TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love chapter 19 (part 1)

Chapter 18

Hi guys I know many of you were quiet shocked with the twist. So RT is also married to another person and has got 3 children with her. Leela is his first wife and Twinkle is his first child. You will find out after twinj marriage why RT got married again. Anyway now you can enjoy the fun part of Twinkle and Kunj marriage functions.

2 weeks leap.
During the 2 weeks RT showered Leela and Twinkle with unconditional love that he never showed to them in their life. Twinkle and Kunj also began to know each other more and there wouldn’t be a day they wouldn’t talk to each other. It was their tradition to talk with each other every night before going to sleep.
All of the relatives of Kunj and Twinkle had arrived to join them for their big day in their life. Today was a get the Pooja for Twinkle and Kunj to make sure all their marriage functions happen with no trouble and their marriage happens in peace.

Sarna Mansion
Bebe= Kudiyo kaha ho tum. Jaldi Karo
Usha= Bebe they are taking so long to get ready as it is there wedding pooja not there bhais.
Bebe= haa I know
Sarikal they hear a young gentlemen say.
Bebe= Shravan(Sumans finace)
He goes and gets blessings from Usha and Bebe
Usha= Suman jaldi aao
Suman comes running downstairs wearing a pink anarkali= Ji mami
They point towards shravan
They greet each other

Usha and Bebe then leave to see the other preparation
Suman and Shravan hug each other . They suddenly hear people coughing and break the hug.
Chinki= Hi jiju
Shravan= Hi
Mahi = good to see you after a long time.
Bubbly= WOW she says as she sees kunj walking down the stairs.Bhai you look handsome. Kunj was wearing a simple black sherwani he looked really good.
Shravan went and hugged Kunj and also congratulated him.
Kunj looks around to see if the prepartions are perfect
Kunj= will twinkle like the decortaions
Everyone then look around and are happy to the decorations.
Bubbly= I am sure bhabhi will love it
They all smile and wait for Twinkle and her family to come.

Taneja mansion
All of twinkles cousins had arrived. They were all ready to leave for Kunj house.
Leela= Twinkle jaldi kar
Everyone was waiting for Twinkle to come. Suddenly they hear the sound of ankels (payals) and see Twinkle and smile.

Twinkle was wearing a lilak saree and had left her hair open (same as sonam kappor wore in jalte diye from prem ratan dhan payo).
Rudra dadi= kitne pyari lagray hai she does her kala teeka.
They all leave for Sarna mansion.
They all enter sarna mansion and are stunned to see the preparations.
The house was decorated in white fresh flowers. That matched Twinkles attire. When they reached Twinkle went and took blessings from Bebe manohar and Usha .
Uv sees Chinki and smiles at her and tells her in sign language that she looks pretty. Mahi who was standing behind her amusesthat Uv was telling her and blushes.
Bebe= guruji lets start the poja
The pooja starts and kunj and twinkle perform it together. Soon the pooja finsishes and twinj took blessings from the elders.

after a while
Shivay= Kunj we are Twinkles cousin brothers i am Shivay
OM= and i am oomkara and you can call me om
Kunj smiles at them and they talk for a bit.
UV goes and whispers something in OM ear and all of twinkles brothers smile.
Rudra= Jiju we all want to ask you a few thing
UV= kunj we all want to ask you a few things about twinkle
Kunj= Okay he said with a confused face.
OM= if you can answer the questions correctly you can take twinkle for a long drive today.
UV= and if you can then you cant see our chipkali until your wedding day.
Kunj very confidently says that he is ready.
They begin to ask Kunj questions about Twinkle

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