Tara From Satara 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Tara’s Finale Performance

Tara From Satara 6th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amukh asks Tara to concentrate on dance forgetting all emotions. Tara reminisces Sachin’s words to remember Natraj in her and dance without any fear. Amol on stage announces that contestants will dance on a surprise song and its a big challenge for them. He calls Divya first on stage who performs and everyone clap for her. Sachin sitting outside thinks whole life he didn’t want to watch his daughter’s dance, but now he wants to and cannot. TJ performs next on Bajne De Tadak Tadak…song.. Everyone clap for even him. Tara’s turn comes next. Amukh asks Tara to dance well as she knows song. Tara reminisces Sachin’s moral gyaan. Ankh Maare O lakdi aankh maare…song..plays. Amukh gets tensed its a different song. Shatru rejoices thinking his plan is successful. Tara reminisces not listening to Amukh’s given song as it would be cheating to others and not as per her baba’s teaching. She dances on the song and at the end performs Manmane step. Everynoe are amazed to see that. Shatru sits dumbstruck.

Ahuja walks to Sachin and asks what is he doing outside instead of watching his daughter’s performance. Sachin says association rules. Ahuja holds his hand and walks in saying he will see who will stop him. Sachin claps emotionally for Tara.

Amol praises Tara’s performance and her Manmane step with perfection. MK asks Tara to tie the band to him which he usually ties to contestants. Tara does. MK then asks her to dance on his signature step and dances with Tara. He says M for Mane, Tara Mane. Amol announces short break and asks audiences to keep voting. Sachin walks to Tara and emotionally congratulates her. Staff informs Sachin and Tara that Shatru is calling them in. They both walk in where dance association’s head says Shatru has forgiven her and has requested to lift ban on Sachin, so Sachin can rejoin association. Shatru says he wants to talk to his old friend alone sending association members out tells Sachin that their lives will be settled if they agree to his term. Sachin asks him to be specific Shatru says Tara shouldn’t expose his sin in front of everyone.

Precap: Sachin tells Tara that Shatru is right, its a fathers’ duty to see his child succeeding. Tara wins competition and giving credit to Sachin says her guru dakshina has not completed yet.

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