Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 18) LAST EPISODE


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Here Twinkle is taken to the ward and everyone goes in to visit and meet Twinkle.
Twinkle is taking rest while Kunj is carrying with the baby in his arms. Kunj sees the other family members there and he keeps the baby and as he was about to go, Twinkle stops him.
Twinkle: Kunj, please stay here for me?
Kunj: But Twinkle.
Twinkle: Please.
Kunj agrees.
Here Babe takes the baby in his arms,
Babe: He is so cute, he looks a lot like Kunj. Twinkle puttar, you know when Kunj was born he looked almost like this, right Usha?
Twinkle smiles and Kunj looks on.
Usha: Yes
Usha comes to Kunj,
Usha: I am sorry for saying bad things about you that day, I didn’t know how I didn’t realize that my son must have had some reason,
Kunj: No mom, its not your fault at all. The situation was like this. No one could do anything.
Usha: I am very lucky to have you as a son beta.
Kunj: Mom?
Usha: You should have at least told me Beta.
Just then Leela comes in,
Leela: Twinkle?
Leela comes to Twinkle and carries the baby in her arm
Leela: I am so happy for you. After all my daughter is a mother now.
And Leela comes to Kunj,

Leela: I knew that you will never betray my daughter’s trust, and you made me proud that I have chosen you as my Twinkle’s husband.
Kunj: Leela mom, I should be the one to thank you as you gave me a wife like Twinkle. And I promise I will never ever hurt your daughter,
Kunj looks at Twinkle and Twinkle looks at Kunj. Soch na Sake from Airlift plays.

After a few days,
Here the episode begins with Twinkle and Kunj coming home after a few days with the baby. Usha welcomes them home and they come in. Everyone is happy. Usha blesses them.

Later at Twinj’s room
Twinkle and Kunj are at the room.
Kunj: Its so good to be back in this room after many days
Twinkle goes.
Kunj: Where are you going?
Twinkle: Wait a minute.
Twinkle brings her mangalsutra and sindoor.
Twinkle: I have done wrong my misunderstanding you, Kunj.
Kunj: No, Twinkle its not your fault.
Twinkle: It’s my fault,
Kunj: No.
Twinkle who have tears on her eyes, wipes them,

Twinkle: Remember that promise.
Kunj gets into the flashback and remembers how Twinkle promised him that he is the only one who have the right to make her wear this mangalsutra and apply sindoor to her and he will do so.
Kunj smiles, and he makes her wear the mangalsutra. Later he makes her wear the sindoor.
Twinkle and Kunj hugs each other, and Saajna plays.
The baby starts crying and Twinkle goes to console the baby,

Twinkle is trying to console the baby, but the baby is still crying.
Twinkle: Oh my superhero, please stop crying.
Just then Kunj comes in.
Kunj: What happened Twinkle?
Twinkle: Look Kunj, he is not stopping.
Kunj: After all I am his dad, I will make him stop crying.
Twinkle: Okay okay fine.
Kunj takes the baby on his arms and he starts crying even more,
Twinkle: What did you say? He will stop crying right? Now you have increased my work load?
Kunj: What is my fault in that?
Twinkle: You can’t do anything.
Twinkle takes the baby in her arm.

Twinkle: Please stop crying, my superhero.
Kunj: Oh Siyappa Queen, you will just say and he will stop crying?
Twinkle: Kunj, you na?
Twinkle and Kunj realizes that the baby stops crying.
Kunj: Even the baby is agreeing with me, that’s why he stopped crying.
Twinkle: No, that’s not the case, its because I have took him in his arms, after all I am his mom.
Kunj: No, he will be closer to his dad.
Twinkle: I will see that.

After a few days, it is shown that all the members of the Sarna family members are talking with each other.
Babe: Finally after many days, all is well and everyone is happy now. I just pray that there won’t be anymore problems.
Usha: You are right Babe, all the problems are solved.
Just then Yuvraj comes,
Yuvi: No aunty there is still one more problem that yet to be solved.
Babe: What is it that is yet to be solved Yuvi put tar?
Yuvi: The person who told Alisha do all these, is not yet revealed.
Babe: You are right but who can do all these,
Yuvi: The person who did this is a member of this house?
All are shocked. Just then Twinkle and Kunj comes.
Twinkle: Yes, Yuvi is right.
Mahi: (in her mind) I think Dii got to know that it was Anita Aunty who did all these.

Twinkle goes near to Yuvraj.

Yuvi: Twinkle, if you know who is the person, then do tell me I won’t spare that person.
Anita gets scared,
Anita: (in her mind) Yuvi doesn’t know that it was me who did all this.
Twinkle goes to Yuvraj and slaps him. All are shocked.
Yuvi: Twinkle?
Twinkle: You were the one who did all these, right?
Yuvi: Twinkle? What are you saying?
Babe: Yes Twinkle puttar, Yuvi is the one who took care of this family in Kunj’s absence what are you saying?
Twinkle: I know it will take time for all of you to believe it but its him who did all these.
Mahi: But Dii, how is this possible?
Twinkle: I will tell all of you, because in this family besides Kunj only Yuvi knew about Alisha, and he is the one who told her to do all these.

Mahi: No Dii, it is not true, Yuvraj can’t do these kind of stuff. I know it very well.
Twinkle: What are you saying Mahi and this Yuvi is very smart he did all these and he also made you believe that he have changed but he have not changed at all.
Mahi: Dii do you know what you are saying? He is the same person who took care of this house and you in Kunj Jiju’s absence. How can you say that?
Twinkle: I know Yuvi very well but after what he did I can never forgive him.
Twinkle goes to Yuvraj,
Twinkle: Get out of my house!
Yuvraj is shocked.
Anita: Twinkle, what are you doing? Why are you doing so?
Mahi: Dii please don’t throw Yuvraj out of the house.
Twinkle: Anita aunty I understand, but Mahi why are you doing like this?
Mahi: Because me and Yuvraj love each other,
All are shocked and Mahi and Yuvraj hold each other’s hand and look at each other.

Twinkle smiles and hugs Mahi.
Twinkle: This is what I wanted.
Mahi and Yuvraj are surprised.
Mahi: What do you mean Twinkle dii?

Twinkle: I know you both like each other.
Usha: Even we knew that.
Anita is shocked. Twinkle gets into flashback.

Twinkle remembers how Usha and Babe came to Twinkle to speak with her,
Usha: Twinke beta, actually we came here for
Twinkle: Yes, tell me.
Babe: We have been thinking for since a long time about Yuvi’s marriage with Mahi.
Twinkle is shocked,
Usha: We remember what Yuvi did with your family, but he have really changed and we think they are perfect for each other,
Twinkle: But Mahi, we must also see what she thinks.
Babe: Just think about this matter once.
Babe and Usha leaves. Twinkle gets thinking.

Later, while walking Twinkle sees Mahi and Yuvraj fighting with each other and later smiling with each other.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I think what Babe and Saasu Maa said is not wrong. Mahi gets along with Yuvi, and as far as I know Yuvi he have really changed for good if not he won’t have done so much for this family,
Twinkle gets thinking.
And later she gets out of flashback.

Mahi: You did all these for me dii??
Twinkle nods yes,
Twinkle: And Yuvi, sorry for the slap yaar, I had to do all these
Yuvi: Then I am fine with the slap you gave me,
Kunj: Should I give you more?
Yuvi: No no I was just kidding.
Kunj: Anyways, congratulations for your found love.

Kunj and Yuvraj hug each other.
Babe: Now everything is fixed we should talk with Leela Ji about this alliance.
Just then Leela comes.
Leela: I do not have any problem with this alliance, because I know Yuvi is a good guy and he will keep my Mahi happy.
Yuvraj smiles.
Yuvi: Aunty, if you are fine with it then I can happily marry Mahi. Thank you so much Aunty.
Everyone is happy and just then Anita voices her opinions.
Anita: Yes, yes I am not important everyone forgot about me.
Everyone looks at Anita shocked.
Yuvi: Mom!
Anita: Maybe everyone agreed to this marriage and even Leela, but I will never agree to this marriage especially with a girl like Mahi.
Yuvi: Mom, please I love Mahi a lot,

Anita: No, Yuvi you won’t marry this girl.
Yuvi: Mom, I am not making plans this time I am serious, I really love Mahi,
Anita is shocked and Yuvi gestures her that he is speaking the truth.

Anita: Okay fine do whatever you want to do. If my son is happy then I am happy too.
Anita: (in her mind) What is this Yuvi doing?
Everyone gets glad. And Mahi comes to Anita,
Mahi: I am sorry Aunty, but I have to tell the truth, I have no other option.
Anita: What kind of truth?
Yuvi: Mahi, what is it you have not told me?
Anita: I get it, you want to marry my son and seperate me from him right?
Yuvi: Mom please.
Mahi: You may not believe me Yuvraj but this is the truth.
Yuvi: What truth?
Mahi: Anita aunty was the one who told Alisha to separate Dii and Jiju.
All are shocked.
Anita: (in her mind) How did she get to know about it?
Mahi: You must be thinking, how I know everything that. Its because I overheard your entire conversation.
Yuvi: Mahi do you even have any idea what are you saying? Mom did this? Okay I admit that she have hurt your family a lot, but she, she won’t
Mahi: Go this far. I was shocked. But I am sorry Yuvraj. Twinkle Dii told me that trust is the most important factor for marriage, and I just can’t betray your trust and do this marriage, I have done my work that is to tell the truth.

Leela: Mahi?
Mahi: Mom? Dad? I think we should leave now.
Mahi leaves Yuvraj’s hand and is about to go home with Leela,

Twinkle and Kunj discusses with each other,
Kunj: They have done a lot for our love, we can’t just let them be seperated.
Twinkle: Yes, Kunj you are right, we just can’t let this happen. I have seen in Mahi and Yuvi’s eyes they truly love each other,
Twinkle goes to Yuvraj,
Twinkle: Yuvi, I know you may not trust my sister more than your mom, but I want to ask you something. Just think carefully why will Mahi do so?
Yuvraj gets thinking, and he rememebers how Anita is still hell-bent in breaking Twinkle and Kunj’s marriage and also assumed his and Mahi’s friendship as his fake love for Mahi,
As Mahi was about to step out,
Yuvi: Wait a minute, Mahi!
Mahi looks at Yuvraj, and Yuvraj goes to Anita.
Yuvi: Mom, whatever Mahi said is it true or not?
Anita: Yuvi, you are trusting that Mahi more than me?

Yuvi: Just answer my question.
Anita: Oh now I see, you believe in that girl more than me right?
Yuvraj keeps Anita’s hand on his head,
Yuvi: Swear on me!
Anita is shocked and she do not have any other option than telling the truth.
Anita: Yes, I was the one who did so.
All are shocked,

Twinkle comes to Anita,
Twinkle: Anita aunty, I have never expected you will do so with me. What harm did I do to you? Why did you try to seperate my husband from me. The one whom I loved even more than myself.
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other.
Anita: You are right Twinkle? But I don’t have problen with you, I have problem with Leela. She was the one who snatched my husband from me.
Everyone is stunned.
Anita goes to Leela and as she was about to hit her, Yuvraj stops her,
Yuvi: Enough mom!
Anita is shocked.
Yuvi: I am sorry Leela aunty, but I have to tell the truth.
Leela and Mahi gestures Yuvraj not to tell Anita about the truth but he denies.
Yuvi: Dad didn’t die because of suicide he died due to cancer,
Anita is shocked.

Yuvraj narrates Anita the entire story and also brings and shows her the evidence, Anita breaks down. Everyone tries to console her.

Yuvraj comes to Twinkle and Kunj.
Yuvi: I am sorry Twinkle, I am sorry Kunj I have tried to create problems between the both of you due to a misunderstanding. I should be punished for what you did,
Yuvraj folds hand, and Kunj seperates them.
Kunj: You should not be the one to say sorry, infact I should be the one to thank you. If you didnt do all these maybe I and Twinkle would have never been together. Because of you I have got to realize my true love I have for Twinkle. Thank you so much,
Kunj hug Yuvraj,

Leela comes to Yuvraj,
Leela: Yuvi puttar, your mom is quite sad I think at this time you should stay with her,
Yuvi: No aunty, I can’t forgive mom for what she did.
Mahi: Yuvraj, please forgive Anita aunty.
Yuvi: Mahi?
Mahi: For me, Yuvraj.
Yuvi: Okay fine.
Leela: I think we should leave now.
As Leela is about to go, Anita stops her and folds her hand,
Anita: Leela, if possible please forgive me for what I did. I am really sorry,
Leela: No, no its okay, I am happy that you realized your mistake.
Anita: Can we be friends like we used to be?
Leela gets happy and Anita and Leela hug each other. Everyone smiles,
Leela: I hope you are fine with everything now,
Anita: I have one problem.
All are shocked.

Leela: What?
Anita: I want to make Mahi my daughter-in-law.
Everyone is happy,
Anita: So stay back, so that we can discuss about Yuvi and Mahi’s marriage?
Leela smiles, and Mahi and Yuvraj are really happy,

Twinkle and Kunj are also happy and they look at each other. And Mahi comes to them.
Mahi: Twinkle Didi? Kunj Jiju? Here also some romance.
Twinkle and Kunj feels shy,
Mahi: Teach Yuvraj also some romance,
Yuvi: Now you at least call me Yuvi baby,
Mahi: No I will call you Yuvraj, everyone calls you Yuvi. You can’t even find romance in this?
Yuvi; What?
Mahi: You are not romantic at all. Learn some romance from Dii and Jiju.
Yuvi: Me? Why me?
Mahi: You scare me more than you do romance,
Everyone starts laughing.

After some months,
It’s Mahi and Yuvraj’s wedding day, and Twinkle brings Mahi to the mandap.Yuvraj looks at Mahi and smiles. Twinkle make Mahi sit beside Yuvraj and comes and stands besides Kunj.
Kunj is carrying Sunny(name of Twinj’s son) who is a few months old now.
Twinkle: Give Sunny to me.
Twinkle carries Sunny,

Twinkle: Sunny beta, look today is your aunt’s wedding,
Just then Sunny starts crying,
Twinkle: What happened to my superhero? Why are you crying?
Just then Babe comes to Twinkle,
Babe: Twinkle puttar don’t worry give Sunny to me. I will bring him outside, maybe then he will stop crying.
Twinkle gives Sunny to Babe.

Kunj: I know why our superhero was crying?
Twinkle: Why?
Kunj: Did you see how much makeup you gave. Even Sunny got scared.
Twinkle opens her mouth as she is stunned.
Twinkle: How dare you?
Kunj: Oh Siyappa Queen, close your mouth if not mosquitos may go in.
Twinkle closes her mouth.
Twinkle: Nowadays, don’t you think you are talking too much?
Kunj: Not more than you.
Twinkle looks at other side, and continues throwing flower petals.
Kunj: But may I say something honestly?
Twinkle: What? Say quickly?
Kunj: You are looking very beautiful today.

Twinkle looks at Kunj. Saajna plays,
They continue throwing flower petals.
Kunj: Remembe the day where we got married and you wore a pink lehenga,
Twinkle remember about their wedding.
Twinkle: We used to fight with each other every second, and now we can’t live with each other a second.
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other, they share an eyelock. They continue throwing flower petals, and they don’t see Babe infront of them and continue throwing flower petals.
Babe: Twinkle! Kunj!
Twinkle and Kunj get out of the eyelock and they are shocked to see Babe who is full of flower petals,
Babe: I have been calling both of you since a long time but you two are busy in romance,
Yuvraj and Mahi, Leela and Anita tries to laugh.

Babe: Due to your romance, I got dipped in flowers.
Kunj and Twinkle feels shy,
Later, Yuvraj and Mahi’s marriage is completed, Mahi’s bidaai is done and she cries and hugs Leela, RT and Twinkle and leaves with Yuvraj and Anita,

Later, at night, Twinkle is going to sleep, and just then Kunj holds her.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj: Twinkle, these days you are so busy that you forgot about your loving husband?
Twinkle: It’s not like that, Kunj. Its just that,
Kunj: I know my Twinkle.
Twinkle: You seem to be in a romantic mood, if not most of the time you don’t care about me.
Kunj: Again Siyappa Queen’s Siyappa started.
Twinkle: You started again.
Kunj: This is what I wanted to hear, your chapar chapar.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj: I was missing it a lot.
Twinkle: Kunj promise me, you will never ever leave me.
Kunj: I promise.
And they hug each other, Sunny smiles seeing this.

Twinkle: Look at our son
Kunj: Even he knows that you are a big Siyappa.
Twinkle: Look Kunj.
They both come to Sunny and they both give him a kiss on his cheeks. They smile.

After few years,
Twinkle have her hair bundled up, and she comes to the bedroom.
Twinkle: Wake up, why do you have to wake up late everyday?
It is shown Kunj and 6-yr old Sunny sleeping on the bed while Twinkle trying to wake them up,
Twinkle: Both father and son are the same. Only know how to disturb me.
Kunj: Siyappa Queen let us sleep peacefully,
Sunny: Please mom, today is holiday,
Twinkle: This is bad habit don’t be like your dad. And I want both of you downstairs.
Twinkle leaves, Kunj and Sunny are still sleeping. Later they wake up and take out cotton buds from their ears.
Kunj: Did your mom say anything?
Sunny: How will I know dad?
Later Kunj and Sunny comes downstairs,
Twinkle: You both are awake quite early, you should have wake up later,
Kunj sees the clock and sees its 11 o’ clock.
Sunny: Okay, mom.

Sunny is about to go, and Kunj stops him and gestures him to look at the clock,
Sunny: Oh no!
Later, Mahi comes to visit Twinkle and Kunj’s family.
Mahi: Hi Dii.
Twinkle and Mahi hugs each other.
Sunny: Thank god, masi is here, but?
Sunny’s expression changes as Yuvraj comes with his and Mahi’s daughter Yuhi,
Twinkle: Oh my sweet princess is here,

Yuhi: Maasi.
Twinkle hugs Yuhi.
Sunny is about to go,
Twinkle: Sunny, bring Yuhi and play with her.
Sunny agrees with Twinkle and takes Yuhi with her.

Later, while Twinkle and Kunj, and Yuvraj and Mahi were walking around and talking with each other, they look at Sunny’s room.
Here Yuhi is messing up the room, while Sunny is trying to stop her,
Yuhi: Where is crayons? I want to draw.
Sunny: No crayons.
Yuhi: No no I want crayons right now.

Sunny: You are such a big drama Queen.
Yuhi: And you are an idiot. Idiot Sunny,
Sunny: How dare you call me an idiot?
Sunny starts chasing Yuhi,
Mahi: Look at them always fighting
Yuvi: Let’s go and stop them.
Mahi smiles.
Mahi: They fight just like Twinkle didi and Kunj Jiju.
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other,
Yuvraj and Mahi goes to the kids, and talk to them,
Twinkle is about to go, and Kunj stops her.

Kunj: Twinkle remember a few years ago, before our marriage , we used to fight every second, and had tashan. Honestly speaking, I never expected this tashan will turn into ishq,
Twinkle: Me too. After all this tashan had to turn into ishq one day, our love is Tashan-e-Ishq.
Kunj and Twinkle look at each other and smile.

Conclusion: There is a saying, nothing is perfect. When you are finding your Mr.Perfect/ Miss Dream Girl, you may want certain qualities in them. But it is not necessary, the one which is chosen for you will have all that qualities. They will have at least some qualities missing. Twinkle and Kunj wanted to have their perfect life partner in mind but didn’t find all the qualities in each other. Their contradicting thoughts have always lead to tashan. But later they realize more than qualities what is more important is true love. Love just happens and you dont know when it happens which is what happened with Twinkle and Kunj among their tashan they didn’t realize how it turned into ishq, Twinkle and Kunj’s Tashan-e-Ishq love was quite intense and showed the victory of true love in the end and also victory of destiny.

I am happy that in my fan fiction Intense Love there have been around 72 people commenting overall at least once, and there have been an average of 11 comments per episode in my Intense Love fan fiction. The least no. Of comments I received was Episode 2 (5 comments) and The most no. Of comments I received was Episode 16(21 comments). And what made me most happy is the gradual increase in no. Of comments in my fan fiction from an average of 8 comments in episode 1-5 to an average of 14 comments in episode 11-17.

Honestly speaking I have never thought that my fan fiction Intense Love will go on till episode 18, I thought that the highest no. Of episodes my fan fiction could go on was till episode 6 but you all proved me wrong 🙂 and I wanted to end it in 10 episodes but I have extended 8 more episodes for all of you.

Thanks for commenting in most of my episodes Esha and Tara. And also thank you Loveleen, Sudha, Mahira, Cutie Pie, Harna, Sunaina, Sanu, Rashi Verma, Panchi, Aarti and Ritzi. Thanks to Ff reader, Ruchi, Sanam, Star, Duansha, Komal, Rakshita, SMC, Akanksha, Muskan and Nisha. And thank you to all the others too. And also 50 others who commented in my fan fiction twice or once (too lazy to mention sorry :P) and thank you silent readers.

And if I have not meet up to your expectations I am really sorry, I just gave my best.
And please do give me a feedback on my fan fiction so that if I come with a new one on TEI I can make it much better.

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