Tara From Satara 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sachin is worried over Radhika’s BTS


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Tara From Satara 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Tara trying to stop Ankit but he refuses. Our team works so hard and brings contestants from around the world. Do you think anyone can come here just like that? He refuses to hear her or stop. She warns him about the wet floor but he walks ahead and slips from the stairs. Everyone rushes to his side. Tara says I was requesting you (Bappa) not to make him fall. You should have listened to me properly. Paddy asks him how this happened. Ankit points upstairs. Everyone looks at Tara. She says I dint do anything. Paddy covers up for her. I know you (Ankit) fell from the stairs. They rush Ankit to the hospital. Tara is sad.

Nurse tells RD about Ankit’s condition. RD tells her to take care of him. He addresses the crew. He has been with us since Day 1 but we must continue with

the show. He will be back with us soon. Everyone leaves. Tara enters. She fumbles while speaking. Ankit tries to say something and gets hyper. Nurse calms him down. RD goes with nurse to finish some formalities. Ankit glares at Tara who requests him to hear her out. I dint do anything intentionally. I am not at fault here. Everything happened way too fast. I am sorry. Please trust me and hear me out once. He tries to speak again. RD tells him to relax. Don’t worry about the shoot. Everything is fine. Ankit points at Tara’s direction. RD looks at Tara curiously. Tara thinks everything will be over now. Please save me Bappa. RD tells Ankit he has understood his signal. You want me to give some task to Tara for grand premiere, right? I will do it. He asks Tara to come. Tara says Bappa wouldn’t have to save me if He had saved Ankit. She leaves the room with a heavy heart. Nurse tells her not to worry. He will recover in a day. Tara thanks Bappa. He will tell my truth to everyone tomorrow. My problems are never ending. She advises the nurse to let Ankit rest for a few days. Grand premiere will be over by then. Nurse is confused but Tara dismisses it. She thinks it is good that Ankit isn’t hurt badly. No one knows my truth. It is my turn to work hard so Baba is also proud of me.

Everyone is practising their dance forms. Paddy tells everyone to rest. Grand premiere’s live telecast will be tomorrow. I want perfection from you guys. He again showers special attention on Rahul. He next asks Radhika to come a little early tomorrow for practise. Your dance form is pretty difficult. I want you to do your best. Radhika nods. Radhika asks Arjun if he has seen Tara. Tara comes in wearing the crew member’s uniform. Radhika asks her about her attire. Tara says I have the responsibility of Dancer No. 1. Your BTS is tomorrow! It isn’t shot yet. Our team will shoot it tomorrow. Be ready. Radhika asks about her team. Few crew members walk in. Tara says I am in the core team now. Other team members decide to call Satara to shoot Radhika’s parents’ reaction too. Radhika goes to change. Arjun calls Tara volunteer. She corrects him. I am the team member of Dancer No. 1. He asks her if she discussed stipend or is doing it for free. She says what money. He asks her if she wont take pay in return of her work. She says I don’t chase money. I focus on work. Anything can happen anytime depending on my history. He seconds this logic. She reminds him that she is an insider while he is an outsider. The door can shut on an outsider anytime. He tells her to stay inside and leaves. Tara calls him khadus.

Tara is standing in the empty classroom. Sachin’s words echo in her head. Today is over. Tomorrow is a very big day for Tai and our entire family. Tai will face live audience. She will make Baba proud. Now she must win! She is overjoyed. This couldn’t have been possible without you Bappa. Hope tomorrow’s sun will shine on us!

Next morning, Radhika isn’t eager to eat but Chinu tells her to eat. You need energy to dance. I will make laddoo tomorrow. Radhika reasons that she isn’t going for a fight. Chinu goes to make sheera for the girls. Tara notices Radhika sad. Radhika asks her if she will change her dance form. Tara asks her why she needs to do that. Radhika is irked. How will you fix it? I have been asked to do western contemporary on a Bollywood song for grand premiere. Do you have an answer now? I cannot dance on a Bollywood song. Tara tells her not to worry. I have told Bappa to figure out a way. He must be on it. Tara welcomes the crew. She promotes Indian Idol as well. Radhika realises that she forgot to inform her parents. Tara offers to do it while Radhika sits down to give a byte. Ajji and Varun tell the crew to shoot inside the house only. Chawl wont let you shoot. The crew nods.

Sarita receives Tara’s call. Bedane and Sachin are setting the tabla. Sarita informs Sachin that the crew will be doing a video call to talk to both of them. Sachin recalls his past. He calls Radhika so as to stop her from speaking to the crew.

Radhika is giving her byte. Dance was in our house. Aayi used to tell me that Baba used to sing for me when I was in her womb. I am here because of Baba. He is everything for me! Radhika’s phone is on silent. Sachin’s calls go unanswered. He steps out of the house and the crew covers him. They tell Sachin that they have come to take his byte for BTS. We will show it during Radhika’s dance. Sachin requests them not to shoot here. I don’t want it. How did you come here without informing us? Crew says it was a surprise for everyone including Radhika. They request Sachin but he asks them to leave. Crew member asks Bedane if Radhika stays here. Bedane nods. Tara also stays here. I know everything about Radhika. You can shoot me and ask me anything.

Sachin is unable to contact Radhika. It will be a mess if Radhika takes my name. My kids shouldn’t know anything about my past.

Precap: Grand Premiere is live. All the judges and contestants are introduced. Ankit returns to the set. Tara and Ankit come face to face.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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