‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-40

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HELLO ALL…. How are you fellas? Well, this is your Moonlight_luver back… I know guys I late in posting but I’m not able to adjust the time as per my wish.. but yes I’m trying my best friends… I’ll explain everything later so lets’ enter into the story for all you guys were waiting.. Happy reading..

Recap : Shivaay lost in the auction.. Shivaay get hurt btw the fights.. Charlie hurts everyone in Anika’s family… HE drags Anika painfully and threw her into the car!!!…


Charlie and Anika were sitting backseat.. Anika was trying hard to get out of HIS clutches… She cried but Charlie didn’t even considered it a bit..

“ Oh just shut up!!!… ok! SHUT UP…. Don’t open your mouth otherwise whole your family will suffer.. “ Charlie warned her loudening HIS voice..Anika was scared with HIS presence..

“ leave me alone… please… what I did to you? “ Anika begged HIM moved back from HIM..

“ Anikaaaaaaa… you’re angering me.. and… and what question is this? What you did? You mustn’t ask this Anika… “ HE neared Anika while she moved back from HIM… “ you’re so magical… you made me mad.. you made me wait for such a long time.. and you’re asking what you’ve done? Oh no!.. what haven’t you done? You did everything… I wasted my whole life running behind like a dog… wherever you go, I was there…. You prompted me Anika.. you really did! I wanted you.. always I loved you.. but you only saw Shivaay!.. Shivaay..Shivaay….Shivaaaaaayy!.. jab dekho Shivaay ka naam letha hai thu.. you never even noticed me.. for the last one month, you made me an angry lion.. you were always with Shivaay right? Now you’ll have to face the scourge… for each and every pain you gave me.. you’ll have to balance all that…

“ No…Please.. leave me… I said leave… “ she pushed HIM back hardly and slapped HIS cheek tight as ever… Charlie looked her frustrated and pulled her painfully pulling her hair lock.. Anika cried in pain screaming Shivaay’s name… Suddenly the car was stopped..

“ Rrrrey, now what? “ Charlie peeped out and saw an opening door of a car..

“ Now who the hell is he? “ Charlie yelled and ordered HIS men to move that car aside… They ( HIS men ) went out with their weapons but stopped seeing Shivaay there… his head was bleeding like nothing but nothing could stop him from saving his Anika..

“ Whoaaho…. Shivaay!… “ Charlie mesmerized looking at him.. Shivaay’s name hit Anika’s ears with no time.. she saw Shivaay out with head down… before she could smile, worry ruled her face.. She was solicitous for Shivaay’s condition…

HIS men rushed towards him and started beating with full effort.. the wooden stick which hit Shivaay, instead of hurting him, blasted into pieces… Everyone took a step back with surprise that Shivaay still wasn’t moved… they looked each other and decided to take another move… A guy ran towards Shivaay with knife in his hand but a second later the guy was on ground with the knife stabbed on him… they didn’t understand what was happening!… the next time everyone together attacked him rounding but Shivaay moved a step back resulting them to hit themselves.. Now everyone were hurt… finally Shivaay raised his head with blood shot eyes… and hit everyone without showing any mercy.. he hit a guy’s chin resulting blood to fly over the sky…

( Guys, you can imagine SSO’s BG music… )

Anika pushed Charlie away and opened the door to run near Shivaay… she got down and moved forth but Charlie caught her hair the right moment..

“AaahaaHHAahHaHHaa.. Shivaaaaayy!!!!…… “ Anika couldn’t control the pain.. HE was inserting all HIS anger into her head pulling her hair… Shivaay was stopped by her voice… her scream pierced into his heart badly… he couldn’t beat anyone more seeing Anika in HIS hands..

“ Eeerrrrrgghhh…… LEAVE…..HER!! !!! !!!! !!……. “ wild voice of Shivaay made even the atmosphere to become severe hot..

“ Oh, really? Now you’ll warn me? Don’t you forget Shivaay that Anika is mine now…. “ Charlie laughed saying tightening his grip on her…. Shivaay was totally enraged by this… he moved forward with closed fist but Anika’s cry made him weak…

“ A…Anika.. nothing will h..happen to you…ok? N..nothing will.. “ Shivaay said in a weak voice making Anika to look him helplessly…

Charlie “ Oh no.. many things will happen to Anika… the things you can’t even imagine.. “

“ Sh..Shiv…Shivaaay.. go.. go from h..here.. gohhh… “ Anika stuttered wincing in pain…

“ A..Anika, nothing will hap……. “ his words didn’t complete as he was hit by an iron lever..

“ Shivaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!><!>!!!!><><<!!  ….. “ Anika screamed with fear holding her tightly… Shivaay fell down on his kneel facing the sky, and gradually on the road… the goons started to kick and beat him with whatever they got…

“ Noooo…Pleeease… Leave him…. Shivaaaaaayy……!!!!! “ Anika was trying to get freed from Charlie’s clutch.. they booted on Shivaay’s face making him spit blood… Anika hit Charlie’s chest and ran to Shivaay bowing her knee… his face had nothing but blood…

“ Sh..Shivaay…kuch nehi..huh! Shivaay aap teek hai! Shivaay.. nothing is gonna happen.. you..you’re fine..Shivaay..no..no, no, no… don’t close your eyes…Sh..Shivaay…l…look at me..Shivaay, look at me… you’re fine..you’re perfectly fine…  Shivaay.. please…no..open your eyes.. stay with me… stay with me.. stay with me… please Shivaaay!!!!… ” Tears were flowing from her eyes unstoppably..  she begged those goons to stop hurting him but her plead wasn’t loud enough to mold them..

“ Stop it… don’t hurt him..NO!!.. “ she pushed back those men warningly… they couldn’t hit Anika as Charlie would never let anyone hurt her rather than HIM…

“ I said, stay away from him… “ Anika bolded her voice sniffing…

Charlie “ Anika, Anika, Anikaa.. what do you think? Huh? Ok, let it be whatever… We won’t do anything to Shivaay.. but you, yourself have to come with us, being a good girl!… if that’s a deal, then we’ll leave Shivaay alone.. so, what say? “ Anika looked him with hatred and revenge.. she slowly sat down next to Shivaay who was loosing his consciousness… she cupped his face with weak fingers leaning down..

“ I’m Sorry….I..I’m sorry Shivaay…I’m sorry!!!.. I’ve to..l’ve to go…. I’m..I’m sorry…. “

“A..Ani..kaaa…hh…d..don’t…nikaaaa… “ Shivaay was stuttering with the words he could gather.. Anika cried terribly resting her forehead on his… she noticed Shivaay’s phone and dialed Om’s number which was the first one in contacts…


“ Hey, Rudhr…. It’s Shivaay.. pick it up, but don’t say that we’re coming to give him surprise.. “ Om smiled driving the car speedily..

“ give it to me O..

“ Hello…. Shivaay bhayya!!…


Anika “ what do you think of yourself Charlie? If you hit Shivaay in NH47 road middle of no where, you’ll win!.. then let me remind you.. Someone will find Shivaay and will..will take to hospital.. Someone will…WILL take good.. good care of him..” She was crying the whole time.. she looked the phone which was still on line..

“ Oh, c’mon Anika… there’s no big thing… come with me, and Shivaay will be safe.. “ Charlie distended HIS hands to her opened.. Anika caressed Shivaay’s face crying… Charlie nodded to HIS men and they again kicked Shivaay..

“ No..No..No….I’ll come….I’ll come…  Leave Shivaay.. “ Anika looked Shivaay helplessly slowly getting up…

“ No..A..ni..kkkaa… “ Shivaay tightened hid grip on her hand.. Charlie came forward and pulled Anika by her hair.. their hands were parting from one another… Charlie pushed her inside the car and smiled to HIS men evilly.. Anika looked through the window and cried gazing Shivaay’s condition….

“ I’m sorry Shivaay…. I’m so sorry!!… “ she closed her fist crying… Charlie drove the car as speedily as HE could… Shivaay struggled to get up with his leg up couldn’t… The goon laughed at his state and took the thickest rod they had and smashed it on Shivaay……….


Charlie pulled Anika into HIS house by her hair and threw her into the floor… the Mansion looked more scary than the people inside… Charlie was beyond happiness… HE called out each of HIS men and asked them to look at this girl’s gradate…

“ Dad!!… Dadd.. Come on out… you have to see what gift I’ve brought for you…. DAD!!… “ Charlie screamed aloud being as happy as HE ever could.. the sound of Sanjay’s boot echoed over the hall…. Anika saw him descending the stairs with the scariest movements… she rubbed herself back against the floor as Sanjay neared her… his appearance mad her shiver with fear.. Sanjay sat on his legs next to Anika…

“ Whoa…whoa..whoa… I’ve seen you far, but you look more beautiful when near… After all, you are Radhika’s blood… prettiness would flourish over you.. “ he lowered his voice sliding his finger over her cheeks… Anika pushed him back with anger..

“ Don’t you dare to touch me… “ she hardened her voice…

“ YOU!!!!!… “ Charlie moved forward raged but Sanjay stopped by HIM by his hand..

“ Oh no…no my dear!!.. Radhika ki beti hai… zhid tho hoga hi.. “ he moved near to her while she moved involuntarily back..

“ be habituated… and don’t show your stubbornness in front of me.. If I can kill your mother, then I do know a far better way to kill you too… but, my son loves you… kya kare… pyaar tho insaan ko paagal kar detha hai.. so I can’t kill you.. but don’t you dare to do such stupidity of provoking me, so that I do what I did to your family… you don’t know what I can do!.. so be a good girl, and get ready for marriage..! “ Sanjay completed his words leaving Anika shock..

“M..Marriage?? “ Anika aired her voice..

“ F’course… Oh, we planned it suddenly… we want you to stay here for the rest of your life where each second will feel like a year for you… so the best way is marriage… Radhika disappointed me, very badly… so you have to pay for her sins too… you’ll die here… you’ll wish to kill yourself living with us.. And, my son will have some entertainment also… kyu Charlie… “ Sanjay smiled and looked Charlie who brushed HIS lips looking Anika..

Anika looked down and a second later she smiled and got up laughing at them..

“ what a beautiful and impossible dream you both son and father have… you don’t know me either.. you are forgetting that I am Rajarai’s and Radhika’s daughter… and If I stand on my decision, then no one will dare to come near me… and, for your kind information, I am married.. to the person I love….. Shivaay has the only right to touch me…no one else has.. so better you cover your wish and put it below your pillow so that at least you can dream it! “ Anika raised her bros confidently..

Charlie “uffffhsss…. Your this attitude is the best quality you ever have Anika.. your attitude made me mad for you… but, let me remind you… Shivaay will never come back!.. we sent him far far far away that no one would ever reach him unless he dies.. “ Anika was shocked hearing HIM.. her legs were falling weak, but she didn’t allow her worry come on her face.. TEARS were growing in her eyes but she managed it not to come out..

“ don’t you make a mistake by thinking that I would believe your words.. Not in this life.. Shivaay is alive and he will come for me… I know it.. “ Anika bolded herself looking directly into HIS eyes…

“ let your belief save you.. par shadi tho thujhe karni hi padegi.. voh bhi mujhse… and till that you’ve to stay here… in a room where your only friend would be spiders and it’s web.. “ Charlie brought fetters and tied it around Anika’s legs… it was too heavy that she couldn’t even take a step forth..


Omru speeded the car to NH47 and searched everywhere for Shivaay…

“ Bhayyyaaaa…!!!!!.. “ Rudhr screamed while Om applied the break heavily.. they got down and was totally shocked to see Shivaay in the pool of blood unconscious…


The creaky sound of the opening door made Anika scare a bit.. Charlie threw her inside resulting her to hit the ground painfully.. HE closed the door tightly and locked it from outside.. she hit her head on the floor crying badly…

“ I’m sorry Shivaay… I’m..I’m so sorry!!… why did you did all those for me? Why Shivaay ? you’ll be ok.. you have to be ok.. Omru will take you to hospital.. you’ll be fine Shivaay.. please, be fine.. Why all these are happening to me? I lost my mother… all my happiness.. my father stayed away from me.. I had to drop all my dreams.. my ambition.. everything….. Everyone was away from me even though they were near me… I can bear everything, but not about Shivaay!… I will not allow anything happen to my Shivaay.. he must be safe… must be… “ she cried more resting her head on the floor… tears were hitting the floor faster..  “ why Shivaay? Why are you saving me? Why did you come here? I told you… I told you several times to..to leave me… go back! But..but you never listened me.. you..you never listened me Shivaay… if..if you had gone the day you arrived, these…these would have never happened!!.. youwould have been okay now..  please Shivaay…stay alive.. I don’t want you to be near me, but..I..I want you…. I can’t live without you… please stay.. even if you are far, I want your happiness.. I wanted your h..happines, but..but..but…. “ Anika blamed herself and cried lying on floor…


Will Shivaay be ok? Charlie’s gonna marry Anika, will he succeed? Will the destiny unite Shivika again? Ask these questions to yourself till the next one comes..


Hey, so how was this? Guys I did try to make it longer but lots of things were pending in my home to be done.. and main thing is that, my mother isn’t here… she has gone leaving me all alone here..Aaaahaaahhh… Whatever, she’ll be back soon.. so I had lot many things to do!.. prepare food take care of my granny, my brother, father… well, everyone’s elder than me but seriously they don’t even know to pick their own dresses.. now you can imagine about other things.. huff… now I understand my mother’s difficulties… it’s true, no one should underestimate the power of a common house wife!..

So, did I fulfilled your thoughts? Please do tell me how was the part, I really need support for the coming parts..

Do drop your comments and bang on the like box if you did like!!… Dislikes are also welcome.. at least you’re disliking coz you read the story!.. that’s far enough for me….

Wait for the next part fellas..

Till then this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell…

Take care and stay amazed…





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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing dear

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Everything i mean everything is just M-I-N-D-B-L-O-W-I-N-G….So cinematic …Loved this chappy Buddy..Will be waiting for the next..Till then Take care Buddy..

  3. Niriha


  4. Really nice n cute love shown n their attachment between shivika is upto the heightsof Everest.as usual you wrote effectively.even though it’s senti episode u have a light weight way that we enjoyed shivaays fight to save Anika n Anikas care to save her shivaay is wonderful n Charlie’s man handling with shivika n he thought in seperating shivika is successful but he don’t know with whom he is dealing.jaldi he will come to know how big n worst mistake he did in his life by hurting both shivika.n the Anikas love n her will to have sight of her shivaay is much stabbed.but I appreciate her bold words n fight towards that vilians in her life keep it up anika.you played n gave actual words by every character that we are so delighted n it’s treat for me to read.you done very efficiently your part.enjoy the time n take care friend.

  5. N haa you moonlight u gave me party dhin Chakk chakka aa Chakk through your writings…

  6. I very much over whelmed impressed with you

  7. Moon! Yeh episode bahut eventful tha! Feeling very sad for sHivika?? and waah yaar, manna padega, anika is very smart! I hate these blo*dy father son duo? hopkng for a quick update. Love

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