tashan -e- revenge to sadda love
hi guys this is my first ff on twinj(twinkle-jasmine basin and kunj-siddhant gupta)-tashan e ishq (zee tv) and sandhir(sanyukta -harshita gaur and randhir-param singh) sadda haq (v channel ) hope you like it

side actors
uv-zain imam
mahi-shritama mukherjee
parth-ankit gupta
vidhushi- nisha neha nayak
rohan- karan tacker
episode starts:-
tashan e ishq part:
twinj first marriage anniversary
kunj is ready in a black suit and is looking dam hot

kunj has decorated the farmhouse beautifully
red curtains and white balloons candles all around and the whole room has twinj’s picture their marriage picture
a table which has a candle and a beautiful bouquet with a message for our twinkle
the message…….

guys come on its for twinkle so she would read it
(where is our twinkle and whats kunj doing lets check)
twinkle is dressed in a red sare give by kunj with black borders
kunj is on call :
caller : bhai what is this you said you would help me in taking revenge from twinkle but you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary with her
kunj: uv listen to me i was suppose to take revenge from twinkle but….
suddenly kunj saw twinkle and was shoked
kunj(thinks):has twinkle heard what i said what has she heard she is not even reacting oh no
twinkle drops a file from her hand and leaves from there
kunj runs behind twinkle but twinkle has already left

kunj returns back to take his car keys he sees the file and checks it
kunj reads it and is shocked to see it
kunj: shitt man twinkle is pregnant where is she i need to find her right now
sadda haq part :

rd: sanyu come fast i have brought your report come fast
sanyu: rd wait did you bring the chocolate cake i asked you to bring
rd: sanyu yes but…
sanyu: i don’t want it now return it i want a pineapple flavour cake
rd: sanyu want is this first strawberry then chocolate and now pineapple
sanyu: my wish i don’t know why but now i want to eat the pineapple cake
rd:(opens the envelope )(in excitement )sanyu we are going to become parents
(rd hugs sanyukta in excitement)
sanyu:rd my cake
vidhushi: sanyu come take this cake

parth : no sanyu it’s not healthy have this juice
sanyu: vidhushi plz tell parth not to show his doctor girl to me
(sanyu takes the cake and eats it )

rd: parth like this she will become fat in a day
parth: dare you call my sis fat
vidhushi: but if bhabha come my nand eats so much that to alone she would surly become fat in a day
all of them laugh whle sanyukta pouts but continues to eat the cake

pecap: sanyukta’s mood swings and twinkle’s information who is with her and the past of twinj’s love story or revenge story

please do comment and tell me weather i should continue or not and twinj and sandhir will be related in the later episodes plz do support me comment positive or negative and do give me your suggestions i would add the intro in the next part

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  1. Callmenazu

    nice concept will be surely looking forward towards ur nxt epi……..post it asap!

    1. SidMin

      Thx, I have already posted the new episode and hey even I am 15

  2. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. ..wow..loved the twinj part…waiting for next. ..do continue asap…

    1. SidMin

      Thx, even I have posted the new episode

  3. Shatakshi

    Hey sidmin
    It was damn good
    I love both the couples…Loved it

    1. SidMin

      Thx a lot for the encouraging words and I love your ff I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE

  4. Sayeeda

    Hey !!! Sidmin ….dear …start is amazing….
    The best part is the couple u chosen for ur ff…. I like Sadda haq serial a lot nd even Sandhir …..
    U have good writing skills give me tuitions so that I can use it in my ff too…..
    All the best

    1. SidMin

      Thx but I don’t think I am as good as you are and love you ff I CAN’T STOP LOVING U -TWINJ LOVE

  5. Saby

    Hey sidmin….. Nice 1….. ? and looking forward that wat revenge UV was talking about???

    1. SidMin

      Yeh sure it may take about 2 or 3 episodes and then another leep so that i can show the child actors and believe me all of them are really cute by the way I love your ff the devil of my angel

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome….sidmin….nice story…

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