Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 140

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Thank you so much for the comments and love you guys have been giving since the beginning. Thank you so much.

Recap: Leela and Anita wants Twiraj to remarry.

Taneja house:
They were talking to twinkle for a long time. Then Leela asked her to go to her room. She and Chinki went up (Chinki was also staying at Taneja house)

Luthra house:
Yuvi and Rohan were talking to each other.
Rohan:”Yuvi, everything is fine now… i mean you love life is now perfect, everyone agreed for your love”
Yuvi:”yes, and i am so happy, yaar. I never thought mom and Leela aunty would do our marriage again.”
Rohan:”you are set, you are married and all…”
Yuvi:”you should also be set right now? What say?”
Yuvi:”means with Chinki?”
Rohan:”mom and dad doesn’t know about her and i…”
Yuvi:”you are scared to tell them…”
Rohan nodded yes.
Yuvi thinks something.

Yuvi:”come, let’s go and see the girls…”
Rohan:”wait what? But they said you can’t meet her.”
Yuvi:”come on. I will see Twinkle and you will also see Chinki. It’s your advantage too. Come, come.”
They both came out of the room and of Luthra house. As it was late, the others were already sleeping so they didn’t have any difficulty to come out.

Yuvi and Rohan looked at Twinkle’s window. But it was closed.
Rohan:”now what? How will we go in?”
They went to the other side, and Yuvi showed him an open window.

Rohan:”buddy, what if it is Leela aunty’s room?”
Yuvi:”arey, no. It’s dadaji’s room. He told me that he always keep a window open. And he won’t say anything to us as he is on our side”
Rohan:”yeah, he will not tell anything.”

They went to the window, and heard some music, some old songs. They peeped in and saw Dadaji listening to the music.
Rohan:”buddy, Dadaji’s music taste is awesome…”
Yuvi:”yeah, dude, like it is said, old is gold right?”
Rohan nodded yes.
Rohan;”but how will we go in? I mean he is still awake…”
Yuvi:”his eyes are closed… come on”
Rohan:”buddy, it’s too much risk… let’s go, we will come tomorrow.”
Yuvi:”no way.”
They entered by the window sneakily. They tried to not make any noise. They walked on their tiptoes and finally, they came out of Dadaji’s room.

Yuvi:”we escaped it…”
Rohan:”ahhh no.”
Rohan pointed to Raman who was in the kitchen. On seeing him, Yuvi and Rohan hide behind the sofa.
Rohan:”he is not looking, we can go…”
They both sneak out and reached Twinkle’s bedroom.
Ro & Yuvi:”finally…”

They entered the room and closed the door behind them. It was completely dark. They turned on the lights and saw the girls sleeping.
They went to their girls and looked at them lovingly.
Rohan, whispering:”buddy, they slept… we should not wake them up.”
Yuvi, whispering:”yeah, we couldn’t make their night special but let’s make their morning beautiful.”
And he winked at Rohan. Both boys kissed their girl on their forehead. And They opened the window and went out by it.

Next morning:
The girls woke up and found the room full with chocolates and sweets in every corner.
Chinki:”what’s all this?”
Twinkle:”I don’t know. These were not here at night”
Chinki noticed a note amongst the chocolates and told the same to Twinkle.
Note:” Good morning girls, hope you like our little surprise… lots of love Rohan and Yuvi”
Twinkle and Chinki both smiled.

Chinki:”did they come here yesterday night?”
Twinkle and Chinki looked at each other.
Both together:”no, they can’t”
Twinkle:”we purposely closed the window so that they can’t come.”
Chinki:”and there is no other place from where they can entered the house.”
Twinkle:”but then… who put all these chocolates here?”
They both thinks.
Chinki:”they only put it…”
Twinkle:”but how did they come in?”
Chinki and Twinkle both looked at each other wondering how they got in.

They collect all the chocolates in a bag and put them in the drawer. And then got ready for breakfast.

Leela informed the girls that they are going shopping for the wedding.
And Anita, Yuvi, Rohan, Sana and Dadi are also joining them.

After sometimes, all were ready for shopping, Anita and Leela kept Twiraj away just to tease them.

Shopping mall:
Rohan and Yuvi were together while the ladies went into the shops.
The girls tried different wedding dresses, but Twinkle was confused. Yuvi saw her.

Twinkle tried an orange one, Yuvi, by looking at her in the mirror, signed her no. Twinkle choose another one. But Yuvi again signed her no.
Twinkle signed him which one. Yuvi, through his eyes at a pink and silver one. Twinkle put it in front of her, and Yuvi signed her yes.

He took out his phone and messages her:” my baby will look really pretty in pink.”
Twinkle smiled and told Leela that she liked the pink one for the wedding dress. They bought other dresses too for other functions.

Anita came to the boys with some sherwani (traditional wear- sorry if i am wrong) and asked Yuvi to try it.
Yuvi:”‘mom, can’t i wear suit? It’s more comfortable”
Anita:”no, it’s your wedding. You have to wear traditional. Plz only this time.”
Yuvi:”only this time… and for you…”
Anita smiled at him.
Yuvi:”mom, select one for Ro also, he will also wear traditional…”
Rohan:”no why?”
Anita:”yeah, i will select one for you too”
Anita left.
Rohan:”why me too?”
Yuvi:”my wedding… i decide…”
Anita selected one for Rohan and they both tried it. It was a white one for Yuvi and royal blue for Rohan.

After shopping, they went to the food court to eat something as they were hungry.
Twinkle excused herself to go to the washroom.
When she was going there, someone pulled her to a corner. It was Yuvi.
Twinkle:”what’s this, Yuvi? All are here…”
Yuvi:”arey, now we are getting married again, no one will mind.”
Twinkle:”let me go…”
Yuvi:”how did you both (Twinkle and Chinki) like my and Rohan’s surprise?”
Twinkle:”it was really sweet and cute…”

Yuvi:”welcome, welcome”
Twinkle:”but how did you get in? I had close the window so that you…”
Yuvi:”ohhh, so you close the window purposely?”
Twinkle, trying to lie:”no… why would i do that?”
Yuvi:”now i will not tell you how we got in? Otherwise, you will block that way too”
Twinkle:”plz, tell me…” she made a cute puppy face.
Yuvi:”ok, i will tell you… (twinkle was happy) on our wedding night”
And he winked at her. Twinkle pretended to be angry.
Yuvi:”now, stop fighting… I didn’t get my morning kiss, so…”
Yuvi showed her his cheek. Twinkle smiled and kissed him on his cheek.
Yuvi:”i am missing you”
Twinkle:”but i am enjoying at my place…”
Yuvi:”really? Then i will tell mom to postpone the wedding a bit…”
She hugged him to hide her blushing. Yuvi laughed.
Yuvi:”lets go before someone comes here…”
Twinkle:”you go… i will come. I need to go to the washroom”
Yuvi:”ohh ok. Bye”
Twinkle:”wait… why bye?”
Yuvi:”because neither your mom nor my mom will let me say bye to you when you will go home”
Twinkle:”ohh ok.”
Twinkle went to the washroom while Yuvi returned to the family.

Then they returned home. Both houses were being decorated for the functions.

Luthra house:
Anita was giving instructions to the decorators. Rohan was helping them even Yuvi tried to help but Anita didn’t allow him to work.

Precap: Sangeet…. and Mehendi

Hope you guys liked it.

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  1. Fabulous episode…

    1. Zai

      Thanks asna

  2. Sally_V

    Awesone update 😀
    keep going zai 🙂
    Loved Twiraj scenes also rohan’s and yuvi’s <3
    i am doubtful.. will yuvi plan his wedding with rochi's?

    1. Zai

      Thanks sally… and for your question yes… i mean not marriage but engagement

  3. Inu

    Superb. I am excited for twiraj marriage epi and functions before marriage

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      Thanks inu

  4. No, i just loved it..pls post soon

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    Loved it Uv’s surprise was so sweet 🙂 Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

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  6. Adya

    Hey zai….
    Superb episode…it was awesome..all the scenes are just fab..
    Excited for twiraj wedding..
    Post soon

    1. Zai

      Thanks adya… and next one will be tonight

  7. Awesome episode ☺☺☺☺ ?? luvd twiraj scenes??? that chocolates wala scene was soooo cutee???? …post next soon…. excited for the wedding

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  8. Amazing update… cant wait for t wedding to start…

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