Tashan E Ishq Mohabbat Ka Ek Naya Andhaz Episode 26 #KeepingTashanEIshqAlive

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Hey guys!!! Really very sorry!!!! I had posted but it got rejected and I totally forgot. So sorry!!!!!Thanks for the likes, dislikes and comments. I am planning to end this season of the ff… I am going to finish it between the next two months. I am in a very crucial period of my life. And I won’t be able to write, edit, post and reply to the comments. So I am going to end this season. But I will continue writing. Once I finish the story, I will start posting the second season* ….The commenters for the previous post were – Sia, Riya, Yashika, SSK, Presha, Sana785, Msmahi and Ramya and Okiki4kiss(Yes I will try to make it English as much as possible)


Recap –  Usha sees Virat sleeping with book on the chest… She goes towards him, fold the page of the book he was reading caresses him… She then goes and gets and blanket, and then he puts a blanket over him. And then he kisses his forehead and wipes her tear. He than goes to her room. She lies on the bed crying feeling helpless, unable to sleep or control her tears…

Morning – Vadhera Mansion

Virat wakes up on the coach and to his surprise notices the blanket and his book and specs on the table… Usha looks at him and smiles… Virat looks around and seeing that Usha looks away when he looks at her… He ignores her but gets puzzled. He sees his moms picture hung to the wall and walks up to it… He wishes her Good Morning, takes up his things from the coach and the table and leaves…

A liitle later Kunj is going for office and sees Usha light the diya kept before the picture of Renuka…

Kunj – mom?

Usha gets shocked…

Usha – Haan, (and turns) Whats the matter, Sunny boy?

Kunj – aren’t you taking this sharath thing a little to seriously?! Impressive yet confusing?

Usha – That’s beccause I can and will do anything it takes to keep my children with me. I don’t want to lose my children…

Kunj (confusedly) – hmm (and leaves…)

Usha (to Renuka’s photo through her thoughts) – Mein kya karu Renuka,mein tumhari photo pe haar latka rahi hoon aur diya jala rai hoon jab ki… Mujhsai tumhari kasam bhi samhali nahi jaa rahi hai… Meri kya karu Renuka, tuhi koi rasta dekha do, meri madad karo Renuka…

Meanwhile Viren’s Room

Viren – Jeevikaaa… Jeevikaaaa

And Jeevika enters the room…

Jeevika –    What happened, Virenji? Why are you screaming?

Viren –I am going to Dubai for 20 days.

Jeevika – What?

Viren – Yeah, there is a legal conference

Jeevika – But Virenji?

Viren – Jeevika, the conference is very important… But why don’t you do one thing, why don’t you come with me?

Jeevika – Yeah, that’s a great idea…

Viren – No no, You can’t come. tum tho is ghar ke ghulaam, I mean bahu ho…And you have responsibilities here, right? And didn’t you resfused to go Ritu’s bacherlotte trip because of these reasons? Then why will you come with me?

Jeevika – Virenji mein…

Viren – Nahi its okay …

Jeevika – But Virenji, I want to come with you…

Viren – wait, you want to come with me (and jeevika nods) but when Twinkle asked you to join her you said no, why?

Jeevika gets confused….

Viren – Jeevika, come here snd sit… (and they sit) Jeevika, tum ek bohot achi patni ho and ek achi bahu bhi, par tum ek paatni aur bahu se pehle ek beti aur behan hai aur ussay bhi pehle, you are an individual. A strong and independent women … Aur yeh beti, bahu, behan, patni yeh sab tumhara alag alag insaan ke saath judai huaa rishta hai… And these relationships aren’t to burden you… They are to make you journey of life easier and joyful. And you don’t leave or ignore some of your relationships for others. You should prioritize but not ignore or avoid… And when you prioritize, there are will be superior relationships but you also give importance to the others… Mein janti hoon ke tumhari yahan zaroorath hai, tumhari bohot saari zimedaariyan hai aur tumhari yehaan ki jo zimedaar hai woh kabhi katam nahi hogi… issliye tumhai iss sabs ek break lekar apne behan honnay ka farz nabana chahiye… Goa trip mein jaakar…

Jeevika – hmmm (and smiles) Mathlab No one is going to Dubai (Viren nods) Fine, I will go. But I have a condition.

Virenji – Acha ji?

Jeevika – Haan ji…

Viren – Fine, what is your condition?

Jeevika – Its simple, You just have to answer a simple question. Okay?

Viren – Done… Poocho

Jeevika – Haan tho sawal yeh hai ki aapko kya aur kitna mila, rishwat ke thor par???

Viren – Rishwat??

Jeevika – Haan rishwat… What did Twinkle give in return for convincing me?

Viren (smiles) – Woh itni sweet hai ki ussay kuch dena zaroorath hi nahi padi, uski meeti meeti baatein hi kaafi thi…(and jeevika smiles)

Jeevika – That right…

Viren – But she is the one who gave me this idea for convincing me.

Jeevika – I kind of figured it out… Waisay aap chai aur breakfast neeche kaogi ya yahan…

Viren – I think it will be fine here…

Jeevika –Okay, I will get it for you… (and Jeevika leaves to the kitchen)

In the kitchen

Usha – Jeevika beta, tum aagaye

Jeevika – Haan aunty

Usha (corrects her) – mummy ji

Jeevika – I mean mummy ji

Usha – Jeevika, I have made coconut chutney, tum pls usmay coconut oil, rai, curry patta aur lal mirch ka tadka lagao na…

Jeevika – Ji mummy ji… But why coconut chutney…

Usha – That’s because I have made idly, Viren likes it a lot… And Jeevika , See sambar garam hogaya ?

Jeevika – Haan haan garam hogaya hai… mein gas off karoon?


Precap – Manohar – Usha, Mujhai tumsai baat karni hai…

Usha – Haan main sun rahi hoon

Manohar – Tum kab tak yeh natak karongi…

Usha – Konsa natak…

Manohar – Nafrath ka natak

Usha – Nafrat ka natak?

Manohar – Anjaan math bano Usha…


Question of the day – what do you feel about me finishing of this season*?

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Loads of love

Pooja makawani


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  1. SSK

    Amazing episode dear. 🙂

  2. Cheena2001Cp

    Pooh!!! Amazing episode!!! This TU gets mad sometimes!

    I better not answer the question! ?
    Because it’s clearly a no-no for me!!! ?

  3. it was nice …
    superb idea given by twinkle for convincing…
    eager to read the reason behind bad behaviour of usha ….
    luved it ..
    keep smiling ..

  4. Awesome epi….

  5. Hi pooja the episode was awsm and lovely and I think ki second season ka idea is awsm and it’s aal up to u as u have to write it if u continue tab bhi we are happy and second season mein bhi happy we just want ur ff love u 5ake care post soon

  6. Aweskme
    Amazing superb
    About do finishing
    For me it’s not so good

    Just now only it had become more interesting and you want to finish
    Yeah I can understand may he exams
    Awesome one

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