Tara From Satara 10th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Tara reaches audition venue


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Tara From Satara 10th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ajji says this girl will go to Mumbai and shine in the sky. Be prepared. I have been waiting to see this star shine since forever. Tara hugs her. She shows perfume to Tara. Bedane got it and said it sweats a lot in Mumbai. It is just for the two of us. Tara says Ganpati Bappa may have messed up everything but he has done one thing right. He made you my Ajji! Ajji tells her to change. Tell Bedane that everything is here. He was concerned. Tara nods. Ajji takes Radhika’s phone and asks Tara to call Bedane.

Tara calls Bedane. He calls her Mumbai’s princess. She says you wont go to hell anymore. Thank you for helping Ajji and for sending my clothes. He repeats movie’s dialogue but she says I will say both sorry and thank you. That time is long gone. I don’t know what I would have

done without you. He smiles. All the best. They end the call. Ajji asks Tara why she looks upset. Tara says I feel Mama and Mami don’t like us. Ajji seconds her. There is a big room outside while we have been asked to stay here. We will manage in whatever we get though! Tara asks her if things will work in the way God wants them to.

Akhil complains to his wife about the mess Tara’s family has created in his house. Plus they are calling me Gotya! His wife reasons that they took permission from them before coming. You can tell them if you want them to leave. He says I will tell in the morning.

Chinu is telling her family about Akhil (Gotya). Radhika wonders where she will practise.

Akhil’s wife tells her husband that everyone is in the guestroom. He tells her to ask them to sleep. What will my guests say if they see them? She nods. They hear the sound of music just then and rush to the living room. Radhika is practising. Akhil and his wife tell them about Akhil’s guests coming soon. Ajji says tell Chinu if you want some help. She cooks well. Akhil’s wife says we will order food. The guests are coming so it will be better if you will be in the guestroom. Akhil adds that the servant will also serve them food there. Doorbell rings. Tara and her family head to the guestroom.

Akhil and his wife welcome their friends. They speak of the sound of ghungroos but Akhil dismisses it. Tara and Rohan are peeking at them. Tara mimics them. Tai was practising. They should have asked before calling the guests. Rohan reminds her that this is Akhil’s house. Tara wonders how Tai will take part in the show otherwise. She gets an idea.

Radhika wears earphones and practises for the show. Everyone smiles.

Sarita notices her husband restless. He shares that he does not know why he cannot sit at one place. She gives him water and makes tea for him. I saw you this restless when we just got married and you had to go to Nashik for your dance performance. He recalls it too. It isn’t that case today. She reasons that it is Radhika’s performance today. He says she is also my part and it is my exam today. She assures him that everything will be alright.

Akhil notices Varun spitting in the balcony and stops him. What if it falls on someone? Varun jokes that it will evaporate as it is falling from 12th floor. He apologizes to Akhil noticing his straight face. Ajji sends Varun to shower. Ajji tells Akhil that guests are like God. You put us in one room though but we finally got to be with each other after so long. She feeds him samosas. I have made lots of food. Everyone is eating in the kitchen when Akhil’s wife returns from her yoga class. Ajji asks her to join them but she declines. I cannot eat fried food. Ajji says this is why you look so weak. Akhil’s wife excuses herself.

Varun, Ajji and Chinu discuss how to go to the venue. They are worried about the taxi prices. Akhil advises them to board local train instead. You will reach in 30 minutes and the expense will be less. Varun agrees. Akhil tells them to hurry up. Chinu seconds him. Akhil tells them to enjoy life. Reality shows are mostly scripted. Tara says Tai’s dance, Baba’s dream and MK aren’t fake. Akhil leaves. Chinu tells Rohan to wear shoes. We are in Mumbai. She calls out to Radhika. Ajji asks Tara if she wont come. Tara denies. I promised Baba I wont go near the dance competition. My word is my word. Ajji asks her if she does not feel like going. Tara says I am already there as MK is there. Ajji asks her to come but Tara repeats her words. Ajji says I will tell Sachin that I forced you to go to the show. He is my son but I am his mother! He may be the head but I am the neck. I can twist it around the way I want! Tara hugs her excitedly. Radhika tells Tara to keep the yellow card without fail. Tara shows it to her. Ajji asks everyone to hurry up or they will get late.

Mane family is at the station. Everyone is holding hands. Varun and Chinu tell everyone to focus. The train is coming. Don’t get lost. Varun tells everyone to focus on him. We will have to walk past the crowd and get inside. The train comes. The crowd is way too much for Mane family to handle. Tara gives the yellow card to Ajji to hold. Ajji is the only one who manages to board the train. Mane family is shocked to see her calling out for help. Chinu asks everyone who was holding Ajji’s hand. Tara makes a sad face. Chinu scolds Tara. Why did you leave Ajji’s hand? Radhika asks Varun to see if they can ask Ajji to get down at the next station. Varun thinks to board the next train to find his mother but Chinu reasons that this is Mumbai. It isn’t an easy task. Rohan reminds them that they must take Radhika to the show asap. Varun thinks to stay back but Chinu asks him to come along. Inform railway office instead. We cannot miss Radhika’s audition.

A crowd is gathered outside Dancer No. 1’s audition venue. Mane reaches there as well. Tara looks around dreamily.

Precap: Radhika gets a sprain in her leg. Tara assures her she will be fine soon. Tara tells Bedane about Ajji and Radhika. Bedane advises her to give audition instead. All this is a sign. Go and give audition!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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