Tara From Satara 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shatry’s Clever Move

Tara From Satara 30th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shatru gives money to Arjun and says he wants to know what Tara is thinking. Arjun says he can ask Tara directly. Shatru says Tara’s behavior has changed after semifinale and he wants to make sure she is not in trouble. Arjun asks if he thinks he is also salable like Shatru. Shatru warns to mind his tongue, he doesn’t know what he can do. Arjun says even he doesn’t care. Shatru changes his tone and says this chawl’s water is special that everyone are proud of themselves here, he is just worried for Tara. Arjun leaves reminiscing Tara’s words. Shatru thinks Arjun shouldn’t have insulted him.

In dance academy, Diya, Radhika and Tara show their dance performance one by one. Shatru claps for Tara and says her particular kathak move was very nice. Tara corrects its name. Shatru thinks she didn’t know anything about kathak till last week, then suddenly how does she know about kathak. He spreads garbage on his cabin floor and scolds Amukh to clean it. Amukh keeps mobile on table and cleans it. Shatru steals Sachin’s number from Amukh’s mobile and calls Sachin disguised as a student’s father regarding admission. Sachin says he is out of state. Shatru asks if he is in Pune. Sachin says he is in Mumbai. Shatru realizes whole story. He calls his inspector friend and asks him to trouble Tara and Sachin. He then gets a call that he is being selected for best choreographer’s award.

Arjun’s mother serves vada pav to Tara and her tea. Sachin says breaks is up and they should continue rehearsal again. Tara starts rehearsal. Inspector walks and warns to stop loud music after 11 p.m. Sachin says they are artists. Inspector says whatever it is, they can’t play loud music and disturb others. Chawl people support Sachin and Tara and say Tara is rehearsing for finale and its a question of their chawl’s dignity, so inspector should also support them. Inspector helplessly leaves.

Sachin then asks Tara and Radhika to compete. They both dance well. Sachin says Tara won. Radhika emotionally praises Tara’s performance and apologizes for degrading her. Tara says she learnt dance watching Radhika. Sachin says Radhika is his brave daughter. Sachin walks into his room and sees Shatru there, asks if he came back to remember his mistakes. Satru taunts if he broke his rules and came back to Mumbai from Satara to get insulted again. Sachin says this its the other way around.

Precap: Shatru taunts Sachin that he cannot prove his innocence and Shatru’s guilt. Tara says she already proved it. Reporters throng Shatru.

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