Tasha-E-Ishq twinj = Being my husbands maid = SHOT 3

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Hello everyone! I know many of you want Kunj to become good. He will overtime. I hope you all understand.
Twinkle’s Voice
After dinner I was about to enter my room only to see Ayaan Niki Di 4 year old son sitting down in a corner sobbing. I felt bad too see a little boy crying and went to him. I kneeled down to his height and put my hand on his head. He looked up towards me and looked back down. I decided to start a conversation with him. Ishaan I have chocolate in my room do you want some? Or should I eat all of them myself. He looked back up and smiled. I was happy to see his tears had disappeared and he came to the room with me. I gave Ishaan the chocolates and he smiled. Ishaan why were you crying I asked? Mama doesn’t play with me she is always busy in her work and I can’t even play with papa as maa said he has gone for ever. He told me. I felt bad for him. Shall I play with you Ishaan? He nodded his head and I began to play with him. The beast also entered the room and saw that I was playing with Ishaan. Ishaan smiled as he saw him and started to play with him too. After 10 minutes Ishaan fell asleep on the bed. To my surprise the beast actually thanked my for playing with him. I thought maybe he had changed but I was wrong. He walked towards me and held my hand. I got scared and tried to let go. He made me stand near the balcony door and spoke= I want to go sleep but cause Ishaan is in the room I can’t make you sleep on the floor in case he wakes up in the morning. So sleep in the balcony. But wake up at 6 as Ishaan wake-up at 7. I stayed quiet and didn’t say anything. He closed the door behind leaving me in thee balcony in the cold. I only had my dupatta to cover myself in. I cried and cursed my fate and eventually went to sleep on the chair.

It has been 3 months to my marriage with the beast. He still tortures me when we are alone. For him I am his maid and wife. He will sometimes get me to do so much of his work. I remember once I was ironing his clothes and he came in. He stood behind me like a back hug but took the iron from my hand and burnt my hand. The was also a Pooja happening in the house one day and I was told to dress up . I wore a long sleeve gold sari the covered my back as it had lots of marks on. The sari was a red sari that had gold embroidery. I was complimented by everyone apart from my husband. Later on when I went to my room he had broken of the churiyas(bangles) that were on my hand and it caused my hands to bleed. He would also tell the family he would take me out but would end up going partying with his friends as he still thought he was a bachelor. I can’t believe Kunj has treated me like this because I refused to have an intimate relationship with him.

PreCap= Pregnant Twinkle and a leap.

I hope you all enjoyed it. Please comment both negative and positive

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  1. SidMin23

    Brilliant and twinkle pregnant ???? hope after leap kunj will change and make him suffer as much he make twinkle ✨. Waiting to next time part.

  2. Awesome episode
    Loved it to the core
    Precap seems interesting
    Please post soon:)

  3. Nishfd

    Oh god itna torture ….
    Bt I know voh kunj will change right
    Waiting for it
    Post soon…

  4. Awesome episode
    Feeling sad for twinkle
    Post soon

  5. Presha

    Hey simiyy..
    Its awesome amazing…
    Loved it…
    Felt bad for twinkle…
    Enjoyed kunj devil side…
    Precape is intresting…
    Love u….
    Post soon…

  6. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome . … I just loved the way you write…. could feel Twinkle’s pain …?
    Love you post soon ❤

  7. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Fabulous epi dear

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing..bt precap shocking

  9. Fatimaa.

    Awesome amazing epi…
    Lovedd it..
    Post soon

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Beautiful epi simiyy! just loved it! felt bad for Twinkle! I m really speechless! well done! precap is so interesting!
    post soon
    see you!?

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  11. Amazing episode yaar post soon precape ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Interesting jaldi se jaldi post karna yaar plz

  12. Mia12

    Simiy wow Love it very much,,????.. Aj Lunch mai karela ka episode was Awesome,,??? Areh bapreh kunj to bhttt hi Jallad nikla,,??.. Lagta hai kuch to hai jo kunj twinkle se badla lena cahta hai,,??.. Bas chota hi sahi jaldhi next epi post karo can’t wait to read next,,??
    Load’s of Love,,❤?❤?❤

  13. Precap 😮

  14. Amazing. Post soon

  15. ?????????…. Kunj ko mai maar dalo kya????????……I can’t bear torturer kunj. .??but I loved the episode…. And precap sach mein ????….post soon ???

  16. Anshikajainn

    It was awesome I hope Kunj sudhargyii jayee leap ke Baad

  17. Emotional?
    Poor Twinkle?
    Hope kunj changes soon☺
    But do made him suffer for his evilness and badness the same way Twinkle suffered??post soon☺

  18. U didn’t replied me simiyy ????
    Still the shot was veryyy nice amazing
    I luv u plzz read my previous comments and complete my wish plzzzzzz u write soo well

  19. Hi yaar ur ff is beyond awsm plsh post sooon the nxt episode waiting for it…..love u

  20. Hi yaar ur ff is beyond awsm plsh post sooon the nxt episode waiting for it…..love u vry emotionl and the precap is vry intrrsting

  21. Hey simiyy!
    Aamna here dear☺☺
    Woh bina login kiye commemt kar rahi hun na isiliye aise??
    It was Emotional dear??
    Felt bad for Twinkle??
    How could Kunj do this yaar??
    Aur yaar Precap toh???
    It had grown my Excitement n Curiosity???
    Hope Kunj changes for good after leap???
    But he should be punished for it??
    He should suffer for what he did to Twinkle??
    Hope this devil Kunj changes soon??
    Love u dear??post soon☺☺keep smiling??Take care☺

  22. amazing epi…
    waiting for next…
    post asap…

  23. Sameera

    Amazing yaar simiyy i want to see kunj more devilish side ????….
    Do cont soon ….

  24. Kruti

    Amazing epi….Loved it
    Continue asap

  25. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god simmy amazing………….
    soo emotional soo cute…….♥
    loved it……..kunj really was bad……♥
    lods of love…….♥
    loved it……..♥
    pls post nxt asap cant w8……♥

  26. Simiyy awesome amazing
    Twinkle pregnant kkuch samaj nahi aayi
    I wish kunj jaldi se acha ban jayega
    N I’m sry for late
    It’s super amazing feeling bad for twinkle
    Love u keep smiling

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