Tara From Satara 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhika is Eliminated From Show

Tara From Satara 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

All participants come on stage to hear about judges announcing elimination. Radhika stands crying. Arjun asks if she is fine. Anmol describes about the journey so far and says let us see who will be in top 3 position. MK announces TJ as number 3 position and Rahul as number 2 position. Rahul thinks who is number 1. MJ announces Arjun as number 1. All Arjun’s chawl companions watching TV rejoice and celebrate. Everyone clap for Arjun. Arjun looks at Tara. Anmol says now this show’s most sad part, elimination. Chawl people pray god to save Radhika. Anmol asks Srileka to announce who is eleminated. Srilekha describes Radhika and Gurpreet’s mistakes and says it is difficult to eliminate one and retain another, but majority has chosen Radhika for elimination. Radhika’s family is shocked to hear that. Radhika cries profusely. Srilekha says Radhika was doing good, but this decision is taken by everyone as a group. Anmol consoles Radhika and asks if she wants to say something. Radhika cries more loudly and says thank you. Anmol says for someone it is celebration and sad moment for other, but let us continue dancing.

Tara takes Radhika backstage and asks her to change her dress as they need to meet papa because papa is angry and she should seek his forgiveness. Radhika returns after changing her dress. Family walks to her, Aaji hugs her and says they reached here from Satara and that is most important, she danced well and they will return next year. Tara asks where is baba. Mother says they searched him a lot, but don’t know where he went. Sachin’s friend says his phone is also off. Aaji says she knows how Sachin is, he must be sitting somewhere watching stars. Tara says she knows where baba must be and takes them along. Aaji asks if she knew about Radhika performing Bollywood dance. Tara says she came to know at end moment and tried to convince her, but she didn’t listen. Aaji says they should calm down Sachin somehow.

Tara takes them to terrace where they see Sachin standing looking at stars. Wife walks to Sachin and says she knows he is very angry, but Radhika.. Sachin warns not to take her name and warns Radhika to stop acting. Wife requests him to listen to Radhika once. He says he already saw it, whatever he hated Radhika did in front of whole world, ugly Bollywood dance; he always used to say Radhika should perform Kathak and stay away from Bollywood, but she didn’t understand him at all. He says he should have scolded her instead and told her to return to Satara if organizers forced her to perform Bollywood dance, but she disobeyed her father and shouts in anger. Radhika says she chose Bollywood dance with her wish. Tara is amazed to hear Radhika telling truth to baba. Radhika says she thought her family and dance school will be benefited if she moves ahead with Bollywood dance. Sachin asks if he ever told her to forgo her principles. She nods no. He says if his school wasn’t running, he would have become laborer, he still doesn’t compromise with his principles and knows to take care of his family; she failed him as a father and guru, etc.. He continues pouring his heart out and says she did a big sin which doesn’t deserve forgiveness, weeping..

Precap: Sachin returns to his old chawl and says he never wanted to come here, but life gave him a tight slap. Tara thinks what is connection of Baba and Mumbai.

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