Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra trolled for being “overdramatic”, and “show off” 

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra aka Tejran have been inseparable since the time they came out of the Bigg Boss 15 house. In spite of being super busy, they always try to spend quality time together. The couple was recently seen at Bollywood actress Zareen Khan’s birthday bash.

In a video, Tejasswi can be seen fixing beau Karan’s hair and also wiping off sweat from his face. Karan reacted to it but suddenly changed his stance perhaps realizing that they are in a party surrounded by people and cameras. Though it was something any decent man would have done, the video has raised quite a few eyebrows and trolls have attacked them for being overdramatic.

One of the users wrote, “Camera dekhte hi kya nakli acting shuru ki Karan Kundrra ne”

Another wrote, “Itna makeup artist hone ke baad bhi inn logo ko drama karna hai camera ke samne”

Well, all said and done, I believe it’s up to Karan and Tejasswi, how they want to be in a public or private space. There will always be people who will try to make a mountain out of a molehill but in the end, the best practice is to spread love instead of hatred. Even if it is PDA, the emphasis should be on the “A” part of it.



    1. Who the hell are u to even tell teju!!
      She will do what she wants to!!
      You check your own life before spreading hate!
      If u dont like them,don’t see their videos or unfollow them !
      End of story!
      Keep your advice to urself miss!

  2. Fakeshwsri don’t deserve Karan
    blo*dy women card player nd over attitude

    1. You don’t decide who deserves what!
      God does!
      So stop with whatever shit u r doing!
      Just stop and don’t follow them!!
      This way atleast u will be at peace!

  3. Their romance in public is puke inducing and cringe to the highest level. Yukk.

    1. Ohh!!
      How many times did u puke tho!?
      Be careful girl,u might fall sick!
      I mean u hate them but still see their videos and u hav the audacity to literally comment this!!
      Oh mygod!
      What double standards!🤣
      Just unfollow them,block them do whatever they won’t mind!
      Just saying!!😅

  4. Both of them look so mismatched and that toxic guy Karan looks so old. When they romance in public it’s disgusting. Do what you want in your home guys. Public display for making news is so deplorable. Cringe fest.
    Why do I see their photos so much. Please have mercy and disappear you two. Spare us.

    1. It’s not u who decide who look good and who don’t!
      Stop being that nosy neighbor aunty type!
      U must be that i am sure!
      Why do u see their videos then,just skip!
      Block their hastags and them!
      Find peace and spare them grl!!🙏

  5. Hey who are you to tell others what to do and what not to. When they do stuff in public people WILL comment. Who are you to stop and how many can you stop. Instead of asking public to not say bad stuff about them ask them your favorites to behave decently in public. I will comment what I want to. So, fuc..k off.

  6. Ayesha, you will decide who watches what? Yeh public hai, if they keep their romance personal then no one will comment. If they show off in public people will comment. So, YOU ignore negative comments and take a chill pill. You will see more negative comments. Get used to it.

  7. These two tejasswi and Karan are such po*rn stars. Doing everything publicly. Cheap b rated nasty creepsters.

  8. These two tejasswi and Karan are such po*rn stars. Doing everything publicly. Cheap b rated nasty creepsters

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