TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ- Episode 3 by Shalini

RECAP- Twinj at chinki’s house where they decides for a candle light dinner to give surprise to Aman… Uv comes sarna mention nd he shares some emotional talks with his love in his balcony while on the other side a girl is shown whose face is not reviled, at chinki’s house Twinj’s cute romance nd some emotional moment.




Episode 3

Sarna Mention***

Kunj enters in sarna house while making an innocent face as he did nothing… he comes to manohar nd usha where uv was already present

Manohar- (angrily) “kunj I’d told you to come in party with uv nd not tell him anything…but you disobeyed me? you told him as well as didn’t came in party… why?”.. Kunj looks at uv with fake angry face nd then says to manoher in fake crying tone

Kunj- “Papa I’ve not done this intentionally… bhaiya was emotionally blackmailing me so I couldn’t stop myself telling truth to him.. but trust me papa I was coming in party only but…”.. .he stops as manohar cuts him

Manohar- “Kunj stops your childish drama I’m serious”…..

Kunjj- “But Papa I’m also not joking.. why you always think that I’m still a little boy?”.. he said dramatically..

Usha- “Kunj kabhi to serious ho jaya kar”

Kunj- “What maa?.. even I’m saying same that be serious… after a long time your son has returned to you.. nd you again started your shadi karlo mantras….. instead of his welcome you both are scolding him?.. this is not fair…. nd my sweet mother you should feel happy that your son is not ready for marriage bcz if he’ll get marry once then your DIL will make him dance on her own finger.. nd you’ll lost your son forever”.. Uv was smiling proudly for having a supporting brother in his life.. “Ok fine.. if you can’t ask about his health atleast ask for dinner or something else to eat.. look how weak he is looking as he has not eaten anything since many days”.. he said while holding Uv’s both shoulders from side..

Uv- “Oye overacting ki dukan.. bas kar.. jyada ho raha hai.. pit jayega”.. Uv murmured to him..

Kunj- “Ek to main apki help kar raha hun.. Papa se apko bacha raha hun aur aapko ye sab overacting lag raha hai??.. ek kaam karo.. ab khud hi protect kar lo apne aap ko main nahi bolunga”..

Uv- “Dramebaaz…. maine bola hi kab tujhse meri vakalat karne ke liye?”… Kunj was like Hawww nd make pout face.. Uv apologies to Manohar nd Usha for his deeds nd they also didn’t scold him back again nd forgive him.. nd after that they spend some family moment…. everyone was happy there but… who was most happy among them was Uv bcz after a long time he was with his family…. he was talking with his parents… he was fighting with his brother while having their dinner… after sometime they went in their respective rooms….

*In Uv’s room*

Uv was in his room half laying on his bed, his legs were down of bed touching the ground.. then Kunj also came to him nd sat on his bed next to him..

Kunj- “Bhaiya you are very bad… I’ve requested you to attend the party but you…. you cheated me… very bad.. I hate you for that”

Uv- “Oye drama queen you also have done same with me…. so now hisab barabar…. samjhe??”..

Kunj- “Bhaiya! don’t call me drama “queen”… bcz I’m ‘king’ nd not Queen.. so call me drama king”….

Uv- “Its mean you are accepting that you are overacting ki dukan?”..

Kunj- “When I said this?.. nd why you always give me weird names?”…

Uv- “Bcz you are weird.. ”..

Kunj- “Hmm I think you are right”.. both spend some brotherly moment… Next day Aman also returned India nd Chinki with his parents received him from airport.. after few hours they’ve to go Gurudwara to do puja for him..

*Sarna mention*

All the family members shown on dining table for break fast

Uv- “Kunj, Uv be ready as we have to go gurudwara … Mr. singh has invited us for puja they have organized for their son Aman”…..

Uv- “Sorry maa but I can’t come bcz I want to go to orphanage today”….

Kunj- “Bhaiya you can go later also… you should come with us… please”…..

Uv- ‘Ok fine I’m coming”….

*Taneja mention*

Twinkle comes there from chinki’s house while others were on dining table…

Leela- “Twinkle! aa gayi?.. how’s your body pain?

Twinkle- “Now feeling better Ma”..

RT- “What happen Twinkle?.. what is leela talking about?”..

Leela- “kuch nahi.. madam jab tak koi syapa na kar le kahan chain milta hai use”..

Twinkle- “Ma?.. this is why I ask chinki not to inform you but she never listen me.. huh”.. then she told everything to RT..

Leela- “By the way you are not coming gurudwara with us in this condition.. right?”

Twinkle- “Ma.. itni bhi weak nahi hai apki beti.. nd I’ve had my medicines so don’t worry.. I can go anywhere”..

Leela- “Breakfast?”..

Twinkle- “I’ve done at Chinki’s place”… she went to her room

Leela- “Mahi are you coming with us?”..

Mahi- “No maa… I’ve told you yesterday only about my today’s meeting in office with our new client so I’ve to go there only.. it’s very important… please don’t force me… I promise I’ll come in tomorrow’s party…. but not today”…

Leela- “No problem puttar… you go.. work is more important… ok?”..

Mahi- “Thank you maa”…


Aman nd chinki were already present in gurudwara with their respective family nd waiting for Sarna’s nd Taneja’s…. just then Tanejas arrived there..

Twinkle- “maa papa aap andar chaliye I’m going to meet chinki near holy water” they nods nd went in gurudwara… in next moment Sarna’s also arrived there nd walks to the gurudwara when Kunj spotted Aman near holy water so he also excuses himself nd left for that place……

Rt nd lela both were going when a man bumped with RT nd fell down….. RT helps him to get up nd says to him “Sorry” while the man says

Man- “Oh its ok…. it was my fault not your… I was talking on phone that’s why I couldn’t saw you..  you don’t need to apologies”  then they heard a voice from behind  “Of ho bhaisahab you should accept his sorry…  after all Raminder taneja who never accepts his mistakes, asking for forgiveness from you… I can’t believe this… look Usha he is saying sorry RT is saying sorry…  you are really very lucky man”..  RT turns behind angrily following with leela nd found manohar with usha saying all this with a sarcastic smile on his face… while he gets more angry after seeing him

RT- “Oye manohar stop your rubbish nd do for what you are her.. don’t do any cheap nd mischief act in which you Sarnas are expert”… leela looks at every one sadly nd was trying to calm down RT..

Manohar- “Just shut up RT”

RT- “Why.. sach kadwa laga?”

*Next scene*

Kunj comes to Aman.. both greet eachother nd have some friendly talks.. “By the way how’s your love story going on”.. just then he saw twinkle coming with chinki nd says teasingly “kya baat hai pyar ka naam liya aur pyar hazir.. wah what a love”..  Kunj look at Twinkle nd so did Twinkle nd both gets shocked…  then both remember that both were invited there along with their parents..nd before they could say something both heard RT nd manohar’s argument nd both together “Oh no.. not again.. atleast not here.. babaji please do something”…

Twinkle- “now what to do kunj”..

Kunj- (irritating n helplessly) “what we use to do always”…. here RT nd manohar’s fight continue but suddenly they stop after listening some noise nd went to the direction of voice giving death glare to each other nd saw that twinj has started their fight…

Kunj- “oye syapa queen you just shut up”

Twinkle- “why… you are feeling bad.. han sadu sarna?”…

Kunj- “Oh hello syapa queen.. why would I feel bad? it was not my fault.. nd please don’t show everyone your favourite habit that is to shout without any reason?”..

Twinkle- “You sadu sarna don’t dare to mess with twinkle taneja panjabi pataka beauty with brain.. mujhse panga bahot mahenga padega…samjhe?”

Kunj- “Oye miss Twinkle taneja Panjabi fuss pataka nd beauty without brain mujhe bhi koi shauk nahi hai tuhse panga lene ki.. syape wali life nahi jina mere ko?”.. saying this he makes a sorry face while twinkle gives him death glare…

Twinkle- “You Khadus Sarna… how dare you call me that?”…. she was hell angry on kunj… on the other side chinki nd aman was trying to controle their laughter while RT, leela nd usha, manohar was trying to stop their fight to know the reason… nd then leela nd uv scold them toghether….

L-T & Uv-K- “Stop it Twinkle/Kunj just stop it”… both twinj stops looking each other…

Uv- “Kunj what is this han? why are you fighting like cat nd dog in gurudwara??”..

Leela- “Yes Twinkle now what happend that you did not thought at once that where you are?”… Twinkle looks at Kunj angrily with ‘what to say’ look… nd Kunj was like ‘I don’t know’.. then thought “offo kunj how can you forget that bhaiya is also here nd he is not less than a detective now he’ll ask you so many questions about which you didn’t thought even once before starting this fake fight now what will you answer him? think Kunj sarna think else you are gonna caught today”…

Episode ends on Twinkle’s angry face, Kunj’s sorry nd confused face…




*Manohar sarna- father of Yuvi nd Kunj, one of the best business man of Amritsar, hate Taneja’s n love his family but a little arrogant

*Usha sarna- mother of Yuvi nd Kunj, love her husband nd sons a lot n hate Tanaja’s, kind hearted caring nd supporting women

*Ramindar taneja- father of Twinkle nd Mahi,same as manohar

*Leela taneja- mother of Twinkle nd Mahi, love her husband n daughter a lot, doesn’t hate Sarna’s, kind hearted, caring, supporting women

*Aman singh- boyfriend of chinki, best friend of Kunj, doctor nd has returned from Canada after completing his studie


So how was it? I know my writing is not good but still hoping that it was not boring. Thanks to those who has commented on previous episode.

Ignore grammatical nd typing error.

Bye…. Lots of love♥


  1. Saumitra

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  3. Sapphire

    A great episode di.. Loved every bit of it..
    Twinj are so cute.. Their fake fight was amazing.. and funny too.. Loved it..
    I think there is some connection between Yuvi and Mahi..
    And you said that Leela doesn’t hate the Sarnas.. That means that there is a mystery behind their enmity.. And I think that only Leela knows the truth. So she doesn’t hate them, while Rt does.. It can also be possible that the Sarnas and Tanejas blame each other for something that happened in the past, but only Leela knows the whole truth.. Or it can also be related to Mahi and UV..
    Well, there are a lot of possibilities.. I can only presume, the story is in your hands..
    Now I’m really very curious to know the reason of their enmity..
    So please post ASAP di..
    I’m sorry if I said something that I shouldn’t have..
    Love you and post very soon ( a humble request from this cute little curious me.. )

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  6. Maddy25

    Dii it was an amazingg episode. But can you pllzzz post kash hum mohabbat se anjan hote? I really miss that one. ND also don’t hate me

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