Tara From Satara 5th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sachin’s Moral Gyaan For Tara

Tara From Satara 5th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tara practices Manmane step remembering Shatru’s challenge and his video. Amukh informs Sachin that Shatru challenged Tara to perform Manmane step. Sachin says he knew Shatru would do something like this, he needs to warn Tara, but doesn’t know how. Aaji says Tara has determined to expose Shatru and she will not back off. Sachin says how will Tara learn step in 1 night. Sarita, Varun, and Chinu reach Mumbai and get out of taxi; Chinu argues with taxi driver for change, Priya gives her change and shows her snack stall saying its Tara’s idea. Chinu says Tara gave her a best idea. Priya offers them vada pav.

Ankit takes Tara’s family’s interview for finale. He questions Sarita if she knew Tara would reach finale. Sarita says she didn’t know that Tara could even dance, Tara surprised them all. Sachin gives interview next that Tara dances by heart and for herself, she should dance for herself even in finale, he is proud of her. Ankit says he is Tara’s teacher and Tara follows his his good teachings. Sachin reminisces scolding Tara repeatedly when she dances and degrading her. He emotionally ends interview and asks Amukh to inform Tara to dance for herself. Aaji says Sachin wants Tara to win for herself and Tara wants to win for her baba.

Amukh takes Tara’s family via front door while Arjun takes Sachin via backdoor to prop room where Tara waits for him. Sachin tells Tara that he always discouraged her to dance as he was protecting her from the rude world and didn’t want to lose her happiness. He continues explaining loudly and says he explained her loudly then and even now. Their emotional chat continues when Shatru brings association members and complains that Sachin came again to teach dance to his daughter even after warning. Sachin says he just came to bless his daughter. Association member says it is wrong and asks Sachin to accompany them. Sachin says he can go himself and for him his daughter’s performance is important than his presence and walks away asking Tara to perform for herself.

Finale performances start. Amol introduces finalists and eliminated contestants who will perform. Arjun and Radhika perform on Dhoom Machale…song. Tara gets tensed thinking where her baba must be.

Precap: Tara walks on stage hoping her baba’s presence and performs on Ankh Mare..song..

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