‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-43

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HELLO ALL……This is Moonlight_luver back with the next part of your amazed story.. How are you fellas? Guys I’m not stretching with my blah-blahs..  we’ll talk at the end.. kindly ignore all the grammatical mistakes and errors you come across… Enjoy the part friends…

@ Night…            

Anika was sitting next to the window crying.. her eyes have become red and swollen out of all the sob.. Tears were getting less to come out.. her face was no less than any nightmare for others…

‘ tomorrow is our marriage and I DON’T want to hurt you Anika… If you stay good! Then it’ll be good for everyone.. ‘

Charlie’s words were ringing in Anika’s ears.. she looked her hands which were scorched with fire.. she closed them and looked out feeling the lite light of Moon..


“ Rudhr! Did you find anything? “ Om asked checking the door..

“ No O.. did you Khanna? “

Khanna “ No sir… there’s nothing over here… what shall we do now? “

“ We’ve to find that person… “ Om added..

Rudhr “ But how O? it’s already dark inside.. how are we gonna find that guy?? “ just then Om received a msg… he took out the phone to see Gauri’s msg..

‘ Omkara.. come fast! Shivaay bhayya’s condition is getting bad!!.. ‘

Omru were shocked to see such a msg… they looked Khanna who nodded at them assuring..

“ I’ll stay here sir… Shivaay sir will need you both.. and I know how to handle the security here, even I’m a security incharged guy.. “ Omru patted Khanna’s shoulder and went out sneaking through the window…

“ Shhh Rudy.. don’t make sound… “

They jumped down carefully without alerting the security… Rudhr stopped walking and looked Charlie’s Mansion..

Rudhr “ Mann tho kar raha hai ki mai abhi jaakkar uska mooh thod doon… “

Om “ voh tho mai bhi chahtha hoo.. “

Suddenly they saw few men crossing them..they stood like statues and fortunately escaped..

“Chal rudy.. this isn’t the right time.. we must leave.. “ Om said but his leg became frozen seeing Anika next the window.. they both smiled to each other and carefully went down the window hiding behind the trees…

“ shh..Bhabhi!!!… bhabhi over here…. It’s me Rudy!..“ Rudhr tried to get her attention but Anika was all lost in her own thoughts…. Om took a small stone and threw it to her room.. Anika’s eyes suddenly changed it’s sight and saw the stone… she looked it strangely and the moment itself another stone came.. She looked down the window and surprisingly saw Omru.. her face which was till dimmed glowed with happiness… Omru waved their hands smiling… Same time Anika saw HIS men roaming the garden… she understood that it won’t be good to make noise… she went inside making Omru disappoint..

“ Where did bhabhi go? Doesn’t she want to talk to us? “ said Rudhr… Suddenly something hit Rudhr’s head and looked down to see a paper along with a pen clipped on it.. Om looked up to see Anika looking them with tears..Om took the paper and pen while Rudhr was too eager to read it..

“ how are you both and family? Sab teek hai na? And Shivaay? “

Om took the pen and wrote the answer… he threw it up along with a small stone wrapped inside it.. Anika caught the paper the right time and opened it to read :

“ Everyone’s worried for you bhabhi… And Shivaay.. his condition hasn’t improved yet… how are you bhabhi? “

The line about Shivaay’s condition made Anika scared… after few mins Omru received their answer…

“ you both have to be with Shivaay, Ok ? I’ll be fine… please make sure that Shivaay is Ok! And… and please tell everyone that I’m sorry… SORRY FOR EVERYTHING!!… don’t stay here any longer… go..please!!!… “

Omru looked Anika with tearful eyes.. She reciprocated the look and nodded them to leave.. They heard Charlie’s voice and Omru ran from there giving Anika a last safe smile…

Charlie opened the door making Anika scared.. HE moved close to her as she moved back.. HE threw the Wedding saree at her which made Anika shiver..

“ you must wear this tomorrow.. I want my wife to look the most beautiful than anyone..do you understand? “ Charlie bolded his voice…

“ you still don’t understand!… this marriage will never happen.. you are doing wrong.. you will have to pay for everything you have done!.. you’re a monster.. “

“ Of course I am.. and I don’t want to give you my behavior certificate.. from my childhood, I waited for this day and finally this is going to happen!.. I can’t express my excitement of killing you every day.. you’ll suffer… you yourself will wish to kill you.. I will make you to feel that!.. One more lonely night.. And after that, many will accompany you in bed.. HaHaaaaAA.. “ Charlie went out sliding his finger over her face.. Anika sat on the bed with a thud and closed her eyes with pain..

— Hospital—–*

Omru ran inside where everyone looked tensed..

“ What happened Mom? “ Om asked.. their face lighted up seeing Omru back..

Jhanvi “ Om…patha nehi Shivaay ko kya hua hai!.. Suddenly his condition turned wild.. We’re so worried for him.. “  Rudhr neared the glass and saw Shivaay taking his breath hardly.. His chest were changing his position Rhythmically… He saw the doctor sweating and his hands shivering.. Doc came out along with few nurses but Om stopped him before anything..

“ Doctor!! What happened to Shivaay? Is he Ok? “

“ Look Mr.Oberoi, We are trying our level best to maintain the equilibrium of his body but patient is so hyper that he’s not cooperating with us…  Moreover his legs are very weak that a small movement can cause severe blood loss.. and his head is…

“ Look Doctor, I just want to know whether is he Ok or not!.. Answer me!!!…. “ Om shouted at him pulling his collars.. Everyone were shocked to hear Shivaay’s condition..

Pinky “ Oh My Mata.. Sh..Shivaay!!…. yeh sab kya ho raha hai.. Sakthi ji…AhaAAahaa… “

Rudhr “ Doctor, My brother asked you a question… “

“ Look, we are in a urgent matter.. let us do our duty… I don’t want to talk about it.. “ The doctor sided Om and went out but…

“ the ‘ IT’ you are referring to is my elder brother!!  Tell me what’s happening there.. “ Priyanka bolded her voice standing before doc.. Omru were proud to see their little sister confident.. doctor bent down leaving a sigh..

“ who’s this Anika? “  asked doc..

“ that’s…that’s our bhabhi.. “ answered Rudy..

“ Mr. Oberoi is taking her name innumerable times.. think he’s impatient to meet Anika.. if possible bring her here, may be that could cure his temper.. “ Doctor informed and went inside back leaving everyone on the tip of crying…

“ Anika ko hum kaise yaha layenge? Humei khud nehi patha ki meri bhahu kaha hai!..” Dadi cried resting her head on Jhanvi’s shoulder.. Omru looked each other helplessly and changed their eyes to Shivaay who was desperate to meet their bhabhi…

— Next morning——–*

 “ just leave ME!!!!…. “ Anika shouted throwing the jewelries away.. Sanjay slapped her face making his hands print on her cheeks..

“ DON’T SHOUT!!… “

Chandru hid behind the door being unable to see the cruelty they did with her…

“ Dad.. NO.. you don’t slap her.. After marriage, We’ll just not slap but will force her to slap herself… just few more mins to go… “ Charlie said calming Sanjay.. HE neared Anika and held her mouth hardly while Anika winced in pain…

“ just wear this jewelries, tie your hair and come with me.. and don’t force me to make you wear this.. well, I don’t have any problem with that, do you? “ HE moved close to her lips but she pushed HIM back badly…

“ why are you doing this? Leave me please… “ Anika begged to HIM but HE did nothing but smiled..

Charlie “ it’s too late Anika.. you have to marry me, either with your permission or without.. I don’t care… “  

“ ok then, it’s up to you both now.. I had let Radhika to say her last wish before I killed her.. and her last wish was to let you go… and now it’s your turn.. Any last wishes my dear? “ Sanjay made a deal winking at her… Her eyes showed full anger listening again and again and again that Sanjay killed her Amma… but she let a sigh along with her anger…

“ I..I want to see Shivaay.. “

 Charlie shut HIS eyes with distress and anger when the line hit his ears..

“ please…just once.. only for once let me see Shivaay!… After that I’ll do whatever you want… I want to see Shivaay…. Please….please… just for once.. please!!!… “ Anika sticked her palms together begging HIM.. HE opened HIS eyes and gave out a smile to Anika…

“ Ok then.. but before that, wear this wedding dress and jewelries.. and you marry me happily! Is that clear? “  Charlie warned her to which she nodded her head positively… Charlie and Sanjay went outside leaving the door closed..

“ Charlie, why are you letting her see Shivaay? I don’t think that’s a good Idea.. “

“ Even I don’t think, that’s good Dad… but I’m doing this so that she could see him for the last time.. I will also go there and with my own hands I’m gonna kill Shivaay… As long as he’s alive, he’s a threat for me and my life… I must finish him..So let Anika see her love for one last time.. “

“ Haa.. that’s more like it.. After this marriage, Anika and everything related to her will be finished.. and Shivaay too… “


Precap : Anika sees Shivaay.. Anika’s love confession and kisses to Shivaay….


LLLLo fellas.. so did you like this? I know quite boring this was.. but upcoming parts will be full of masthii… Thank you guys for all the likes and comments..

Silent readers, I wish you all could tell me the reviews about the story.. coz, only few parts are left…

End is nearing..

Next one is getting moderation friends…

Till then this is Moon bidding a happy farewell…

Take care and stay blessed!..


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