Tara From Satara 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Tara Stays Back In Mumbai

Tara From Satara 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sachin tells Srilekha that his dreams were left as dreams because of his friends’ betrayal, this city made him biggest loser. He says loser echoes in his ears till now and nobody apologizes loser as losers don’t have any value, good she supported Sachin and became star and if she had supported him, she would have become a teacher at Gurukul at the most. Srilekha apologizes him again and leaves. Sarita watches Srilekha getting out of kholi/room followed by Sachin. Tara comes out of cupboard crying once they leave and reminisces Sachin stopping her from doing Bollywood dance, hating Bollywood dance, etc. Wo Jo Tha Khwab Sa…song… plays in the background. She thinks these people troubled baba so much that he hates Bollywood now.

Aaji tells Arjun’s mother that they are returning to Satara. Mother says they came just now and should have stayed for a few more days. Aaji says they have to go if it is today or later. Everyone search Tara then, and Amukh goes to search her. Tara walks to them. Arjun walks to Tara thinking something is not right. He asks Tara if she needs any help. She nods no. He says bye, and she leaves. Sachin looks at chawl and thinks this city ruined his life and he will never return here.

Tara gets into train with family and thinks Baba was betrayed by his best friends and was suffering alone without sharing his ordeal with anyone. She hopes something happens with which his father gets back his lost fame. Radhika messages Rahul that she is returning to Satara. Rahul replies she can count her bestfriend always and thinks he will get publicity via her and hashtags messages.

Tara goes to get water and hears news that Mishka left dance show and is replaced by famous master choreographer Shagrughan Mehra. She thinks Shatru is reaping fame on her father’s dance, so she should stay back and get back her father’s fame. Family waits for her in train. Tara walks to Sachin and says she is not coming as she wants to stay here. Her cousin also gets down and says he will stay with Tara. Sachin asks what will he say his father. Cousin says he will manage. Train moves. Family asks Tara to get in, but she stands silently. Sachin warns that he will disown her if she doesn’t come, but she doesn’t deter. Train moves away.

Precap: Tara says she will enter dance competition and get back her father’s fame.

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