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Hey Beautiful friends , here I am back with a OS but you are gonna kill me for this because it would be the most stupid story you have ever read but still I want to know your view .
The last time for my OS you people gave me such a huge positive response which was unexpected for sure . Hope you like this one .

” Shivaye its too much and we are your brothers and still you are not sharing with us anything ” Om stood there with a frown in his forhead looking at his brother and Rudra too nodded his head . Shivaye sat there in his couch with a cup of expresso in his hand and his face says that he is caught red handed .
He tried to act like nothing happened and replied that he is not hiding anything and its their thoughts . But Rudra was not ready to give up to him and said ” bhaiya , C’mon we know you very much and dont say more lies now okay . You cant run away from your intelligent brother ….” he began boasting about himself and Om gave him a death glare and said ” shut up idiot , did you forget why we came here , tell me Shivaye what’s happening . You are always in your laptop but not working and I know that because there is no meeting now and the person who use to be always in the office is always home now and much more relaxed and all time smiling and all , something is there , isn’t it rudra ? ”
Rudra agreed and replied ” Om , its not smiling its called blushing and more I think its not something its someone ” Om couldn’t believe that his younger brother was saying something which have some sense he gave a hi-fi to Rudra and said ” Rudra , are you thinking the same as I am ? ” with that Om and Rudra started laughing and Shivaye couldn’t take it anymore and said ” stop it both of you , what are your dumb heads thinking ? I have work , I need to go ” Rudra puting his hand around Shivaye’s neck he said ” bhaiya , we know that you are in love ” shivaye’s mouth turned into a O shape and he didn’t think that he will say it so directly . He tried to cover it up but it was too late and knowing that there is no use in hiding from them he slightly nodded his head and said ” Omru , its not like what you think , I have someone in my mind but I havent even said to her and it’s all complicated ” Rudra couldn’t wait anymore to hear his bhaiya’s love story and was eager to know his billi but Om’s mind was thinking to make him confess it to the girl because it is her who changed him so much , made him smile more and at times now he used to take the lead of the family functions and many more , his trance was broke when rudra pulled him to a chair and said ” Om , bhaiya is going tell us his love story and you are thinking something else there please ask your thoughts to come after some time ” saying this he turned to Shivaye and looked at him for a long time and seeing no response from Shivaye he hit his own head and said ” god what kind of brothers you have given me , see bhaiya I m not sitting here to see your face but to hear your story . Now , tell me where did you meet my bhabhi ? ” Shivaye was so surprised and shocked as before him his brother confirmed that she is going to be his wife , giving a impossible look he slowly prepared himself because he knew he was going to get hell embarrassed now and more over his big secret is coming out too .

Shivaye : I didn’t see her till now ! And
Rudra : what bhaiya you don’t know how she looks , what if she is fat ?
Om : shut up Rudra , love is not by seeing one’s beauty it is by seeing the beauty of heart . Now shivaye then how ?
Shivaye : we texted in Internet
Rudra : so this is all about facebook right , social media boy .
Shivaye : no , well it is a website called ……
Rudra : it have pet name too for calling ?
Om : Rudra , can you shut your mouth for sometime please let him speak first
Shivaye : it is the name of the website , the name is actually is……….TELLY UPDATES .
( Om and Rudra cupping their mouth together repeated )
Om : Seriously shivaye ?
Rudra : isn’t the web site which is about tellywood like serials and all . Bhaiya , Oh my maata ( oh my god ) you started watching serials too . Only chote ma use to watch,now her heera beta too .
Om : dont tell me she is a actor or what !
Shivaye : She is a writer and her name is Anika . ( a smile appear in his face )
Om : how did you know her like if you dont watch serial ?
Shivaye : I did…only once !
Rudra : this bhaiya , I will talk about serial thing later but now tell me the story .

* A month ago *
Shivaye was too tired after so many work in office and it is midnight when he reached home . He had been always like that who leaves early morning before everyone wake up and comes after everyone sleeps . Oberio empire was his everything and he use to work hard to achieve everything and bring it into the present level but he was so tired today that he directly went to his room and fell on the bed but he was exhausted so he went and took a bath and laid down to sleep . He tossed in the bed but sleep was far away from his life . He tried to by closing his eyes but that tiredness has went away from him . He sat up and took his laptop . He checked through some news but when he got bored he started watching english music video then his eyes caught to headlines that read ISHQBAAZ promo . He simply clicked it and watched it and then he wished to know what happen so he went to hotstar and watched the latest epiode . His curiosity level increased thinking what happened before but he was not a kind of person like this and moreover he didn’t have anything to do so he searched for written update in Internet and the website which popped up first was TELLY UPDATES so he started reading and he felt like the protagonist in the story and he didnt even realize that he had finished reading all episode and it was already 4 in the early morning , he thought of Omru knowing about this and how they will pull his leg . He poured a glass of water and while drinking he scrolled down to see if there is any interesting think to read , from nowhere he had developed a interest in reading now . He found a heading name ” life has never been ”
And a photo above of a little girl . It was fanfiction story written by a girl Anika . When he finished reading he felt lump in his throat and it was a emotional one . The story is about a orphan girl who have no idea who are her parents are and how much she had gone through in life because she doesn’t have blood , lineage and surname . How much insulted she got whenever she went anywhere but she still holds her pain and tried to be bold . The author have written in the starting like this

Life has never been good to her , Life has never given any memory for that could bring a curve on her lips instead of droplets from her eyes . Life has always been hard for her and still is .
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
What is her fault in it ? Before she knows anything she had been throwed away to this house called orphanage . Do she have any control over her birth . No then , stop humiliating and insulting them just because they dont KNOW their blood , lineage and surname and respect them for the human being they are .

He was awestruck by the way she has defined it all . Her words have the power to make him guilty for the things he have done towards poor people all the time , it changed his perspective at the moment he finished reading it , he was surprised at himself for that . Then he read all her fan fiction stories which had deep thoughts and looked like she was writing about herself . The number of fans she have for her writings is many . He felt the urge to speak to her and tell her about his change then he find that he needed to register so thinking it will take time so he put his laptop aside and went to a 3 hour sleep . After that he had twice visited orphanage and had spend time with them . After a week or so he had registered account on the name ‘billu’ because he felt even though he knew his brother won’t come across thisBut still ‘Shivaye’ Is a rare name so he had come up with billu , the name his dadi calls him lovingly . He commented in her everypost and she replied to that saying that she is happy to know it . She didnt put her photo in her profile and he also didnt . After a long battle he private messaged her .
Billu : hello Anika , this message is to appreciate you for your writing skills . You should really look forward in it . You are really good in it .
( he erased it and then wrote it for 5 times and at the end he ended up saying nothing like that )
Billu : hi Anika .
( He impatiently waited for her comment and after 3 hours she replied )
Anika : hello billu , I should tell you have such a cute name billu . Thank you so much for showing love to me and my ff through your comments everyday ! Where do you live ? Well , I am in Mumbai . You know it is so busy over here .»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
[ he was shocked thinking how talkative she is , when he is finding a lot of difficult just to write a hi , she had typed a long paragraph , he didnt even want her to go on calling billu so he thought to tell his name leaving his surname for the first time in the history ]

Billu : actually my name is Shivaye , I am from Mumbai as well . I texted you to tell you that you are an amazing writer , you should look forward to it .
Anika : no , I will call you billu because it is a cute name and I am event planner and writing is my hobby . Thanks again..! Btw what are you doing ? Your age ?
Billu : please dont call like that , I am a business man and 29 years old .
Anika : so you are elder to me , I will call you billu ji with respect from now on ……..
After that they use to text each other all night and the first thing he used to do after coming home is check if there is any reply from her . He didn’t do in office thinking what if anyone see it . They became friends and one day Shivaye told her that he is Shivaye Singh Oberoi , she was all shocked but Shivaye said how he came across the website and more . He told her his change towards the orphan people too . They both felt comfortable and free talking to eachother . He used to share every little thing with her and even without knowing Anika have a picture everyone of them in Oberio mansion because Shivaye has briefly descriped everything . Shivaye wanted to see her but thought what if she take him wrong by asking her to send a picture . She had seen him because his photo is everywhere to find . They used to argue even in text and it ended up putting a name for him that is ” khanji ankhowala bhagad billa ” . Shivaye was angry but liked it whenever she said like that . Her stories were not like his , her world was filled with her little brother , champa , chameli etc .
Shivaye fell in love with her in the process but was thinking what if she turns him down or if she have a boyfriend so backed off . They were so close now and Shivaye couldn’t live without her texts and her . Anika has also said that he is important for her like a friend and has wrote a story about their friendship too without mentioning names . His thoughts were always her and even in his sleep she used to coming hiding her face in dreams everyday because she is one who he thinks when he woke up first and when he is going to sleep too.
[ Anika is same as in IB who is so selfless and helps everyone , She used to tell whole day thing to him and more . Shivaye within minutes could have find who is Anika but he wanted her own to come ]
[ Shivaye looked at his brothers now who were listening quitely without realizing that it is over ]
Shivaye : its over
Rudra : break – up happened too bhaiya
Shivaye : idiot , I said the story
Rudra : Ooh , your love story . Om and your thoughts , what are you thinking now ?
( om is lost and Rudra shake his shoulder and om looks at him with a jerk )
Om : huh…Well Shivaye , I was thinking that this is the weirdest love story I have ever heard like you know social media is common but TELLY UPDATES .
Shivaye : ikr , please stop it now .
Rudra : now , confess to her
Shivaye : what ?
Rudra : yes , bhaiya you have to tell her you do love her .
Om : but how ?
Rudra : through TELLY UPDATES only !
Om : Rudra , are they going to marry through TELLY UPDATES only , this idiot !
Rudra : ssh..I m sorry ! Well you mean face to face .
Shivaye : tomorrow its her birthday !
Om : Wow ,why don’t you do it tomorrow Shivaye ?
Shivaye : huh ?
Om : there is no better day than birthday . Make it more special to her .
Shivaye : but
Rudra : there is no ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ okay ? Now be a good boy and text her to come wherever you want to ! Let me go I have something important to do .
Om : what ?
Rudra : to check TELLY UPDATES , you know bhaiya got a girl now let me find if I have one too .
( Om and Shivaye gives him nothing can happen of him look and Om pats on Shivaye’s shoulder , whispering a good luck he and Rudra leaves from there )
He thought for long what to do and then eagerly waited for 12 am so that he will be the first one to wish her .
Billu : Happiest birthday Anika , My best friend . I hope all your dreams got true and you remain as the same as you are now . I am glad that I found you Anika , I don’t know how you look , talk or live but I like the person you are . You completely changed me , you yourself know what kind of person I was then and now . If I hadnt met you then I wouldn’t have enjoyed life and all the credit goes to you Anika . You are a beautiful soul and it is hard to find a person who is so selfless and helps everyone in this earth .You are an amazing writer too and definitely talentd one . If I keep on writing it can take long and I want to tell you many more things so I thought of seeing you , its been months that we know each other still other texting we didnt talk or see each other . Wanna have a cup of coffee with your Khanji ankhowala bhagad billa for the rest of your LIFE ??
Have a blast dear
~ Shivaye
[ he waited for 12 am to reach and when it did he clicked on the send button . He eagerly waited to see if she was in online but thinking that she would have gone to sleep he kept it aside and laid down thinking what her answer is . He couldn’t even sleep because it was all her text when he closed his eyes then after some minutes he heard his phone ring and he grapped it quickly from the side table ]
Anika : Thank you so much billuji , I will if you are ready to hear ‘billu ji’ for the rest of your life .

Billu : am all ears Anika to hear it. I m damn serious .Don’t worry about anything I promise you that I will keep you happy and your family will be mine too . I will accept you the way as you are And don’t worry about my mom , she is sweet inside and she will accept you soon .
[ after taking some time Anika replies ]
Anika : thanks Shivaye , promise me that by this I willnt lost my friend billu ji . Meet me tomorrow at the bluewhale Cafe , we will talk about this tomorrow there , our first meeting .
Billu : okay we will meet and I dont how you look but I loved the person who you are not the way how you look so it wont change . Bye for now , have a good day 🙂
He waited for the morning eagerly and when he thought the cafe would have opened , he called and made reservations . It was evening that they have planned it . He dressed himself in navy blue suit and set his hair stylishly too .
He had informed this to Omru and they were too excited for their brother . He gave a little sign to Pinky and went then pinky asked explanation from Omru and they told her everything . Her reaction was unexpected to them because she was too happy that finally Shivaye decided to get married . It was 5 when Shivaye reached there , the cafe had vacated everyone and has beautifully decorated with a blue and white theme . After 5 minutes which looked like a lifetime for him she made her way through the entrance door like a princess in a white off shoulder maxi gown with her hair loose on her shoulders . Shivaye couldn’t take off his eyes from her and he was staring at her beauty like he will never get tired of seeing her . She looked around with her brown chocolate orbs and when she find my khanji eyes she waved her hand to me . I slowly stood up from there and gave her my hand . She took it and her soft warm hands touched his . He made her sit and settled himself in the opposite . There was an awkward silence by seeing each other for the first time and it continued for a long time until the waited came and asked for order . They ordered each other’s favourite dessert because they knew each other very well more than any other person . Then they laughed and started talking . When they finished their cakes , Anika got up and was about to leave but she was stopped by a hand from behind it was Shivaye’s , he was in his knees . Shivaye looked at her lovingly and then said those three magical words ” I LOVE YOU ANIKA” . She looked at him with her wide eyes . Shivaye then with a naughty smile said ” Anika , you know I am very bad at expressing myself so I cant tell long paragraph now but yes by ‘ COPY PASTE ENTER ” . Anika rolled her eyes and asked Shivaye what is it . Shivaye said Copy the birthday wish , paste it here and click enter . They both laughed and Shivaye said ” Anika , tell me whether you are ready to bear your billu ji all your good and bads times of life ” . Anika stood there and then she nodded slightly and said ” yes , but promise you willnt stop commenting in my stories ever ” shivaye with a smile agreed and then pulled her into a tight hug . After some weeks Shivaye with the help of Omru said this to family and all were very pleased with it , they invited Anika for a dinner and she met her new found family which showered her infinity love . Their marriage was fixed and what everyone could talk about is their weird meeting In ” TELLY UPDATES” , even their wedding board read ” TELLY UPDATES COUPLE WEDDING ” .
Wasn’t it the weirdest one you have ever read ! You know that is my mind it doesn’t give peace until I write it down . Please tell me your views about it in comment box . Positive and Negative comments are accepted . I am waiting for your comments !
Thank you for reading everyone and silent readers too ( if any ) . Thank again.


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  1. Silentreader

    Its really weird.. and awesome..
    When I saw its long, I thought I will read a bit and stop, but I dont know when I finished everything..
    Its very cute story.. 🙂

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank yoy so much for commenting and coming out of your shell dear . I am glad that you liked it 🙂 .

  2. Jerry_36

    Hey Sana this was so cute. Loved it. A fresh new concept that attracted it towards me. Really adore this one.
    You are awesome, come with more. I think that makes 100 comment including your thanks giving so Congratulations dear❤

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Yay ! Counting this one my OS hit a century . Thank you so much Jerry for reading and commenting as well dear and I am happy that you liked it 🙂

  3. Awesome…… Congrats for hitting a century

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you so much Vanisha for reading dear . Happy that you liked it 🙂

  4. Kriti249

    It was awesome. A unique concept, yup it is weird but cute at the same time.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Kriti so much , glad that you liked it . It means a lot to me dear ?

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you dear 🙂

  5. ManyaPV5

    Amazing plot?.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Thank you Manya , glad that you liked it dear ???

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