Hi Guys I am back with my ff Sorry for the last weeks episodes problem It was to be Kahani ab take but it was posted as episode 21 sorry It wasn’t my mistake It was TU’s Mistake
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For the month 😉 Sorry for scaring you guys I am quite busy this week because of my exams I wont be able to comment on your ff’s too but will surely try 🙂 Love you guys 🙂
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Happy Birthday Laddoo My Ishu May god full fill all your wishes and you get all the happiness you deserve
Count not the candles but the light they give
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Happy Birthday
So without wasting any time Lets start with the episode :
Twinkle:(pushes Kunj away)Who are you? Bhai who is he ?
Rd:Twinkle he is Kunj UV do you know him
Twinkle:I don’t know him bhai (Hold her head)Ahhh…..(she faints)
Dr:All of you need to leave the room (to the nurse)Give her the injection
Kunj:Doctor what happened to my Twinkle
Doctor: I think it is a case of amnesia a part of her life has been erased from her mind Don’t pressurise her much or you may loose her now excuse me (he leaves)
Kunj:(sits down with a thud)Twinkle UV how can my Twinkle forget me She forgot our love our children (he starts crying)

UV:Bhai pls don’t loose hope if you become week then who will take care of Karun
Rd:Kunj UV is right although I hate you because of you my sister has cried all these years but I know that she wont be able to stay alive without you so I would help you and Twinkle unite(Guys no need to worry Rd wont separate out Twinj)
Kunj:Bhai (hugs him)
Rd:So have you thought of a plan
Kunj:Bhai according to what I have seen Twinkle remembers UV too so remembers her college time and not UV’s proposal or else she wont have talked to him
Rd:Yes you are right I think she has gone back to her college days
Kunj:So bhai first of all we have to send the Kids away coz Twinkle does not remember them
Rd:You are right so I will send the kids away with Rohan to Parth and Vidhushi During her college time she knows that me and Sanyu are married and Vidharth too so Sanyu me and Twinkle will stay in the house which you had arranged for your clients from KT company
Kunj:Yes bhai and then we will tell Twinkle that she and UV have taken transfer to Mumbai’s best fashion designing institute because it would be difficult for us to arrange the same set of teachers and Twinkle’s batch mates in her original college
Rd:But then how would she meet you

Kunj:I will meet her……(mute)
Rd:I hope it works because she has seen you here so I hope she does not create a huge mess when she sees you
Kunj:Bhai be positive
Rd:Yes lets hope for the best
UV;Bhai so mission TTFFKA starts
Rd and Kunj :TTFFKA ????
UV :Twinkle to fall for Kunj again
Kunj:(smiles-killer smile missing it so badly ) Yes mission TTFFKA starts

After a few days
Twinkle is discharged in these days Kunj used to secretly meet Twinkle in form of the doctor or ward boy
Twinkle:Bhai I want to resume the college tomorrow
Rd:But Twinkle you have just come back from the hospital you aren’t that fit to resume college
Twinkle:bahi pls I am fine see I can run (She runs around the house)
Rd:Twinkle stop don’t run you might get hurt
Twinkle :Bhai so can I join Pls(Makes a puppy face)
Rd:Fine, Sanyu take Twinkle to the room and today you sleep with her
Twinkle:No need bhabhi You sleep with bhai otherwise he will curse me for making him stay away from his wife (saying this she runs away)
Sanyu:Twinkle Ke bachhi

Twinkel:(shouts) Bhai Twinkle ke bachhi baad meh ayege pehele apka number hai
Sanyu:(blushes)Twinkle aaram se or you would fall
Rd:(comes closer to Sanyu) Sanyu….(he says huskily in her ears)
Sanyu:Rd (she breaths heavily) Twinkle would come
Rd:(Moves his finger sensually around her face) You heard na what she said she wont disturb us
Sanyu:(closes her eyes) Rd …
Rd:(Moves the hair stands behind her ears) Sanyu stop blushing you are driving me crazy
Sanyu:Rd stop it Its not our bed room
Rd:So this is the problem come lets go to our room (he picks Sanyu up in a bridal way and takes her to their room)
Sanyu:Rd put me down

Rd:Baby whats the hurry
Rd:What you are my wife I have the right to call you this Do I have it or not? (Acts to be angry)
Sanyu:(Puts her hands around his neck)So my Hubby is angry with me
Rd:No I am very happy (Sarcastically)
Sanyu:Rd Sorry na (Kisses his cheeks)
Rd:Thats the way to kiss Pihu not me I want my Kiss Here(Pointing to his Lips)
Rd:Fine if you don’t want to I will not talk to you (He is about to leave)
Sanyu:Arre Listen Rd (She stops him and moves towards him sensually)
Kanta bai:Madam Sanyukta Madam

Rd:This Kanta bai Kabba meh haddi (he says it angrily)
Sanyu:(Giggles) Ha Kanta bai say ,What happened ?
Kanta bai:Voh Madam I wont be able to come to work from tomorrow I am leaving the city and going back to the village
Sanyu:Any problem Kanta bai?

Kanta bai:Ha voh actually My mother in law wants me and my husband to stay with her So we are leaving tomorrow
Rd:Okay Kanta bai You may leave and take a half day today (Smiles -cute smile of Rd missing it so much)
Kanta bai:Thank you sir (She leaves)
Sanyu:Rd why did you give her a half day today
Rd:So that we can spend time together
Sanyu:and then who will prepare the food
Rd:we will order it Sanyu

Sanyu:Okay fine now I am going out for shopping with Twinkle so you better order the food before we come back
Rd:Sanyu but our Kiss
Sanyu:Its your punishment for sending Kanta bai home early today (she leaves)
Rd:Sanyu ….This Kanta bai when she is at home she does not let me romance with Sanyu and when she is not there I still cant romance with Sanyu Oh God this Kanta bai has made my life hell

UV:Twinkle come out fast or we will be late for our first day
Twinkle:Yes UV coming (She comes out )
UV:Twinkle you are going to college like this (Looking at what she is wearing that is a whitehalter dress )
Twinkle:Uv stop behaving as if I am a mom of two children and wearing this I am a girl of the 21st century so there is nothing to stop me from wearing this dress
UV:Voh Twinkle I did not mean that I meant to say Boys would be only looking at you
Twinkle:So you want those boys to look at you I thought you are a normal boy UV but you are tho a Gay (Giggles)

UV:Shut up Twinkle Take you seat or else we will be late
Twinkle:Uv is who is she (Pointing at Mahi who is seated on the passenger seat
UV:Voh Twinkle she is also in our college
Mahi:hello my name is Mahi I am UV’s neighbour my car tyre was punched so I asked him for a lift
Twinkle:Hi my name is Twinkle and you don’t need to give me an explanation
UV:Twinkle now come in
Twinkle:Oh sorry(She gets into the car ) Lets go !!!!!!
Mahi:Twinkle you are looking beautiful today
UV:(Laughs) Beautiful and she
Twinkle:(Gives a Mind your own business vala look UV )Thank you ,even you are beautiful Mahi ignore his talks he is a bit mad
UV:Oh sorry baby doll and she is beautiful (Yuhi share an eye lock )
Twinkle:UV stop looking into her eyes you can keep looking at her in the class for now if you don’t concentrate on driving we will surely meet with an accident
Mahi:(Blushes) Twinkle
Twinkle:What You want him to keep looking at you and make us meet with an accident I have just recovered from 1 UV I don’t want to be bedridden for 1 more month
UV:Shut up Twinkle Don’t talk about accidents
Twinkle:UV Omg You are just talking like Leela ma btw UV who was that man who hugged me the hospital I could not ask Bhai about it because he does not even want me to talk about the accident

UV:Voh The man (OH god Rd bhai said that Twinkle has forgotten about Kunj bhai’s hug but she remembers it all)
Twinkle:where are you lost UV Do you know that man or not
UV:Voh Twinkle he is my elder brother
Twinkle:Oh wow so your elder brother is in Mumbai and you did not introduce me to him very bad UV
UV:Voh Twinkle I am sorry
Twinkle:But why did he hug me?
UV:Voh actually he had lost someone close to him And he was the one who took you to the hospital and when you regained consciousness he felt as if he has got that someone back into his life
Twinkle:Oh so he must be quite low right where does he work
UV:He is the owner of KT company

Twinkle:Wow UV but isn’t it strange I have never herd about the company before my accident and suddenly in a month it has become India’s top most company
UV:Its all because of his hard work
Twinkle:I would like to meet him
UV:(Bhai has not made this in the plan his plan would be executing next week onwards but now what to do…Idea) He is quite busy Twinkle he does not have time for all these things
Twinkle:How rude
UV:He isn’t that rude
Yuhi and Twinkle are attending their class while Twinkle is a bit bored it was just her first day in the class but because of her bold look and bubbly attire everyone had befriended her She tried talking to the people sitting beside her but they were busy listening to the professor or say they were forced to do so
Twinkle took out her ear plugs and plugged one of them in her right ear she was listening to some songs and messaging people all of a sudden the teacher caught her and asked her to stand up soProfessor:Miss Will you summaries what all I have taught today
Twinkle:(Pointing towards herself) Ma’am me ???
Professor:Yes Miss You
Twinkle:Ma’am so todays class …I need to summarise it
Professor:wasn’t I clear before

Twinkle:Okay fine I will
The whole class looked at her coz all of them know that Twinkle had not paid the tiniest attention in the class so what would she answer Yuhi were too scared ………
Sorry Guys for a short update and yes How many of you thought Kunj would come in as a student 😉 Guys come on he is UV’s elder brother and Twiraj are in the last year so how can Kunj be a student hope you are happy that the kids are still there in the ff and yes Get ready for some fun and romance ……
PRECAP: Sanyu:Randhir I dont know how to cook !!!!!!!!!
Teamwork in the class and Twinj meet …….

Net Update:I am not sure will try posting soon 🙂
Love you all 🙂

  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing yaar ……… it was so interesting ………. but first study then ff ….. loved it n very happy that children r still there in ff ……..?

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      Thank you 🙂

  2. Sayeeda

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    Felt bad for Kunj but happy that Rd is supporting Kunj in TIFFKA mission (Nice name yrrr???)…

    Sandhir romance scene is really lovely one….loved it…….
    Twinkle nd Yuvi scenes is also really good …loved Mahi’s part…..

    Yes I thought that Kunj will come as a student…..silly me ….???…..

    Loved the episode to the core…… excited for next one…..

    love you????

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sayeeda di 🙂
      Love you too 🙂

  3. Amazing epi.. poor kunj.. felt so bad for him?.. but felt happy that Rd won’t separate twinj n will try to unite them.. do cont soon ?

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  4. Sameera

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    1. SidMin

      Thank you so much Sameera 🙂 Keep Guessing Kunj’s role 🙂

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      Thank you Adya and you surely can be a member of Tu Why don’t you get yourself registered 🙂

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