TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust&love chapter 15

Chapter 14

All the elders were sitting down talking about the wedding functions. The girls are upstairs talking . Uv and Kunj were sitting on a corner talking. When suddenly Kunj goes to them.
Kunj= if you don’t mind can I say something?
Leela= ji puttar
Kunj= I hope you don’t mind but I would like to do all the preparations of the wedding myself.

Usha= why ?Kunj didn’t want to reveal that he wanted to fulfil twinkles dream wedding however Leela knew that Kunj wanted to fulfil Twinkles dream wedding so she smiled.
Kunj= maa I am only going to get married once so I want to do my way.
Bebe= why your way only not Twinkles
Usha= Haa Bebe is right both of you are getting married so we will ask Twinkle how she wants her marriage to be like too.
Usha was about to call Twinkle but Kunj quickly put his hand over her mouth to stop her.
Kunj= maa please be quiet I will tell you my plan.
He tells them how Suman saw Twinkles dream wedding diary and told him about it and how they managed to take the diary and he read it and put back today.
Kunj= Maa Bebe I would like to fulfil Twinkles dream wedding. He said blushing.
Bebe twisting Kunj ear= waah puttar you doing a good job by fulfilling your would be woti wedding but why are you blushing.

UV= yes Kunj why blushing huh
Kunj= Shut up
Anita= leela you have chosen the best guy for Twinkle she is very lucky
Everyone smiles.
Soon the sarnas left
Next day Taneja Mansion
Leela elder sister Jhanvi had arrived with her son Rudra. They were all talking .
Leela= Didi how come everyone else never came.

Jhanvi= Shivay and Anika will come when the functions start as he has a lot of meetings to go to and Ansh (their son)is still little. Om and Ishana are in Paris and will come later. Pinky, Priyanka and Maa will also come with them.
Leela= what about Tej and Shakti bhaisab?Jhanvi= You are lucky if they come.
Anita= Jhanvi Di our twinkle is so lucky Kunj is such a good boy.
Twinkle smiled
Rudra and Uv looked at each other and winked.
Rudra= So Jiju is a good boy
Uv= but I feel so sorry for him
Rudra= I know how will he cope with this chipakli

Twinkle= RUDRA tum bhi !
Uv= Twinkle rani you are getting married now so we deserve to disturb you
Twinkle= when do you 2 junglies don’t disturb me
Rudra= Di when I meet Jiju I have to ask him if he is ready to have a life time punishment
UV= high five
They laugh and twinkle chases them
Leela= samble ke
Jhanvi= kids will never get old for us no matter which phrase of life they go through
Anita= I know
Sarna Mansion (Afternoon)
Bebe= Kunj tum kaha ho
Kunj= jee Bebe

Bebe= aha kina sona lagra hai mera jabru jawan she said to Kunj who was wearing a white t shirt with white jeans and a brown blazer. To complement his outfit he was wearing white trainers (Adidas).
Kunj= thanks Bebe
Bebe= listen you are going out with Twinkle to do you wedding shopping so don’t me naughty she said with a grin on her face
Kunj= kya Bebe app bhi
His sisters were laughing in the background.
Suman= Maa can we go with Bhai too please
Bebe= NO
Mahi= please Bebe
Bebe= ke dita so keh dita
Kunj was about to go but was stopped by Chinki
Chinki= Bhai are you going to go pass Queens road
Kunj= yes why
Chinki= can you please drop me to my dance rehearsal classes please
Kunj= sure
They both leave
Kunj drops Chinki and then goes to collect Twinkle.
On the road

Chinki texting her bf
Message= Baby Bhai has just dropped me to Queens Road for my dance rehearsal. Rehearsals will finish in 1 hour then come and collect me.
She then goes inside her dance studio
Taneja Mansion
Kunj came and greeted all the elders. They then went outside and were going to the car
One minute they heard a voice say.
They turn around and see Rudra and Uv standing there
Rudra= Hi jiju I am Rudra Twinkles younger cousin brother he said shaking his hand and giving him a hug
Kunj= hi its nice to meet you

UV= Kunj both of us just want to ask you something before you go
Kunj= yeah
Rudra= Jiju are you sure your ready to take this drastic step he said confusing Kunj
Kunj= Drastic step?
UV= we mean are you ready to get married to our sister Chipkali
Twinkle= Maa Masi twinkle screams making Leela, Anita and Jhanvi coming outside
Anita= kya hua
Twinkle points at UV and Rudra
Jhanvi= why are you troubling my rajkumari for
Rudra= Maa we are just asking Jiju if he is ready to marry our Chipkali
Anita= her name is Twinkle

UV= and if he is ready to bear a punishment all his life.
Jhanvi= she is a blessing do you understand she said twisting his ear
leela= Rudra I thought you are going Gudwara and then to meet Soumaya
Rudra= jee masi
Leela= and Yuvraj you going to meet your friend right
UV= jee masi
Then go and let these 2 go to
They all leave in different directions
Twinj sit in the car and the smile at each other. They then leave.
Precap= some Twinj moments and fun

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