Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 142 tashan e shaadi

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Thank you so much guys for all your support and love from the beginning. This really means a lot for me.

Recap: sangeet…

Next morning:
Everyone slept till quiet late as they were exhausted from the Sangeet ceremony. But Yuvi woke up early.
When Rohan woke up, he searched for him and asked Anita and Dadi but they didn’t know.
Dadi:”Sana is also not at home, maybe Yuvi took her out”
Rohan:”yeah, maybe…”
Anita:”come on, we still have some preparations. Rohan, plz come with me.”
Rohan:”yeah aunty, let’s go”
All went back to do the preparations.

Whole morning went like this. It was nearly noon when Yuvi and Sana came back. Anita questioned them.
Sana:”aunty, actually i wanted ice cream so Yuvi took me out.”
Dadi:”but we had in fridge…”
Yuvi and Sana looked at each other.
Yuvi:”she also wanted chocolates which was over as yesterday….” Rohan stopped him from saying anything more.

Rohan:”me and Yuvi ate all the chocolates, so that’s why.”
Yuvi:”so i took her out”
Anita:”ok, ok… now, baby, go get ready, or we will be late.”
Yuvi nodded yes and left with Rohan. Even the other went to get ready.

Taneja house:
Leela and Pinni were looking at the preparation of haldi and all.
Chinki made Twinkle ready, she was wearing a yellow sari, and after that they came down. She took her place where they would put haldi on her.

Leela and Pinni made her wear the jewelry (of flowers- I don’t really know about it, i just saw it in other serials. Correct me if it is not flowers… and can anyone tell me why? I mean why flowers and not real jewelry)

Leela kissed her forehead and was emotional.
Twinkle:”maa… what happened?”
Twinkle:”maa, i am going to be next door itself, you can come to see me whenever you want. Or i can come”
Leela:”i know but still….”
Twinkle wiped Leela’s tears. Twinkle looked around and saw a veil next to her.
Twinkle:”maa? Why is there a veil?”

Leela:”because Yuvi will be there…”
Twinkle:”Yuvi? I thought he will do it to his house”
Leela:”this or that house, it’s ok as Anita and me will invite the same guests.”
Twinkle:”yeah ok…”
Chinki:”arey Twinkle, you should be happy that you will see your Prince Charming”
Twinkle blushed while Leela laughed seeing her.

Leela went to attend the guests.
Chinki:”Twinkle, lets take some pictures… you can send them to Yuvi… so that he is not dumbstruck seeing you when he comes here…”
Twinkle, blushing:”stop it now…”

Soon Luthras came there. Twiraj looked at each other lovingly and smilingly.
Yuvi also took place next to Twinkle but the veil separating them. They couldn’t see each other.
Soon when all the guests were here, the haldi started. The ladies started to apply haldi on Twiraj.

Yuvi was hesitating to put it as he didn’t like it. Anita just to tease him put a lot on him.
Yuvi:”MOM… plz don’t”
Anita:”baby, this is necessary… now that you are refusing i will put more…”
She put once again on Yuvi. Even Yuvi’s friends apply a lot on him. (I don’t if boys are allowed to apply on someone??? I always saw women in serials, sorry if it is wrong)

Some all the ladies put on them.

Anita also put a lot on Twinkle and Leela did the same with Yuvi.
Once it was over.
Leela:”Chinki, take Twinkle to her room, let her rest a bit before bath…”
Chinki nodded yes and took Twinkle upstairs.

Yuvi heard them and messages Twinkle:
Message:”baby, don’t take off the haldi, before i put on you…”
Twinkle, in her room read the message and smiled to herself.

Yuvi:”aunty, can i use the washroom plz?”
Leela:”yes… Raman, take him”
Yuvi:”no aunty, i can go… i mean i know where it is.”
Leela, smiling:”yes, you should know where it is, you must have come several time to meet Twinkle, right?”
Yuvi smiled and blushed while the others laughed at him.
He went up.

He came to Twinkle’s room. She was in front of the mirror. On seeing him, she turned around to face him.
Yuvi came close to her.
Twinkle:”you wanted to apply haldi on me, right? But where is haldi? You didn’t bring it?”
Yuvi:”i brought it…”
Yuvi came close to her and Twinkle was a bit surprised. He came close as if kissing her but then rubbed his cheek on hers.
Yuvi:”see now we both have applied haldi on each other.”
Twinkle hugged him.

Yuvi:”seems like my baby is missing my hugs…”
Twinkle broke the hug and innocently nodded yes. Yuvi smiled at her.
Yuvi:”don’t worry, only 3 days then you will always be with me.”
Twinkle:”and I won’t let you go away from me.”
Yuvi again hugged her and they stayed like this for sometimes till Rohan and Chinki knocked at the door.

Roch came in.
Rohan:”see, i told you (Chinki) that Mr. Romeo will be with his Juliet”
Yuvi:”yeah, now stop it and let’s go. I want to take off this haldi…”
Rohan and Yuvi went downstairs and back to Luthra house to bath.

Even Twinkle went to take bath and changed in normal clothes.

After haldi, everyone rest a bit but now for a long time, as Mehendi was tonight itself.

During night at around 20:00, the Mehendi starts at Luthra house this time.
Tanejas came there. As Leela and Anita wanted the colors to be the same, all were wearing the same color of dress.
It was royal blue.
Twinkle was wearing a lengha of that colour. And Yuvi a kurta of that colour.

All the ladies were getting Mehendi on their hands. Yuvi who was talking to the guests, saw Anita busy talking to some people.
Anita was chatting with them.
Yuvi:”mom, won’t you put Mehendi?”
Anita:”i will put it afterwards.”
Yuvi:”no now, come on.”
The guests with whom Anita was talking also told her to go. And were smiling seeing Yuvi’s love for his mom.

Yuvi made Anita sat down near the Mehendi artist. He also saw Leela doing the same and he brought her next to Anita.

Yuvi:”both of you are same. Always busy in something. Now you should sit and apply Mehendi, i will see the guests… with them (his friends)”
Rohan:”yeah aunty, don’t worry…”
Sid:”we will see them…”
Rithik:”we will manage…”
The boys attend the guests while the ladies put Mehendi. After sometimes, all the boys came back with food trays.

Raman made Pinni eat, while Dadaji made Sana eat. Dadi didn’t want to pit Mehendi so she put a simple design and was able to eat by herself. Rohan made Chinki eat, while Yuvi’s other friends attended the guests.
Yuvi made Anita and Leela ate. He sat in between them and made them eat.

Twinkle looked at him emotionally.
Twinkle, thinks:”Thank you, Yuvi. For taking care of maa, just like your mom. I am really lucky to have you as my partner. I love you”
After making their moms eat, he went to Twinkle and made her eat.
Twinkle:”you didn’t eat also so come on eat with me.”
Yuvi:”how do you know?”
Twinkle:”what do you think only you know by heart, i also know you better than yourself Mr. Luthra. So come on, eat”
Yuvi smilingly ate along with her.

Twinkle, looked here and there and saw that everyone was busy, so she took the opportunity to kiss Yuvi on his cheek. He was shocked as he didn’t expect it.
Yuvi:”what happened, baby? You seems in a very romantic mood today”
They kept on chatting for a while.

And soon, Tanejas left so that they can rest. It was nearly 3:00 am when they left.

Taneja house:
Chinki was sleeping when Twinkle came out of the washroom. She took time to remove her Mehendi. She was still wearing her lengha but no jewelry. She looked at her Mehendi and smiled seeing that it is very dark.

Luthra house:
Yuvi’s room, Yuvi and Rohan were already sleeping when Yuvi’s phone rang.
Yuvi, in sleepy mood, picked up the call.
Twinkle:”Yuvi, plz come on my terrace, i have a surprise for you.”
Yuvi:”now? Can’t you give me tomorrow?”
Twinkle:”plz Yuvi…”
Yuvi:”ok. Coming”
They hung up and Yuvi woke up.

He came on his terrace and then climbed down and then up to Twinkle’s terrace. But he didn’t find her there.
He called her.
Yuvi:”baby, where are you?”
Twinkle:”Yuvi, come to the guest room, it’s next to my room, your surprise is there”
He entered Twinkle’s room and saw Chinki sleeping and silently walked out from there.
He came to the guest room and locked the door. He called out Twinkle.
Twinkle came there and showed him her Mehendi.
Twinkle:”i wanted to show you first the colour of my Mehendi”
Yuvi:”i heard that i had to search for my name in your Mehendi”
Twinkle nodded yes. Yuvi tried to search for it but was confused. She laughed at him.
Finally he found it, but didn’t say anything.
Yuvi, pretending:”i think you didn’t write it and why will you write, my name is forever graved in your heart.”

Twinkle blushed and turned to leave but Yuvi pulled her back to him. As Yuvi pulled her, she came close to her. He kissed her forehead, he then kissed her hand where his name was. Twinkle realized that he found it and smiled. Twinkle hugged him.

He moved her hair to the left and kissed her neck, Twinkle closed her eyes feeling his touch. He then kissed her on her lips and she also reciprocate his kiss.
When they parted away, Twinkle run away from him and went near the bed. Yuvi also came there, she was about to go but slipped and fell on the bed with Yuvi.

He kissed her cheeks and then her lips again. And they made love….

Precap: some romance before marriage.

Hope you like it. And sorry if there is any mistake as i was actually very sleepy while writing it.
And yeah, for all Zain’a fan, if you don’t know it, Zain got a new serial as main role in Yeh vaada raha on zee tv. He will be the main lead after the leap of the show. So plz watch YVR for him and support him for the new role.
Really happy that we will again see him on tv, wishing him all the best, and let’s support him like we did before.

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