TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ- Episode 6 by Shalini

Recap- Twinkle nd mahi’s sisterly moments, Twinj nd Chiman’s dinner party with their random talks, aman give a challenge to Twinj to confess their love in front of their families,Twinj’s romantic dance.


TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ- Episode 5 by Shalini



Sarna mention

All were sitting on dining table for breakfast….

Manohar:-  “Uv I hope all the formalities have done to shift you in Amritsar nd now you are ready to join office”…

Uv:-  “Yes papa I’ll join office next week”…

Manohar:-  “That’s good, I hope now you’ll take over your responsibilities. Well how’s there’s work is going on?”..

Uv:-  “Everything is perfect papa I’ve talk with Samar nd from now he’ll be handling Sarna Industries in Canada”..

Kunj:-  “Waise bhaiya are you coming in tonight’s party at Aman place”… Uv looks at usha nd manohar who were waiting for his answer..

Uv-  “No kunj I’m not coming bcz I’ve lots of work to do nd also I’m not in mood to do party”…

Kunj:-  “What bhaiya, now a days you’ve become too boring, before you used to be excited for parties but now not interested. Let’s go na there will be lots of fun nd also it’s special day for Aman nd waise bhi party raat me hai aur aap apna kaam din me bhi kar sakte ho, tomorrow, please come with us”

Uv-  “But kunj”….

Kunj:-  “No but vat you are coming means coming nd that’s final”..

Usha:-  “Kunj why are you forcing him if he doesn’t want to go?”..

Kunj:-  “What mom, you are also supporting him? I can’t understand why you all are behaving weirdly… before today bhaiya never resisted for parties or fun bcz he loves these all but now he himself saying that he doesn’t want these things….. what’s the matter? can you please tell me”.. Uv, usha nd manohar didn’t want to drag it bcz they knew he won’t listen them until know the reason so trio said nothing nd gave in and Uv agreed…

Kunj’s room

He was sitting on his bed nd talking with Aman’s father about party. After sometime he hangs up the call and thought about something for a while nd says “Mr. aman singh you’ve stuck me in very difficult situation to take advantage of my problem, you’ve to pay for this then you’ll regret why you gave me challenge. For now be ready for your surprise”.. Just then his phone rang nd a big smile appears on his face. He received the call

Kunj:- “Haye meri syapa queen miss kar rahi hai mujhe? main bhi”…

Twinkle:- “Kunj have you find out any way about challenge? I’m really very nervous what if something bad will happen or we’ll get separate kunj I can take any risk but can’t lose you, I’ll die ku..”..

Kunj:- “Shut up Twinkle, not again. Don’t you dare talk about death else I’ll not talk to you nd by the way teri battery kabhi low nahin hoti? ek hi saans mein sab bole ja rahi hai thoda toh break le liya kar, ab main kuch bolun?

Twinkle:- “Sorry kunj… wo I was just scared”..

Kunj:- “Twinkle don’t you trust me? Don’t worry nothing will happen I’ll manage everything. I’ve a plan nd I don’t know whether it’ll work or not but just hoping for good. And as bhaiya is also coming there nd bcz of our one mistake he can find out everything so we’ll have to be careful”…

Twinkle:-“But what’s your plan?”

Kunj:-(smiles naughtily) “It’s a surprise Sweetheart you’ll get to know in party. Anyways, mahi di is also coming or not?”..

Twinkle:- “Yes she is coming”

In the evening____ Party venue_____

Party was arranged in a park which was just behind Aman’s house. It was decorated with lights, tiny bulbs, flowers, red nd white balloons, all the tables covered with tablecloths which were surrounded with four chairs with each. Aman wearing grey suite, was already present their with his parents who were welcoming all the guests at the entrance. After sometimes Kunj, Uv with Usha nd Manohar reached there. Kunj was dressed in Black suite while Uv was dressed in royal blue suite nd as always, both were looking hot nd dashing. Everyone greets each other nd Manohar Usha nd Uv left in while Kunj went to Aman

Aaman:- “So Mr. Kunj are you ready to complete your bet?”

Kunj:- “You have to pay for this Mr. Aman, now wait nd watch what I’ll do with you. Tanejas with Chinki’s family also arrived their the three girls were dressed in simple but beautiful lehengas nd looking breath taking gorgeous….

Kunj and Aman gets mesmerized by their lady loves beauty  while twinj lost in each other but it was broken by Leela when she calls Twinkle’s name nd she had to left disappointedly while Kunj made a sad face. Then he looks at Aman who was still staring Chinki..

Kunj:- “Oye muh band kar apna makkhi ghus jayegi”..

Aman:- (not in his sense) “Let her go in”…. kunj giggles then again says

Kunj:-  “Abe kyun bechari ki jaan lena chahta hai?”… coming back in his sense Aman glared at Kunj

Aman:- “Tujhe itni problem kyun ho rahi hai? tu jaa apni Twinkle ke paas mere peche kyun pada hai? Oh sorry, main toh bhool hi gaya aaj toh tu usse baat karna toh dur tu toh use achhe se dekh bhi nahin sakta, I’m feeling very bad for both of you”.. he giggles while kunj gives him death glare

Kunj:- “Laugh as much as you want but now wait nd watch what I’ll do with you”….

Next scene

Uv was talking with Aman’s father nd some other businessmen when his phone rang nd he excuses himself nd left for a lonely place to pick up the call, On the other side Kunj was restless to see twinkle, complements her, talk to her but can’t bcz of both families….

Kunj:- “What baba ji puri duniyan mein apko hamari hi family ko dushman banana tha?”…. then he spoted his friend Rishabh nd called him.

Rishabh:- “Hey Kunj, what happened? you are looking tensed”

Kunj:-  “Rishabh, I need your help can you please?”..

Rishabh:- “Yeah say”… then kunj murmured something to him..

Rishabh:- “But kunj tonight is very special for him I don’t think it’ll be good I mean we can do it some other time”….

Kunj:- “What yar why are you feeling bad for him? have you forgotten what he did with you in your engagement??”…

Rishabh:- “Ok fine, but you have to do this with twinkle nd everyone know that you nd twinkle are enemies even your families are too and they’ll surely kill me if they’ll get to know about this”..

Kunj:-  “But you know the reality of our relation, don’t you? I know it can create a big issue but yaar it’s the matter of my reputation.. please help me nd I just want to tease Aman like he doing with me right now don’t you want same?”

Rishabh:- “Of course I want. Anyways, as your wish… when you’ve no problem with this then what can I do?”

Kunj- “But please don’t let anyone know that it’s my plan”

Rishabh- “Don’t worry, well lets go to execute our plan”..

Kunj:-  “You go I’ll come after some time…”… he left from there while kunj says “baba ji till when nd how much we have to lie to everyone”

Next scene

Mahi was with Chinki nd Aman’s mother(Reena nd Priyanka) when a little boy come there while running with water glass in his hand nd bumped with mahi causing water drop down on Mahi’s skirt making it wet, Aman’s mom saw it..

Priyanka:- “Arrey Mahi beta your dress got wet, go in the house’s guest room ns dry your dress else it’ll look bad, there is time in party to start”.. Mahi nods her head in yes nd left from there. She was looking down at her lehenga while walking then she bumped with someone nd falls on the ground with that person over her. She closed her eyes in fear nd her half face was covered with her hair. After few sec she open her eyes shockingly when she heard her name from the person nd her eyes filled with tears recognizing him… “Uv” she muttered in very low voice. He was Uv laying on ground over her with both were painful eyes. No one was able to see them as they were behind the trees. Tears were flowing from mahi’s eyes.

Mahi:- “Uv, when you returned? nd what are you doing here?”

Uv:- “Mahi why are you behaving as you know nothing?”…

Mahi:- “Can you please let me get up”… then Uv realized his position nd he gets up from her and gives her his hand for support but Mahi ignores nd get up herself but again was falling due to dis-balance but Uv held her from her waist nd she puts her hand on his both shoulders in fear with closed eyes but again she opens her eyes found Uv staring her with painful eyes nd she lost herself in his teary eyed.. BAATON KO TERI HUM BHULA NA SAKE plays in BG. After some time it was broken by Mahi when she gets up from his arm with a jerk nd was about to go but stop as Uv hold her wrist…

Mahi:- (in bitter voice) “Uv leave my hand”….

Uv:- “Mahi please listen to me once, I wa…”

Mahi:- “I said leave my hand”…

Uv:- “No I’ll not until you will listen to me”.. then she turns to face him…

Mahi:- “Why? why should I listen to you? why the hell I’m wasting my time with you”… she jerk his hand away and freed herself from his clutch and runs away from there..

Uv:- “No uv… today you’ve to apologize to her at any cost even if you have to wake up that old Uv, you have broken her heart, her trust upon you that day nd bcz of me she has changed herself, No I’ve to do this” saying this he went behind her. Twinkle saw mahi running from there so she asked it from Leela nd she told her about her drenched skirt but twinkle thought “but why she was running like that?”

Twinkle:- “Ma I think I should go there to help di as she’ll be alone there”….

Leela:- “Ok go but come soon with her”… she also left from there…….

In Aman’s House

Mahi inters in guest room and was about to close the door but stops as Uv comes there nd put his hand between the door….

Mahi:- “Uv I don’t want to talk to you, please go from here before someone see us”….

Uv:- “No I won’t go until you…”.. before he could speak further mahi left in letting him come in. Uv again held her wrist tightly to stop her go away nd fold it at her back with a jerk nd pulled her to him due to which her one hand rest on his shoulder nd they were very close to each other.

Next Scene

Twinkle was walking in corridor looking for Mahi when someone pulled her behind the pillar nd he was none other than Kunj. He has held her from her bare waist admiring her beauty..

Twinkle:- “Kunj what are you doing? leave me, someone can see us don’t forget our family is also here”

Kunj:- “Offo syapa queen kitna darti hai tu? mood off kar diya”.. he turns his face other side faking anger still holding her. Twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck

Twinkle:- “Aww my baby gussa ho gaya? achha baba sorry, now say what happened? I’ve to go to mahi di she must be alone here”

Kunj:- “Ho gaya? yaar kabhi toh romantic baatein kar liya kar. You know what since you came here I’m just trying to talk to you but you.. huh you don’t care about me nd my feelings”..

Twinkle:- “Bola na sorry ab kya kaan bhi pakdu? ok fine, if you don’t want forgive me then leave me I’m also not interested in wasting my time with you”… she also said annoyingly struggling to free herself from him but Kunj tighten his grip more…

Twinkle:- “Kunj, leave me”..

Kunj:- (innocently) “What happened? go.. I won’t stop you, promise”

Twinkle:- “Kunj!!!”… she hit on his chest playfully while smiling brightly in shyness… SAJNA VE plays in BG

Kunj:- “Haye yeh tera sharmate huye muskurana, mujhe aur bhi pagal bana deta hai aur uspar se aaj toh tu kayamat dha rahi hai, you are really looking hot today in this attire. You know what if today here was Miss. Amritsar competition then definitely you would’ve won this competition again. I wish the time could stop here only and we would stay here like this only for whole life….

Twinkle:- “Kunj, you are becoming too romantic today what’s the matter?”

Kunj- “What I can do when my girl is looking hot”…

Twinkle- “You are also looking hot Kunj sarna”……

Kunj:- “I’ve to look hot after all I’ve world’s most beautiful girl who deserves best”… he winks at her and she smiles while blushing badly…

Kunj:- “Haye, these mannerisms of yours are what made me fall for you”… twinkle hugs him trying to hide her shyness in his chest which had becomes red due to blush. Kunj too hug her tightly….

Twinkle:- (still hugging) “Kunj please say, what is your plan?”

Kunj:- “Twinkle just wait for sometimes, you will get to know”…

Twinkle:- “No I want to know this right now”.. Kunj couldn’t resist nd told her

Kunj- “Nothing special, it’ll be same prank we did in Rshabh nd Vandy’s engagement”

Twinkle- “You mean this time Aman nd Chinki?”.. She asked excitedly while he nods yes smiling naughtily. Both were still in same position.

Twinkle:- “kunj now leave me I’ve to go mahi di”

Kunj:- (breaking hug) “Oh yeah, even I came here for bhaiya as I saw him coming here only but then you also came here nd..” he raised his eyebrow nd both smiles  looking each other……

Twinkle:- “But what is he doing here?” both looks each other in confusion….



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