Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 71

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Hi Friends,
I know I am too late and I am also fed up with my health issues…Now kind of better…So thought posting…Hope you all enjoy reading…Please do comment..Nowadays comments are less in number..But I know it is my mistake…I am very irregular at posting…But still please do comment…
Love you all…

Keeping the link of previous episode link, just in case if anyone has missed…

Everyone except Manohar is having lunch. Manohar has gone out for some work.
Usha: I think boy is perfect for you and you should get married soon.
Alisha: I have video chatted with him. He seems to be a nice person. I want to talk and interact with him personally..Let me do that first. Will think of marriage later.
Kunj: True… You need to be sure that he is compatable. You can’t just get married like that. You have to be sure about your future life.
Twinkle looks at Kunj as in he has to always support Alisha for whatever she says. Yuvi notices that and has a smile on his face.
Alisha (unaware of these things): Forget about marriage. I need to be 100 % sure that he is the one made for me. Then only I will say yes to his proposal. He told me that he has bought an engagement ring for me. Let me see the ring first… (with a wink).
Usha: Tum bache bhi na…
Yuvi: Arrey…Ring toh aisa hona chahiye jaisa Kunj ne Twinkle ko diya hai… Kya mast ring hai…Muje naaz apne bhai ke choice pe…Ring bhi aur bhabhi bhi…
(That’s true. Ring should be something like what Kunj has gifted Twinkle. That is so beautiful. I am proud of my bro’s choice… Twinkle and ring…)
Kunj and Twinkle was not expecting this talk. Usha and Alisha were too surprised as they don’t know about it.
Usha: Ring…Ye kab hua?
Twinkle tries to hide the ring, but in vain. Alisha and Usha has already noticed it. Twinkle starts blushing as everyone is looking at her finger…
Usha: Ring toh badi pyaari hai…Per ye hua kab? Kunj? Ye sab kab se chal reha hai? (Wow..The ring is very beautiful. Kunj? What’s going on…)
Kunj (with a blush): Vo.…vo kya hai na…
Yuvi: Mummy…me batata hun…Isko huye toh 5 saal se uper ho gaya hain… Jis din bhabhi ko I love you kaha ussi din ring pehna ke aa gaya tha…
(I will help you out bro… It happened more than 5 years ago. They got engaged at the next moment when Kunj conveyed his love to her.)
Alisha seems to be disturbed as the center of talk has shifted from her engagement to Twinkle’s. She is disturbed with the fact that they got engaged during the office time itself and she was not aware of it.
Usha: Ring seems to be different in style too…
Yuvi: Mummy, It is something special too..It is symbolic to Kunj’s name. Kunj means arbour, a shady garden with sides and roof made up of climbing plants. He searched a lot and this ring was like an impression of climbing plant…
Usha: Ohhh….Innovative…
Kunj has gone to the good old memories..
Kunj (with a shy smile): At that time, we wanted to keep our affair secret. So no one in office including this Alisha had idea about it. This ring held our secret. Noone could figure out that it is my name written.

Twinkle has turned pink and is cherishing those memories…
Usha leaves to kitchen as lunch is done. Rest all are still talking.
Yuvi: Alisha, Tumne kuch kaha nahi? Ring kaisa laga tume? Dost ki choice kaisa laga?
(You didn’t say anything about the ring? How is it? What’s your opinion about Kunj’s choice?)
Alisha makes a happy face.
Alisha: Of course..It is elegant and beautiful…Ioved it…
Yuvi: Pata nahi kyu tumare expressions or words match nahi ker rehe hai…(I don’t know why..But I feel like your expressions and words doesn’t match..)
Alisha turns pale and tries max to cover her expressions.
Kunj: Kya yaar? Bechari ko jatka toh lagega hi na… Usko kaanon kan khabhar bhi nahi thi…aur hum yeh gul khila rehe the… Ye sab uske samne ho reha tha aur usko pata bhi nahi chala….
(Of course,she will be shocked… She was with us during these times…We never gave her a hint about this..So obviously she will be puzzled…)
Twinkle: Vahi toh…Isliye tume aisa lag reha hai Yuvi…Verna vo toh bohut khush hai hamare liye…Hain na Alisha?
(It’s true. I think that’s why you got confused…Of course, she will be happy for us.)
Alisha: Bus vahi baat hain…Me bohut khush hun tum donon ke liye…
(True..I am happy for you..)
Yuvi: Acha toh…Alisha…Tume bilkul bhi idea nahi tha ki inka kuch chal reha hai… (Ohh…So you had no clue that these two are seeing each other?)
Alisha: No. I had no idea about it.
Alisha wanted to escape from that situation. She was afraid about them discussing the message matter and coming to know that she was the real culprit in breaking their relation.
Twinkle: Kya baat ker rehi ho yaar? Maana tume starting ke time me kuch pata nahi tha. Per tume baad me kuch kuch idea ho gaya tha…Tumne bohut khoshish keri thi hume pakadne ki…Hain na Kunj?
(Don’t be so innocent. I agree we could keep it secret at the start. But after sometime, you kind of had a hint of it. You have tried so hard to catch us red handed… Kunj knows it very well.)
Kunj: Aur kya? 15 min ke liye bhi office se gayab ho jaaye toh ye pehle Twinkle ko call kerti thi…Aur phir muje… (Yes… When we both were away from the bay even for just 15 mins, she will start calling Twinkle and then call me.)
Yuvi: Ohh..teri…Phir…
Twinkle: Phir kya? Tera bhai usse bhi shana…Apna phone se kisiko dial ker ke rekhta tha taki engaged aaye…Aur ye phone kerti ti ki kahin muje toh call nahi ker reha hain Kunj…Aur mera ring kerta ta aur me kuch bahana mar leti thi… Aise pata kerti thi ye ki hum saath to nahi hain…
(Your brother was smarter enough to handle her tricks. He used to keep his phone engaged on any customer care or any other number. And she will call me to check whether he is talking to me. My phone would ring and I will make any excuse. Thus she used to make sure that we are not together.)
Alisha feels like she just wants to disappear from this room.
Alisha: Chodo na…Jo ho gaya so ho gaya… (Leave them back…It’s over…)
Twinkle: And she had an issue with the night shift. So he always made sure that she gets a day shift and thus she is happy. He did this so that he can take a night shift and we can at least have some glances at office or some time together at canteen without spy Alisha.
Kunj: Saaye ki tarah picha kerti thi ye mera ki kuch pata laga sake…Muje ye sab kerna pada tha…
(She used to behave like a shadow of mine. I had to get rid of her any how…)
Kunj and Yuvi laugh.
Alisha: I need to make a call. You guys continue…
Alisha leaves from the situation somehow and feels relieved.
Twinj and Yuvi continue reminding her of the

Next day afternoon
Twinkle is arranging her clothes. Kunj comes from behind and hugs her.
Twinkle: Kunj…Mummy papa koi dekhlenge…Kuch toh socho…
Kunj: Donon market gaye huye hain…
Twinkle tries to step out of his embrace. Kunj holds her tightly so that she can’t leave.She breaks his hug and moves back. Kunj too reaches near to Twinkle. Twinkle is pinned to the wall and can’t go further. Kunj pulls her from waist and makes her closer… Twinkle has turned pink and looks into Kunj’s eyes. She could see the love for her in his eyes. Kunj comes closer and kisses her in the neck. Kunj rubs his lips through the neck and reaches her ears..He whispers in her ear.
Kunj: Haan toh kya keh rehi thi…Meri hone wali biwi se thoda romance kerna toh banta hain…Agar koi dekh bhi le toh koi farak nahi padta…
(I am romancing with fiancé..It’s okay to romance once in a while…)
Twinkle suddenly realizes the current situation between them. She breaks hug and looks at him weirdly…
Twinkle: Dekho…Chance mat maaro…tikh hai na… (Don’t try to be oversmart with me…Okay?)
Kunj: Ohh…hello…Muje bhi koi shok nahi hai tumse chipakne ka…Vo toh Alisha aa rehi thi to usko dikhane ke liye…
(ohh..hello…Even I was not trying to be naughty with you. Alisha was coming to your room and that’s why I did it…)
Twinkle looks at him suspiciously and then trusts him.
Kunj: By the way, agar tumne Alisha ko nahi dekha tha to phir muje itna kareeb kyu aane diya…hamare beech toh ab kuch bhi nahi hain na…
(If you have not seen Alisha, why did you allow me to come closer to you? We are done with this relationship. Everything is over..Isn’t it?)
Twinkle mumbles and then realizes and composes herself.
Twinkle: Haan…dekha tha na..Maine bhi dekha tha Alisha ko room ki taraf aate huye..Tabhi toh…Verna tume lagta hai tumhara koi chance hain ab…
(I have seen her coming towards the room. That’s why I also preteneded..Otherwise do you think you have a chance after all this?)
Kunj: Hmm…I know..
Twinkle: Now leave…I think she went to kitchen. We don’t have to pretend anymore.
Kunj: Okay..
Kunj leaves from the room and Twinkle relaxes as she was not caught.
Kunj is at the door and peeps from there and has a cute smile on his face.
Kunj thinks. “ Jitne bahane banane hai bana lo…Per muje bhi pata hain ki tum bhi mujse utna hi pyaar kerti ho..Aur me yeh tumhe realize kerake rehunga…”
(I know you are lying. You couldn’t control your feelings for me, but you won’t admit it..Let it be…I will make you realize soon that you still love me the same way as we did.. And we are very much in love…”

Jisha 🙂

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