Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 15

Really i have no words to express how lucky am i… this many people supporting my ff… it is a great big honor plzz do keep supporting me like this… nd i love u all… ✋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤✋ this much thank u soo much… ???

The episode starts with twinkle locked in the room nd crying keeping her head on her knees on the other hand kunj is gettin ready (agr tum saath ho plays) they recall their moments spent with each other the almost kiss the dori scene the dancing the nok jhok between them kunj gets tears in his eyes
Kunj self talk: i cant see u in pain twinkle… im doing this for u because i love u…!!!
Twinkle cries
Twinkle self talk: kunj it is too late… i wished i could tell u how much i love u… im sorry this is all because of me

She cries just then someone opens the door who is none other than maya dressed in a bridal dress twinkle is surprised to see her maya comes to her holds her face tightly
Maya: what did u thinkk… kunj will becomes urs well guess what he is going to be mine… i will show u that he is mine… when he will put sindoor in my forhead i will become his
Maya leaves twinkles face she stands up nd covers her face with veil nd leaves

Next scene
Mahi nd others r sitting worried for twinj
Avni: where will be dii nd bhaiya be im soo tensed
Mahi: dont worry we have to do something
Rakesh: no mahi dii dont do anything twinkle dii have kunj bhaiyya nd kunj bhaiyya have twinkle dii they wont let anything happen to each other as they love each other
Mahi is surprised
Mahi: how do u people know they love each other
Paro narrates everything how they used to make them close nd how kunj accepted that he loves twinkle
Mahi: omg u all r so bad even i tried… to make them close… nd now finally
Deepika: we know that kunj bhaiyya loves twinkle dii… but we dont know that twinkle dii loves kunj bhaiyya or no
Mahi: leave all this think what to do we should help them or no
Everyone get to thinking

Next scene
Almost night
Kunj is standing in the mandap wearing blue sherwani looking hot as usual eyeing the fire he gets teary eyed maya comes there her face covered with a veil she forwards her hand so that kunj will make her come up kunj doesnt show any interest maya comes up they both sit the pandit starts the ritual kunj is just thinking about twinkle on the other hand twinkle is on the bed her face is covered with the blanket maya nd kunj stands up for pheras kunj gets teary eyed they take pheras kunj fills mayas forehead with sindoor makes her wear the mangalsutar the marriage is complete nd they r now husband nd wife

Maya is being taken to their room she is made to sit on the bed which is decorated for kunjs nd maya first night the men pushes kunj in the room he is shocked nd angry he sees maya sitting on the bed he turns the other side
Kunj: maya u have no idea how much i hate u… we wont becomez one never… i loved twinkle i love twinkle nd i will always love twinkle
“I love u too” kunj is surprised by the voice he turns maya stands up nd removes her veil nd it is revealed to be twinkle kunj is hell happy he goes to her nd touches her face too see is it a dream he hugs her tightlt twinkle too hugs him back he kisses her on her forhead nd hugs her back tightly (sajna ve plays) they both hug each other like they r not gonna seperate they break their hug kunj is confused
Kunj: but how did u
Twinkle smiles

Maya is about to leave the room twinkle hits her head she faints twinkle asks forgiveness she takes mayas cloth nd makes her sleep on the bed covering her nd makes herself dressed as a bride nd covers her face
Flashback ends
Kunj smiles nd hugs her back twinkle to hugs him they break the hug kunj cups her face
Kunj: I LOVE U (it echoes)
Twinkle: I LOVE U 2 (it echoes)
They hug each other tightly twinkle breaks the hug she sees kunj having wounds on his face she gets tensed
Twinkle: kunj whats all this??

Kunj: aah nothing i was not getting ready so they hitted me
Twinkle: this is so bad… wait let me dress ur wounds
Twinkle finds the first aid nd sits to dress kunjs wounds kunj smiles nd looks at her lovingly she gets teary eyed while dressing it as she is not able to see kunj in pain her tears fall kunj makes her stop kabhi jo badal plays he cups her face kunj comes close to her nd kisses her eyes he wipes her tears kunj makes twinkle lay on the bed he comes top of her twinkle clutches his sherwani he comes close to her kunj holds twinkles hand she closes her eyes he comes close to her nd kisses her neck twinkle holds kunjs hand tightly he kisses her neck again twinkle breaks the handholds nd caresses his hair kunj comes to her face nd proceed for the kiss they r just mili meters away their noses touch just then someone knocks the door they becomes conscious kunj gets up twinkle too gets up
Twinkle: kunj what will we do now??

Kunj: dont worry twinkle im with u
Screen freezes on their tensed face

Precape: twinj trues to run out at night someone makes them stop they r shocked nd tensed

Hope u all like it… plzz do comment… nd sorry for the short episode…!! Love u all… ???

  1. hmm isn’t this episode 14?

  2. Excuse is this the same episode I guess 🙂

  3. Yeah isn’t this the 14th episode……. Anyways update the next episode soon…….

  4. ha ha ha i loved it

  5. Awesome epi sweetie

  6. Awesome episode….goosebumps in my stomach….ab next kya hoga…???

  7. Ya I too agree wid u all..but the episode was very nice..dis should happen wid all those who come between two lovers..it was justice wid twinj n Maya as well

  8. ♥twinj- forever♥

    awesome……romantic episode….

  9. superb yaar …. loved d episode

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