Tara From Satara 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Tara’s Photo Session

Tara From Satara 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tara continuing to speak to her parents over phone tells Aaji that baba is hurt hearing Shatru’s words, tells Sarita that baba is right that this city’s people change each second and are untrustable, she will always remember baba’s advice. Once call is disconnected, Sachin says he doesn’t want Shatru to know that Tara is his daughter, else he will eliminate her. Sarita assures he will not know. Tara starts dance rehearsals. Divya checking Tara’s meme laughs with DJ. Tara reminisces Sachin’s words that one should listen to oneself calmly in silence and imagine their dance instead of jumping around like Tara. She walks to Rahul and Divya and says their taunt won’t bother her at all as her parents, ganpati bappa, and close relatives’ words matter to her; she will continue to focus on her dance and will not deter by their rude behavior.

Varun informs Chinu that news paper reporter wants to take their interview as 2 girls from Satara reached Dancer No 1 show. Chinu gets excited hearing that. Varun says dada/Sachin will not agree. Chinu says they will get free publicity for their dance academy. After giving interview, Varun informs Sachin who asks him to stop reporter as his name shouldn’t come in news paper. Varun says already reporter left and he doesn’t have reporter’s number. Next day, Sachin buys newspaper and panics reading news that Sachin Mane’s both daughters are in dancer no 1 show and thinks Shatru will find out that Tara is his daughter. Sarita asks him to calm down as it is Satara’s local news papers and Shatru will not get it. Sachin says news spreads via internet. Sarita asks not to think much.

Venky informs contestants that Shatru wants to have a photo session with them and they should get ready soon. They all get ready, and Divya taunts Tara. Divya and Rahul make Tara stand behind and cover her. Venky asks Tara to come in front, but Rahul stops him. Shatru walks in and makes Tara come in front and sends everyone aside. Tara says they all will feel bad. Shatru says they deserve it. Sachin asks Sarita to call Tara right now. Sarita does. Sachin asks her to inform Tara to return to Satara tonight itself. Shatru hearing Tara’s conversation asks if she is speaking to her parents to greet them and says everything is top class. Sachin gets suspicious hearing that and says Shatru said same line before betraying him.

Precap: Radhika asks Tara why she is rehearsing alone instead of group. Tara asks why she is showing sudden concern. Radhika warns her not to fly high thinking she is Shatru’s favor, she may fall flat.

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