TEI~ Ishq Chupta Nahi Chupane Se ~ TWINJ – Episode 1 by Shalini

Episode 1


Episode start with a cabin where a Boy near about 23 years old who has dressed himself in white T-shirt with blue jeans n brown sport shoes , standing near window showing his back to the entrance, was talking with someone on his mobile

Boy – “Yes papa main airport ke liye nikal raha hun nd don’t worry I’ll be there at time nd after receiving to Bhaiya I’ll comes there only along with him”.

Caller – “Don’t tell him anything about this.. do you get that?”..

Boy – “But papa yo..”… before he could tell anything caller cuts the call making him angry.. he throws his mobile on the couch nearby him. He sat on the chair as a helpless person, still his face is not revealed. After some time he composes himself while looking at the time.. he took his car key from the drawer nd mobile from the couch nd also went out his cabin while taking his blazer from the chair. He came to the parking area for his car nd opens the door of car nd sat in it nd drove off for the airport. On the way he was talking to himself,

Boy – “God knows what will happen jab bhaiya ko iske bare mein pata chalega bcz after that incident only he went out of India nd is coming after 3 years just bcz of my lie nd insistence”…

*Flash back*

A big hall is shown where a women is crying nd requesting to a boy near about 25 years old, standing near the exit door..

“beta please don’t go anywhere I’m requesting to you.. we should talk about this calmly.. don’t took such a big decision in hurry..  gussa chhor de”

Boy -“No maa now I can’t bear this anymore.. Papa also told me his decision nd now I’ve just two option.. either I’ve to accept your proposal or I should leave this city even this country.. so now I’m just obeying you bcz you also know that neither I can do what you want nor I can go against you.. so its better I should choose 2nd option.. at least you’ll be happy”.. he replied without turning toward her nd saying this he step forward but stop bcz of a voice, his brother..

Voice (crying)-“Bhaiya pls don’t go at least for me.. if you don’t want to marry with someone then don’t do.. but pls don’t go”.. But he didn’t listen to anyone nd without speaking anything he went out of the house.

*Flashback ends*

Boy- “Don’t know what happened in that one month.. what made Papa nd Bhaiya to took such a biggest decision.. why our parents were forcing him for marriage.. nd why he doesn’t want to marry with any girl.. I really don’t know.. waise maa papa ne unse shadi karne ke liye hi to kaha tha kaun sa sooli par latakne ke liye kaha tha jo unhone ghar chhorna better samjjha aur maa papa.. inhe pata nahin kya hua jo haath dho kar bhaiya ke peeche pade huye hai ki shadi kar lo.. huh I tried many times to find out that maybe bhaiya love someone but maa nd papa are against to their love nd that’s why he doesn’t want to marry with anyone.. but all is vain.. neither ma and papa want to tell me nor Bhaiya.. he just make excuses that he doesn’t want to remember past.. Oh God how mysterious my family is”.. He kept silent for sometimes

“Don’t know how will he react today bcz aaj phir se jo vahi drama hone wala hai”.. He reached airport nd stop the car in parking area nd comes out the car nd walk towards the airport.

*Next scene*

Flight landed on the airport.. Then a man, wearing black formal suite white sky blue shirt nd black shoes, shown coming out.. He walk out the airport nd was searching for a cab.. Just then the same boy comes and pats on his shoulder nd called him “Bhaiya” now the man turns nd he reviled as YUVRAJ

Uv -(shocked, surprised nd happy too) “Hey…. KUNJ tu yahan? but you’ve told me that you are still angry with me nd that’s why you won’t come to receive me?”..

Kunj – “So? I’m still angry.. I’m here just bcz of Maa.. she requested me a lot so I’ve to come”.. He turn his face other side while faking anger..

Uv- “Oh really tu maa ke hi kehne par aaya hai”…

Kunj – “Haan (still looking other side).

Uv- “Off ho at least don’t lie to me.. nd stop your drama.. Kunj look at me”.. Kunj turn to face him nd found him holding his ears with hie both hands..

Uv – “Sorry!”.. he make a pout face nd kunj couldn’t control his smile..

kunj – “But first promise me that you won’t took that stupid step again?”..

Uv – “Kunj!!”….

Kunj – “Bhaiya first promise”..

Uv- “Ok fine I promise I’ll not repeat it again.. happy?”

Kunj – “Very happy”…

Uv- “Ab chale?”

Kunj – “Yeah, let’s go”.. both walks to the car nd sat in. Kunj on the driver seat while Uv besides him nd both drove off to home.

*Next scene*

Taneja Mention shown where in a beautiful room is a girl was sitting on study table near her balcony, was drawing some sketches on drawing paper nd yeah she was designing some interiors of kitchen. Just then a lady comes there nd asks her “arrey Mahi puttar have you seen Twinkle I’m searching her in whole house for last 5 min but she is nowhere , do you know where she’s gone… hey Waheguru ye kudi bhi na ek jagah tik nahi sakti ab na jane kahan hai ? ”

Mahi – “Ofho maa aap itna tension kyun le rahi ho?.. usne mujhe bataya tha ki wo chinki ke ghar ja rahi hai so you don’t worry wo aa jayegi aur waise bhi ab wo bachchi nahi hai”.

Leela – “Wo bachchi nahi hai isi baat ki to tension hai.. uski harkaton se dar lagta hai.. I hope wo Chinki ke saath hi hai.. Well leave it nd tell me is everything fine in office?”…

Mahi – “Yes maa everything is ok bas ek client ke ghar ka interior design kar rahi hoon I hope he’ll like it”.

Leela- “Ofho puttar why are you getting so much tensed he’ll definitely like it after all tune itne dil se jo banaya hai”.. Mahi smiles looking her..

Leela- “Well leave it you concentrate on your work I’ll send coffee for you” nd she kissed her forehead nd left from there.

*Next scene* YuNj’s car

On the way they were talking about many things, then Uv noticed that kunj was going to another path instead of Sarna Mention..

Uv- “Kunj, where are you going? we have to go from left side, Sarna House”..

Kunj – “I know  bhaiya but we are going Mr. Malhotra’s house, new business partner of Sarna industries. Today his 30s marriage anniversary nd he’s invited us there as a special guest. So papa ne kaha hai ki hum airport se direct wahin pahuchen”…

Uv- “Kunj you know I’m tired then why are you going there aur waise bhi wahan badon ki party mein hum bachhon ka kya kaam?.. pls yrrr lets go home. I’m really very tired nd don’t want to do parties”.

Kunj- “I know bhaiya but its papa’s strict instruction.. so what I can do nd you know him very well that he doesn’t like any argument”… Uv couldn’t answer him.. after that both were in silent mode nd helplessness was clearly visible on their faces. Suddenly something struck in uv’s mind nd he was shocked nd looks at kunj who was trying to not make any eye connect with him. Kunj was silently driving the car looking at front but Uv.. he was continuously starring at kunj . After some time he asked to uv without looking at him nd in a dramatic way

Kunj- “Bhaiya aap mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho main aapka bhai hoon aapki koi girlfriend nahi”.. nd he chuckled.

Uv- “Oh.. shut up kunj nd stop your drama nd tell me what is going on?”..

Kunj- “Sorry bhaiya…. but what are you talking about I don’t get it?”.. looking here nd there in embarrassment..

Uv- “Kunj don’t act as innocent bcz you know what I’m talking about”..

Kunj- “Bhaiya trust me I really don’t know aap kya keh rahe ho??”..

Uv- “Ok fine main directly tujhse puchta hoon.. Kunj kahin papa phir se…….kunj don’t tell that papa phir se meri shadi ki baat karne wale hain??”..looking at him with tensed face

Kunj- (makes I’m died face) “Bhaiya wo.. Bhaiya actually….actually.. you are right papa wants you nd Mr.Malhotra’s daughter meet with each other, talk nd know each other so that he’ll fix your marriage with her” nd he looks at uv with scared face.

Uv- “Kunj you cheater… tune mujhse kaha tha ki maa nd papa dono maan gaye hain aur phir kabhi mujhse shadi ki baat nahin karenge  aur isi wajah se main India wapas aane ko taiyar hua lekin tune mujhse…. apne bhai se jhooth bola?? Sach Kunj I’ve not expected it from you”..

Kunj- “Bhaiya I’m sorry par mere paas aur koi rasta nahin tha aapko wapas bulane ka but trust me I tried many time to convince to them but they always told me that they are doing this for your betterment. I’m really very sorry bhaiya.. I lied to you” both gets emotional..

Uv- “I’m sorry kunj.. but what to do? I really don’t want to marry with anyone”…

Kunj- “Waise bhaiya aapke iss decision mein mera bahot fayda hai”.. Uv gave him confused look.. Kunj was just trying to cheer up his mood..

Kunj- “I mean to say our parents wouldn’t force me for marriage until you get marry so I can enjoy my bachelor life without any tension”..he winks at uv who was also smiling… Just then kunj’s phone rang nd it flashes Chinki.. looking his phone Kunj gets tensed nd thought “Oh god why is Chinki calling me this time.. she know that I’m with bhaiya right now… wait.. Syapa queen ne koi syapa to nahi kiya hai?.. how to talk to her?”..

Uv- “Kunj who is calling nd why are you not receiving? kahi teri girlfriend ka phone to nahi hai aur tu mere samne baat nahin karna chahta?”…he teased him.. Kunj was surprised bcz he was right..  but he changed the topic..

Kunj- “Bhaiya!!… sharam karo.. apne chote bhai se aisi baatein karoge??”

Uv- “Really?.. main bolun to besharam aur tu bole toh chalta hai?.. chal chhod ye sab.. pick up the call”..

Kunj- (on call) “Yeah chinki, say.. what happened.. why are you calling me this time” Chinki told him something making him shocked..

Kunj-  “what?.. but how?.. How is she now?.. ok you stay with her I’m coming after sometime”.. he cuts the call nd was tensed..

Uv- “What happened kunj nd why are you so tensed?”.. this was the reason Kunj was sad for.. but he has to tell him something..

Kunj- “Bhaiya wo actually… Actually when I was coming to pick up you, a girl was injured with my car nd I’ve admitted her in Chinki’s hospital nd now she was trying to go her home but she couldn’t balance herself.. her condition is critical. That’s why she called me”..

Uv- “To tu jaa na… arrey don’t worry about me.. I’ll go myself.. waise bhi Papa has called me specially.. so you should go I’ll manage”..

Kunj- (stops the car) “Are you sure Bhaiya?.. you know if you won’t reach there Papa will scold me”…

Uv- “Kunj, you don’t trust your brother?”

K- “I do bhaiya.. but sometime.. you know doubt ho jata hai.. anyway, if you want to go I don’t have any problem”.. he smiles while coming out of the car.. uv sat on the driver seat while saying to kunj “trust me kunj main chala jaunga”.. kunj nods his head in yes nd left from there while uv smirks..

Uv- “Sorry my little bro, but today you’ll have to punish by Papa bcz I’m not going there.. waise bhi ab jab tune mujhse itna bada jhooth bola hai to main chota sa to bol hi sakta hoon”.. he smiles naughtily nd left from there… On the other side kunj was in cab having a naughty smiles on his face “I know my big brother what you are going to do.. but no worry aapke liye main daat to kya apni jaan bhi de sakta hoon… no no jaan kaise de sakta hai tu kunj ye to teri syapa queen ka hai”… he smiles..

He reached to a big mention nd rang the doorbell. Just then a girl opens the door wearing grey top with white jeans nd tied her hair in loose pony tail. She revealed as chinki. Kunj entered into the house..

Chinki- “Thank god kunj tum aa gaye now handle your syapa queen bcz wo meri ek bhi nahi sun rahi”.

Kunj- “Par chinki ye sab hua kaise??”

Chinki- “Actually kunj we were going for shopping but don’t know how she slipped nd fell down from the stairs due to which her leg nd back gets injured nd now she is in pain.. I asked her to call aunty or Mahi di but she refused.. I’m giving her medicines but madam ismein bhi drame kar rahi hain”..

Kunj- “Ye syapa queen bhi hadd karti hai.. bina syapa kiye reh nahi sakti… anyways, where is she? Is she in serious condition?? I mean did she fell down from high??  ”..

Chinki- “No Kunj she didn’t fell down from up that’s why her injury is not so major.. it may take her 2-3 days to recover completely but for that she has to take medicines… well she is my room”.. both left for Chinki’s room.. there he found Twinkle (wearing peach colour crop top with blue jeans nd her hair open) sitting on the bed having a cup of coffee in her hand.. she was looking like in pain.. Kunj went to her nd sat next to her.. she side hugged him while making childish face..

Kunj- “Twinkle! are you fine?.. can’t you take care of yourself?.. why do you always walk like a blind person?.. nd what is this..Chinki told me that you are not taking medicines..”..

Twinkle- “Look her na Kunj.. I’m telling her that I don’t want to have medicines but she is not listening me nd just irritating me with her lectures nd forcing me to take her these bitter medicines.. I really don’t wanna them.. please you only can stop her”

Kunj- “Yeah Chinki let’s do what she is saying.. waise bhi ye agar theek ho jayegi to koi dusra syapa create karegi.. so it’s better let her stay like this only”..

Twinkle- “Hawww.. Kunj you really think that I’ve done this intentionally??”..

Kunj- “Meri itni mazal ki main tujhe blame karun?.. I’m just saying that syapa is your best friend.. jahan bhi tu jati hai wo bhi tere paas aa jata hai”…

Twinkle- (hit him by a pillow) “Kunj you.. Sadu sarna.. don’t talk to me”..

Kunj- (lookin at ceiling) “Wah babaji.. kya ladki banayi hai apne.. dimag dalna hi bhool gaye??.. bimar hai phir bhi chapar chapar kiye ja rahi hai like a nonstop radio but never use her mind.. (now looking at her) “arrey meri Syapa queen.. please stop your drama nd take these medicines.. bcz you know if you won’t eat it you’ll not recover nd then you will unable to go to your home nd then Aunty will be worry nd will come here.. then she’ll see us together bcz you know I’m not going anywhere leaving you in this condition until you will take your medicines.. nd you know what will happen after that”.. he looks at her with a smirk while she gave him angry look but then her expression changed into tensed nd a puppy face..




Yuvraj Sarna – Elder Brother of Kunj. Loves him nd his family a lot. Positive character.

Mahi Taneja – Elder Sister of Twinkle. Loves everyone of her family.

Chinki Khanna – Best friend of Twinj. Only person who know about their relationship. Doctor by profession.


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  2. Saumitra

    Superb episode Shalini di???

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