TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = (SHOT 10) Life Partner

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Hello everyone hope you are all well. I know you all wanted me to post this FF quickly but I apologies as I have been busy.
Happy belated Raksha Bhandhan and Happy belated friendship day.

A few days later
Leela PoV
It has been 5 days since Alisha has found out that Twinkle got married to Kunj. I couldn’t see pain in her eyes so I decided to take her to my best friends Daughter’s wedding in Delhi. It will divert her attention. Hopefully soon I will find Kunj soon and ask him to leave Twinkle and get married to Alisha.

Narrators PoV
Twinkle and Kunj were both getting ready as it was their business partner Mr Chopra Son’s wedding. Twinkle was wearing a grey coloured anarakali with gold embroidery. Her outfit was simple but elegant. She wore gold earrings and some bangles in her hand. Her hair was curled from the bottom. She looked beautiful especially as her baby bump flaunted. Kunj was wearing a grey tuxedo with a white shirt underneath and looked really good.
Kunj= Jaan you look very beautiful today, I can’t wait to be back home after the wedding is over.
Twinkle= Please Kunj be quiet, I can’t believe you really asked the Doctor that in the morning do you know how embarrassing it was she said as she remembered what happened in the morning and blushed

It was Twinkle check-up at the gynecologist and Kunj went with her as usual. He wouldn’t leave her alone especially when she visited the hospital for her regular check up.
DR= Mrs Sarna your pregnancy is going well, only 3 more months till your baby arrives. Your next appointment is in 2 weeks till then take care
Kunj= Dr I just wanted to ask something
Dr= Sure
Kunj= Will it harm our baby if we become intimate?
Twinkle face flushed and the Dr smiled
Dr= No but just be careful with her.
Kunj smiled and became happy where as Twinkle was embarrassed.
Flashback ends

Kunj= I see someone blushing he said and hugged her from the back
Twinkle= Please Kunj lets go before we are late.
They both leave and go to the venue were the wedding was taking place. Media was present there and began to take their pictures. They posed for 1 but then made their way inside where they met different clients.
Mr Chopra= I am really happy to see you Mr and Mrs Kunj Sarna
Kunj= congratulations on your son’s wedding
Mr Chopra= let me introduce you to my family
This is my elder son Mihir and his wife Amrita and that’s my wife Pami
Mrs Chopra (Pami)= OMG Twinkle how are you?
Twinkle= I am fine Mrs Chopra you? She was shocked to know that it was her mothers best friends son’s wedding. That would mean her mother would be here and she would meet her after 10 months nearly 1 year.
Mrs Chopra= Twinkle don’t be formal call me Pami Aunty I am your mothers best friends.
Twinkle smiled and shook her head. Kunj then excused himself and Twinkle as he knew that she easily gets upset when someone mentions her family as they broke all types of relationships with her.

They turned around only to see Alisha and Leela with all the Taneja Family.
They were all shocked to see Twinkle and Kunj. Alisha noticed Twinkle baby bump and tears formed in her eyes. Leela was angry to see Twinkle and was furious as he noticed her baby bump. Twinkle was upset and didn’t know how to react. She just wanted to run away from her family but she also had her own self-respect that she couldn’t break cause of some unwanted people.

To be continued………….

I hope you all enjoyed it
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