‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-35

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Recap : Raja reveals Anika’s past to Shivaay… Shivaay learns about Charlie and his intentions towards Anika… he promised Raja to be the protecting wall of Anika..


Shivaay got out of the room and stopped remembering Raja’s words…

I could control before them but… but how will I overcome this time? I can’t let Anika go..No..why would I? She is mine.. but I don’t know why, I’m getting a strange feeling… how will she react after knowing these? No…Anika should never know about these… She was hurt for all the things I did… When I near her, HE punished Anika… I only saw one attack of hers.. if the only one is soo difficult for me to handle then how much Anika would have suffered?? Radhika aunty sacrificed her life for Anika.. Uncle and Gayathri aunty hid their love for Anika for years.. I’ll never let their sacrifices to go in vain.. I will win in that auction… for my family… for Anika.. b..but, why am I afraid? Why I’m getting a feeling that I’ll loose her..???

“ Haaa Akka, I’ll take you there.. don’t rush… “ Shivaay’s thought was broken by Gauri’s fed up voice… he straightened his eyes towards the hall where Gauri was taking Anika.. But wait, is Anika in a wheel chair? Thought Shivaay!  Yes!

“ Gauriiii… kya faida hua thujhe ithna khaana khilaakar? Huh? Can’t even push me properly… “ Anika said pushing herself further..

“uffff Akkkaaaa! You’re not that 8 year old kid when I was taken birth.. you’ve all… grown…Ah…up…into…rrrr…an…elephant.!!!.. “ she said pushing her hardly…

“ you know something, elephants follow their siblings actually, so what I’m trying to say is that…”

“ Yep..I got it.. that I’m too and elephant!! “ Gauri answered closing her eyes…They both smiled and again entered into argues…

“Well, how’s all going Miss. Anika? “ came the doctor along with Rohit..doc sat down to check her leg again..

“Nothing much doctor… I’m fine.. this will get fine soon, doesn’t it? “ Anika asked litely feeling a pain..

“Sure it will.. but your ayurvedic medicines have already made a lot effect in this… this is just for hours so as to get rest for your legs… “ Doctor said and stood up patting her shoulder..

“ WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE??? “ came the voice from Shivaay, well, an angry one… he neared them and held doc’s collar pulling him harder… Anigauhit were shocked seeing the sudden action of Shivaay’s..

“ How dare you!! How dare you make Anika sit in wheel chair? She is not any patient!! Did you get that?” Shivaay threw his away backward and moved further towards….

“Shivaay!! No… “ Anika tried to Stop Shivaay but… “ No Anika.. don’t try to stop me today… “ Shivaay interrupted and moved more to bang the doc, but Anika caught his hand before..

“Bade bhayya, he didn’t do anything… Akka’s legs are too weak to make a move… so he was just trying to help… “ gauri tried to convince him..

“Help?? In this way? By giving a wheel chair? Seems like Anika is a patient.. She’s all fine.. “ Shivaay shouted in the toppermost voice…

“But, I asked the family.. only after that, I booked the chair.. “ Doctor informed pleading Shivaay to forgive..

“did you ask me? Did you ask to her husband? She’s my wife!!! And I’m her husband… NO ONE CAN COME BETWEEN US… Even HE can’t come…And you, he pointed doctor… don’t you ever face me again..EVER!! ” he shouted and moved give a kick but Anika made her hold tight stopping him from doing….

“Shivaay, kya kar rahe hai aap? Shivaay, my leg has got into a lot fracture.. and it’s necessary to make it rested..I know it… trust me…And who’s this HE ?? “ shivaay’s face dimmed and lowered… he took a step back and turned to go but stopped sensing a touch over his wrist.. he arced back and saw Anika holding him..

“Shivaay, what happened to you? “ she asked in a low voice..Shivaay’s eyes were filling up but controlled before her..he sat down to her leg and touched them gently.. Anika was feeling strange with this version of her hubby.. he held her hand in his and kissed them.. Anika was delighted with the touch but still confused with the scene..

 “HE releases his anger by hurting Anu.. whenever you near Anu, HE hurts her…HE is a lunatic.. I..I can’t say anything against him.. bcoz at anytime HE can take away my Anu… ”

Raja’s words were ringing in his ears…Anika made him face her by his chin..but was shocked witnessing tear in his eyes…

“S..Shivaay, kya hua??  Are…are you crying? What happened Shivaay? Say something… “ Anika caressed his face in a worried tone.. Shivaay kissed her forehead and rested with her’s..

“Everything will be fine Anika… Everything will be… “ Shivaay said in a n airy tone and left without hearing what Anika had to say..

“Shivaay… Shivaay, listen to me…Shivaayyy… “ Anika called him several but he didn’t stop but rushed…

“Gauri.. go.. go behind Shivaay…something is wrong… otherwise he won’t go even after I called… Gauri please… go… “ Anika held Gauri’s hand and made her follow Shivaay..

“ Akka, relax ok? You…you stay here I’ll..I’ll go and check.. “ Gauri pacified Anika and ran out..

—- Outside—–

Shivaay stopped near the river.. His eyes had become a red one and palm started oozing blood due to the compression of his fingers… he saw the reflection of Moon gleaming through the water which made his anger melt a bit.. But the thought of loosing Anika was haunting him like bees.. he couldn’t shake the thought.. Suddenly he felt a touch on his shoulders and remembering about Charlie, he raised his hands to smash the person but…

“ Aaaaaahhhhh bhayyyaaaa… !!!! “ yelled Gauri there..Shivaay’s hands were frozen..

“Gauri!!..I’m..I’m sorry.. I..I thought of someone else…um..why..why are you here? “ Shivaay tried to rub off the topic…

“hei Sankar ji, you almost killed me bhayya…huff.. voh actually Akka sent me to check you… she sensed something wrong and said me to follow you… but I am the one who supposed to ask you the question, Why are you here bhayya? Sab teek hai na? “ gauri held Shivaay’s shoulder and inquired..

“NO.. Nothing..  I’m..I’m fine..Just a little head ache.. “ he answered and pretended to be having head ache..

“ Bhayya, I know Akka says I’m a kid.. but I’ve all grown up from that stage… I can understand that you’re having some kind of a problem.. Amma says that, Sharing gives quite a relax… Share it na bhayya, what’s the problem? “  gauri convinced him in a trustiest way..

“No.. Nothing Gauri..nothing like that.. “ he kept his eye-contact away from her..

Gauri “kuch tho hai.. may be you don’t wish to share with me.. think, I still haven’t reached till Priyanka for you, hai na bhayya? “

“ No gauri.. he caressed her head.. you’re as equal as prinku to me.. I’ve never intensed to show any partiality btw you sis… “ Shivaay cleared..

“If so, then please share it bhayya… what’s bothering you? “ Gauri held Shivaay’s hand and assured to to open..Shivaay smiled and placed his hands over hers

“Gauriii.. you know something, you and Om really similar together… When I used to be tensed, Om will sit next to me and calm me down.. Even though I resist him in doing, he always does.. When you near me gauri, I really miss him.. “ Gauri smiled bowing her head..

“Do you? “ Shivaay asked hiding a smile…gauri was shocked with the sudden ask..

“umm..N..No.. Nehi tho… Why will I miss him?… “ Gauri’s blabbering was enough for Shivaay to understand..

“ hmm… Ok! but gauri.. promise me… promise me that you’ll always be there for Anika… whatever be the situation and how much difficult it may be, you will support her… “ Gauri was getting a bit afraid but didn’t reveal..

“Bhayya why are you asking so? F’course I’ll be with her… Whenever I was alone, she was there… and I’ll also follow the same… but..suddenly why this question?? “

“Gauri.. when right time comes, I’ll explain… for now, will you be with her ? “ Shivaay held her shoulder and pleaded…

“Sure bhayya.. you should’ve ordered me..not requested… “ Gauri ruffled Shivaay’s hair and went smilingly.. Shivaay too smiled back but didn’t stayed for too long… he picked up his phone and called Khanna

“Hello.. Khanna, I’m sending you a msg.. read it out and bring me the stuffs right over here tomorrow… I repeat Tomorrow.. did you get that? Ok! Good… don’t get delayed.. “ he cut the call in SSO style.. “ don’t worry Uncle.. I’ll never let you go down.. Anika will be with us.. forever…! “ He sensed a touch below and bowed down to see Raju in a sleepy mood….

“Bhayya! Neenge yenga irundinge? ( where were you? ) I slept searching you.. “ he rubbed his eyes out of dizziness… Shivaay smiled and sat down to his height..

“didn’t you sleep? And kakka? Where is he? “ he caressed his hair and asked…

“ I don’t know.. Even Amma isn’t here.. don’t know where they have gone? “ Shivaay’s face rose up with shock…

“What? Kakka and kakki isn’t here? Where are they? And..and why didn’t you say this to me earlier? “ Shivaay was hell worried for them..

“bhayya…. Chill.. I said I don’t know WHERE they have gone… but I know that they were leaving..  Amma was in saree, I think to temple may be… there’s a temple behind the mountain… they used to go there once in a month…but I’m not sure.. but you seem to be worried… R U OK? “ he showed a doubtfulness..Shivaay gave out a heavy breath of relief… he wiped his forehead and thought of Anika…

“Bhayya? What happened to you? And..and why are you sweating? Oh!! I got it.. weren’t you thinking of Akka? Rohit bhayya said that she’s fine, so relax bhayya… “ Raju gave a cute smile and patted his shoulder.. “ come on bhayya… I’m sooo sleepy..” he held Shivaay’s hand and pulled inside but he stopped..

“Raju, do you know the check post of our village? “ Shivaay asked excitedly..

“ aisa kuch bhi nehi hai jo mighty Raju nehi janthe.. I know even the smallest stream over here…. “ he raised his imaginary collar..

“Ok.. great.. we’ve to go there.. tomorrow morning.. that too early… OK? “

“ why? “ came a girly voice.. Shivaay’s eyes jutted out hearing Anika’s voice.. he turned back and saw Anika walking arduously holding up the trees and rocks… she was weak with the legs but somehow crossed the stones..

“Anikaaaa!!!… “ Shivaay was scared seeing her feet trembling.. he neared her and held her hands tightly before she falls.. she closed her eyes tightly sensing the pain…

“Anika..Anikaa, thum pagal ho kya? Who walk in such case? Come on..come.. “ Shivaay led her to home back but she stopped and looked directly into his blue globe..

“ Shivaay, you’re ok na? “ she asked in low tone..

“for your kind information Anika, you were hurt not me.. “ Shivaay said sarcastically..

“ but you are wincing in pain.. “ she was lost in oceanic eyes.. he was immersed in the earthy eyes of Anika.. she held his hands tightly and kissed them gently.. her wet lips were making it’s marks on his hands.. he didn’t utter anything but his eyes did a lot…she placed his hands over her heart looking down..

“ I know Shivaay, after my triads, you’ll be afraid staying with me… my presence may hurt you but Shivaay, I don’t know how will I stop these.. I’m habituated with these.. but I should’ve thought how much will this affect you… I’m sorry Shivaay.. I’m sorry… “ her eyes shrink with water..

“No Anika.. Not at all…I’m not afraid to stay by.. It would be my pleasure to be a part of your difficulties.. and.. and stop crying… I can’t see them flowing.. stop it…”  he wiped off her drops and caressed her face..

“ I thought that you’re gonna leave me.. I thought…. “

“stop it Anika…!!!! “he shouted loud for which she got scared… “thum..thum aise soch bhi kaise sakthe ho? Anika, I…I can’t leave you… I can’t do it even if I wish so.. “ he pressed his hands on her face pulling her more close.. “Anika…Anika, please don’t say this again…OK? Don’t you ever…huh? “

“Ok..I’ll never talk like this ever…! “ Anika made her face up and assured… “ if..if this weren’t the reason, then…then what made you behave like that? Why were you angry inside? “ Anika cracked her question.. this made Shivaay to go again to the memories.. hearing nothing from him, Anika asked him again but still no response.. last, she shook him which brought him back…

“huh? “

“ kya huh? I asked you Shivaay… what happened to you there? And now also, you are not ok! Something is bothering you.. isn’t it ? “ Shivaay didn’t say anything but look her..

“ look..look… your eyes are changing it’s color.. Whoah! You’re amazing Shivaay.. how..how are doing this? You’ve to teach this me Shivaay! From grey to blue… wait..wait..wait.. let me have a close look… “ she moved closer and closer.. Shivaay was lost in her crawling brown eye land..

“ She’s so pure..she can’t bear these bitter truth… if she gets to know then she herself will surrender coz she doesn’t want anyone to suffer bcoz of her.. she doesn’t want anyone to take tensions naming her…”

Raja’s words were making Shivaay weak.. he, without waiting a moment, pulled her into an ever tight hug… Anika was shocked by the sudden action… she was getting tensed for this coz he…he was crying…!!! She tried to break the hug to see his face but his hold on her were quite hard to break..

“Shivaay!! Why..why are you crying? Shivaay….Sh..Shivaay!! say something..Shivaay!!.. did I do anything wrong? Sh…Shivaay, I’m sorry…I’m sorry for saying those… I’m sorry Shivaay..please don’t cry…. “ Anika pleaded in the softest way as she could… his hot tears were dripping over her neck…her skin were getting wet that too hotly…

“Shivaay, I’m getting scared…please say what happened? “ Anika asked in a cracking voice..Shivaay opened his eyes shocked and composed himself before her.. he loosened his grip and slowly parted away… Anika cupped his face and received the biggest thunder.. his eyes were red… Face were all disfigured…

“Shivaay!!!! Kya…kya hua aapko? Please say it Shivaay!! Please….. “ she pleaded dropping tears down…

“No..I should never tell anything to her….I must control myself.. “  thought Shivaay..

“Nehi Anika.. Voh..umm.. I…I was.. just….I was… I was missing Omru!!! “ even though he answered but lying made him uncomfortable..Anika’s eye-bros got straightened listening this…

“Oh..Oh.. I’m..I’m sorry Shivaay! You’ve been here almost a month, but I’ve never asked anything about you… how you’re feeling and what’s your comfortability! F’course you’ll be missing them… your family…Omru…dadi!! O God! Why didn’t I think this before?? You’re adjusting yourself according to the availabilities but I never asked how you were feeling! I’m..I’m so sorry Shivaay!  I’ll call them right away… Ok! Don’t worry Shivaay! I’ll bring them here ok? Now..now please don’t cry.. I can’t see you crying.. I’ll show those my two devars… bade bhayya ko yaha chodkar mehel mei reh raha hai!! Let me call them.. I’ll pull out their ears… “ she blabbered to herself and returned back to get her phone… Shivaay was just looking at the path she was going..

“ Whatever I’ve to do.. should do it soon… I can’t hide my emotions before Anika… just escaped now.. can’t repeat the case again.. I’ll never let Anika know anything… I promise you Anika.. I’ll always protect you.. even if it is that CHARLIE!!!!


Precap : Charlie comes to meet Anika… Shivaay confront Charlie…

“ you can’t even touch my Anika! “

“ Shivaayyy!!! Shivaayyy!!! Shivaaay! Only a day more… after that Anika is mine..what will you do then? Mai bhi tho dekhoon ki aisa kya hai iss Shivaay Singh Oberoi mei.. “   

Will Anika get to know about her coming fate?????


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