Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yuvi says to Kunj that i have never seen Twinkle so upset in last 5years so its better if you dont meet her, Kunj says oh hello, you remember last 5years but you forgot earlier, if my wife is upset then i will pacify her, he starts to leave but Yuvi stops him and says now you are acting like husband? when Twinkle needed you, where were you? you ranaway and Twinkle was broken, i saved her from breaking down, we may not have husband wife relation but we have fulfilled vows of marriage, i love her from my heart and i cant leave her like this, i will get her at any cost, Kunj says Twinkle doesnt love you, i know my Twinkle, i know only i am in her heart, Yuvi says overconfidence? Kunj says not i have faith in Twinkle, lets ask Twinkle whats in her heart, it will be clear whom she takes as her husband, Yuvi and Kunj stands infront of her house, Yuvi says may the nest man for Twinkle wins.
Yuvi is sitting in his room and recalls his time with Twinkle. Kunj is punching his punching bag. Yuvi recalls how Kunj challenged him. Kunj recalls how Yuvi challenged him. Yuvi says i will pacify Twinkle, i will. Kunj says you are mine Twinkle and i will make you mine again.
Pinni says to Leela that twinkle’s two husband situation is serious, Raman says she is right, what will Twinkle do? Leela says i know God will do good for her. Twinkle comes there with here luggage, Leela says suitcase? .. this all turns out to be Leela’s dream, she wakes up from sleep and gets worried for Twinkle, she says it was a bad dream, God what if this dream becomes true? what if Twinkle leaves house because of stress? help her God, she has already faced many storms, help her, be with her God.
Leela comes to Twinkle’s room and says i have made your favorite dish, Twinkle says i am not hungry, Leela says i know your tension but not eating food will not solve it, eat it for me, Twinkle says i am not hungry, let me be, i am in stress, if you dont leave me alone then i will leave from here, Leela says dotn say like this, i am leaving food here, just eat it when you feel like it, dont worry, she leaves. Some kids of Leela’s NGO see Twinkle sad, one kid says what is stress? other kid says i dont know. Kids think about it. Yuvi comes there and meets them, one kid asks what is stress? Yuvi says who told you? kid says Twinkle said she is in stress, Yuvi says you want to see Twinkle happy? i have an idea, he whispers idea to kids.
Twinkle is sitting in her room and holding her head due to headache, all kids hold their heads and acts like having head ache too, Twinkle looks around and asks what happened to you all? kid says i am in stress, Twinkle says why you have stress? Kid says when we dont go out, dont play and dont dance then we have stress, you dance with us then stress will go away, Twinkle says who told you all this? Yuvi comes there wearing glasses like Salman Khan behind his collar, kids start dancing with him, Yuvi dances on Dabang song, holding his mobile in his belt and dances funnily, Twinkle looks at him and smiles slightly, he hints to a girl, she comes to Twinkle and asks her to dance with them, Twinkle says no, Yuvi continues dance, Twinkle claps. Yuvi says someone is in stress? its very bad thing, he says to kids that we will say bye to stress and will say hi to happiness, he starts dancing with kids again, Leela smiles seeing that. Twinkle’s phone rings, she sees Babee calling. She takes call, Babee says i am missing you, come here for one hour, Twinkle says why? Babee says for me, just come here, Twinkle says okay, Babee ends call and says to Kunj that Twinkle is coming, Kunj says i will pacify Twinkle now. Twinkle comes to Leela and says Babee has called me, i am going to Sarna house, she leaves. Yuvi says it seems like Kunj’s gameplan to spend time with Twinkle.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes to Sarna house, Kunj plays mandolin like Raj, Twinkle recalls how Kunj earlier played it too for her, Kunj smiles at her while playing it, he comes to Twinkle and smiles, Twinkle is tensed, Kunj sits on his knees and says small things happen in big cities my Sayappa queen, i accept that i did big mistake, i always used to say that you are problematic but i did biggest problem, forgive my one problem, i know your heart is big so please forget it and lets start our life together, give me one chance Twinkle, Sajna ve plays, Kunj opens his arms but Twinkle gets emotional and runs from there, Kunj is sad.
Twinkle comes out of Sarna house and is in tears, Yuvi comes there and gives her hankie, she takes it from him, Yuvi says lets go, he sits on his bike, Twinkle says i am not in mood, Yuvi says i know how much you like bike rides, Twinkle says no, Yuvi says come as a friend? once? he starts his bike and brings it infront of her, Twinkle sits behind him on bike, Kunj sees this from window. Yuvi winks at Kunj and gives jerk to bike, he says to Twinkle that get ready to fly baby doll, he wears helmet and takes twinkle from there, Kunj is angry.
Yuvi is riding bike and says to Twinkle that we have been friends for 5years, i have fulfilled my duties as a friend in last 5years, i want to make one more promise today that i will support your decision, whatever it will be, Twinkle smiles and starts enjoying bike ride.
Yuvi and Twinkle are walking, Yuvi says to to Twinkle that friendship means honesty so i want to be honest with you, you know i have always loved you, i have done everything for you till now, you have been center of my universe so i want you to atleast consider me as life partner and not as friend for once, Twinkle says i thought you brought me here to relax me but you brought me here as you have motive, Yuvi says but.. Twinkle says shut up, i thought i will release stress but you have given me more stress, i dont need you or Kunj rightnow, i just want to be alone, she leaves.
Twinkle is coming back to house, Kunj says she is coming alone so it means Yuvi’s plan failed, he tries to stop Twinkle but she leaves. Kunj says she is still not in good mood, how you light up her mood?

PRECAP- Yuvi brings roses for Twinkle, he says Twinkle wont deny her friend now, Kunj comes there and says i am her first love, she will choose me. Twinkle looks at them and says my decision is final.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    Ha ha ha… male cat fight for female cat…. is show becoming a joke?????….
    They are making marriage a joke….

  2. I’m hoping that twinkle chooses Yuvi, he was the original male lead till they made him bad and brought in kunj, she spent more time being married to Yuvi than Kunj, he looks so cute when he is emotional. Rooting for Yuvi…………

    1. Kruti

      Uv was never d male lead even before zain was chosen for his role Sidhant was roped in to play kunj
      It was just the story line which made cv’s show twiraj for some epi without kunj

    2. r8

  3. Guys if you remember the serial start on the love story of twinkle and yuvraj so twinkle’s first love is yuvraj

  4. Yuvi and Twinkle ?❤

  5. Plzzz twinkle choose uv…plzzz. he loves u alot.

  6. I hope she chooses yuvi.They look awesome together

  7. I still hope for Kunj. Coz when Twinkle loved uv with all her heart and soul he betrayed her, and that time Kunj was the one to save her console her and support her. He was honest, but Uv was an obsessed brat, he didn’t love Twinkle he just wanted to achieve Twinkle. But Kunj was the one to love her. He supported her in her good times and bad times. And if u guys see the previous episodes of TEI, u guys will realize how strong Kunj and Twinkle’s bond was at a time. And some of u r thinking that Kunj doesn’t love Twinkle coz he wasn’t happy to see Twinkle moved on. I would say “NO!!” coz no one is perfect enough to let ur love be someone else’s in front of ur eyes. If u guys look into the mirror and think about then u r also gonna think, ” That if I was in Kunj’s place I would’ve done the same thing ” coz as I said no one is perfect. And I would say perfection is not what u need p, the thing u need is fault. Coz ur faults r the only think which makes U URSELF!!!!

    1. U r right…uv done so many bad thing to twinkle … She can forgive him now…why not kunj???no one is perfect….so I think twinkle has give second change for kunj… And the reason most of them want twinkle to choose uv cos kunj not the same guy who act b4… If it’s same guy then everyone agree twinkle to choose kunj..

    2. Azreen u r r8 yr . Uv villan k role m hi mast lgta h. Love u uv as a best villan forever. Rayna yr i know ki tu is serial ki vajh se upset h or isly comment bhi nhi kr rhi yr r8 but don’t lose hope for our loving twinj ok and always be happy .

  8. This was the funniest episode ever due to these two boys I liked the most yuvi’s dance plan and when kunj said I think yuvi’s plan failed that twinkle is coming back angry I hope they all be happy and yule get united and kunj leads his life happily

  9. Rubbish. Love only Kunj and twinkle ? .how can twinkle agree to love yuvi.

  10. Twinkle and kunj ❤❤

  11. Yuvle ki deewani

    Twinkle tum apne studies m concentrate karo ya akele tym spnd karo bt tumhe at last yuvi ko choose krna h don’t forget 7 yrs u were in rltn uid him b4 the entry of so cld kunj ur story strtd uid yuvi and wl end uid him. As naman (new kunj) said both of u were famous in amritsar since ur clg days clg sweethearts. & since 5 yrs u wr married to him so kunj tumhara past tha ab yuvi tumhara present h ds tym cv’s don’t hurt yuvle fans enough u hurt us 1st by brngng sidhant (old kunj) btwn thm thn u cmpltly chngd the story & md yuvi the bad guy. Nw whn sidhant lft the shw thn zain shud be the 1st male lead & any1 cn say tht in tei the bst actor z zain imam we have seen him playng diff shades of chrcter & he cmpltly rocks in al roles so pls nw don’t hurt us agn & agn.

    1. sidhant was roped for kunj’s role first even before zain and jas finalised.so he was not between jas and zain.they take many girls audition to match up with sid and then jas finalised.and zain was chosen for -ve role.so don’t comment anything without knowing the fact.it’s the makers plan.and now the director is santram verma and i heard that naman is his familiar.so may be it’s in his favour..but i don’t lyk naman at all.overall this show is totally disgusting now.

    2. Marie Raphael

      And according to the story, isn’t UV love for Twinkle just a drama while he only want revenge for his mother., Twinkle didn’t love UV at start it was lust., Kunj taught her the meaning of love.

  12. hahaha…how bakwas the show is…hehe…majak bana ki rakh dia show ko..but how i feel that uv will turn -ve again!!!but jo v hoga it will be nonsense coz the show is actually over when sid left it..ab wohi ekta kapoor wala bakwas show ban geya ye…so silly…?

  13. Oh wow now Twinkle is enjoying Uvs company….If she she hates Kunj why doesn’t she chooses yuvraaj and finish this crap……….Breaking TWINJ???

  14. Oh wow now Twinkle is enjoying Uvs company….If she she hates Kunj why doesn’t she chooses yuvraaj and finish this crap……….Breaking TWINJ??? why m????

  15. Azreen you’re totally right. I like your comment

  16. choose uv twinkle he is best for u….

  17. I heard and read that twinkle will choose for yuvi. If is’t true for sure I will quit the show.twinkle is for me a ?

  18. twinkle aka shayna

    No twiraj can’t be paired as twinj luv each other nd just because of one misunderstanding between couples would break their relationship means there won’tbe relationship of husband nd wife existing in this world nd twinkle never luved uv nd in starting of show was just an attraction nd her first luv is kunj so she should get united nd twinj should get married

  19. i like both of lothem, but for the current situation, its best if UV and Twinkle, coz how come kunj hurt twinkle so much if he really n truly love twinkle. kunj didnt trust his love, so whats the point of going back to kunj. UV and Twinkle

  20. Twinle choose yuvi..he’s best for u.

  21. i want twinkle to go for u i m not saying this becoz i m a twiraj fan or something..
    just imagine guys from the top , in the promos also it was shown that twinkle.nd yuvi r the leads
    Nd plzz dont misunderstand me…
    i m not a twiraj fan nor a twinj man

  22. super episode

  23. I heard that twinkle will choose herself out if the two but im also a die hard fan of Twinj so im rooting for twinkke and kunj to reunite plus if kunj isnt dead then yuvi and twinkkes marriage is illegal so she is only kunjs wife and not yuvis because their marriage didnt count as it was illegal

  24. Just twinj twinj twinj. Not twiraj. What rubbish leela pagal hogayi sath sath uv ko bhi badkarahihai. Twinkal uv ko maf kiya uski galti keliyee. Uske samnee kunj ki galti kuch bhi nahi hai. True is kunj ki koy galti hi nahi hai. Agar koy bhi apni patni ko apni dusman se shadhi karte huye dekkar usko appreciat nahi karegi.

  25. Yes great I also heard . these serials are useless.just leave watching the show

  26. I like uv from the start. If twiraj not happen then I’ll stop watching tei……love u uv.

    1. Yup naina I will never lose hope for my twinj.But cvs are just dragging the story and nothing else.plz reunite our twinj plz.
      If they will make twiraj lead then I will stop watching TEI.

  27. Only twinkle and uvi

  28. I will do the same rayna. Twinj forever.

  29. Twinkle and Yuvi !!! ?

  30. Hey now will they make yuvi negative again for twinkle?????? Noooooo plsssss not!!!!! CRAP SHOW?????????

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