teen isqhbaaziyom ki kahaani episode 6 by gangu

Sorry I don’t know why suddenly my phone stopped let me continue???and I know ishqbaaziyom has moved a lot don’t worry with in 4 parts I will reach till marriage sorry???

Part 6

Shiv_ what the wuck ,how dare you do that
Ani_ what did I do
Shiv__ I think you have no sense,why splashed water on me
Ani_ excuse me mene koi splsh vlash nahi mene kiyavo tho apne hath se ese kiya.app itne akkudu koi ho ,hajaise ki ek kutha ko theen din se kana nahi diya aur jab usko kana Mila, uski thara app kar rahe ho.akkudu kahika
Shiv_ did you meant I look like a dog to you

Om_ pls don’t fight

Shiv_as he is saying I am stoping
Ani_me too
Rudy _ Didi app kaise ho, mene suna ki om riddima se breakup karka upp se relationship me Hai sach Hai Kya
Om _shut up rudra
Ani _ om(with a cute expression)I know him
Om _ sees she trust me,she is not a duffur like you
Ani _chod yaar
Om got a call
Girl _ om I want break up
Om _ riddima why can’t you understant
Ridd _ what to understand om
Om _ give me some time
Ridd _ no om she cut her call
Ani _ what happened om
Om _ riddima broke up with me .iam going out
Ani _okay I am coming with you
Om _ Anika your bf is Sid Na
Shiv _who is Sid
Om _ you don’t know Siddharth Vikram Singh
Shiv _what
Ani what
Om _ Sid is shivaay ‘s rival
Ani _ ohh
Shiv _ and how does a stupid Girl like you have bf
Ani _ you
Om _ Anika and shivaay what is this you are not kids
Rudy _ why you guys talking without me in relationship
Om _ I am going out

Ani and shivaay _ok


Om_so nice here feeling like I am light
Suddenly a girl hits Om
But doesnt catch her

Precap _ iskara knowing each other .Sid _anika meeting obro’s .Tia_ Anika meeting each other

  1. Nice but story line bhul Gaye

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