.

Leave me twinkle Kunj said.

Acha why now let us sleep twinkle said.

she is my doll Kunj said and try to take Kaira.

Acha she is my baby she added 😎..

I’ll bite you as well he said.

Do than see outcome she said.

Nothing just kunjjj😂he groaned.with her one hand twinkle hitting on his chest.

Aha lag rahi hai twinkle stop he said.

Sometimes I get confused you were hell angry with me now see she said.

Acha what about you even I can’t understand you my old twinkle was best she can do anything for me.But you break me like anything he said.And both get numb can.

Both didn’t said anything closed their eyes while both fighting with their mind.. twinkle open her eyes and see Kunj who sleeping.

She place Kaira on bed carefully and bend down and pecked his lips

Sorry she murmured and lay down and turned her face. Kunj open his eyes and look at twinkle back which facing to him.

Why I’m feeling something is wrong what I’m seeing it’s not what actually is? Babaji help

He said and closed his eyes after long time both slept..

At midnight kiara started crying because she get hungry.. she giving kicks to Kunj.

Ahan Kiara twinkle yaar wake up and see her na he said fully in deep sleep.Kunj covered his face with blanket.While last twinkle wake up and see Kaira who crying in sleep.

Shh kiara she open her eyes mumma susu she said.

Come with me twinkle said and lift her and went in washroom.After twinkle bring her back and made her sit on bed.

I’ll come okay she blinked her eyes twinkle went downstairs and prepared milk for kiara and she quickly come and made her drink with her hands.She finished the milk. Twinkle smile and wiped her face and made her sleep again quickly they both mother and daughter sleep..

At [email protected]

Twinkle and Gauri working in kitchen while rest of them wake up except than Kunj who still sleeping.

Where is Kunj bhai and Kiara Gauri asked?

Kiara wake up and playing games in room and Kunj still sleeping she said.

Acha till this much late don’t you both sleep whole night she said with a slight smirk..

Nah 😂twinkle said and both laughs out..

acha I’ll see kiara it’s her milk Time twinkle added.

Okay Gauri said..

twinkle take kiara milk which she make and add some dry fruits and so it’s make her strong  expedient for her health.

She take tea as well for Kunj and went from there.

She entered in room and see Kaira who busy in baby tv while Kunj still sleeping on his tummy.. she went head and keep Kunj bed tea in side.

What my doll doing she asked and sit beside her.She give her smile.

Baby tv she replied.

Okay now quickly drink your milk fast she said and shake the shaker fully give to kiara.

Kiara started drinking with straw.

Twinki mumma why it’s taste different she said twinkle understands.

Woh baby mumma add chocolates in this so don’t shout papu will get to know she said shhh.

Hoo kiara blinked her  eyes.. Kunj turned his face and open his eyes slightly and see kiara who making faces while drinking her milk.

Kunjj wake up twinkle evoked him.She started pulling blanket.while Kunj pulled back.

Kunj get up na you sleep enough she said.

Hmm he hummed just than his pa call come twinkle receive the call it’s voice message for him probably his call time..

Chief we have important meetings today and please come soon in office sara tell Kunj all day schedule of his voice message ended.

Kunj see you have work she again said and pulled his blanket fully..

papu wake up huhu she said.

Acha Kunj murmured and pulled her cheek.

Ahah mumma she screamed.

Why you pulling her cheeks again Haan last night to make her gloomy sadu she said and went near him and sit beside Kunj.Take cushion and hitting on his back..

uth Jao Baba she said.

Kya hai subh subh aagi Keke karne he murmured.

Acha your voice is very melodic😏she added.Twinkle tickling him.

Bas na twinkle uth raha hu He Said. And get up sit there only. Yawning.

Today this duck wake up so early how and what she having Kunj said.

Milky she said.. she Offer him.

Nah you have your milky..

your bed tea she handed him.

Thanks Kunj said.

Didn’t you give her nonsense thing na he asked.

Nah woh I just added dry fruits in this don’t tell her she said.

Hoo good he said.

I know after all I’m her mother I know what is best for my daughter sadu she said.

Taking sip of tea hmm I know how much he murmured.

Chalo Kaira now you finished Than I’ll give you bath she said and caressing her hairs.

Kunj finished his tea and checking his phone.

I’m going to take bath he said.

Alone no no I’m coming papu she said.

Acha now you remember papu huhu He Said. Kunj get up and take his towel and went in side he forget to lock the door.

And kiara finished her milk and come out of the bed.

Twinki mumma give me bath she said.

But now papu taking let him we will after papu she said.

No I’ll first she said and went towards washroom door and pushing she open the door and twinkle shocked Kunj who just remove his T-shirt.Kiara went in side.

What is this😨Kunj said.

I’ll take bath first she said and sit in side. Twinkle come and see Kaira she take water mug and stared pouring water on herself. Kunj and twinkle shocked fully.

Kya hai twinkle yeh Kunj said she folded her hands over her chest.

I don’t know 😂she added.

Can’t you lock the door haa she said.

Bhul gya he stated.

Kiara baby acha I’ll give you bath twinkle said and sit beside her.

What about me you give her after me my meeting will ruined if I didn’t went on time Kunj added.

Ahah Twinki mumma we will dance and you give me bath it’s my room and bathroom she said.Again pouring water on herself.

Mine too duck Kunj said😞

Twinkle enjoying fully both father and daughter looking so cute..

Don’t kiara I’ll give you bath she said and off her clothes..

you take bath in side she added and pointing her head towards bathtub..😛twinkle giggles.

Huhu pidhi badi channt hai😏😏he murmured and went and off the water tap.

Ahah kiara screaming.

Kunjjj why you becoming kid like her twinkle said.

Acha I become look at her she doing over first she behind you what about papu before she can’t stay without me one second now see her just mumma mumma my foot😏he said and sounding so funny.

Kiara throwing water here and there with mug.

Kunj and twinkle laughs out to see her fully..

She about to slip Kunj hold her in his arms.

My angry duck acha okay you take bath with me na like before our special dance Kunj said.

Huhu Kiara katti😏😒she said.

But I’m batti kissed on her cheek from behind he said.

Kunj on the shower tap water started showering on them twinkle chuckled.

Mumma you too dance with me and papu Kiara said.

Na you father and daughter enjoy I’m going twinkle added.

Nooo she said and hold twinkle duppta.

She making faces twinkle don’t have any other option Kunj on the music and Kunj and kiara dancing twinkle watching them get so happy.Kiara making faces which make them laughs out fully..

papu mumma dance na she said.

Haan Kunj said and he forward her hand twinkle give her hand in Kunj hand he pulled her already they drenched in water fully twinkle looking so s*xy.they both again remember their old moments.How they fight for bathroom in morning and how sometimes Kunj become hell naughty and he didn’t let her go out of the washroom and his mantra save the water and save the time 😹..

their eyes shinning fully slightly they dancing and lost in each other’s like always..

their love is so strong when they are close forget the world and just remember their love and they.water slipping on twinkle lips Kunj caress her cheeks he looking at her lips and twinkle understand his intentions.She nodded in no.Kiara using shampoo on her hairs which went in her eyes and she started crying twinkle and Kunj come in sense and see Kaira shocked😂.

This girls na they sit down baby why you doing this all Haan twinkle said.

Dadi hai sab ki so zidhi she is Kunj murmured.

Mumma my eyes she said.

Wait twinkle take water and wash her eyes carefully.She even wash her hairs.

Bas now you dance lott twinkle said give her bath.

Mumma give papu too bath she said twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s 🤪.

Papu take itself you come with me even wet me as well fully she said and warped her in towel went in room.She place her on bed and changed her clothes. She wear saree and take out Kunj and kiara clothes she went near Kaira and started her dressed up meanwhile Kunj come out of the washroom.

Duck my time wasted huh Kunj said.

Think before messing with my baby twinkle said.

I understand you teaching her na this all because you are master in for washroom fight😒he added.

Very lame she said and dressed up her fully.

My baby looking so cut twinkle added and kissed on her cheeks.Where you going Haan twinkle asked?

Let me see Rambo if he wake up or not she said.

Acha go but care full twinkle said and she nodded in yes and  cuddles her pooh and went downstairs.Twinkle went and get ready again Kunj see her mesmerised to see her in saree 

She went near him and give him his tie and other things.

Next time don’t went like last night Kunj said she fixing his collar acha you too don’t said anything she said..

how karan come there Kunj said twinkle look at him.

How would I know Kunj she said.

I think your father send him for you after all he is his first choice for his princess he said.

I don’t know she said.

By the way why you leave Taneja office tell me he asked.

I already told you again because i don’t wanted to do any work now she said.

But why he said.

Because I wanted to spend my time Kiara who will look for her she added.

Acha twinkle for Kaira but if you remember she grown up without you and you care everyone is here for her he said.

I know don’t taunting me she added.He tucked her hairs.

When you hate why you coming closer to me she said and jerk his hand.

Kunj slightly giggles acha i toh coming but why you didn’t stop me you can’t resist my touch he said.

Huhu she said and turned.

They both went downstairs together everyone having their breakfast anupriya see them and get so happy..

they went and take their respective seats..

good morning Kunj bhai Gauri said.

Good morning Gauri Kunj replies her..

Kiara come have your breakfast Kunj called her.

No I’m full she said and playing with Rambo.

Naughty head she is Omkara said.

Becoming more and more day by day Kunj said.

Why you are the one who supporting her Omkara said twinkle slightly giggles.

Because today she and he fight for washroom 😂twinkle said. All like what and twinkle tell them everything they laughing fully.

She is your daughter after all Kunj Omkara said.

Huhu Kunj murmured and finished his breakfast.

Chale Rudra Kunj said.

Where he asked.

I’ll tell you where toh he said and show him his eyes he understands and immediately get up.

Go rudra and best of luck Omkara said while giggling.

Bye dadi Kunj said and went in living see kiara happily playing he smiled and Kunj cupped her face and pecking on her lip and cheeks and went rudra too come.Both brother leave for office.

They reached and went in cabin Kunj introduce each and everyone with Rudra and tell his pa teach him all things and give him work he will check each and everything..

Kunj and ru sitting together.

What happened mr Taneja haan he said.

Nothing Mr Sarna soon our project going to end ? He said.

I know so soon successfully he added.

Hmm I’m ready to give your money back you give my daughter me he said.

Acha 😂do you think I’m mad haan do this kind of deal somewhere else not with me and she will stay with me rest of her life by hook or by crook.I wasn’t born yesterdaymr ram Taneja he said..

half work is one in our project mr rt we have lott time together and I’m enjoying every bit of it father in law he added.. rt just giving death glares nothing else there yuvi come with files..

Kunj this all file which you wanted each and every details in this yuvi said.

Thanks yuvi he said and take the file..

good work I like it but what about your own projects haan I think mr ram you should pay attention on your company we all are here for this project and I heard that you and mr Raj Khanna break the deal your dream come true project he said and rt boiling like anything.yuvi see rt face expression and giggling.Because he knows Kunj pressing his father weak nerves..

I think mr Kunj you should in your limits don’t worried about my company in the Ram Taneja who ruling on this business world since birth and you are greenhorn he said and Kunj look at him.Kunj get up and wear his shades.

Well now time has changed In today’s age a king’s son isn’t going to become the king instead the one who deserves will become the king he added..

Bye he murmured and went from there and leave rt in shocked.

He said right absolutely papa yuvi stated.

Shut up toady of his he said and went in side.

I think less than you papa 👅yuvi murmured.

He too went in his cabin..

Kunj get busy in meetings back to back.

Rahul and abeer called yuvi and Kunj in lounge room.They both sitting yuvi and Kunj come.

Why you both called us here they asked together?

Arey we call you here let’s have lunch together na abeer said.

Ho nice Kunj added and take seat beside Rahul yuvi too come.Mehar come with rosy.

She served them.

Smell coming great Kunj said.

Where is kiara Mehar asked.

She is at home Kunj said.

Why you didn’t bring her Mehar said.

After his wife twinkle he didn’t bring her hain Kunj Rahul said with smirk. They slightly giggles.

She itself not coming busy with Rambo and twinkle Kunj said.

Haan after all she get true mother who loving her so much before toh she can’t stay without Kunj after twinkle she forgot her papu😝Gauri telling Anjali Rahul said.

Acha twinkle she leave job as well good abeer added Kunj and yuvi look at each other’s.

Arey didn’t you see even Kunj coming office less yesterday he take leave Rahul said they laughs out.

Very lame I don’t have much work even everyone went in function that’s why you think about yourself jija ji😏He Said and having lunch..

Ahahahha kunj I know you perfectly Rahul said.

But I know him more than himself yuvi said and Kunj look at him both laughs out..

really Rahul said.

Because we are bro chaddi buddies Kunj added and they smiled and enjoying the lunch..

Kunj uncle send kiara my home we will play together rosy said.

Okay baby I’ll Kunj said and kissed on her forehead.after lunch complete Kunj and yuvi slightly teased Mehak she just laughing than they all have dessert from Kunj side and Mehar and rosy went back while they get busy in work again..

Kunj working and thinking about twinkle.

Thanks to babaji she is fine last night toh she scared me totally..

At sarna [email protected]

They had their lunch and dadi went in her room while Gauri went to hospital for some work and tej sitting with Manohar both talking about here and there.while twinkle folding clothes and kiara drawing.Kunj called Rudra and scold him and he just giggling Rahul and abeer as well.

Jiju see bhai he behind me now rudra said.

My poor baby brother in law😂Rahul added.

Chal now all work finished you come with me rudra Kunj said.

Guys today me and Mehar planned dinner at our place so inviting you all abeer said.

Great I’m ready yuvi added.

Kunjj please don’t say no you have to come even Ria and purab too coming after their marriage abeer said.

Okay I’ll come Kunj said and they get happy..

They all warped their all things and left for their respective place.

Kunj and Rudra coming together and Kunj scolding him fully he just making faces.

By the time they reached and went inside and sits in living room and found Manohar and tej.

What happened my champ Manohar asked.

Huhu chote papa bhai is too much Rudra pop off and resting his Forehead on Manohar should he caressing his hairs.

Acha today he make you work hard tej said.

No you know your son how lazy he is Kunj added he too resting his head on tej head..

Good Rudra work hard like your brother but one thing keep in your mind no matter how powerful you are and you have money never showed this to anyone and misused this I teach Kunj and now you too tej said.

Hell true papa but in this world many of living who just give importance to money and their power Kunj said.

Not from now Kunj so what we can’t changed them but at least keep a example in front of them he said.

Bhai saab is right Manohar added.

Where is my doll so peace today Kunj asked.

I’m thinking let’s send her boarding school than whole day peace and peace Rudra said Kunj take cushion and throw at Rudra face.

Don’t dare to take my baby name samja he Said and looking here and there for kiara I’ll see my doll be added.

Haan go Rudra said and hide his face behind Manohar back.

Cur saale he murmured and went upstairs.

He entered In room whilescabbing his hairs.

Kunj went towards couch and sit next to twinkle and see her who folding clothes and kiara sitting on floor and doing something in drawing book.Twinkle gaze went on him.

Aha you come today so soon she asked?

Hmm hell tired 😑I’m He Said while loosing his tie..

Hmm she Hummed.

What my doll doing Kunj said and kiara engrossed in drawing she itself don’t know what she making..

Kiara papu come Kunj called her.

Don’t know what she doing just busy in this drawing book twinkle said.

Acha she have her lunch Kunj asked.

Long back twinkle said. Finally kiara done with her drawing and raise her face and see Kunj come she get happy and get up and went towards him.

Papu I have something she said.

What Kunj asked.

See this she said and show him drawing book.As soon as Kunj see he giggled twinkle too see she smiled.

What happened papu why you giggling haan she said.

Baby what is this Haan he said.

This I made our family me and you or Twinki mumma said and twinkle pulled her near herself. Aww it’s so beautiful twinkle said. Kiara looking at Kunj who still giggling.

Papu huhu you are bad she said.

Arey doll you make my hairs so big see papu is so handsome and hot Twinki mumma you make exactly same to same he said.

Acha don’t fly I had some and all huhu you make him perfectly more than himself Kunj Sarna twinkle said.

Love you Twinki mumma you are best papu huhu she said nuzzles her face in twinkle embrace.Kunj shifted near Twinkle..

Aww I’m sorry I’m just kidding my baby he said and pulled her himself she giggles. Kunj take her In his lap..he cupped her face and bite her cheek.

Ahah again mumma she screamed twinkle hit on his arms.

Who bite like this twinkle said.

Acha should I bite you 😝he added. She blushed and kissed on Kiara chin.

Mumma I’m hungry she said.

Acha okay I’ll bring something for you and you go and get freshen up Kunj she said.

Haan im hell tired 😓he said. Twinkle get up and went downstairs.

She come down and asked Manohar and tej what they wanted tej tell her he wanna have snacks she smiled and tell him she will bring. She went in kitchen and making healthy food for Kaira quick one and in side making coffee as well servant preparing for snacks.

Meanwhile Rudra entered in kitchen.

Heyy bhab😛he said.

Hi Rudra how’s your first she asked.

Hell bad how people working in office boring eww 😷I’m stuck here he said making face.

I know my dear devar ji what you wanted she asked.

Whatever you have he replied..

Twinkle smiled and Make snacks quickly and give to Rudra and send for father in law with servant.they smiled and twinkle take for Kunj and Kaira.

In room.Kunj and kiara scattered all folded clothes everywhere and both tickling each other’s and  laughing twinkle entered in room and see the clean room condition like veggie market..😳

What is this Haan she said. Kunj and kiara looks at twinkle both chucked and making puppy faces she went towards bed.

Who did this she asked.

Mumma papu kiara said.

Liar 🤥first she Kunj added.

Huhu you both father and daughter same to same huhu again I have to fold them she said and sits.

Smell yummy kiara said making temping faces.

Twinkle give Kunj his coffee and snacks plate.

I’ll feed you twinkle said to Kaira.

So hot she said.

That’s why come to mumma twinkle said. She sit in her lap.she feeding her nicely.

Kunj too enjoying snacks..

very much tasty he said She smiled..

even mine too Kaira said and Kunj admire her even notice she having food properly before she teasing Kunj lot but now she enjoying her healthy food.How and why?

What this siyappa queen put in Kiara food she having with same excitement for chocolate 😛again siyappa queen Cast a spell on my baby too😩he murmured

Bas I’m full kiara said.

Okay my baby good twinkle said and wiped her face..

twinkle get up again clean whole room and give all clothes in wardrobe back..

I’m going to dadu she said.

Okay Kunj said and she went downstairs. Twinkle take out his clothes and keep in side Kunj looking at her only..

she still looking best in saree he murmured.

After sometimes whole family sitting in garden chit chatting with each other’s.

Let’s go for dinner out Gauri said.

Haan I forgot to informed you all one thing he said.

What anupriya asked?

Woh dadi abeer kept get together so tonight he invited us for dinner at his place Kunj added.

Cool 😎Rudra said.

Gauri and twinkle take gift for rosy and Mehar anupriya said and they both nodded in yes.Kiara playing with sand.Twinkle went towards her.

You duckling get up how many times I’ll give you bath haan than you will catch cold she said and hold her hands and clean her hands fully. Everyone see this and smiled.

From anywhere, it doesn’t seem like she is kiara step mother Manohar said.

Haan papa whole day twinkle running

Behind kiara Omkara said.

Sometimes toh Gauri get jealous as well he added and giggles all looked at Gauri who still making puppy faces.

Really Usha said.

Haan sometimes see after twinkle kiara stay here before you she needs Kunj bhai now in few days only she wanted twinkle after Kunj bhai Gauri said and Kunj see and he too feel this his Kiara before she didn’t let him go he have to take her with himself at any cost after twinkle really she leave his palu and get behind twinkle.

Even I too jealous Gauri Kunj said and making puppy faces like her all giggles..

Bichare Omkara murmured.While dadi get hell happy she wanted twinkle come back and anyhow she again entered in Kunj life and she think after kiara things again sort out in between twinkle and Kunj..

no doubt twinkle leave even Kunj too she just giving her baby all love which she didn’t give her in this years because of her own reason and abdication..

Aha Twinki mumma she said.

Kunj is right you become screaming beauty come with me she said and lift her in her arms and went from there.

I’m very much happy our kiara get Mother like twinkle not like her birth mother tara tej added and Kunj and anupriya dadi mouth fell off..

Twinkle entered in room with Kaira she making faces.

You know what Kaira you are same like sadu twinkle murmured just than Kunj entered in room.

Why you scolding my duck he said and having apple from side table basket.

Acha I’m scolding her first look at her she totally like you huhu she added and take her in bathroom and giving her bath.

Now from day I’ll give you bath don’t know what father and daughter did with water just waste of water before toh he is like save the water and time she said and give her bath quickly Kiara quiet..they come back in room and twinkle making her wear clothes.

What did you said save the time and water Kunj said.

Yes it’s your mantra na she added.

Still 😛do you wanna join me Than I’ll apply this he said and went near her back he backhugged twinkle push him with her elbow..

ouch siyappa queen he said.

Yes stay away from me and I know your tricks she said.

Go and get ready we will get late for dinner Kunj said.

I’ll see myself you think about yourself she said.

I’m already ready not like you who give 1 hour in make up he said and lift Kiara.

Don’t take her in garden Kunj place she said.

Okay he said and both went downstairs.

Everyone went in their rooms to get ready while Kunj and Kiara playing with Rambo more both teasing him and Kunj pulling his tale and give him name of brother in law👅.

Other hand yuvi tell abeer even called Avni and tell him she is angry with him so she is at her mother place so he didn’t told her about his family and others. Abeer tell him he will handle.

At night @

Everyone come downstairs only twinkle not come.

Where is bhabhi Rudra said.

This girl take this much time only since start don’t know why Kunj said and looked at him.

Other feel strange they never heard anything about tara from Kunj mouth even now too..

twinkle come downstairs looking stunning in dark green Indian dress. Kunj lost

Wow Rudra said.

Twinkle come down with Kaira shoes.

Twinki looking hot Kaira said.

Thanks she added.

Kaira don’t call now Twinki just mumma tej said.

Why Dadu she asked?

She is your mother na who call mother with name tej said.

Okay mumma she said.all smiled They all moved outside wait Kiara twinkle said and sit down making her wear shoes.Rudra take all elders only Omkara and Gauri waiting for twinkle and Kunj.

Now perfect she said.

They went outside and Kunj bring his car.

Omkara about to sit beside Kunj Gauri stop him and gestured him he understands.

Twinkle you sit with Kunj bhai Gauri said.

But it’s okay she said.

No I’ll sit with my wifey he said and hold her hand..

come fast guys Kunj said while giving horn..

Twinkle sit beside Kunj with Kaira and Omkara or Gauri at backseat.. Kunj start the car and drive off..

At abeer [email protected]

Mehar set everything and rosy was waiting

for kiara like anything.Neelam and Amit( abeer mother and father).just than Avni come.

Wow finally Avni come Mehar said and went near her immediately hugged her.

How’s you Avni she said.

I’m all good avni said.Just than Ria and Purab come downstairs Avni smiles and meet with them she sit they teasing Ria and Purab abeer too come and get happy ping yuvi Avni come..

MAA lets go na yuvi called leela and mahi come downstairs.

Coming puttar leela said.

Let’s go bhai mahi added.

Papa don’t be Said yuvi said.

You all go I’m okay here rt added.

Why papa Amit uncle call me that bring rt as well so please come they are our relative even business partners as well yuvi said.

Okay rt said and they went out side and went.

Kunj driving the car kiara blabbering this and that.

Papu where we going haan she said?

Rosy house Kunj said..

acha why haan she asked.

For dinner twinkle said..

acha she said and give smile rest her head on twinkle chest.

Taneja’s reached and went inside Avni see them and get surprised making faces abeer hide his face. They greet with each other’s and Leela and mahi meet with Avni and even scold her why she went for so many days at her mother place she didn’t said anything.

I’m happy everyone come Mehar said.

Haan family dinner is best Neelam said.

Haan true leela added they settled down..

Sarnas reached together only elders come out of the car Gauri and Omkara and others too.They went inside while twinkle waiting for Kunj. He parking the car..

They went inside as soon as see them they all smiled and meet with them rt hold his head.

Thanks for coming Amit said.

Why thanks for this tej said they smiled and sit..

where is Kunj abeer asked.

He is coming with his lovely wifey Omkara said they giggles.

Kunj parked the car and come.Why you both standing here Kunj asked.

Your daughter waiting for Sadu papu twinkle said.

Huhu Kunj said lift her in his arms and they went inside.

Twinkle and Kunj coming everyone see them they looking so good together with their baby.leela get hell happy and smiling like anything. They went towards everyone twinkle see her family and get happy like anything even they too..

Finally the Kunj Sarna come at my

Place abeer said.

Bass shut up he said.And take seat beside yuvi.Twinkle looking at her mother but she remembered Kunj words and didn’t went near her family just sit beside Gauri..

Come Kiara rosy said.

Haan she said went with her.

Where is Rahul he didn’t come Kunj


I’m here saale Rahul said everyone see him he is coming with his father and wife.everyone see them and smiled and they come and greet with each and everyone.

Heyy twinkle how’s you Anjali asked.

I’m fine di she said and give her smiles..

Servant bring welcome drink Mimosa and give each and everyone they all enjoying.

How’s you Ria haa now leela asked.

I’m absolutely fine Ria replies..

Twinkle looking at leela even she too both were dying to hug each other’s.Kunj see this.

Ladies sit in side all men’s sitting and again talking about their business 🙄

I’m surprised our project finishing so soon amit said.

Haan after all each and everything planned by my Kunj Vikram said all smile.

Where is kiara Gauri Anjali asked?

She is with rosy Gauri said.avni and mahi sit beside twinkle.

How’s your honeymoon Ria Anjali asked..😝

She blushed first. Good Anjali bhabhi she said while blushing..

aww why this much blushing Mehar added and teased her fully.

Arey twinkle whatever happened so suddenly.anupriya and Neelam or leela get busy in their talks.

Even you and Kunj too go for honeymoon Ria said and twinkle look at her don’t know what to say..

yeah idea was great Anjali said.

Our Kunj bhai toh leave office now spending time with twinkle don’t you think dadi it’s good after twinkle Kunj bhai staying at home more than office Gauri stated all giggles.

Leela look at twinkle who looking so beautiful again happiness entered in her life and she can see in her eyes she is really happy.

Dadi Ria is absolutely right we should send twinkle and Kunj for honeymoon Anjali said and anupriya looking at twinkle.

No twinkle said.

Our company shares going great Vikram said.

Haan papa Rahul added.

What about yours recently your shares not going good in share market rt ji amit said.

So what my shares not likes yours na people take time before buying he said very proudly.

We have Kunj in our company he has lott of knowledge and techies for business Vikram said.

But I don’t think so I’m in this field since 40 years everyone come and go it’s all about luck rt said.

I don’t think so mr Taneja Years and lucks not matter it’s all about hard work give your best and be honest and down to earth no matter where you are and what you having never forgot your roots than Move Up in the World he said.

Tej I’m surprise he is your son only what you teach Vikram said.

Well I didn’t teach him very much just few words I toh not with them when I can give them good advice and upbringing with time and my mother teach them whatever they are he said.

May my father doesn’t have luxurious life for us but he teach us one thing whatever you have it’s yours and you are not small in front of anyone. Money is not everything unlike others Bang for Your Buck he added and winked at rt yuvi giggling slightly.

Chalo we talk enough let’s have dinner everyone neelam said.. Mehar get up.

I’ll arrange dinner she said.

I’ll help you Gauri and Anjali said and she smiled trio went towards dinning table with the help of servant sett everything on dinning table.

Twinkle looking for kiara leela come near her.

Twinkle Kya Hua beta how’s you she said.

I’m fine in low voice Kunj come there and see twinkle with leela..

Haww I understand Kunj didn’t allowing you talking with us it’s okay beta and tell Kunj I’m happy you Both are together she said.

I didn’t stop her with you and mahi he said.

Leave this all twinkle beta you can talk with everyone anupriya said and Kunj giving her look.

I’m your grand mother get it she said and Kunj bow down his head.Anupriya caress twinkle hairs.

Because of this small issues relationship never breaks down who try to do this he is mad if he is my Kunj or someone else she said.

Mehar called everyone for dinner they all went towards dinning table.

Twinkle sit Mehar said.

Haan woh kiara she said.

Arey they both engrossed in games now leave about them Mehar said.

Hmm she Hummed and take seat beside mahi servant served them and they all enjoying the food.yuvi looking at avni while she didn’t give him a look..

Rt uncle we should give that project to Kunj we can’t complete on time abeer said and rt look at him.

Haan Kunj you take over that project rt was doing with Khanna’s but they break the deal he approach me for partnership vikram said.

Hoo but I am not interested in stepping into someone else’s shoes Kunj said all understands.

While playing rosy and kiara fight with each other’s and rosy was elder than kiara even strong as well in comparison of her. She pulling her hairs kiara was not less but she started crying.

I’ll tell my mumma about you she said and come outside while crying.!rosy too come while crying.They went towards dinning table as soon as they heard their crying sound abeer and Kunj hold their heads because their dolls ended up with fight. Twinkle leave her food and Kiara come towards her.

Mumma😭😭she crying.

What happened to you haa.Why are you crying without taking a breath she said.

She pulled my hairs kiara said and twinkle look at rosy.

No Twinki aunty first she start rosy added.

You both always fight why you come to me rosy Mehar said.Twinkle take Kaira on her lap.

Now don’t cry shh she said and wiped her tears.Kiara cuddles twinkle slightly sobbing.

Rt see twinkle.

He try his level best to separate Kunj and kiara to twinkle but when god is with you no one can separate you and only happened what god written in your destiny that’s it..

Acha Kiara have dinner she I kept cake for you Mehar said.She waving her hand in no.

She will have later I feed her before coming here twinkle said.Kunj admires twinkle fully.

They finished dinner happily again everyone sit and having dessert kiara didn’t leave twinkle.

She doze off in her arms only.Twinkle caressing her hairs.

Mumma twinkle aunty forgot me huhu rosy murmured.

Haha😝now she have her baby na that’s why Mehar said.

Kiara forgot us as well after twinkle Gauri said.

Acha you talk with Avni or not yuvi Kunj asked.

Kaha yaar she is hell angry with me I don’t know how I pacify her he said.

Don’t worry try your best Kunj added..

She toh slept mahi said.

Haan now whole night dance on our heads twinkle said with a giggle.

It’s so beautiful twinkle how nicely you handle her more than Kunj I must say Anjali said.Before when she is so small ahah take whole house on her head each and everyone behind Kaira haina dadi she nodded in yes after she is our baby boss😂Anjali said.

Now twinkle is Kunj boss Rahul said Kunj rolling his eyed.

Now let’s go rt said everyone get up.

Thanks for amazing dinner everyone said.

They meet with each other’s.

Twinkle beta give my doll to me tej Said and give Kaira to tej.

Don’t know when I get grand kid Vikram said.

Acha don’t be sad👅tej said and both giggles.

Bye Maa take care of yourself twinkle said.

You too leela added.They all went outside.

Avni about to go yuvi gestured to leela.

Avni beta come with us I have some important work with you leela said.

MAA I’ll come tomorrow she said.

Even I have work with you right now yuvi said and hold her hand..

they all sit in their respective cars and drove off..

At sarna [email protected]

They reached and everyone went inside Kunj take Kiara in his arms they all goodnight each other’s and went in their rooms.

Twinkle and Kunj Entered in room.

Twinkle already keep their night wears on bed.

Give her to me twinkle said and Kunj give kiara to twinkle.

She slept without having anything Kunj said.

I itself didn’t force her there for food because you know I already feed her something before going now she sleep when she will wake up I’ll feed her don’t worry she said.

I’m surprised you thinking too much about my baby Kunj said while arching his eye brow..

Very lame she is my daughter as well she said and opening her small pony..

Kunj remove his watch and offing his shoes.

I’m happy you following my rules very nicely Kunj said and twinkle give him look.

Very bad Kunj I toh following each and everything just you only she said.

He went near bed and take night suits that I know that’s why I bring you back in my life he said while pecking her lips.He went in washroom..

Sadu Sarna she macrology..

Twinkle changed kiara dress and made her wear her night dress.She itself changed her dress as well meanwhile Kunj come after


They come and laid down twinkle applying ointment on Kaira face and hands having mosquitoes bites redness.

I should give her medicine Kunj said.

She will wake up Kunj twinkle added.

So what after medicine again she will sleep na Kunj said.

Don’t you sleep I’ll give her whenever she will wake up Kunj she added.

Acha you are a sleeping beauty if you didn’t wake up and my baby will crying he stated .

Acha bachu last night you didn’t wake up only I wake up you were toh sleeping twinkle wake up please now saying this all huhu she said in his tone.

Woh toh I just because I wanted you wake up whole she chanting your name huhu😏he murmured.

You all get jealous with me and our bond 🤨she added.

Siyappa queen he said.

Now don’t make noise shh she said and covered kiara with blanket and kissed on her forehead.

Kya Hua aaj kal diary nahi likhti ho he asked. She look at him.

Nah I leave this habits she added.

Cool 😎he said and kissed on kiara cheeks.

Good night bacha he murmured..

Ahah kiara blabbered in sleep.

Shhh🤫sleep baby she said and cuddles.

Kunj off the lights and playing game in his phone after sometimes later twinkle and Kunj sleeps..

At morning..

twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully along with kiara.

Kiara wake up first and started crying she get up and looking at twinkle and Kunj. Mumma and papu she calling them.

Twinkle and Kunj wake up and look at kiara they immediately wake up.

What happened baby twinkle asked.

Mumma bhuki she said pout.

Aww acha come with me she said Kunj lift her in his arms.They went downstairs and nobody wake up till now..

Twinkle and Kunj went in kitchen..

I’ll make something for her twinkle said.

Hmm you do I’ll come Kunj said and take her in Washroom brushing her teeth..

while twinkle making healthy pancakes for Kaira.

Kunj come with Kaira and wiped her face Kunj make her sit on kitchen slab..

What you making it Kunj asked.

Can’t you see sadu twinkle said.

I can see siyappa queen he added.

Offo mumma and papu you both always fight huhu why dadu said he and dadi didn’t fight with each other’s she said.

Because your papu not like dadu she said and went near her.

Now let’s have breakfast you didn’t have anything from last night my bacha she said and feeding her kiara having happily she is really hungry Kunj get happy to see relief on kiara face.Kunj too feed her both twinkle and Kunj feed kiara and she finished the breakfast.Kunj prepared coffee for them.He take and they went in room back.

They sit on bed cuddles Kiara.

Chalo it’s medicine fine Kunj said.

No Papu don’t have me bitter medicine please she said

Baby take you will get fine soon twinkle said.

And Kunj bring Kaira nodding in no Kunj hold her hand and he feed her forcefully she started crying twinkle made her drink water she get angry with Kunj and resting her head on twinkle chest.they both enjoying coffee. Kiara lets go office Kunj asked.

I don’t want to go anywhere I’ll stay with my mumma she said and kissed on twinkle cheek.

Huhu naughty girl wait I’ll send you play school Kunj said and she cuddled twinkle more in fear. Twinkle gestured Kunj

In no.

Acha don’t be scared we will not go anywhere now toh my baby is lil na we will go after sometimes twinkle said.

You spoiling my duck Kunj said.

As if you are very good twinkle said they both teasing each other’s after they get freshen up.

Kiara went downstairs while twinkle closing Kunj shirt buttons he teasing her she didn’t said anything.After they went downstairs had breakfast with whole family.Tej look at twinkle and Kunj and thinking something.

Kunj is absolutely happy with twinkle I didn’t find any pain at Kunj face I mean she love tara than twinkle and he is so normal as if they both loving each other’s from start..

He leave his thoughts aside and went from there.

Okay bye dadi Kunj said and gestured twinkle as well she making faces.Gauri and Omkara laughs out.Rudra and Kunj

Left for office.

At Taneja mansion.

Avni I’m sorry please I don’t wanted to say those things but you know I can’t control on my cool he said.

Acha yuvi didn’t you see twinkle and Kunj how happily they living together with Their happy here you blaming me for each and everything why you hurt me fully yuvi Avni said and while having tears in her eyes..

There leela come and see yuvi and Avni.

What happened beta why you crying leela asked.

Nothing Maa even I’m done with you yuvi if I know from start you give more important to your friendship than I wouldn’t marry you I’m not wrong and I never wanted bad of twinkle and Kunj yuvi she added and went from there.

Avniiii listen to me please yuvi called her but she already left.

Yuvi puttar don’t be disheartened everything will be sort Out between you and Kunj just faith on babaji like Kunj and twinkle see Kunj dadi try her level best and try to mend their relationship back like before didn’t you see kiara with twinkle from anywhere you feel she didn’t stay with her mother till now she attached with twinkle like anything yuvi puttar leela said.

I know Maa I wish he added and left for office..

Twinkle and Gauri went to market due to some work and take Kiara with them as well.

At office they all busy in their respective work Kunj checking his company all files and called his team and tell them finished all work before month ending.. other hand rt was hell worried his company financial stage not good after Kunj help as well.

At [email protected]

Leela come gurudwara with Mahi and anupriya as well. They went and helping in langar they both see each other’s get happy.

Anupriya ji aap yeha leela said.

Arey leela ji good to see you here I wanted to talk to good you meet me here only anupriya said.

Acha even me too she added.They both went in side and sits on floor mahi bring tea for them and give leela and anupriya and sit beside leela.

Where is twinkle leela asked?

She and Gauri went for shopping out and kiara too went now she leave Kunj behind twinkle anupriya added and they giggles.

I’m so happy to see twinkle and kiara together leela said.

Even I’m too she giving kiara all mother love and even Kunj too improving him I know he is because of me but I know one day everything sort out between them and they are like before madly in love with each other’s anupriya said.

Haan but I’m worried about Avni and yuvi after twinkle and Kunj their relationship too not like before everything scattered in their life’s too. Leela tell anupriya each and everything about Kunj anupriya try to know about twinkle and Kunj what actually happened that night leela just tell Same thing which twinkle and Kunj already told her after leela can’t disclosed the truth behind twinkle each words and act because she twinkle give her swear she never ever disclosed this..

I feel bad I’m cursing that night why that night come in our kids life and scattered everything.Don’t worry leela ji avni and yuvi will be like before I know yuvi he is for me like my Kunj anupriya said.

I know yuvi tell me about you and family lott Kunj is toh my son I too pray nothing happened in their life’s leela added.

Haan dadi babaji jaldi se sab kuch theek kar de twinkle di and Kunj jiju again like before even Avni bhabhi or bhai as well mahi said.

What we will do that bring four of them again together leela said.

Haan Yuvi and Kunj understand each other’s and we will do something for sure just than something click in anupriya mind.

Idea she said.

What leela asked.

Arey what you all kids said honeymoon na anupriya said.

What dadii mahi asked.

Arey I mean if we will send them for holidays there only they are with kiara they can spend time together and in this all they come together what say amazing holiday for them anupriya said leela and mahi look at each other face than anupriya.

Wow Dadi awesome 🙈mahi added.

Haan you are right anupriya ji if they went from there for some days they feel good even spend time with each other’s as well well I’m happy and how we will convince them I can yuvi but Avni too tough leela said.

This you leave on me I know how to control Kunj and twinkle anupriya added and they giggles.

Gauri and twinkle finished work than they went for shopping.

Mumma I’m tired kiara said.

I told you bacha stay home I’ll bring everything for you there now see she said and lift her in her arms. Gauri get Omkara call.. she received his call.

Yes I’m bolo she said.

Acha Gauri where are you I need your help in operation right now omkara said.

Acha I come for shopping with twinkle okay I’ll come hospital in sometime she said.

Okay I’m waiting for you omkara added.

They ended the call.

What happened twinkle asked.

Nothing Twinkle Bhabhi woh omkara need my help in operation so I have to go hospital she said.

Acha than you go Gauri fast she said.

But you and Kaira she said.

You leave about us you go I’ll manage and go home she said.

Thanks bhabhi Gauri said and bid bye went from there with driver while twinkle come out of the mall.

Mumma papu she said.

Acha now you want papu hmm office is near from here even I had work let’s go meet with your papu twinkle said and take auto and went to sarna office.

They come out of the auto and went inside twinkle keep all shopping bags in side she went ahead and all greeting them Kaira making puppy faces.

Twinkle went in Kunj cabin Kunj was busy in his work they entered without knock and see Kunj Kaira screams papu.Kunj raise his eyes and found twinkle with Kaira.

You both here he said and they went head and sits.

Haan woh we come for shopping and Gauri get Omkara called and she have to go hospital than she went and we come here just she said.

Hoo good Kunj added and off the laptop..

he get up and went near twinkle and take seat beside her. What happened baby he asked Kiara.

Pain or Kya I told her already but she didn’t let me go alone twinkle said.

I know Acha Leave Kaira what you wanted to have Kunj asked.

Ice cream she said happily.

Huhu always ice cream he mimics..

Leave this all let’s go out we will have lunch together Kunj said.

You wanted to go with me for lunch twinkle said.

Haan don’t be shocked you are my legally wedded wife if you wanted should I invite sasur ji😝He Said.

Huhu no need of this. Kunj remove his blazer and lift Kiara take his car key.

Shall we he said.

Hmm twinkle Hummed and hold his blazer.

They come out of the cabin.Sara and Aman come.

Sir where are you going Aman asked.

Huhu you both don’t come with my papu now me and mumma with him kiara said

Okay boss sara added.

Nothing went me all files at home now I’m going out okay Kunj said and they nodded in yes and went downstairs Kunj bring car and twinkle keep all bags in car backseat she come and sit beside Kunj.Kunj start the car and they drove off.

Why this much shopping Kunj asked.

Your daughter I wanted this and that twinkle said.

Aww my baby can take anything Kunj said and kiara chuckled kissed on his cheeks and didn’t let him drive properly.

Kiara sit in mamma lap see traffic police Kunj said and twinkle listen his words.. she never thought giving this much pain to Kunj still he will give her place in his life and Kaira as well she find herself blessed leela is absolutely babaji give her second chance truly..

By the time they reached a twinkle favourite restaurant Kunj see her face expression she stunned and look at him.

Don’t keep any khushfami in your mind it’s just I love here food Kunj said try to coverup.

Acha I know khushfami sadu. Kunj off the seat belt about to come out of the car kiara looking outside twinkle cupped Kunj face and peck at his lips quickly and come down of the car with Kaira Kunj stunned and look at her than touch his lips shy smile appears on their face he too come out of the car.

Let’s go inside Kunj said and hold her hand they went inside Kunj already book table for them manager come and greet them they went towards their table and settled down.

I come after long here twinkle said.

Acha didn’t come here with your karan after me Kunj said..😏

Huhu don’t taunt samje she said.

Leave this now we come here for lunch so be a good wife Kunj said.

Even you too good husband she said and making pouty lips. Kunj winked at her and he too quickly pecking at her lips and take menu card.

Tit for tat Kunj murmured. Twinkle blushed.

Acha what you will have Kunj asked.

What you wanted Kunj twinkle said. Kunj called waiter he Come Kunj give Oder and twinkle get happy he remember each and everything. Soft drinks comes.

I’ll drink Kiara said about to hold glass.

Baby I’ll make you twinkle said and help her she drinking happily.

Pagal Kunj murmured and caress her hairs.

Mumma you too she offer him.

Okay twinkle said and drink with same straw even Kunj too cherishing their moments.

Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present..

Sir food waiter said and he keep everything on table twinkle see her favourite things most important pani puri.

Aww pani puri she said with all excitement after long time.

Haan i know you will demanded and my baby as well after see you and I don’t want she have anything unhealthy it’s okay for us but not for her health now you can enjoy bake pani puri😂He Said.

Whatever is it I’m going to loving it every 👅she added.And take pani puri near her.

Who’s favourite food is this Kaira asked.

This all favourite food of yours mumma Kunj said.

Acha Papu knows about mumma she said.

Yes very much twinkle added.She take pani puri and filled with pani puri water she making faces. She have it and making faces.

What mumma having papu Kaira asked.

Her favourite pani puri like you at chocoholic and she is pani puri😝Kunj said.

Yes duck it’s amazing wait I’ll make you have she said and slightly feed Kaira she too like.

Kunj try twinkle said and feed Kunj with her own hands others looking at them and giggles. They have pani puri.

But Kuch bhi logo road site is the best pani puri twinkle said.

Haan 😏you love pani puri more than me he said.

Hmm👅golgappa twinkle said and teased him.Than started having dinner feeding Kaira as well kiara feed twinkle and Kunj.

Happily they finished their lunch than have dessert.

@ sarna [email protected]

Everyone having their lunch.Where is twinkle and Gauri tej asked.

They went for shopping both of them didn’t come till now this girls na impossible Usha said.

Let them enjoy 😉anupriya added.They finished the lunch meanwhile Gauri and Omkara too come.And anupriya asked Gauri about twinkle and Kaira she tell her.

Maybe she went office Usha said.

Hmm anupriya nodded in yes.

Acha I planned something anupriya said.

What dadi Omkara asked.

Om you have to help me anupriya said.

First tell us dadi Gauri said.

Acha wait I and Planned why not send Kunj and twinkle for small holiday with Kaira they can spend time together and come more closer and even twinkle and Kaira as well what’s say.

You mean honeymoon Usha said.

Haha😂types of anupriya said Manohar and tej giggles to see their mother boldness.

Hoo dadi you think about me and om Gauri


Acha I’ll send you both next month now think about them anupriya said.

Idea was awesome dadi Kunj just busy in his professional life he should give time to twinkle as well omkara said.

Haan i wanted this only so you do each and everything tomorrow we will go for their holiday cam honeymoon she said and laughs out.

Okay dadi I’ll do it everything but place Omkara asked.They all thinking than tej said.

Why not we send them to Philippines place was amazing and they can enjoy there lott tej said.

Hoo papaji water😉how romantic is this Kunj bhai with bhabhi in sea Gauri said.

Bas bas puttar Usha added and cough gesturing on tej and Manohar she chuckled.

Omkara bring laptop and showing anupriya place and all things she liking and telling him

All things fixed from here only because Kunj is Kunj.

Why another room Omkara asked.

Arey leela ji wanted to send yuvi and Avni as well she said.

Acha but why tej asked.

Aise hi tej you know yuvi and Kunj is best buddies she said and change the topic Omkara doing whatever anupriya is saying at last he done each and everything..

After lunch Kunj and twinkle take Kiara in park they play with her and other babies enjoying fully than they leave for home.

Everyone having tea in garden and chit chatting with each other’s.

Kunj car come and twinkle and Kunj come out of the twinkle lift Kiara in her arms.

They see everyone sitting in garden they move towards them and they all giving them smile.

Why this smile giving me hint of something dangerous going to come out on us Kunj said.

Ache sadu lets go she said and they come to them.

Where you both went haan tej asked in stern voice Kunj and twinkle scared suddenly.

Woh we went for lunch he said.They laughs out.

Ahah Kunj you scared like this you didn’t take your wife but your girlfriend 😂😂Omkara said.

Huhu twinkle murmured. Kunj take seat beside anupriya.

Very funny Omkara what happened you all looking extremely happy Kunj said.

Haan Kunj bhai baath hi aisi hai kuch 😛Gauri said.

Acha tell me as well Twinkle asked.

Hmm I’ll tell you anupriya said.

What dadi Kunj asked.

Woh yeh hai ki I’m sending you both for honeymoon to Philippines she said and twinkle and Kunj choked.

You guys okay na Omkara said.

Haan they both said and looking at each other’s.

What is this dadi Kunj said.

What is this dadi she mimic of his you both going it’s final she said

I had work Kunj said.

Even me too twinkle said.

Acha anupriya said.

I’m not well dadi Kunj said.

Really Kunj Omkara scream 👅..

Leave Kaira with me and Omkara Gauri said. Twinkle cuddles her more tightly seen by tej.

I’ll come she get tired today lott she said and escape from there.I’m too Kunj said he run.

Why these two running like sharmeele panchi 😝Omkara said.

Twinkle entered in room and place kiara on bed and thinking about whatever dadi said down.

Ahah what is this honeymoon noo😳she said Kunj entered in room both look at each other’s.

I’ll not go anywhere Kunj said

Same here with you for honeymoon never twinkle said.

Acha ji He Said and going near twinkle get

Nervous she going in backwards while Kunj pulled her himself.

Why you get nervous don’t be i m your hot husband Kunj said

Haan don’t come closer to me she said.

Hoo Aisa hai Kya that night you didn’t said something like this by the way you your interested and take advantage of me he said

Haww🤭what advantage whatever happened between us with our will only and don’t do drama before now toh you always behind me that time you didn’t think

About this advantage of yours Kunj Sarna she said.

Hmm right but I was behind my wife na he said and caress her cheekbones she jerk his hand.

Uhh 🙄kunjj acha Than now also your wife take advantage of yours samje take chill pill she said.

Really now I wanted to take advantage of my wifey he said and winked at her..😝

Huhu she said and push him in side Kunj laughs out. Kunj sit in side couch.

I just let you torture myself because I feel petty for you at night he said.😹

What did you said tortured I really it’s you who torturing me whole night and see kiara don’t forget her time😏how wild you are and still fervour man she murmured and went in balcony.

As if she is very sati Savitri he said.

Twinkle went downstairs she get busy in dinner preparation.

Anupriya informed leela about this all and she get happy yuvi and rt come back from office Avni served them coffee leela tell everything to yuvi.

Wow But Kunj will go I mean he said.

You leave about Kunj his dadi will handle him think about your wife leela said.

So true you talk to her na Maa please even I need a holiday get tired he said with a tears.

Shh don’t be sad I’ll talk to avni you packed your things my son she said.

Yup he said and went in his room.

Avni went in her room and see yuvi packing their clothes in bag.

What is this Haan she said just then leela entered in room.

You were so fast yuvi puttar😝leela said.

Maa Avni said.

Haan avni puttar you pack your things all she said.

But why Maa she asked she went near her and leela hold avni hand.

Because you and yuvi going for holiday to Philippines she said

Whattt but why so suddenly she said.

I’m sending you both go and enjoy for some days she said.

Nahi Maa I’m happy here now nothing is left between us she said.

Who told you this acha do go with yuvi but with twinkle and Kunj or kiara leela said avni looking at her surprisingly.

Means she asked.

Haan they too going and Kunj will be happy if you go she said.

MAA what I’ll do between them please Maa avni added.

I’ll not talk you ever no one listen to me huhu she said and make puppy faces

Waha mother India yuvi murmured.

Avni looking at leela said.

Acha Maa I’ll go for you but tell yuvi I hate him she said

Me too leela added.

Really maa😩yuvi said and they giggles.

Do your packing she said and leela went downstairs. Yuvi and Avni share eye lock.

I’ll do my packing she said and went towards wardrobe yuvi get happy.

We will be like before Avni Yuvi whispered..

@At Sarna Mansion again scene come twinkle making dinner Gauri entered in kitchen and see her.

Arey why you are in kitchen go and packed your things Gauri said.

Why I’m not going anywhere twinkle said.

Arey but why Twinkle Bhabhi please don’t it’s so beautiful 😍you and Kunj bhai spend time together she said.

We can spend here too Gauri she added and went out of the kitchen.

Kunj come downstairs while whistling 😙.

Kunj you didn’t packed your things anupriya asked.

Why for what he said.

Ahah kunjj don’t anupriya said and Kunj giggles 😛.Come in my room you and twinkle she added and went from there.

Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other’s and making faces finally they went in anupriya room.

They entered in room and see her she sitting with gloomy face they went towards her

Yes dadi they said she raise her face and look at them. Twinkle coughing fakingly while Kunj holding his head.

What happened she asked.

Dadi this coughing too much twinkle said.

And this headache 🤕😏Kunj said.

I know you both very well stop your drama she said.

Dadii meri Kunj said and take seat beside her while twinkle too.

Why this new honeymoon drama dadi you know each and everything still Kunj said

Haa dadi we are okay twinkle said.

I know you both i don’t plan this for you both she said.

What than for whom? Both asked together.

For Avni and yuvi she said.

Avni and yuvi means Kunj asked.

Kunj and twinkle you both know because of your relationship even their relationship affected lott leela tell me about them their marriage fully scattered Kunj don’t you think so why they will suffer haan may you both having personal issues which was valid as per your and her thing but what about them Kunj don’t you think you both mend their relationship again like before if yuvi can break her love for his bestie can’t you go and try to sort out everything between them she said and twinkle and Kunj looked at each other’s think for while.

You are right dadi even I feel and when I know avni and yuvi relationship issues because of me and twinkle and you plan this for them great he said.

Haan dadi I’m happy as well twinkle said.

Great you both understand one of my point next what about my Kunj and twinkle didn’t you both think whatever happened in past it’s painful but can’t you forget and start a new life twinkle and Kunj she said and take their hands in hers I wanted to see my Kunj and twinkle back my Kaira get her parents love she said.

Please dadi this can’t happen you know about each and everything she break me Kunj added.

Acha I know this if you think she having true love in her eyes for you and kiara give one more chance to your marriage Kunj she said Kunj look at twinkle.

I wanted to asked you one thing you wanted mend your marriage again twinkle she said.

Twinkle look at Kunj. I know you both have lots of thing in your hearts but thing about Kaira Kunj and twinkle she needs you both not only Kunj she said.

Relationship rules first hold hands and walk together as one. Second pray together third tell the truth even if it hurts she saying while looking into twinkle eyes. Fourth keep your friends out of your relationship fifth no matter but try to understand each other’s silence and give chance each other’s she finished.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes.

I’m ready to go and mend my all mistakes and wanted to give one more chance to my marriage she said and Kunj look at her.

Take deep breath if she is ready than ever ready dadi it’s she who leave me not me Kunj said.

Tell your grand son first he will not ask me question and not bring our past than I’m ready if Not than before twinkle said.

I should give divorce he said twinkle and anupriya look at Kunj with shocking faces.

Kidding I’m giving one more chance to her because of my daughter she fond with her lott let’s see this time what destiny hold for us he said.

Than it’s final you both will go wow anupriya said and get hell happy.

I’ll see Kiara twinkle said and dadi nodded in yes she get up and went from there.

Ahah dadi again because of your doubt I marry her but she didn’t saying anything Now honeymoon 😫next you will say baby Kunj said.

Not bad 😂she said.

Huhu tell me he said.

Nothing Kunj didn’t you see twinkle she is ready to mend her marriage life again it’s means something if forced her which make her said those words apart from you she wasn’t happy now she is happy she said.

Acha ex agent Kunj said.

I know you were hell happy otherwise would behind your wifey 😝tara anupriya said Kunj chuckled.

Kya dadi aap bhi na don’t be loud if anyone heard she is tara only Than we will be big trouble tara and twinkle both if two different girls in everyone eyes he said.

Haan but both of them is one she added.

Yup Kunj said.Someone heard this.

After sometimes later anupriya tell everyone Kunj and twinkle going they all get happy and having dinner.

Mumma and papu where Kaira asked?

Philippines Kunj said.

Kiara you stay with me na please Gauri said.

Nah I’ll go with my mumma and papu she said and cuddles Kunj.

Hoo so what she said and finished the dinner.Kunj went in his room with Kaira who playing with Rambo while Kunj finishing his office work and tell his team informed everyone he will be out of the county for some days.

Twinkle and Gauri finishing kitchen chores.

You and Kunj bhai enjoy there okay and I’ll handle Kaira here she said.

She will go with us Gauri twinkle said.

Hoo what she will do there between you husband and wife I’ll asked Kunj bhai she said while get unhappy.

No if Kiara will not go I’ll too I can’t leave my baby here she stay away from me lott not anymore she murmured in her mind and talk water jug both Gauri and twinkle went in twinj room.

Heyy Kunj bhai please leave Kaira with me na Gauri said.

Acha but why Kunj asked.

Please what she will do there Gauri said.

Acha Kunj said and see twinkle expressions she getting possessive like before for him Kunj giggles slightly.

Okay she will stay here with you I’m okay Kunj said and Twinkle shocked.

Haan both get privacy she added.

Hmm Kunj hummed..

goodnight she said and went from there.

Kunj went near twinkle he pulled her cheeks.

Heyy angry bird he said.

What is this Haan why Kiara will stay here she will go with us what privacy you wanted don’t use your dirty mind Kunj sara she will go with us that’s final if not I wouldn’t go she said.

Why you getting hyper haan before she stay without you and even you also without her he said tears escaping from her eyes.

I know this now I can’t she said. Kunj get surprised to see her. Again he get confused.

Acha don’t cry she will go with us i m Just kidding he said and wiped her tears.

I can read your eyes twinkle but why you hiding from me what that I have to find out now let’s go for honeymoon 😛he think.

Come Kaira baby lets put oil in your hairs she said and Kaira come and sit twinkle started applying oil in her hairs and giving her massage.she enjoying fully.

May Kunj said and sit beside Kaira.

Sure she said after Kiara twinkle giving Kunj massage his all pain and stress soothing..

you have magic in your fingers Kunj said. Acha ji 😛twinkle added.

Yup Kunj said and after twinkle give kiara her medicine and she playing Games and laid down on bed while twinkle started doing their packing.

Take less clothes we are going for honeymoon he winked at her you understand what I mean he added😂

Shameless still she said. And packed all wester clothes of hers check Kaira things more finally she finished with packing. Twinkle went in balcony Kunj give her backhugged her.

Kya hai she said.

Nothing he said and made her turn..

Kunj caressing twinkle cheek tucked her hairs.Both looking into each other’s eyes.

Don’t break my heart this time Kunj said and hugged her she too hugging him tightly both caressing each other’s bones. Making the hug passionate.

Don’t worry Kunj everyone will pay for their deeds we suffer lott now now it’s his time


They break the hug both look into each other eyes deeply she smiled Kunj process toward her lips she closed her eyes and Clutha his T-shirt Kunj grab her lips with his. They both started kissing each other’s passionately Kunj while kissing pinned her towards side wall he get all access.both nibbling each other’s lips and twinkle open her mouth and Kunj entered exploring every bit of it.They kissing for while than break the kiss and Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck immediately and biting her fully she moaning slightly Kunj hand went toward her nighty gown robe twinkle hold his face.He bite her upper lips slightly.

kissed on her hands

Kunjj not kiara is here she said and he closed his eyes realised 👅.twinkle push him and went inside and laid down beside kiara who sleep fast because of her medicine doses. Kunj come and laid down kiara between them he making puppy faces.

Twinkle lipsing no way 🙈..

siyappa queen I romantic girl still she is he murmured.Twinkle hear and giggles both cuddles kiara.

Again happiness knock In twinkle and Kunj life lets see they will sort each and everything between them.

Rt was in his room and get call from his pa.

He was shocked after listen.

I don’t know anything how this all happening in my company find out is behind this all losses he said

Scene freezes.

( next~ twinj with kiara  or avnil in Philippines  🇵🇭together their masti and romance 😹)


Ahah guys I’m not well that’s why not post episode what to do having pain in my back shoulder like anything 😭.

And moreover even stuck in my personal life.

Sorry for wait..

how was the shot? Hope you all like and please do share your views and thanks for comments and likes..

so finally they lovers going let’s see what will happened this holiday vanished all dissonances between them and mend their relationship again like before.. 😇

Bye love you all no proof just for you all anyhow penned down..

Allahafize 😇

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  6. Anyhow I don’t like Avni because even after knowing Kunj she blamed him . Also she is a big reason for ruining Kunj twinkle and kiaras life. What uv did was absolutely right and she desrves to be punished. If she had thought one before speaking nonsense Kunj and twinkle would have been leading a happy life today also Kiera would have got her mother’s love

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