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AN: This is officially the last chapter/Epilogue of this SS. Hope u all have a great time reading it. Do share your valuable feed-backs after reading, will be waiting to hear from you. ?

Dialogues in bracket are English translation of Hindi dialogues. Hope it helps. 🙂



But few excited Jane Austen fangirls were scandalized hearing their favourite book being bashed and started threatening Gautham to make him read and watch all versions of Pride and Prejudice till he liked, no loved the story and knew all of Mr. Darcy’s romantic lines by heart! Swara and Sanskar really liked the interesting torture the girls had planned for Gautham and felt as if they will be avenged for all the mental agony he caused them!

Gautham was telling them in vain not to inflict such tortures on poor him and looked towards his sisy and jiju for help which they laughed it off saying, “No way buddy! Suffer! ” The whole crowd laughed thinking all’s well that ends well…



That night in Swasan’s room Sanskar was standing in the balcony looking at the stars, when a pair of beautiful hands embraced him from behind. He pulled her flush towards him and kissed her hands. He then gently turned her hands to admire the mehendi when his eyes caught the three magical letters – SSM.

Sanskar kissed those words but then he remembered that it was supposed to be SG there as she had said that day and not SSM. Swara could feel the confusion emanating from him and kissed his back resting her head there, she said, “Woh main SG- Swara Gadodia likhne wali thi magar socha tum tho mere haath nahi dekhoge tho mein SSM hi likh loon atleast mujhe woh dekhke khusi mil jaeygi…” (I was actually planning to write SG- Swara Gadodia, but then thought why not write SSM because I thought you were never going to see my hand again…)

Sanskar felt like such a fool to think it was ever going to be Swara Gautam in her hand! He smiled at his stupidity and gentlly loosened his hold and turned himself so that she was now resting on his chest, near his heart where she always resides. He gently said, ” Swara kya tum mujhe maaf kar paogi?” (Will you be able to forgive me?) She gently lifted her head and looked at him in a puzzling manner.

He continued, ” Swara joh tumne kiya uska saza sunane se pehle mujhe yeh sochna tha ki maine tumse kya kya kaha uss din… Maine gusse mai apni ristha todne ki baat ki thi aur teek se maafi bhi nahi maangi” (Swara before passing a verdict upon you, I should have actually thought what all I said to you that day… I even spoke about breaking our relationship and never apologized for it)

Before he could continue, Swara interrupted saying, ” Tumne maafi maangi thi Sanskar, magar maine hi nahi suni…” (You did apologize, it’s me who did not listen to you…)

He smiled and said,” Tumhe nahi lagtha ki tum mujhe kuch zyada hi support kar rahi ho abb?? Overcompensating much, hmm?”

Swara just hit him slightly and they both laughed. But then he continued seriously,” Swara… Uss din mujhe pata hai ki maine sirf tumhe rokne ke liye sorry kaha…yeh teek se socha bhi nahi ki tumhe kitna bura laga hoga who shabd sunke… Kyonki uss din tumhare muh se woh sunke, meri saasein hi ruk gayi thi…” (Swara I know that that day I just apologized to stop you from leaving, I didnt even think properly about how much you would have been hurt by hearing those words because now I realise how painful they must have been as my breath had almost stopped when I heard those words from your mouth that fateful day…) His eyes misted over and closed and his words turned heavy… Swara just looked up and placed a gentle kiss over his eyelids… A silent plea for forgiveness…

He continued,” Aur mujhe gusse mein woh Lakshman rekha waali baat bhi nahi bolna chahiye tha…(I should not have spoken about that Lakshman rekha dialogue in anger) Ultimatums dene se egos beech mein aaj jaathi hain.. (Giving ultimatums leads to ego battles) I’m so sorry Swara… I just got carried away… My anger got the better of my senses… Please forgive me…” She just kissed his chest accepting his apology because she knew how important it was to him that she acknowledged it, for otherwise his guilt would be eating him away not allowing them to move forward from these turbulent times…

Swara then softly replied,” Sanskar main Ragini ko support karna chahthi thi, magar gusse main sara blame tumpe daal diya… Main khabi bhi tumse dhoor nahi jana chahthi thi, magar yeh sharth rakna ki jab tak Laksh wapas nahi aa jata main tumhare paas wapas nahi aaungi, yeh meri sabse badi bewakoofi thi… Mujhe bhi nahi pata ki maine kya sochke yeh decision liya tha… Kisiko bhi isse kushi nahi mili… Plz mujhe maaf kardo Sanskar… Maine tumhe bahut hurt kiya hai nah… Kya karun tumhari Swara hai hi bewakoof…” ( Sanskar I just wanted to support Ragini but in my anger I put all the blame on you…I never wanted to go away from you, but my biggest mistake or shall I say foolishness was when I kept the condition that I would come back only when Laksh comes back! I seriously don’t know what came over me then… Nothing good came out of it. Please forgive me Sanskar, I hurt you so much… Hmm but what to do your Swara is a very big fool and that’s the fact…) Saying she cutely caught her ears in apology…

Sanskar in mock anger, “Hey! How dare you! Tum meri wife ko bewakoof kaise bol sakthi ho?! (How dare you call my wife a Fool?)You have no rights!” He smiled and lovingly tapped her nose and said, ” Arrey maine bhi tho tumse kaha ki tum iss ghar pe wapas nahi aa sakthi aur fight ko aur bada diya? Huh? Magar mere sabse bada regret yeh hai ki hum dono ne 6 months waste kar diya yeh samjahne mein ki yeh ek silly fight hai, koi mahabharat nahi! (Wasn’t I was the one who said you shouldn’t come back to the house and increased the tension? Hmm? But you know my biggest regret is that we wasted 6 months to realize that it was nothing more than a silly fight and not a huge mahabhart or something!) We should have just kissed and made up!” He smirked naughtily at her when she understood his meaning!

He continued, “Seriously, Har pati patni ke beech jagade hote hain, magar jab woh sabke saamne hota hai tho woh ek Ego war ho jaatha hai… Aur hum bhi uss chakravuyh mein fas gaye…”(Seriously, fight is a natural thing which happens between every couple, but when it happens in public it turns into an ego war and we too got caught in this destructive whirpool)They both silently agreed and sighed in unison accepting the fact that both were at fault and both were just too stubborn to have let their ego be bigger than their love…

He held her tight and said, ” Waise tumhe yaad hai? Maine kaha tha ki yeh Mangal sutra aur sindoor mujhe hamesha yeh yaad dilayegi ki main kudse se zyada pyar kisi se kartha hoon aur woh meri sabse badi galthi hai?”(Anyway do you remember, I said that these mangal sutra and sindoor would always remind me that how I loved someone more than myself and that is my biggest mistake in life?)

Swara then tried lifting her head worriedly, but he placed a calming kiss on her head and continued, ” Mujhe abb yeh samajh mein aa gaya ki yeh sindoor aur mangal sutra actually iski nishaani hai ki yeh sach kabhi nahi badelega… Main humesha tumhe apne aap sa zyada pyar kartha rahunga and yeh mangal sutra aur sindoor mere wade ki nishaani hai ki tum meri zindagi ho,meri sab kuch ho, meri har saans ho… Yeh wada maine yeh sindoor tumhare maang mein pehli bhaar bharthe hue kiya tha… yaad hai tumhe woh pehli baar, kanha ji ki mandir se sindoor le ke maine shaadi ki thi tumse?” (But I realise now that that is a fact and it won’t change. These mangalsutra and sindoor will always remain the symbol of my love for you, the symbol of my promise that I will always love you more than myself, that you are my everything ,that your are my very breath… And this was the promise I made the very first time we got married, do you remember? It was the very first time I put sindoor in your forehead in front of Lord Krishna in our house?)

Swara was shocked, she knew he loved her even then but she didn’t know he considered that incident to be their actual wedding!

He realized her turmoil and he sheepishly replied, ” I’m sorry Swara mujhe pata hai uss time tum mujhse pyar nahi karthi thi magar yeh jaan lo ki mein humesha se tumhe pyar kartha tha aur uss din aur uske baad mein har bar jab maine yeh mang bhara hai, maine khud se woh waada dahuraya hai… Aur main humesha se uss din ko hi humari pehli shaadi mantha hun. Uss din se leke ab and aane wale kal aur saadiyon aur yugon tak tum meri patni ho Swara aur mein tumhara pati.” (I’m sorry Swara I know you didn’t love me then but you must know that I have and will always love you and from that day every time I filled your forehead with sindhoor I reinforce this promise to you. And yeah I have always considered that day when I first filled your forehead to prove our fake marriage as our first wedding and you as my wife from that very moment! And so for eons to come you will be my wife and I your husband.) He could feeling her tears drenching his shirt and alarmed he lifted her face and saw her grateful smile.

She simply said, “Sorry Sanskar. Main humesha tumhe hurt karthi hun aur tum mujhe maaf kar dete ho magar is baar ek wada karna chahthi hun tumse…”(Sorry Sanskar I always hurt you and you always forgive me. But I want to make a promise…)

But before she could continue he kept his fingers on her lips and said, ” Sshh please joh vaada tum karne jaa rahi ho woh vaada mat karo.”(Shh please don’t make the promise you are going to make now.)

She looked at him puzzlingly. He just smiled and continued, ” Mujhe pata hai tum mujhe khabi bi chodke naa jaane ki vaada karne wali thi , hai nah?” (You are going to make a promise of never leaving me ,right?) She nodded in agreement. He smiled and continued, “Issiliye yeh vaada mat karo. Sirf yeh vaada karo ki tum mujhpe humesha vishwas karogi? Agar mein kuch reh raha hun tho humesha yeh yaad rakhogi ki woh tumhare kushi ke liye keh raha hun aur tum woh hamesha karogi!” (That is why you should not make that promise. Just give me this promise that you will trust me always? And if I ever tell you to do something which you don’t like you will always remember that whatever I do will be for only and only your well-being and you will always do that) She smiled with tears in her eyes as she understood what he was intending to say… If a situation arrived that she would be safe only if she was away from him then he would want her to leave him and go!

She was so overwhelmed by his love that instead of agreeing to his promise, which she knew she never could… In no world would she leave him and go again… Now only death would part her from him and it too would have to do a herculean feat to achieve that… It was her, Swara Sanskar Maheshwari’s promise to herself and her love. Thinking this she kissed him deeply trying to put all her emotions into it. She was never good with words like he was but she hoped this kiss showed him how she felt for him. She could feel tears slipping out from his eyes. She gently parted from the kiss and looked at him with trusting eyes.

He gently picked her up and led them to their bed hoping to show her how much she was treasured. She always was, would always be his precious SSM.


Sometime in the night when the silence engulfed their room after the jubilant sounds of treasuring and being treasured had subsided, Sanskar gently kissed Swara and reminded her that she still hadn’t replied to his promise and she smiled hiding in the crook of his neck and promised to his jugular pulse, ” Mein vaada karthi hun ki main humesha tumse pyar karungi, aur mere pyar ke liye sab kuch karungi, iss duniya sab se ladungi, yeh saaz jab tak chalegi mein tumhare liye jiyungi… yeh vaada karthi hun,,, sanskar, mein tumahari swara tumse yeh vaada karthi hun.”(I solemnly make this promise that I will always love you and will do everything for my love, will fight against the whole world for it and will live till my last breath only for you… This is my promise Sanskar, this is the promise your Swara makes to you…)

He understood that she would never promise what he asked, he wanted her to let go of him when being with her would endanger her life but looks like he should have never expected her to accept that… He simply smiled and kissed her accepting her promise.

He then naughtily told her, ” My dear humari life ki iss episode se tumne kya seeka?” (Dear wife what did you learn from this episode of life?) Before she could launch into an emotional lecture he just kissed her and said in a conspiratory tone, “The lesson to be learned is next time we wouldn’t wait 6 months to kiss and make-up!” He then winked and proceeded to ravish her again!

Later when he had almost fallen asleep he heard her murmuring in half sleep ,” Sanskar tumhe pata hai mujhe ek weird dream aaya tha kayi mahine pehle jab mujhe bukar tha… Mujhe laga tum ek boodi aurat banke mere dekhbal kar rahe ho… kitni pagal ho nah main, sab mein tumhe doondthi hun…” (Sanskar did you know what weird dreams I used to get before…? I dreamt that you had come to take care of me in the get up of an old lady when I was sick! How silly of me, right? I search your face in everyone’s face..)

He just laughed remembering that incident and hugged her tight and fell asleep peacefully promising himself and her that there would never be a day when she wakes up alone in bed, she would always always wake up cocooned in his love… safe and secure in his arms… And he in hers…

” Your arms are my castle, heart is my sky…

They wipe away tears when I cry

Oh the good and the bad times we have been through them all

You make me rise when I fall…”*


A blissful new beginning …

AN: Thanks a lot for reading patiently till the very end. Love you all for the constant encouragement and support you have given to this FF and me. A VERY TIGHT BEAR HUG TO ALL OF YOU!! ?

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    even i knew something from your perspective…

    1. Lifez_beautiful

      Thank u dear! ? And yeah very true dear, every situation can be assessed in many different ways depending on the person viewing and reviewing it…How many different people those many different perspectives… ☺ So I’m really glad u liked my take too on this particular situation. 🙂

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