TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj= We went with the flow Part 23

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Everyone was shocked to see Kunj after so many months. They were equally shocked to see him hugging Twinkle with lots of love and care. Usha being a mother wanted to go and hug her son after seeing him after so many months, but she stopped as she remembered that she supported Manohar over Kunj who even tried to explain to him where his happiness was. Bebe felt like going to hug her ladla puttar after seeing him after a long as he was her favorite, but her tears were stopping her to.

Kunj broke the hug after a couple of minutes.
K= Twinkle can you please tell me what happened?
Tremblingly Twinkle pointed towards his brothers. Kunj eyes flushed in anger. He didn’t know how to react. One side was his wife who was there with him when they had no-one with each other. He then had his brothers who never loved him from childhood and always envied him. He wanted to go and beat his brothers as they were responsible for his Twinkles state. Chinki was the only brave one who went to her brother as she sensed that he needed someone to be by Twinkle whilst he talks to her brother. She held Twinkle from the side. Whilst Kunj walked towards his brothers in anger. He stood in front of them and punched them both in the stomach. He started to beat them even more whilst everyone was trying to stop him. After Abhijeet and Mihir were on the floor begging for forgiveness he stopped beating them and began to talk.
K= After seeing both of you 2 days ago I warned you to stay away from my wife but you didn’t listen. After what you did today I can.t call you my brothers. What you have done today I will never forgive you in my whole life.

Suddenly they heard the police sirens and were shocked to know that police was here.
Ab= Kunj please forgive us don’t give us to the police
M= Please Kunj we are sorry
Bebe= Inspector I called you please arrest these 2
Insepctor= Can I know why?
Bebe pointed towards Twinkle and the police took Abhijeet and Mihir away whilst they were begging for forgiveness.
After the police had taken them away Kunj went to Twinkle.
K= are you ok Twinkle.
Twinkle nodded her head but suddenly fainted. Kunj carried her before she fell on the ground and took her in the car. Without talking to the elders he asked Chinki to sit in the car.
K= Chinki sit in the car and ask anyone else to sit if they want
Chinki along with Usha and Bebe sat in the car. Amrita and Veera were feeling ashamed to face Twinkle after what their husbands did with her so they sat in their car and left.

Twinj home
They reached home after 15 minutes and Kunj took Twinkle to their room. He called the doctor.
The doctor arrived 10 minutes later. After examining Twinkle he doctor said that she fainted due to stress and needs a couple of days rest. He left after a couple of minutes. Kunj then called his work place.
K= hello sir I need 1 week off as my wife is not well and she needs to be taken proper care of. Thanks sir.
Bebe,Usha and Chinki were happy to see a well settled Kunj who cared for both his work and family, hence took time off from work for his wife. They were happy that he wasn’t like his brothers or father.

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