Teen pregnancy — Rikara OS- part 2 (bonus)

they were walking on the pavement when gauri said: omkaraji, please may we get an auto? I don’t want to walk anymore.

om: yeah sure.

he saw an auto and stopped it. he helped gauri get in and the auto started to move.

in the auto:

gauri kept her head on om’s shoulder and said: what are your parents going to say?

om: I don’t know but I can tell you one thing gauri, I am really scared. gauri, I am sorry for ruining your and your parents’ relationship.

gauri: don’t be sorry. they wanted me to abort the baby or put it up for adoption. you know I don’t want to lose my child. I can do anything for my child even if it means loosing my parents.

om: correction: OUR child.

gauri: yes our child.

om kissed her forehead as the auto stopped in front of the oberoi mansion. om helped gauri out and they both went inside taking slow steps.

gauri’s POV:

as I was walking, questions flooded my mind: would his parents accept me and the baby? would his family accept mine and omkaraji’s relationship? what would happen to the baby?

everytime I took a step, my fear grew. I was really scared but omkara’s arm around my waist slowly calmed me.

gauri’s POV ends.

they entered the mansion to see the oberois talking in the living room, having tea and coffee.

om: mum, dad?

tejvi put their cups down and turned to see om. they smiled but as soon as they saw gauri, they became confused.

jhanvi: hi om beta. um beta, who is this girl with you?

om: mum…voh…voh…(he took a deep breath and started to speak again) she is gauri, my girlfriend and my child’s mother.

family: what?!

jhanvi: girlfriend?

tej: child’s mother?

rudy: o! you are going to be a papa at this young age. hey bhagwan, now everyone will think that you are a 35 years old at 18 because you will be up all night trying to make the baby sleep. worn out and dark circles.

rest of the family: shut up Rudra!

rudy: what shut up? it is the truth.

tej: ignore him but om, at this age you are all set to be a father? we don’t have a problem with you having a girlfriend but becoming a father at 18?

rudy: dad, gauri is way younger. she is only 16 and she is going to be a mother. at least she will not age quickly.

om: shut up Rudra!

rest of the family: what?!

jhanvi: rudy, how do you know all this?

rudy: o told me.

gauri: uncle, aunty you see when we went to a friend’s party, our drinks were spiked. we didn’t know about this and that’s when things got a little out of control.


everyone but rudy: shut up Rudra!

jhanvi: look gauri and om, come to me and tej. we have something to tell you both.

rikara goes to tejvi and sits in between them.

jhanvi: even we made the same mistakes when we were about your age.

tej: I was om’s age and jhanvi was the same age as gauri.

jhanvi: we decided to keep the baby and everyone agreed to our decision.

tej: but that baby never got to see this world.

rikara: what?

jhanvi: most teen pregnancies aren’t complicated and unfortunately mine was complicated. I was only 30 weeks when I passed out bleeding and that was when the baby left us.

gauri started to cry. she hugged om tight and said: what will happen to our baby?

jhanvi hugged gauri and said: puttar, rono maat.

she wiped her tears and said: you seem like a very healthy girl and I promise you that nothing will happen to you and your child. like I said, not all teen pregnancies are complicated but mine was because I was underweight. after that, I decided to take care of myself properly. it took me and tej five years to think of having another child and soon we decided to have one and that was om.

om: how come you guys never spoke about it?

jhanvi: it was too painful.

tej: gauri, om we accept this child and gauri, we also accept you in this family.

the four had a family hug till rudy spoke…..AGAIN!

rudy: oh hello! has everyone forgotten the amazing rudy?????

tej: shut up Rudra.

rikara laughed as they saw rudy sadly pouting.

night time:

om’s room:

om entered the room tired after telling dadi and shivika all about his love story. the room was dark however there was a bit of light and he heard clicking. he turned the light on only to see gauri, on the bed, checking something on his laptop.

om: gauri, what are you doing on my laptop?

gauri: researching.

om: researching what?

gauri: about school. look omkaraji, I have heard that many teens drop out of school because eof pregnancy so I am just checking if I can still attend school.

om: I am sure you will be able to. anyway gauri, I have a question. how are you on my laptop? I mean you don’t even know my password.

gauri: it’s ‘gaurimylove’.

om: how did you know?

gauri: that is your Instagram and snapchat password.

om: how do you know my passwords?

gauri: because you made your Instagram and snapchat account in front of me.

om: oh. that explains so much.

gauri: yes it does. anyway I will talk to the school tomorrow. here is your laptop.

she gave it back to om smiling and om said: thank you.

gauri gets off the bed and takes a pillow with her as om watches her with curiosity. gauri kept the pillow on the recliner and was about to lie down on it when om said: you can sleep on the bed. you don’t have to act like a guest here.

gauri: are you sure?

om: yes. I will sleep on the recliner and you sleep on the bed.

gauri: if you sleep on the recliner then I will feel bad.

om: you want me to sleep on the bed with you?

gauri: yes.

om: ok.

gauri takes the pillow from the recliner and goes to om on the bed. she keeps her head on his shoulder and says: you are so lucky to have parents who understand you. my parents never understand me. they only care about my studies. no no they don’t really care about my studies. they only care about their respect which is why they forced me into engineering. when it came to choosing my GSCES options, they chose it for me. everything to do with engineering.

om: you never wanted to be an engineer.

gauri: no.

om: then what did you wanted to be?

gauri: leave it omkaraji. it’s not like my dream will ever come true.

om saw tears in her eyes and quickly changed the subject.

om: are you really going to sleep in your day clothes?

gauri: I have nothing else.

om stood from the bed and opened his cupboard. he got one of his shirts out and said: here. wear this.

gauri: but this is your shirt.

om: so? wear it today then tomorrow borrow something from anika Bhabhi and after sorting out the school matter, we will buy you some clothes. it’s not like your parents will let you get your stuff.

gauri: true. ok.

gauri took the shirt and went to the bathroom. three mintues later, she came out shy. the shirt reached up to her knees and it was so big for her.

gauri: it is so big.

om: stop complaining and sleep. you really look tired.

gauri nods and both lay on the bed hugging each other with gauri’s head on om’s hard chest.

sooo guys what do you think will happen in the school? will gauri be able to continue her education despite carrying a child? also will gauri face a miscarriage like jhanvi or will rikara’s love keep the baby alive? and how did you guys feel after learning that jhanvi and tej were in the trap of teen pregnancies.

what is gauri’s dream? yeh bhi toh socho.

anyway sorry for a bad chapter.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Liked om saying to gauri our child.shocking that tejvi too faced it in teenage n jhanvi had a terrible miscarriage due to complications.surprising that tejvi accepted rikara together.but cant believe that they let gauri stay in om’s room b4 marriage.will gauri take her fav subject n study?
    Plz update ur old ffs too.u r not updating ur ffs after a few chapters which is depressing 4 readers

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear.. Happy for rikara

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