Tara From Satara 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sachin’s Strict Training

Tara From Satara 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sachin starts Tara’s vigorous training in Dangal style and asks her to hold water bucket till he says. Dangal Dangal..song plays in the background. He then loads books on her head and makes her balance on 1 foot, makes her lift tyre, jump on it, etc. Tara gets tired, but Sachin acts strict. After training, Tara chills with Radhika, Amukh, and Arjun and praises Radhika’s will power to tolerate baba’s vigorous training. She imagines exercise as she is strolling and enjoying in hill station, with exercise one can eat a lot and not gain weight. Tara says she feels like having gulab jamun. Radhika says she can and then move on. Tara says she earlier thought Tai is baba’s obedient daughter, but now feels she is only her tai. Radhika says even she feels same and missed her a lot. Tara says they will not fight from here. Radhika asks when did she. Their argument starts. Amukh interferes. They both say he will not understand and laugh.

Next day, Sachin says for strength she exercised, now moving forward… Tara thinks if she moves forward she won’t survive at all, what to do next. Sachin says dance, what else. Tara relaxes. Sachin calls Radhika who shows her dance which Tara follows and thinks baba made her do bucket exercise for her balance. Arjun tries to correct her. Sachin scolds him to first learn to dance by heart. Arjun asks does anyone dance by heart. Sachin asks if he can see anger and happiness. He says he can feel. Sachin says similarly their soul can enjoy dance. Arjun says he learnt dance watching internet videos, will he teach him. Sachin asks him to join.

In academy, Tara studies during break. Shatru asks if she is not hungry, let us have lunch. Tara says she is not hungry, thank you. Shatru thinks why she is avoiding him since semifinale and walks away. Arjun brings her lunchbox saying her aaji sent it. Tara says he is her lifeline and best friend. They both with RT enjoy lunch. Shatru sees her having lunch and says something is wrong.

After returning to chawl, Sachin tells Tara that she danced till now on his selected songs, now she will dance on her selected song. Arjun selects Ghode Jaise Baal…song..and tries to dance. Sachin scolds him for being mechanical. He then explains her how to enjoy dance like she used to under rain, etc.. Tara thinks with Baba’s teaching, anyone can dance, with his teaching, she can even pass exams. She and Arjun dance then. After break, Sachin cooks food and says healthy food is necessary for dancers. Aaji says Sachin made desi ghee food for Tara. Amukh stops eating. Sachin says it is also for Tara’s friend who stood with Tara in her each step and supported her. Amukh gets emotional. Next day, Shatru meets Arjun and offers him money cheque. Arjun asks what he needs in return. Shatru says he is intelligent.

Precap: Shatru as student’s parent speaks to Sachin and finds out that he is in Mumbai. He sends police to stop Tara’s rehearsal.

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