tashaan e ishq..wahi jodi nayi love story episode 3

Hello everyone
Episode starts
Taneja mansion
Leela is coughing a lot…..she shouts for uvi bt gets no response
Twinkle – maa what happened…ur r not luking well…i m soo worried for you
Leela – twinkle puttar where is uvi?? send him to bring medicines for me
Twinkle- maa ….bhai is not at home…he went out with his friends…i ll go nd get u the medicines
Leela – no puttar…it is already dark out there…
Twinkle- maa u dnt worry…i am not afraid of anyone …i ll go and get u the medicine
Leela – ohk puttar ..be careful
Twinkle goes to the medical store nd buys all the medicines…
Bt while returning her car tyre got punctured..actually the tyre is punctured intentionally bt those senior boyz who try to ragged her…
They all stop twinkle nd try to misbheaving with her….suddenly one of the guy got punched by kunj….
kunj- i had already called the police…they can come any minute soon….
All the boyz ran away
Kunj…twinkle r u okay

Twinkle – thank u
Bt suddenly kunj notice that twinkle kurti get torn near the shoulder region
Kunj removes his jacket and made twinkle wear it….( sanjna ve plays)
Kunj- come with me…i ll drop u
Twinkle nods
Episode ends

  1. Superb but too short…..make it longer n be regular……..

  2. Nice but i’m angry with u.why didn’t u make it loger…

  3. Short but sweet.

  4. nyc episode … bt pls try 2 make it longer…bt d episode was good…

  5. sweet update
    but next time make it longer please

  6. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Short and sweet.
    It’s content full.

  7. NYC episode but make it longer…..

  8. Well done Akanksha

  9. it’s nice but short….plz make it longer next time…

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