Tara From Satara 4th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Shatru’s Challenge For Tara

Tara From Satara 4th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tara confronts Bappa that he is not listening to her at all, if she makes a small mistake in Dancer No 1, Shatru will win, and she cannot let her baba lose again. She somehow has to win competition. Arjun brings lunch for her. She thanks him and chatters. He says he is thinking about his mother as she lost her job. Tara says let her relax. Arjun says since childhood, he saw aayi working hard. Tara says his aayi prepares snacks for her whenever she rehearses, so why don’t she open a snack stall. He says its needs a lot of money. She says whole chawl likes his aayi’s food, so she can prepare home snacks and sell them in chawl itself. Arjun likes her idea and says he will try to convince his Aayi.

RT informs contestants that they need to select a dance form for finale, else he will select them a dance form. Tara gets tensed. Amol suggests her to use video call on projector. He relays Sachin’s video call on projector while Arjun projects it in front of Sachin. Tara seeks Sachin’s advice to select dance form. He suggests her to choose Bollywood as he hated Bollywood unnecessarily because of some people. Tara is amazed to hear that. He gives her moral gyaan. She touches his feet on projector and takes his blessing. They hear Shatru’s voice and switch off projector hurriedly. Shatru walks in and asks Tara which dance form she selected. She says Bollywood. Shatru says Sachin Mane hates Bollywood and his daughter will perform Bollywood. He gives pendrive to staff and says it has each contestant’s finale song. Amukh copies song thinking to helping Tara. Shatru noticing hiding and thinks he wanted Amukh to do same mistake.

Arjun tries to convince his mother to start cooking business. She says she cooks only for him. Tara dance practices. Shatru gathers contestants and showing his Manmane step says let us see if anyone of them can perform his step. Tara gets tensed. Amukh tries to calm her down. Shatru returns and says if she is really Sachin’s daughter, she should perform this step. Tara says she will perform it during finale. Shatru thinks Sachin took 1 week to perfect his step, Tara can’t learn it in 1 night and will fail.

Precap: Finale performance starts. Sachin suggests Tara to dance for herself and not to win. Tara agrees.

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