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Being my husbands maid=A few shots
A boy is seen dancing in a club with different girls in a club. All the girls a going crazy about him. He is also enjoying all the attention that is on him and dances with each and every girl and gives them a peck on the cheek and goes to the bar where his friend UV is. He sits next to him and orders a glass of red wine. UV= Kunj whats wrong with you? You are here partying and its your wedding tomorrow? Kunj= Ohh please UV it’s a FORCED MARRIAGE. Uff I am already hating it. UV= just give it a try dude. Kunj= Its easy for you to say as you have done a love marriage with Mahi and here I am getting engaged to some girl called TWINKLE. He finishes drinking his beer and goes back to the dance floor. UV shakes his head.

Next Day
Twinkle is seen praying to Baba ji. It is every girls dream to get married and have a caring husband. Today is my big day I am getting married to Kunj. Please give me all the strength to make my marriage successful as it is the first arrange marriage in my family. My late father wanted me to get married to his best friends son. Also maa wanted this to happen. I hope Papa blesses me wherever he is. Her friends come and help her dress up

Sarna House
Manohar= Look Usha today is his wedding in 2 hours and he is still asleep. God know what will happen about him. Manohar gets a glass of water and throws it on Kunj. Kunj= what the f**k he screamed and stood up. Manohar slapped him. Manohar= You are talking to your father Kunj behave. Today you are getting married to Twinkle my late best friends daughter and that is finale. He leaves the room. Kunj= Maa tell papa. Usha= Twinkle is a really good girl, please do the marriage for your fathers sake. Kunj goes to the bathroom and gets ready. Usha= Baba JI please change my Kunj for the good.
Kunj with a upset face enters. He is welcomes by Twinkle mother Leela with lots of Love. He smiles as he sees lots of beautiful girls. Twinkle arrives and he amazed to see Twinkles beauty. He smiles at her. In mind= WOW she is so beautiful, well now that I am getting married to her every night would be fun. He smirked. Twinkle was made to sit down next to Kunj and the marriage ceremony began. Twinkle was a shy bride and was shy to look at Kunj. The marriage was complete and the Bidaai happened. Twinkle hugged her mum and cried. Leela= Beta it was your papa wish that you marry Kunj. Now you have to make your marriage a success. Twinkle shook her head and hugged her mother one last time and left with the Sarnas.

In the car
Twinkle and Kunj were sat at the back the car and the driver was driving. Twinkle was staring out of the window when she felt Kunj moving his fingers on her arm. She blushed as a shiver went through her body. He took her hand and began to kiss her fingers. She felt shy as the driver was sat in front. She moved her hand and he smirked. Kunj in his mind= I can’t wait to be in the room with her.
They reached Sarna Mansion and the post marriage rituals were done. Twinkle was sent in the room. Kunj came some time after and closed the door behind him. Twinkle felt nervous and played with her hands. Kunj saw Twinkle was sat down in the middle of the bed and went near her. He went towards her and held her face sensuously. She felt nervous and came off the bed. Kunj followed her and stood behind her. He opened her dori and she quickly turned around. Twinkle= what are you doing? She asked tensely. Kunj= what do you think married couples do on their marriage night he said with a smirk. Twinkle with tears= But we don’t even know each other properly Kunj laughed= Darling you are married to Kunj Sarna the most wanted bachelor who got married to you. Girls die for me and so many have slept with me for pleasure he said with a smirk.

Twinkle’s eyes filled up with tears as her husband had already slept with other girls. She always wanted her husband to understand her. Kunj looked at those tears and leaned closer and sucked her tear. She pushed him but he still didn’t stop. He held her by her arm and was about to kiss her when he felt a tight slap across his face. He looked at Twinkle with anger in his eyes. Kunj= what the f**k? You slapped me! How dare you? He held her by the arm and pushed her. She fell and hurt herself. She was crying. Kunj got his belt from the cupboard and began to beat her. She cried= Please stop I am sorry !Kunj didn’t stop but continued hitting her with his belt. After sometime he stopped as he was tired and took his kurta off and went to sleep. Whilst Twinkle was in pain on the floor.

To be continued
I know it was emotional and sad for Twinkle
Please share your views both negative and positive

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice emotional hope twinkle will change kunj and how can he raise his hand to her. Well nice start do post asap

  2. amazing n intresting plot
    felt bad for twinkle….post soon

  3. SidMin

    Feeling really sad for Twinkle… Kunj is so bad …. yaar year he should not do this ….
    Loved the episode…. beautifully written …
    Love you post soon ❤

  4. Amazing start
    Post soon

  5. Oyii simiyy after a long tym I m reading ff..urs amazing.. Luv u..

  6. Presha

    Hey simiyy….
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it…
    Too good..
    Felt bad for twinkle…
    Kunj is so devil…
    Love u…

  7. Fatimaa.

    Heyy simiyy.
    Awesome..nice plot..
    Post soon

  8. Feeling sad for twinkle Kunj so bad ?????I hope twinkle will change Kunj nice episode post❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Sameera

    Wow simmy amazing feeling bad for twinkle do cont soon ???

  10. Hey simmy it was fantastic
    Post next one soon

  11. Amaazingg sim sim ?????but kunjj ??????devil kahin kaa?…….poor twinkle I don’t want her to be coward and shy …..know you naa sim sim?…..she should definitely pay back….post soon ?????

  12. Mia12

    Simmy meri brilliance ki dukan,,??.. Kese karlete ho tum yrrr,,?? and this epi omg soo emotional yet painfull episode,,?? And kunj to Hitler nikla areh bapreh ese koi marta hai vai,,?? but Jo bhi ho it was Fabulous Awesome,,?? but ab meri ye epi wala lunch thora karela jese karwa hai,,?? but phir bhi I Love karela,,??.. Ab jaldhi post karo next plz ji,,??..
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤

  13. Aamna_2690

    Hey simiyy!
    It was so emotion n painful??
    Felt bad for twinkle??
    How could Kunj do this with her??
    How could he raise a Hand on her??
    Hope twinkle changes him for good☺
    All the Emotions were so beautifully written??
    It was Fabulous??Awsum??Superb??
    Just loved the episode❤❤
    Sorry dear for not commenting for a long time??Was busy with My college Xm’s n Board’s are also coming??Hope u won’t mind me being irregular☺☺
    Post soon dear☺
    Love u ??

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing interesting

  15. Kruti

    Interesting start
    do continue asap

  16. Simiyy
    It’s so emotional
    I felt bad fr twinkle
    How can kunn beat her wid belt very bad
    Uski akal tikane per Lao
    Love u keep smiling

  17. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Interesting plot….
    Amazing epi…
    Post soon
    Love you ?????

  18. Baby

    ohh god emotional…..
    super emotional..why did kunj do like dis.
    bt I knw twinkle ll change him…….
    loved it…….jst crying….♥
    lods of love..♥♥

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