TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ- Episode 7 by Shalini

Recap- Both sarnas nd tanejas were in party. Uv and Mahi’s meeting. Twinj’s romantic moments.



Guest Room

Yuvi was with mahi holding her by her one hand on her back and both were very close to each other….

Mahi:- “Uv leave me, you are hurting me”….

Uv:- “Oh really! but what about me haan? what about my pain which you are giving me since last three years; by ignoring me, not talking to me even not listening me? Do you have any idea how much its hurt me when you do this? everyday every moment I was trying to talk to you, heard your voice but you… you never care about my feelings. Why mahi? Why are you giving me this punishment? Why are you behaving like a stranger? Have I done that big mistake that you can’t forgive me??

Mahi:- “Oh yeah, Yuvraj sarna! you have not done a big mistake; breaking your own promise, someone’s heart nd trust is a small thing for you right? but not for me Uv its matter to me most and I was hurt deeply when you, whom I considered my life, my everything, you left me, you never fight for our love with this world even doesn’t care about my feelings, my pain. I always told you don’t love me, don’t wake up my feelings for you because we can never be one, our family won’t accept our love bcz of their enmity and hatred for each other but you never listen, you made me fall for you, you promised me that you won’t let happen like that, you’ll never leave me whatever situation we’ve to face, you will fight with everyone for our relation but what you did that day? You broke your own promise, You left me that day Uv you didn’t stop for me not even try to stop me. You broke me down Uv, you broke my trust. From the beginning you always did what you want to do either love me or leave me nd never care about me. You thought that run away from the situation is the best solution of all problems… right?? Then you are wrong in fact you are a looser Uv bcz fighter never run away from the problems but fights with them, face them but yo…” ..but she cut by Uv who left her hand and hold her by shoulder and spoke angrily with pain in his voice

Uv :- “But what han? what do you think it was easy for me to take such a big decision of my life? It was easy to stay away from my family, my brother, my love.. was it easy for me Mahi??.. I took such step bcz there was no other way left for me. Papa was angry and didn’t want to listen me, he gave me two option either I’ve to forget you nd move on in my life or go away from here, how can I forget you??… you are my life Mahi and you know what I took most difficult decision of my life with full confidence that my love my Mahi will understand me, you’ll support me nd my decision but, you proved me wrong you also didn’t support me, didn’t felt my pain. You know what Mahi papa’s word didn’t hurt me as much as your behavior. Your each word broke down me. I’d not expected it from you and which war you are talking about han?”.. his every word was showing his pain. Finally today he burst his heart out to her, he was waiting for. For few times both were silent nd looking into each other’s teary eyes painfully. Then Uv tried to make himself calm down nd then cups her face in his both palms nd said further calmly..

Uv- “Mahi this fight is not with this world but with our parents our own parents who gives us birth, who always supported us in everything, who shower their selfless love on us how can we fight with them just bcz they didn’t support our love? mahi we need to make them understand, we’ve to end their enmity their hatred for each other by Love not hatreds. We’ve to find out the solution with calm mind but not with argument. Mahi, that day I found second option better bcz I thought if I’ll go away from here, everyone will get a space nd will think about it calmly and also they won’t force us marry with someone else specially you with That….. And you know it very well, don’t you? then why is this anger? Why are you hurting yourself along with me?”..She was just staring him with pain nd tears in her eyes. This is what she was waiting for since years, his support his presence nd him. She was waiting for this moment when she could burst out her all frustration her anger on him which was killing her from inside but she couldn’t show it to anyone nd when she do this to him he only be there to support her, handle her nd finally she got what she wanted. She believes him, trust him but was helpless bcz of her heart and mind who were hurt nd not allowing her to decide anything.

Uv- “Mahi I’m sorry please forgive me, please give me one more chance I’ll…”

Mahi:- “Now it doesn’t matter Uv bcz everything is over now. Our love, our relation everything is over nd nothing is there to say or listen except pain. There is no need of your sorry or my forgiveness anymore bcz now everything has been changed. I’m no more that old mahi who were madly in love with you, she died that day only and the girl is standing in front of you is another Mahi who doesn’t want to fall in love again, doesn’t want to go through the same pain again. So please move on nd let forget everything”..

Uv- “Would you be able to forget everything mahi? Can you move on without me?”..

Mahi- “I don’t know Uv nd I don’t even want to know. You just leave from here before someone see us specially twinkle and kunj… I don’t want them to know about us nd I know you also want same. So please Uv just go”…

Uv :- “But mahi!!”… she didn’t listen him and turn other side. Uv came to her to face her but she again turned other side nd Uv also did same..

Uv- “Mahi, just listen to me please”

Mahi- “Uv please, I’m begging to you please leave”.. her pleading her request couldn’t change his decision he was still there to make her understand so Mahi herself start to go but Uv held her hand from back nd pushed her towards him with a jerk nd not giving her time to go away again, he just hug her tightly. Mahi struggles to free herself but was failed nd finally she gave in nd hug him back. Uv knew it was only way to melt her, it was only way to release her pain her fear. Their hug was full of love as well as anger, full of care at the same time full of pain. It was showing how badly both missed it. Both were lost in each other as they’ve got their life again and don’t want to leave again. It was long nd peaceful. TU JO MILA from Bajrangi bhaijan plays in bg

Aashiyana mera saath tere hai na, Dhoondte teri gali mujhko ghar mila

Aab-o-dana mera haath tere hai na, Dhoondhte tera khuda mujhko rab mila

Tu jo mila ho gaya main kabil, Tu jo mila ho gaya sab haasil haan!

Mushkil sahi aasaan hui manjil, Kyun ki tu..dha..dkan…main dil…

Rooth jana tera maan jana mera, Dhoondhte teri hasi mil gayi khushi

Raah hoon main teri rooh hai tu meri, Dhoondhte tere nishan mil gayi khudi

Tu jo mila ho gaya main kabil, Tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil

Mushkil sahi aasaan hui manjil, Kyun ki tu…dhadkan…main dil…

O….. Tu jo mila…………………………………………………………main dil…..

Mahi:-(still hugging) “Uv why did you came back? Hardly I’d make understand to my heart, I was trying to move on but, now again”.. she paused for sometimes nd added further “I won’t be able to bear same pain again Uv, please do this once more. Leave from here”… Uv broke hug and made her sit on couch nd he sat on his knees and cups her face..

Uv:- “Mahi I know it was all my fault for what happened with us but…”.. he paused for a while nd then again speaks.. “You know what mahi when I went from here then only I’d decided that I won’t return until our parents accept our love but I’d to come bcz of you and specially for Kunj when he lied to me that Maa nd Papa are ready, they won’t force me to marry with anyone. Then I was feeling guilty that bcz of me my brother is lying to me just bcz of me. Mahi I never want him to become a bad son, a liar like me, a cheater like me and I don’t even want you to live a life like this. I’d to return bcz I want to see you, apologize to you for my deeds. Mahi give me just a chance to make everything good please.. I promise this time I won’t disappoint you”.. Mahi put her hands on his hand in affirmation while Uv continues “now I’ve decided that we’ll tell everything to twinkle nd kunj about us”

Mahi:- “But Uv you know if both will get to know this then they will unite us at any cost even if they’ve to go against our parents?

Uv :- “I know that but what if they will get to know this from somewhere else? Then both will never forgive us nd waise bhi Kunj has already a doubt on me that I love someone and his mission is to find out that girl I mean you”….on this both giggled..

Mahi:- “Han toh bhai kiska hai?”..

Uv :- “Obviously Yuvraj sarna ka”.. both again laugh

Next scene

Twinkle:- “But kunj what is Uv bhaiya is doing here?”

Kunj:- “I don’t know”… both looks each other confused…

Twinkle:- “Anyways, now let me go to mahi di”.. she tried to free herself but Kunj tighten his hold on her waist..

Twinkle:- “What?”…

Kunj:- “Nothing, just want to spend some more time with my love”..

Twinkle:- “Kunj!! leave me if someone will see us like this then definitely hamari band baj jayegi aur ye chup chup kar milna bhi band ho jayega.. waise bhi aman ne already humari band bajayi hui hai”…. Kunj was getting irritate with her tantrums..

Kunj:- “Offo yar no one will see us bcz everyone is busy in party, such a great opportunity we’ve got, let’s enjoy this moment”.. Twinkle wraps her arm around his neck…

Twinkle:- “Ok, my Mr. Romeo, now say what you want to do?”.. Kunj naughtily looked at her raising her eyebrows..

Kunj:- “Twinkle, dekh na itna suhana mausam hai, romantic raat hai, thandi hawayein hain aur hum do love birds, main bhi hot aur aaj to tu bhi hot lag rahi hai, main bhi akela, tu bhi akeli.. let’s go.. let’s make out, what say?”… he winks at her while she make “hawww” face

Twinkle:- “Kunj!! you!! bahot naughty ho gaye ho”..

Kunj :- “What me? haq hai yar mera nd I’m serious about it”…he says it controlling his laughter by pressing his both lips..

Twinkle:- “Really, you are serious?”… kunj nods his head in yes

Twinkle- “Ohk, let’s go”… kunj winded his eyes then raises his one eyebrow

Kunj:- “Kya baat hai meri jhalli Panjabi pataka I didn’t knew that my Syapa queen has become so bold”.. Twinkle runs her index finger on his face sensually nd in sensual voice

Twinkle:- “Now what I can do when world’s hottest nd s*xiest boy is in my life who is too romantic to handle nd made me too like himself so I too become like this. You know sangati ka asar”… she too winks at kunj who just smiles brightly turning his face other side nd then says facing to her again

Kunj- “Correction Miss Taneja not sangati ka asar this is bcz we are made for each other”… and they both touch their forehead with each other smiling…then Twinkle become sad nd emotional nd Kunj noticed this..

Kunj- “What happened Twinkle? any problem”

Twinkle:- “Kunj, I wish we didn’t met like this hiding from our family, I wish they know about our relation, I feel very bad that we can’t even talk normally in front of our families”

Kunj :- “Twinkle, I also feel bad but we can’t do anything except waiting till everything would become normal between our family nd for the right time to tell them. And I’m trying for that only to get any clue to make everything perfect, I just hope I’ll get that soon”

Twinkle:- “I trust you Kunj and I’m sure you’ll do it. You know what kunj, Uv bhaiya is really very lucky that he has a brother like you who always think about his happiness more than himself”…

Kunj:- “Even Mahi di is very lucky that my Syapa queen is her sister  who love her like no one can do”..

Twinkle:- “This is bcz she is best sister in world. I wish Kunj she has also someone in her life to love her like you love me but since she’s join office as her job is only her love”…

Kunj:- “Twinkle, why do you take so much tension? Maybe there is already someone in her life”…

Twinkle:- “You mean love, and di? No Kunj you know na her? Ye pyar vyar unke bas ki baat nahi hai and by chance if there was someone in her life then she’d have told me first bcz she never hide anything from me”…

Kunj- “Hmm you are right”..

Twinkle- “Well, now leave me and let me go and you should also go to bhaiya”

Kunj:- “No, not now”..

Twinkle:- “Kunj please”… he was not saying anything but just looking here nd there holding her by her waist..

Twinkle:- “Kunj!!”… he wasn’t listening her so she thought something nd then peak on his cheek making him shocked nd loosen his grip on her waist nd she freed herself ..

Kunj:- “Twinkle what is this?”..

Twinkle:- “My formula to make you do what I want”…

Kunj:- “Twinkle this is not fair”…

Twinkle- “Everything is fair in love Kunj”

Kunj- “Ok fine, but you can’t cheat why did you kissed one side only? what about other side? it’ll feel bad, now kiss on it also”

Twinkle:- “Sorry but not today, mood nahin hai”… she was about to run but Kunj again caught her nd pin her to the wall..

Kunj:- “Now do what I’m asking else”…

Twinkle:- “Else what?”… Kunj lean to her lips but Twinkle again didn’t protest herself neither pushed him away but just smiling…

Twinkle- “Kunj, why are pretending to force yourself to me, I know you won’t do”.. On this Kunj faked being sad and left her and turn to leave but Twinkle come to face him suddenly nd kissed his on other cheek too and run from there making Kunj smile holding his cheek with his palm..

Guest Room

Mahi:- “Uv now please leave else someone will come, bcz I’m here since about half an hour and I’m sure Twinkle or Maa would be coming here anytime and may be Kunj too as you know our parents eyes are only on us, so please go”… just then twinkle calls for Mahi from outside of the room..

Uv:- “Naam liya aur ek shaitan hazir, I can’t understand Mahi, is there any magnet between you nd Twinkle? bcz whenever you use to spend your time with me she always disturb us”… listening this Mahi glare him angrily while he make a sorry face nd went to the balcony while mahi open the door…

Twinkle:- “Di what are you doing? kitna time ho gaya, apka kaam abhi nahin hua?”

Mahi:- “No.. no.. I mean yes it’s done let’s go”… she tries to stop Twinkle from interring in room so she proceed to go with her just then Kunj also come there…

Twinkle:- “What are you doing here Kunj?”… asking this she realized that she is with Mahi so she ask it again with attitude Kunj understood so he also talk to her in same attitude..

Kunj- “Tujhse matlab?”…

Twinkle:- “Yes bcz you’ve came to us”..

Kunj :- “Oh hello, I’m here for searching my bhaiya but not you”.. listening this Mahi gets nervous

Twinkle:- “Han toh humare paas kyun aye ho?”

Kunj:- “Main tere paas nahin aya hun, main bas check kar raha tha.. mujhe kya pata tha ki tu yahan bhi hai”.. Twinkle was about to say further but Mahi stop her while dragging her from there. Kunj was watching her leaving then Twinkle turns her face to give him a flying kiss nd Kunj catch it while smiling



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