TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ – Episode 2 by Shalini

Recap- Uv returned India after 3 years nd Kunj received him from airport then both shared some cute nd emotional moments in car. Chinki calls kunj due to which kunj gets tensed nd went to chinki’s house while making excuses to Uv. At Chinki’s place twinkle was on drama queen mode.


Part 1 Here

Episode 2

Episode starts with kunj telling to twinkle

Kunj- “Twinkle if you’ll not go home then aunty will come here nd will see us together nd then you know that what will happen….so… now decision is yours what u want”…

Twinkle- (irritatingly)“Kunj!! I’ve told you many times that never ever talk like this… but you.. huh”…

Kunj- “Of ho syapa queen I was just joking… ok fine… (while holding his ears by his both hands) “I’m sorry… pls forgive me…..ok I promise I’ll not talk like this again”.. he made childish face while twinkle smiles at his cute expression nd give him a side hug nd he make her eat the medicins. Then kunj asks to chinki,

Kunj- “But chinki…. what was the need to go for shopping again??… I mean two days ago only you both have done your shopping ….then why?.. now  don’t tell that you were not satisfied with your shopping that day so today you were going to buy whole shopping mall”.. he giggles looking at twinkle who gives him death glare.

Chinki- “Kunj?… Stop your rubbish ok…! yeah we went for shopping but a week ago not two day… nd about today’s shopping.. as you know that tomorrow Aman is coming from Canada so I wanna buy something special for him to give a surprise…but this twinkle… huh she failed my plan”..

Twinkle- “I’m sorry chinki but what was my fault .. I’ve not done this intentionally you know na”…. she made childish face while chinki gets more irritate..

Chinki- “I know that twinkle.. you don’t  need to say sorry actually I’m sorry for taking a syapa queen along with me for my help”..

Twinkle- “Chinki I’ve warned you many times don’t call me syapa queen..… but you”… she holds a pillow nd throws  it on chinki

Chinki- “I’ll do.. bcz you are syapa queen.. syapa queen syapa queen syapa queen”.. Kunj was watching their fights irritatingly

Kunj- “Stop it guys… why are you both fighting like small girls?”…. both twinkle n chinki stops nd after few minutes kunj asks to chinki,

Kunj- “But chinki what was the need to go at this time I mean look at the time… its 7pm now nd if you’ll go at this time then it’ll be too late… you can go tomorrow also?”

Chinki- “I know that kunj  but… as you know that he’s coming tomorrow morning only nd after that I’ll be busy with him nd his family nd not get time to buy something…nd you also know that day after tomorrow there is a party organized for him nd also a surprise for him from our parents….. so I thought to do something special for him from my sides before that surprise but….my plan failed”… she made a sad face

Kunj- “Why are you taking so much tension for such a small thing? if your one plan gets failed then plan something else like date, long drive or candle light dinner etc”…

Chinki- “Not bad idea kunj par ye sab mere dimag mein kyun nahi aaya?? anyways, thank you so much kunj for helping me… now its final that tomorrow’s night for candle light dinner”…nd she smiles brightly.. after sometime, thinking something in her mind she asked Twinj too join her nd Aman in dinner..

Twinkle- “But it’s your special moment.. how can we join you?”..

Chinki- “Why can’t you join us?.. you can also spend some quality with us after all you both also hardly get time for eachother bcz of your family”… Twinj were in confusion what to decide but Chinki insist them so both agreed..

Chinki- “Well kunj now your bhaiya has returned so what will you do now?.. how will you find out the truth?”

Kunj- “I don’t know Chinki.. but as you know that till now i was unable to do anything bcz he was not here but now as he is back so I’ll find out everything very soon bcz I know my big bro very well that if I’ll stay with him every time then he won’t be able to hide anything from me for so long nd I think he also know it very well that’s why he went away from me that time”.. nd he smiles naughtily nd again says “but today one thing I can say for sure that he really loves someone bcz after our meeting I felt it in his behavior nd his expressions when he heard about his marriage… so.. now I’ve to find out about that special girl oh sorry my “bhabhi” who has stolen my brother’s heart.. he smiles looking at Twinkle nd chinki when chinki ask him..

Chinki- “Oh really?? are you doctor or astrologer that you guessed it from his expression only??”

Kunj-  “I’m his brother.. that’s why I can say it”..

Chinki- “Us din bhai nahi the when he was leaving?”.. she giggled but stop as he stare at her..

Kunj- “Chinki you also know that time I was unable to understand the situation Bcz that day only I came from our tour nd saw papa nd bhaiya’s argument… nd I could understand just one thing that maa nd papa were forcing bhaiya to agree the marriage proposal with a girl of their choice nd bhaiya.. he was not ready to accept.. so..”… saying this he gets sad nd for the sometime there was silence in room when twinkle to change the topic ask him..

Twinkle- “kunj I think now you should go.. all must be waiting for you”..

Kunj- “No twinkle not now bcz now a drama is going to happen in house bcz I know Bhaiya didn’t went in party so obviously Papa’s anger must be on peak.. so I’ll go in last”.. he was smiling naughtily

Chinki- “Well guys I’ve some work so I’m going in study room for some time..  nd twinkle please stay with me tonight bcz you know my parent are out of city nd will come tomorrow… don’t you worry about aunty I’ve message to Mahi di… you can also ask to Aunty”.. Twinkle agreed while she left.. kunj walks to the balcony.

*Next scene*  Sarna Mention

Uv come to the sarna mention nd walk in….he looks around his house nd says “I missed my house so much yar apne ghar ka maja hi kuch aur hai”.. he went to his room while smiling… he went to washroom for change nd after some time he comes in room.. He walks to the balcony nd look at the moon… on the other side a girl is shown who is also looking at the moon…. it seems like she is there to listen his talks only, as she know it very well that he is talking with her only….her face is not showing …only her lips nd eyes are shown

Uv-“So…. finally I’m back….after three years I’m back to my family… to my love my life…yes I’m back to you.. but still I’m far from you….the distance between us is still same like three years before when we got separated. I know you are angry on me bcz of that day’s action done by me… but trust me that day I thought if I’ll stay away from them they’ll understand my feeling my pain nd may be accept my love for you but….all is vain….they’ve still not change their decision… nd you also did not talk to me at once…. no phone calls no massages…. you also did not care about me, my feelings?.. you didn’t even care how much I missed you? Every day I used to talk with you like this only”..  saying this he as well as that girl on the other side gets teary eyed nd “DARD DILON KE KAM HO JAATE MAIN AUR TUM GAR HUM HO JAATE” plays in bg which continue with his convo “now I have only wish to meet you for once so that I can apologies for my mistake….i wish I was agree with you that day so that no one can be able to know about us till now.. well… galti ki hai to saja to bhugatni hi padegi..hai na?”… a fake smiles appears on his face nd he continue his talk “waise you know what I was still not ready to come back here  but bcz of our drama king “you devar” kunj… I’d to come ye jante hue that he is lying nd look now he has forced me to do promise that I’ll not go anywhere…. well now I have only tension that very soon he’ll find out about you which I don’t want bcz  if he’ll get know about you then I don’t know what he’ll do”… he was sad.. just then he heard that someone is shouting for kunj’s name.. they were Usha nd Manohar… he composes himself nd walk out of room. he comes down in the hall nd look at them nd bend down to touch their feet for blessings but Manohar step back nd angrily asks to him

Manohar- “So janab yahin hain I thought you must have went US again. Well when you are here will you tell me why did not you came in party??”.. Uv didn’t speak anything nd bowed his head down then Usha asks

Usha- “Uv! your papa is asking something?? answer him”….

Uv – “Maa you know the reason very well”….

Manohar- “Oh to ab apne manners bhi bhool gaye? well why I’m wasting my time with you? I should talk to kunj bcz this is all his fault only I’d warned him not to tell you anything about this but he did not listen me”…

Uv- “It was not kunj’s fault Papa… I had pressurized him to tell me the truth…. please papa don’t say anything to him this isn’t right”..

Manohar- “Oh now you’ll teach me what is wrong nd what is right?.. tell me where is he?”..

Uv- “He is in hospital for”…

Usha- “What? hospital? what happened to him? tell me uv”….

Uv- “Nothing has happened to him maa…. nd what do you think if something have happened with my brother I would stay here leaving him alone? actually a girl, who had got hurt with his car, is admitted in hospital so he has went to see her only nd nothing else”….

Manohar- “Ok fine now call him right now”…

Uv- “But papa”….

Manohar- “I said call him”… saying this he went from there following with usha….nd  uv calls to kunj

*Next Scene* Chinki’s house

Kunj walks to the balcony nd stands near the railing nd look at the sky Twinkle also comes to him nd look at the sky…. then kunj asks to her still looking at the sky

Kunj- “Twinkle do you’ve remember tomorrow’s date?”..

Twinkle- “How can I forget tomorrow’s date Kunj?.. It is the date when we kissed each other for the first time against our wish three years ago… which led us to realize our feeling for eachother nd then our love story begin”… she smiles looking at kunj who also looks at her..

Kunj-(act as he was sad) “Yeah nd it was our first kiss as well as las…”.. nd before he could complete his sentence twinkle puts her fore finger on his lips nd nods her head in No

Twinkle- “No kunj…. don’t say like this please…you know I don’t like the word “last” nd I’ve given you all rights then why are you saying this again?”.. she was looking him with a pout expression while he smirks nd does his one eyebrow look

Kunj- “You mean to say if I’ll kiss you right now you’ll not mind…. right??”..

Twinkle- ………….

Kunj- “So…. may I?”… he held her arms while pulling her towards himself due to which her one hand rest on his sholder nd other is on his chest while his one hand on her back nd other is on her waist…..he tightens his grips nd comes closer to her face while twinkle smiles brightly…. now their faces were very close to eo so they can feels their breaths…. both looks into one another’s eyes while SAJNA VE plays in bg… kunj comes close to her lips without breaking eye locks…. nd due to their one movement their lips can meet…. twinkle was still smiling brightly now kunj also smiles nd he kisses on her both cheeks nd her forehead nd says with fake angry voice but still in same position

Kunj- “This is not fair twinkle… why you always do this? why you never protest yourself from me? always you use to behave like this as u know my intentions very well”…

Twinkle- “I’m sorry kunj but I can’t do this bcz I trust you more than myself more than anyone else nd whenever you use to do this with me…. my heart always asks to me that I’m safe in your embrace nd you’ll not do anything wrong with me, which will hurt me…. bcz you love me more than yourself nd if you’ll do this then also I’ll behave like this only… bcz I’m only yodurs n you’ve full rights on me…. you can do anything with me kunj….. I’ll never ever mind… I love you most in this whole universe kunj”… listening this from Twinkles he gets teary eyed nd freed her from his grip nd hold her face with his both hand..

Kunj- “Don’t trust me this much Twinkle.. I don’t deserve this.. I’m a looser lover…. who can’t even accept his love in front of our family nd this world… who can’t give a respect to you nd our love in front of our parents….who always use to escape our relationship from this world so that they can’t find our love… who never tries to end the hatred between our family… who always use to meet you like a thief… you trust on this type of person?.. why twinkle??..  no twinkle no please don’t trust me blindly… twinkle! what if one day I’ll break your trust or for some reason leave you or choose my family instead of you or by mistake or intentionally I’ll cross my limits? you will break down nd you won’t be able to trust anyone”…. he left her with tears in his eyes.. Twinkle hold his one hand in her both palm..

Twinkle- “No kunj nothing will happen like this bcz I know you’ll never cheat me never leave me.. you were, you are nd you will always with me no matter what situation occurs in our life…nd about my trust upon you so no one can break it… not our parents… not this world… not God nd not even you.. nd what were you were saying… yeah looser lover right?? so don’t you dare to call my Kunj a looser.. get that??”..  kunj smiles forcefully ..

Twinkle- “Kunj if you are thinking that you are a looser then I’m also a looser bcz in your all decision your all condition my partnership is equal… right??”.. while kunj nods his head in yes nd she continue..

Twinkle- “Nd what you told you’ll cross your limits? really?.. so do it who has stoped u han?…huh bade aye limit cross karne.. arrey hamesha yahi bolti hun ki main bhi to dekhun ki kis had tak mera sadu sarna apni limit cross karta hai”.. she winks at kunj who smiles brightly nd this time it was full of happiness, full of pride nd full of relief that his lady love’s trust on him, will never break.. “TU HI MERI YE SARI ZAMEEN CHAHE JAHAN SE CHALUN TUJHPE HI AAKE RUKU” plays in bg which continue with their talk while kunj again holds twinkle from her waist nd twinkle continue

Twinkle- “Nd kunj why are you feeling bad that we use to meet like a thief to hide our love?.. don’t worry nothing will happen nd if something would happen let it be… why to fear? tumne hi kaha tha na “Ishq chupta nahi chupane se ..lekin use chupane ki koshish karne mein bada maja aata hai”…. both smiles nd hug each other tightly as much as they can nd says together “I LOVE U  KUNJ/TWINKLE.. I LOVE U SO MUCH” while song continue “TUM MILE TO LAMHEIN THAM GAYE TUM MILE TO SARE GAM GAYE TUM MILE” nd they were in same position for few min..

Twinkle-(still hugging) “Kunj pealse never say this again that my trust on you will break or my love for you will end bcz if that will happen then twinkles breath also will stop nd life will end as well….twinkle is nothing without her kunj…. I’m incomplete without you kunj”..  kunj breaks the hug nd say to her holding his ears “Sorry” nd song end…  just then his phone rang nd it flashes “Bhaiya” nd he smiles nd says “So finally time to go”.. he looks at twinkle who hit on his solder “kunj you’ll never change na??” he nods his head in No nd receives the the call

Kunj- “Yeah bhaiyya.. how was the party?.. did you enjoyed that?.. nd how is my would be Bhabhi.. do you like her?.. she likes you? arrey what type of question I’m asking ofcource she will… right bhaiya?.. arrey bhaiya  why are you quite? say something”…. nd he controls his laughter

Uv- “Oye bhabhi ke devar if you’ll let me speak then I’ll answer you..  tu mujhe yahan phasa kar wahan mera majak uda raha hai? ghar aakar khud hi pata kar le that how is your would be bhabhi….. dramebaaz .. now come to house fast.. papa’s special invitation for you”…he hangs the call..

Twinkle- “Why are you playing prank with your own family? at least leave them”… then kunj teases her

Kunj- “Arrey wah abhi se apne in-laws ki itni chinta ..not bad twinkle”.. she again hit on his arms play fully nd exclaims “kunjjjj” nd smiles while kunj says “ok twinkle now I have to go.. take care of yourself” nd he kisses on her forehead n starts to go when twinkle stops him nd he stop while smiling without turning to her while twinkle comes to face him nd looks him smiling on her she also smiles nd comes close to his face nd kissed on his both cheeks nd says “now go…will meet tomorrow night”..

Kunj- “To celebrate our 3rd kiss anniversary for the first time”…

Twinkle- “Yeah..”.. both smiles nd kunj left from there bidding her bye…



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