TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj= We went with the flow Part 24

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Part 23Hello everyone, hope you are well. Thanks everyone who commented on the previous part

Twinkle was still unconscious after the injection the Doctor had given her. Kunj didn’t want to leave her alone as he loved her and couldn’t see her in pain. But he remembered that the his sister and Mr Manohar Sarna sister and wife were in the lounge. He then left his room and went to the lounge where everyone was. He saw that everyone was standing. He went towards his sister.
K= Chinki ask everyone to sit down.
Everyone sits down and Kunj sits next to Chinki. Usha and Bebe couldn’t believe that their ladla was in front of them but wasn’t talking to them. Kunj began to talk to Chinki.
K= How’s your studies going Chinki?
Ch= there going well bhai, how is Bhabhi now?
K= she is fine, the Doctor gave her an injection and said that it will take a couple of hours till she’s conscious
Bebe= Chinki ask your bhai how is?
Kunj= Chinki tell them I have been fine
Usha= Chinki tell him that we are going now
Kunj= Chinki ask everyone to wait here for the night as it’s already too dark , I would have dropped you but I cant leave her alone.
Bebe= its ok we will go
Kunj= Chinki its only a matter of the night just stay and then you can leave tomorrow morning.
Usha= tell him that we will leave first thing in the morning
Kunj= ok

All this time when Kunj was talking to Usha and Bebe indirectly Chinki was praying that they sort out their misunderstanding soon. Kunj then went to the side and called up a restaurant and ordered food for everyone as it was too late and they might have not eaten. He sat down in the lounge next to Chinki and was speaking to her. Both of the brother and sisters were happy to speak to each other after such a long time. Chinki slyly asked Kunj how he got married to Twinkle and Kunj told her. She smiled so did Bebe and Usha as they knew that their son had someone when no one was with him. 25 minutes later the doorbell rang. Kunj opened the door and it was the food delivery guy. He set up the table. Everyone was shocked to see Kunj doing some house chores. As he was the youngest no-one liked it if he done any house work. But again they were happy to see him handling her responsibilities. After everyone had eaten Kunj showed them the 2 rooms. Chinki went in one and Bebe and Usha went in the other. They were sleeping peacefully after seeing their Kunj after a long time.
Twinj Room
Kunj entered the room and saw that Twinkle was still unconscious. He went and sat down on the bed next to her and held her hand. He was very sad as he had promised to always look after and he felt like he failed. Tears were flowing from his eyes. One of his tears fell on Twinkles hand. Twinkle slowly gained conscious. she woke up and saw Kun with tears.
T= Kunj she said quietly

Kunj saw that she was conscious and helped her sit up properly. He then hugged her she too reciprocated.
K= sorry Twinkle
T= Kunj please don’t be silly, look I am fine
K= but still he said with tears in his eyes
Twinkle wiped his tears
T= Kunj go to sleep you have work tomorrow
K= I have taken a week off
T= why
K= to look after you
T= kunj you shouldn’t have done that
K= I have done it now, so there no point of you complaining
Twinkle was coming out of bed but Kunj stopped her
K= where are you going?
T= Kunj you must be hungry let me go get you something to eat
K= no I have eaten, he tells her that he ordered food as the sarna ladies are staying the night here. He then went to get Twinkle someone water and juice to take her medicine
Twinkle was happy as she thought that she could reunite Kunj with his mother and Bebe.

The next day Twinkle woke up and saw that Kunj was still sleeping. She kissed his forehead and went to get ready. She decided to dress up in a traditional way as her in-laws were at her house for the first time. She went in the shower and dressed up wearing a marron kameez that had some gold designs. She had tied her hair up in a ponytail and was wearing small jhumkas and bangles. She applied some Kajol in her eyes. She then went in the kitchen an started to prepare breakfast. She made chole bhuture with some kheer. She set up the dinning table nicely. Sometime after the sarna ladies had arrived. They were surprised to see breakfast ready. Twinkle saw them and took blessings from them.
T= Bebe , aunty , Chinki sit down and breakfast.
Usha= beta kunj?
T= he will be here shortly start to eat
Usha= holding her hands, beta please forgive us, I am sorry for what ever happened yesterday
T= its ok aunty it wasn’t your fault
Bebe= how are you feeling?
T= I am fine Bebe
Kunj had arrived and saw Twinkle talking to the Sarna ladies. He somehow had a smile on his face but he remembered no-one supported him when Manohar and his brothers were mean to him. Everyone saw Kunj but Kunj walked away to his room , everyone was upset. Twinkle also excused herself and went to talk to Kunj

Twinj Room
Kunj was sitting down on the bed frustrated and Twinkle entered and sat down next to him.
T= kunj, what are you doing, they are your elders you should respect them
K= I used to respect them a lot Twinkle but someone taught me that self-respect is more important
T= it is but respecting your elders is a form of worshipped too
Kunj just looked at her blankly
Twinkle then cupped his face= Kunj I know you may not agree with me but mothers are the most wonderful creatures on earth. Kunj if you don’t want to live with her then don’t but atleast talk to her. Kunj I know mothers are the best thing but when they go they never come back and no-one can replace them. You should be happy that you have 2 ladies one is your mother and the other is your aunty(Bebe) who had done your upbringing I can tell you with my own experience she said with tears in her eyes. I hope you understand. She left the room, whilst kunj started to think.
Twinkle arrived where everyone was and asked them to eat.
Bebe= no puttar we will go now
Suddenly they all heard kunj talking
K= you will go nowhere before eating breakfast
They were all shocked to hear kunj
Kunj then went to bebe and usha and hugged them both
K= I am sorry he said with tears in his eyes
U&B= we are sorry too
Everyone was in tears

They were all happy as finally Kunj was talking to them. Kunj sat down in-between Usha and Bebe and they were both feeding him. Twinkle was happy to see her Kunj happy but she also had tears in her eyes as she missed her mother. She quickly wiped her tears before anyone sees them. Soon Bebe and Usha start to eat. After everyone finished eating they sat back down in the lounge.
Usha removes 1 of her golden bangles from her hand= Twinkle beta this is for you she said and placed the bangle in her hand.
Twinkle= Aunty what’s the need for this?
Usha= Beta you are my youngest daughter in law please accept this as a gift.
Twinkle was hesitant but Kunj tells her to take it so she does.
Bebe= kunj puttar I must say that your wife is very beautiful and cultured.
Twinkle smiled.
Soon Kunj dropped them back to their farm house where he unfortunatly saw his father looking at him.

PreCap= Last Part

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