Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 24

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Hey friends’ plz pray that Sid doesn’t leave TEI…..
Hey Sayeeda thank you so much for your lovely words….and yah my real name is Sharmeen Siddiqui and I’m 18yrs old….and do you know my family member always tell me that I’m still child and I’m unaware of real world and somewhere it is true also bcoz I love to live in my imagination world….

Hey Ria when I read the first line of your comment I was thinking that somewhere I went wrong but when I proceed further I was blushing so badly….I also told my mum and sis about your comment and they told me “Kahin event planning chod kar script writer banne ka iraada to nahi hai…”
Thankew so much Zikra for appreciation…. I just can’t express how much I’m overwhelmed with all the comments….
So let’s begin the show….

The episode starts with Twinkle and Kunj went to place where Kunj had specially arranged all street foods which are hygienic as well as healthy…….
TWINJ went to first stall which was of aaloo tikki with green chutney…..

She asked the bhaiya to give her fast as she is unable to wait for a sec also….
She is eating one after the other and Kunj keeps on staring at her….her smiles making his heart more crazzy for her….she looks at him who was staring at her so she forwards aloo tikki to him but he nods in NO as he don’t want to waste 1 sec also in eating as he was very busy in staring at her…..
Twinkle went to other stalls one by one and eats from every stall….
K – Twinkle
T – Hmmm
K – Tu kitna khaati hai….phir bhi teri figure kitni perfect hai
T – How mean Kunj….pehle khud hi lekar aate ho aur phir khud hi taanaa marte ho very bad…
She makes childish face….

K – Tu aise kitni cute lagti hai…Haaye
Kunj closes his ears……
T – Kunj let’s do pani puri competition what say…..
K – Fine…And by the way I know that I’m going to win this competition (Shows his famous one eyebrow look)
T – We will see.
Both of them start the competition

T – Bhaiya, don’t stop giving us pani puri until we tell you to stop…..
They ate 55 pani puri….and Twinkle was extremely full and was unable to eat….Tears were coming out from their eyes…..and finally Kunj won the competition….
K (Proudly) – Look I win….. (Smiles)
T (Sadly) – So what do you want now???
K (Naughty Smile) – Mujhe…..teri….
T – Kunj, tell na why are you making so much of suspense….
K – Mujhe teri honton….
Twinkle widen her eyes thinking what he is gone a say….
K – par pehle ke tarah smile chahiye aur ek jhappi (Hug)…..
T (Relieved) – Oooh!!! I was thinking…

K (Teasingly) – What were you thinking haan???
T – Nothing…
K – Arre ab meri wish toh poori karo…. (Now fulfill my wish)
Twinkle smiles brightly
K – Aisi hansti reh woh sad wala look tujh par suit nahi karta hai waise mein na tu bilkul tamatatar lagti hai….. (Laughs)
(Always smile like this and by the way that sad face don’t suit you…whenever you become sad you look like tomatoes)
T – Kuuuunnnjjjj
Kunj runs from there and she runs behind him…..
T – Kunj k bachche rukh….

She was about to hold him but she slips and falls on the ground holding Kunj….Kunj was on the Twinkle and their eyes meet…… (Bas itni si tamanna hai…male version plays in BG)
K (Without breaking eyelock) – Fulfill my wish Twinkle….
Kunj rolled and now Twinkle was on the Kunj…..Kunj was holding Twinkle from her waist….
T – First let me get up na…
K – Nope first hug then only I’m gonna leave you….
T – Kunj everyone is staring at us….leave me….
Kunj tighten his grip…
K – I told you na that I won’t leave you until n unless you hug me….
Twinkle had no choice left but to agree with Kunj….She hugs him like that only….For the first time Twinkle feels the warmth in someone’s hug (In any guy)…..she was so comfortable that she forgets everything and hugs him very tightly……After about 5 min….
K (Still hugging) – Twinkle….
T – Hmmm
K (In a low voice) – Now you can get up….. (Smiles)

Twinkle gets up and looks here and there as she was really embarrassed…..Kunj notices this….
K – It’s ok Twinkle sometime it happens…..
Twinkle smiles and they leave from there…..They are going back to their home when their car gets stuck…..
T – Kunj…..What happen???
K – I think car kharaab ho gayi hai…
T – Ohhh GOD……

They come out of the car……they are walking on the lonely road……when suddenly she feels drop on her face and looks up…….God also want to make their walk more romantic so he shower his love in the form of rain on them…..Kunj runs and stand under the tree but Twinkle starts to twirl in the rain and stretches her hand with a 1000 watt smile on her lips….Kunj was mesmerized with her beauty and unknowingly proceeds towards Twinkle…… (Tum paas aaye instrumental plays in BG) Kunj holds her hand and pulls her towards himself….both of them are drenched with water…..Kunj moves her hair behind her ear and twirls her….her back is facing Kunj and he crossed his hand on Twinkle’s stomach and both of them starts to swing…..both of them holds each other’s hand and move apart and then come close to each other and makes her fall in his arm……both smiles at each other…..Twinkle starts shivering….
K – I think we should find some place to rest….

T – Yah…
They walk on the road and finally they spot small cottage…Both of them look at each other in relieve and passes smile…They went near the cottage and knock the door….An elderly man opens the door.
Man – Who are you????
Twinj – Actually our car get stuck and it’s raining outside so can you please give us shelter….
Man stares them for a while…
M – If you guys are husband wife then only you can stay as I don’t want any problem….
Twinj look at each other and say
Twinj (In one breathe) – Yes we are husband wife….
Kunj side-hugs Twinkle and smiles looking at each other…

M – Ok then you can stay with us….
Man’s wife (M.W) comes…
M.W – Kaun hain ji???
M – Newly married couple….went out for some private time but their car ditched them… (Laughs)
Lady took them to one room….
L – Wait over here. I’m bringing dress for both of you….
Twinj nods in confirmation and after sometime she comes with typical Punjabi suit and lungi- kurta for them….
M.W – Yeh lo puttar…tum log dono kapde badal lo…..aur main tum logon ke liye garma garam chai le kar aati hoon…..
T – Aunty ji where is washroom???
Lady looks them with a doubt….
M.W – Are you really husband wife or ran away from your house????

Twinj (Tensed smile) – Noooo
M.W – Noooo that means you ran away from your house…
Twinj looks at each other in shocked….
Twinj – Nahi nahi mera matlab I mean humara matlab hai humlog pati patni hai….
The lady smiles…
M.W – Don’t be shy you can change your dress together we won’t mind…… (Laugh)
The lady leaves and Twinj sits on the bed in relieved that they were not caught…..both of them look at each other…..
T – Now how we’ll change our dress???

K (Teasingly) – Yahin par aur kahan…..
Twinkle widens her eyes….
K – I mean you change at one end of room and me on the other end facing towards wall….
T (Smiles) – Mere saath reh reh kar intelligent ho gaye ho…..
Kunj (Laughs) – You….you have brain also I doubt… (Laughs)
Twinkle beats him on his shoulder when Kunj holds her hand and pulls her toward himself…..their eyes meet (Bas Itni Si Tamanna music plays in BG) when the lady gets in and smiles seeing them lost in each other….after a while…

M.W – Ahem…Ahem….
Twinj breaks their eye lock and looks down….
M.W (Smiles) – Koi nae puttar tum logon ko sharmane ki koi zaroorat nae hai….main bhi jab nayi nayi shaadi karke aayi thi tab hum log bhi aise hi phas gaye the aur hum log ne uss raat ko bohot yaadgaar banaya tha aur jab bhi woh din yaad aati hai to man khush ho jata hai….Arre tum log abhi tak kapde nahi badle beemar padh jaoge badal lo jaldi se….
She leaves from there leaving Twinj alone…..
The episode ends on Twinj staring each other…….
……………- 24th EPISODE ENDS -…………….

PRECAP – Twinj changes their dress and something comedy happens with Twinkle………

I hope you are enjoying it…….
Once again thank you so much for your support and love…..
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