Tejo TS – I needed to lose you to love me (Part 5)

It was typical afternoon for Mahi Singh virk as she sat in the cafe waiting for her ex sister in law who had recently shifted to punjab. She was surprised when she received the call from tejo and was happy to meet her as soon as possible. Mahi wanted to inform everyone from her family that tejo was back in Punjab but she held herself back reasoning with herself that if anyhow jasmine and other virk learnt of it they would trouble tejo with their problems and not to forget her brother who had finally realized that tejo was the better choice and kept yearning for her till date. Mahi could never understand her brother till date, in his selfishness he brutally broke the heart of the girl who made her his world.

” Mahi” the familiar voice made mahi look up and she stared in surprise at the familiar face. Finally ,Recognising the beautiful smile on the woman, mahi smiled.

” Tejo bha… Di” Mahi says and gets up quickly from the place and hugs the woman. Mahi had truly missed the woman who made her home in literal sense and when she had left she had taken the essence of her home with her.

” How are you mahi!” Tejo asks her smilingly breaking the hug and finally sitting down. Mahi takes her seat.

” One cappuccino please” Tejo orders the waiter who had come down to take the order, mahi orders her normal coffee.

” Try Latte you will love it” Tejo says and orders Latte for mahi. When the waiter had gone with their orders, mahi properly looks at tejo and realises how tejo had changed. She was wearing red suit and left her hair free, her eyes were sparkling. Mahi gasped as she finally noticed the beautiful small black chain around tejo’s neck.

” You got married ?” Mahi asks abruptly.

” Yup” Tejo answered beaming at the thought of the most beautiful thing which has happened in her life.

Mahi took a moment to grasp the fact that tejo had actually moved on in every sense and then smiles because tejo deserved every bit of this happiness after all the pain she had gone through.

” Who’s the lucky man?”

” Will make you meet him soon but believe me I’m the luckier one here” Tejo answers thinking of her husband.

By the time mahi could ask more questions, the waiter had come back and served them their orders. Tejo says a quick thanks to the waiter with a smile and starts sipping the coffee. Mahi sipped her own coffee and looks at tejo who was busy enjoying her own coffee.

” Tejo bhab… ” Mahi began but shakes her head immediately realizing that what she was going to say. Tejo was not her bhabhi anymore.

” Tejo di” Mahi corrected herself this time, tejo who had finished having her coffee looked at mahi smiling warmly.

” Hmm”

” Have you come back to punjab permanently?”

” Yes mahi, my husband and his family have decided to settle in Punjab” Tejo informs munching down the complementary chocolate the cafe had offered her with the coffee.

Mahi did not know whether she should be happy or sad about the news but she finds herself worried.

” But Fateh veer ji and jasmine” Mahi blurts out without thinking.

Tejo’s face hardened hearing fateh’s and Jasmine’s name, ” what about them?”

Mahi presses her lips not telling anything .

” They don’t matter anymore mahi. I have come back to punjab because it has always been my dream to do so” Tejo says firmly.

“I don’t need anyone here, I have everything I need already with me” Tejo adds. Mahi nods her head understandingly.

” You’re right di!” Mahi says, ” they don’t matter anymore”

” Accha leave all this, tell me about everyone else in the family and also about you” Tejo asks trying to divert the topic. She did not want to waste her time discussing about Jasmine and fateh.

Mahi sighed and tried to explain tejo the poor condition of their family and her life. Tejo listened carefully about the virk family and the damage caused by jasmine and fateh to their reputation. A part of tejo was jumping in joy hearing how ruined was fateh and Jasmine’s life but was also sad that the families had to suffer for it especially mahi. After talking for a while, tejo bid farewell to mahi promising that she will visit the virk family soon with a surprise. Tejo left the cafe leaving mahi with a bittersweet feeling.


Tejo drove back to the mansion and was entering when was pulled into a bear hug instantly. She smiles as she recognizes the touch.

” I missed you so much!” Yuvraj exclaimed to his wife squeezing her in the hug and kissed her cheeks tenderly.

Tejo slightly blushes and pulls herself away from her husband.

” I missed you too” she replies to him making him beam. Her attention was suddenly taken by the delicious smell coming from the kitchen.

” Wait a minute!” Tejo says trying to recognise the smell and guess the dish. Yuvraj stood here, grinning at his wife’s antics. She could have simply asked him instead of trying to guess herself but it he was not complaining ,she looked adorable while she was trying to figure out the dish name.

” You have prepared my favourite curry dish” Tejo gasps, ” but it takes hours to get done”

” It doesn’t matter anyway my office work was done soon and plus you were not at home so I just passed my boredom by cooking” Yuvraj says not making big deal of it.

Tejo was so overwhelmed by his gesture and smiles as she kisses him.

” If this is what it takes me to get you romantic, I would cook daily” Yuvraj speaks smiling brightly at her.

” Shut up” Tejo dismisses ” it is only one time deal ” and walks towards kitchen to serve herself her favourite dish and ignoring her husband’s whinings that it was not fair of her do this to him.

” I will serve you just sit okay” Yuvraj says softly inspite of her protests that  she can serve herself. Tejo sighs and sits, Yuvraj serves the food for both of them.

” Ishaan is coming back tomorrow” he informs in between to tejo while gulping his part of food.

” Wow! I thought he would not be here for a week”

” His one and only bhabhi had ordered him to come back quickly” Yuvraj states teasingly, ” how could he ignore his bhabhi’s words”

Tejo’s lips stretched into smile and she nods remembering how close Ishaan was to her, he truly saw her as his sister.

” And we are going to have a party after he comes” Yuvraj declares. Tejo nods agreeing to his words, a party was a long due since they have come to punjab and even She had enough of visiting everyone secretly and decides party will be appropriate place to reintroduce herself to the people and even introduce her husband and her brother in law to everyone.

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