Tara From Satara 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: New trouble brewing for Tara


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Tara From Satara 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tara falls asleep while studying. The book is very close to the diya. The pages shift due to wind and the book catches fire.

Arjun and Salim are fixing the bike. Arjun’s mother brings food but Arjun wants to finish his bike first. Salim says this is mother’s timing. She knows the time when her kid would be hungry. He takes a bite. You make delicious food. She says I would know. I clean 5 houses in a day. Arjun feels bad. Salim asks Arjun to eat food. Arjun says she wont be able to sleep as her hands are extremely tired after cooking in all those houses. Salim says you are working hard for that. Arjun says no Jinn will come for us. I will have to work for that. Salim asks him since when they are here. Arjun glances at Tara sleeping next to Bappa’s idol.

Flashback shows Priya

coming to the chawl with little Arjun. She pleads a guy to let her stay in the house. I will give you money once I start earning. Have mercy on me. I have a small kid. They go to a corner. She folds her hands in front of the guy. Arjun notices a little girl sleeping nearby. Flashback ends. Arjun glances back at Tara.

Tara’s book catches fire. She is sleeping unaware of it. People rush to her side and shout about the fire. Tara wakes up with a start. Arjun looks at her in shock. She is about to lose her balance but he holds her hand just in time. She looks back and realises that she was about to fall over the fire. Their eye lock is broken when people throw water at them. Ajji and Varun come there as well. What happened? A guy tells them not to worry. We have stopped the fire. Ajji tells Tara that she actually lit up the place.

Tara tells Arjun that Bappa has sent him for her. You always come to rescue me from every problem. That’s why I call you my lifeline. Let’s go on terrace to see Mumbai. He tells her to do whatever she wants. She tells him to be with her. What if I fall? You can save me. He tells her not to pester him but she says we would need to talk too. The night is long. I saw a dream where I saw a lot of money. Bappa gave it to us. Something is up! How much expenditure will be incurred if we stay in Mumbai? He replies that nothing is enough in Mumbai. Let your elders work around it. She reasons that everyone must give their share towards the goal. I have Rs. 225. He asks for the money of the lemon he gave her the other day. She agrees to give it to him tomorrow. How many people stay in Mumbai? Are you 10th pass? He says I will charge Rs. 100 for every question. She sits 0in a corner quietly. Arjun heaves a sigh of relief.

Radhika wakes up Tara but Tara refuses to come along. I have a long list to do. Radhika says okay. We will meet in evening. Tara sits up realising something. I must come. Paddy Sir (Choreographer) has called me to help him. I will come with you. Radhika tells her not to be late. Tara runs to get ready. Chinu and Ajji tell Varun to find a job. They also tell him to bring Tara’s book. Tara assures them she will find it but Ajji tells her against it. Chinu tells her to hurry up. Tara refuses to take bath. They threw water yesterday to douse the fire. They see the promo of Dancer No. 1.

Sachin and Sarita have also seen the promo. They hope no evil eye is cast on Radhika. A lady greets them. She speaks of Radhika’s promo video. She has actually come to admit her son (Pintya) in the Kathak class. One of his old students comes there with her mother to admit her daughter once again in the class. Rego looks on from outside. Varun calls Sarita just then. Switch on TV. The new ad is coming. Sarita agrees. Sachin notices Rego from the window. He agrees to teach Kathak to the students. The parents agree. He reminds them that they must not pay heed to outsiders. One must be completely dedicated towards it. Classes will start from tomorrow. Both the mothers agree. Rego glares at Sachin.

Arjun is headed downstairs when Tara calls out to him. Let’s go together. The timing is perfect! He asks her why she is coming. She tells him that she is Paddy’s assistant. Talk nicely or I will complain against you. He looks exasperated.

Tara, Radhika and Arjun come to the academy. A crew member tells Tara that RD wants to meet her. Radhika asks her if she did something wrong again. Tara recalls RD’s words and is tensed. Radhika goes to the practise room.

Paddy tells the contestants this time the core team will decide the dance forms and songs for them. Get out of your comfort zone and focus on your performance. Radhika wonders how she will do something else apart from Kathak. I promised Baba.

Tara overhears the crew member telling someone on phone that the contestants panic when the dance forms are changed. Only few of them tick. Tara wonders how Radhika will cope up with it. She only knows Kathak.

Paddy tells Radhika that he wants her to do something else apart from Kathak this time. Try something western. We will decide the exact form later.

RD asks Tara if she is the same girl because of which Gurpreet’s truth was uncovered. She nods deciding against speaking. He asks her since when is she working here. Whose team are you on? She says I am on no one’s team. RD calls it strange. Paddy was praising you a lot. Start working from today. Your training will start and you will also get stipend. He tells her the meaning of stipend as she shoots him a confused look. RD asks her if she wants to work or not. She nods. He tells her to register her name with Ankit. He will tell you what you need to do. Tara goes with the crew member.

Tara thanks Bappa as she follows the crew member to the room where Ankit is sitting. She panics as soon as she notices Ankit. Ankit asks her name. I have to fill the form. She says Tara from. I will fill it myself. He gives it to her. They have their backs towards each other. He looks back and points out that she looks under age. You must get this form signed by your father or there will be a big issue! Tara is in a fix. I cannot tell them Baba’s name or I will be in trouble. We have hid the truth too and now the sign? He already doubts it wasn’t Tai who danced in the audition. What if Ankit finds out that I am Sachin Mane’s daughter and we are thrown out of here? Bappa we are stuck again!

Precap: Radhika tells her father about the dance form chosen for her by Paddy. Later, Ankit watches Tara dancing again. Her shadow appears on the cloth hung between her and Ankit. He recognizes her to be the same girl who was at the auditions in Satara. Tara hears his voice and gets alert.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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