Tara From Satara 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sachin Reaches His Old Chawl

Tara From Satara 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sachin continues pouring his heart out and says Radhika was his pride, but she disobeying him, he is the poorest man in the world and did what even Tara wouldn’t have done, betrayal. Tara says Tai didn’t have any other go and organizers had told she has to perform even Bollywood dance to be in show. Sachin asks if she knew Radhika will perform Bollywood dance, she must be as she works here; even after knowing all this, why didn’t she stop Radhika. Tara reminisces requesting Radhika not to perform Bollywood and perform only Kathak, but Radhika insults her saying she is a failure and blot on baba’s name, etc.. Sachin says she is a born lier and Radhika became like her. Aaji asks him not to blame Tara as she didn’t do anything wrong. Sachin says here comes Tara’s advocate. Whole family says we all knew about it beforehand. Sachin asks his wife Sarita even she.. Sarita says not only Tara we all hid truth from him. Sachin blames Mumbai for this and says people get blind in this city’s glitter and people lose their soul; they ended everything, he didn’t feel so much defeated when the people he considered dear one betrayed him. His friend’s wife says what difference does it make if Radhika performed Bollywood or Kathak, she worked hard just like she does for Kathak. Aaji asks Sachin to calm down. Sachin walks away saying his whole family betrayed him.

Srilekha heads towards her car when show attendant asks about her tomorrow’s schedule. She says he can check with her assistant and asks if there is any news about Radhika or her family. He says no and walks away. She walks towards her and stop. She sees Sachin says she didn’t think they would meet here like this after so many years, today she found out that Radika and Tara are his daughters Saru Fula and he is in front of her. She apologizes and says she tried her best to save Radhika, but MK and Miskha. Sachin says Srilekha ji did right by eliminating Radhika, now he can take his family away from this filthy place. Tara with watching them from a distance thinks what are Baba and Srilekha madam speaking. Sachin says whatever happened was good. Srilekha gets into car and leaves.

Sachin stops taxi. Aaji walks to him and says she needs to speak. Aaji takes family to his old chawl and says they didn’t have much money, so they had come here. Sachin reminisces his past. Sarita says she knows he would be hurt seeing this place. Sachin laughs and says he didn’t know his fate would slap him like this and he would have to return here back even after vowing not to come here; fate is laughing on him thinking he sent his daughter to the city which he hates; life brought him to the place where he started his journey; his expectations, belief, dreams all are finished; let us return to Satara as he is tired now. Aaji says they will do as he wishes, but it is late night and they will not get ticket, so let us go in the morning. Sachin says he will not stay in this chawl even for a second, so they can go and rest. Tara thinks how is baba connected to this place and why baba hates Mumbai.

Precap: Tara’s cousin informs her that some room’s door is open. Tara walks into the room while Sachin is seen sitting nearby.

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  1. Verma4

    On ya Aaji, Sachin thinks he is the emperor of India. Sachin is wrong because Radhika had to make a call to survive .

  2. What call to survive, she got eliminated because she thought going against her father will gain more fame. She fell into bad company and in the process she got carried away

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